Frequently Asked Questions

Will all the recipes be the same as before?
Yes. The new ownership purchased all the intellectual property so the recipes you know and love will be the same as you remember!

How/when can we apply for positions at new locations?
We will be posting updates on our social media accounts so be sure to follow us for the most up to date news.

I have an old gift card from before the shut down. How can I redeem it?
The new ownership is not affiliated in any way with the former ownership, so we will be unable to redeem any marketing products issued by the previous owner. We will be launching our company with all new systems, which will assist us in providing an exceptional dining experience for all our guests.

Are any of your recipes for sale? Will any of your recipes be sold in stores?
Our recipes are considered trade secrets and are not for sale. We have worked hard to develop and perfect our recipes, and they are an integral part of our business. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to visit our location in person to enjoy the delicious food!
You can find our Joan’s Broccoli Salad Madness Salad Kit sold in select Costco locations!

Why are you no longer accepting cash?
Our primary reason for going cashless is to improve the safety of our employees. Not having cash on site will prevent theft and give our employees a safer workplace.