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Nutrition Guide

Item Serving Size Cal Cal/Fat Fat Sat Fat Chol Sod Total Carbo Fiber Sugar Protein Trans Fat

4 Bean Minestrone with Whole Grain Pasta 1 cup 130 15% 2g 0g 0mg 870mg 23g 5g 2g 5g 0g
4 Cheese Alfredo (Vegetarian) 1 cup 390 28% 13g 8g 30mg 690mg 50g 3g 3g 19g 0.5g*
Arizona Marinara (Vegetarian) 1 cup 360 28% 11g 5g 25mg 890mg 47g 3g 6g 17g 0g
Beefy Meatball Stroganoff 1 cup 340 56% 21g 11g 75mg 590mg 28g 2g 4g 9g 0g
Broccoli Alfredo w/ Basil (Vegetarian) 1 cup 380 40% 17g 8g 40mg 790mg 45g 1g 5g 12g 0g
Broccoli Cheese Baked Potato Topper (Vegetarian) 1 cup 120 58% 7g 2.5g 10mg 530mg 10g 1g 2g 3g 0g
Bruschetta (Vegetarian) 1 cup 260 14% 4g 2g 10mg 450mg 41g 3g 3g 10g 0g
Carbonara Pasta w/ Bacon 1 cup 290 31% 10g 6g 20mg 250mg 43g 2g 3g 8g 0.5g*
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon 1 cup 240 63% 17g 6g 30mg 990mg 15g 1g 2g 3g 0g
Chicken Tetrazzini 1 cup 480 43% 23g 10g 70mg 610mg 47g 3g 4g 19g 0.5g*
Creamy Bruschetta (Vegetarian) 1 cup 360 39% 16g 8g 45mg 510mg 43g 3g 3g 12g 0g
Creamy Cilantro Lime Pesto Hot Pasta 1 cup 450 60% 30g 8g 25mg 480mg 37g 2g 3g 9g .5g*
Creamy Herb Chicken 1 cup 310 48% 17g 8g 80mg 360mg 32g 2g 7g 8g 0g
Creamy Lemon and Asaparagus (Non-Vegetarian) 1 cup 450 49% 25g 13g 60mg 720mg 48g 2g 3g 9g .5g*
Curried Pineapple & Ginger (Low-Fat, Non-Vegetarian) 1 cup 200 10% 2g 0g 0mg 560mg 40g 2g 9g 6g 0g
Fettuccine Alfredo (Vegetarian) 1 cup 390 42% 18g 10g 50mg 580mg 41g 2g 4g 15g 0g
Fire-Roasted Tomato Basil Alfredo (Vegetarian) 1 cup 340 29% 11g 4.5g 15mg 430mg 48g 2g 5g 13g 0g
Garden Fresh Vegetable Marinara 1 cup 240 21% 6g 1.5g 5mg 540mg 39g 2g 6g 9g 0g
Garden Vegetable w/ Italian Sausage 1 cup 300 30% 10g 3g 20mg 540mg 42g 3g 2g 12g 0g
Garden Vegetable with Meatballs 1 cup 310 29% 10g 3g 20mg 560mg 44g 3g 2g 11g 0g
Greek Mediterranean (Vegetarian) 1 cup 290 24% 8g 3g 15mg 520mg 45g 2g 4g 10g 0g
Hand-Crafted Mexican Beans (Low-Fat, Vegetarian) 1 cup 260 8% 2g 0g 0mg 480mg 47g 9g 5g 14g 0g
Hot Bacon Potatos with Roasted Garlic 1 cup 290 38% 12g 1.5g 0mg 690mg 44g 3g 9g 5g 0g
Italian Sausage with Red Peppers 1 cup 290 24% 8g 3g 20mg 380mg 49g 2g 3g 6g 0g
Italian Vegetable Beef 1 cup 290 27% 9g 3g 20mg 470mg 43g 4g 3g 10g 0g
Jalapeno Salsa Penne 1 cup 250 18% 5g 2g 10mg 460mg 44g 2g 3g 8g 0g
Lemon Greek Penne Hot Pasta 1 cup 310 32% 11g 2g 5mg 910mg 44g 3g 5g 9g 0g
Linguini w/ Clam Sauce 1 cup 380 24% 10g 7g 40mg 890mg 56g 1g 3g 16g 0.5g*
Lobster Mac & Cheese 1 Bowl (serves 2) 1890 930 107 g 49 g 225 mg 2220mg 161 g 9 g 4 g 71 g 1 g
Mac Goes Greek (Vegetarian) 1 cup 330 39% 14g 6g 20mg 640mg 39g 2g 5g 11g 0g
Mac N' Dulgence 1 cup 450 38% 19g 9g 45mg 780mg 51g 3g 5g 21g 0g
Macaroni & Cheese (Vegetarian) 1 cup 330 36% 14g 4.5g 20mg 930mg 40g 1g 3g 10g 0g
Maple Glazed Sweet Potato with Apple, Cranberries and Walnuts 1/2 cup 270 44% 13g 7g 30mg 10mg 39g 25g 21g 2g 0g
Mike's Nacho Mac (Vegetarian) 1 cup 340 32% 12g 4g 5mg 740mg 45g 2g 3g 11g 0g
Nutty Mushroom (Vegetarian) 1 cup 390 46% 20g 9g 45mg 410mg 42g 2g 4g 12g 0.5g*
Oriental Noodle & Green Bean (Low-Fat, Vegetarian) 1 cup 240 13% 3g 0g 0mg 780mg 45g 2g 4g 7g 0g
Pasta Florentine (Vegetarian) 1 cup 360 25% 10g 5g 15mg 920mg 54g 7g 4g 18g 0g
Penne Arrabbiatta (Vegetarian) 1 cup 260 23% 7g 2g 5mg 520mg 43g 2g 6g 10g 0g
Ragin Cajun w/ Andouille Sausage 1 cup 370 54% 22g 6g 30mg 480mg 33g 5g 3g 9g 0g
Roasted Eggplant Marinara (Vegetarian) 1 cup 340 26% 10g 6g 20mg 700mg 43g 3g 3g 18g 0g
Roasted Garlic & Asiago Alfredo (Vegetarian) 1 cup 350 31% 12g 5g 20mg 600mg 49g 2g 5g 13g 0g
Roasted Mushroom Alfredo w/ Rosemary (Vegetarian) 1 cup 380 33% 14g 8g 35mg 850mg 44g 2g 4g 19g 0g
Salsa de Lupe (Fat-Free, Vegan) 1/4 cup 30 0% 0g 0g 0mg 480mg 6g 0g 3g 1g 0g
San Fransisco Herb Rice (Vegetarian) 1/2 cup 190 32% 6g 1.5g 0mg 280mg 29g 1g 1g 3g 0g
Sautéed Balsamic Vegetables (Vegan) 1/2 cup 100 54% 6g 1g 0mg 250mg 11g 3g 5g 1g 0g
Skin-On Smashed Potatoes 1/2 cup 140 21% 3g 2g 4mg 310mg 26g 1g 2g 2g 0g
Smoked Salmon & Dill 1 cup 360 40% 16g 8g 45mg 390mg 41g 2g 2g 13g 0g
Smoky BBQ Baked Beans (Low-Fat, Non-Vegetarian) 1 cup 320 8% 3g 0g 0mg 530mg 61g 9g 20g 14g 0g
Spicy Italian Sausage & Peppers 1 cup 360 28% 11g 6g 25mg 710mg 43g 3g 3g 19g 0g
Spicy Jalapeno Macaroni & Cheese (Vegetarian) 1 cup 310 32% 11g 4.5g 5mg 730mg 39g 1g 2g 10g 0g
Squash Your Mac (Vegetarian) 1 cup 330 36% 13g 6g 25mg 500mg 41g 3g 5g 12g 0g
Steamed Vegetables w/ Lemon Herb Butter (Vegetarian) 1/2 cup 130 68% 9g 5g 5mg 250mg 10g 3g 3g 1g 0g
Stuffing (Non-Vegetarian) 1/2 cup 210 51% 12g 3g 110mg 730mg 20g 1g 2g 5g 0g
Tomato & Spinach Hot Pasta (Vegetarian) 1 cup 290 34% 11g 2.5g 10mg 640mg 40g 3g 4g 10g 0g
Tuscany Sausage w/Capers & Olives 1 cup 240 38% 10g 4g 15mg 920mg 29g 2g 3g 10g 0g
Vegetable Ragu (Vegetarian) 1 cup 250 24% 7g 2.5g 5mg 600mg 37g 2g 5g 9g 0g
Vegetarian Marinara w/ Basil (Vegetarian) 1 cup 240 21% 5g 1.5g 5mg 770mg 39g 2g 6g 9g 0g
Walnut Pesto (Vegetarian) 1 cup 310 26% 9g 4g 10mg 610mg 42g 2g 4g 10g 0g