Since it is the 8th day we will be rewarding 12 prizes of 2 FREE meals to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes to 12 very lucky winners!

To enter: Reply to this post on December 20 telling us yourย MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes.

Enter on December 20 from 12:01 am – 12:00 p.m. Good Luck!

Winners: will be announced on our blog on Friday, December 21

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I am celebrating the 8th Day of Scrumptious at @souplantation. #holidaygiveaway


Two random twitter follower will win 2 free meal passes. Winner announced December 21, 2012.

266 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF SCRUMPTIOUS – 12/20 – BLOG CONTEST”

  1. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat (very, very hard to limit it to just ONE – since there are so many scrumptious things!) is CHERRY NUT MUFFINS! I love those two weeks in June when they appear – cannot get enough of them,

    Close runner ups: Cream of Mushroom and Abigandos Locos soups, Zucchini Nut and Cinnamon breakfast biscuits, Joan’s Broccoli Madness, Creamy Garlic dressing, and …!

    I need to go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch today – I’m hungry now!

  2. My most scrumptious, must-have thing to eat at Sweet Tomatoes is Grilled Cheese Foccacia! super cheesy and delicious!!!

  3. It’s hard to pick just one thing because I love the variety of salads available, but the thing I get all the time when I’m at Sweet Tomatoes is the chili. I add green onions, salsa and cheese to top it off. Then I love to get the whole grain bread with the honey butter.

    This is really making me crave Sweet Tomatoes right now. Yummy!

  4. i will be eating here tonight! very first time so i dont know what i want. its my birthday so i hope im pleased.

  5. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation is Joan’s Broccoli Madness (or when it’s there instead, Lemon Broccoli Madness).

  6. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is………….Wildy Blue Blueberry Muffins. They are so deliciously good you don’t even need to spread butter all over them but I still do!

  7. Tomato bisque! I love all the healthy options sweet tomatoes offers, my husband says its definitely my type of buffet. But my must have is the tomato bisque. I crave this decadent soup!

  8. ANY of the vegetarian soups. recently had 3 bowls of the Leek/Potato….YUM. the real MUST-HAVE = dinner with a friend or 3….and especially inviting someone to their first meal/ experience of Sweet Tomatoes

  9. I commented on the FB post before realizing I had to follow the link to the blog. We found Sweet Tomatoes on our honeymoon in Orlando. It has become part of our vacation ritual now to find the nearest Sweet Tomatoes for at least one meal. Our daughter raves about the chicken noodle soup, while our son can’t get enough of the mac & cheeese.

  10. I love the Asian salad and the kids love the macaroni. It’s always an eventful trip when we are there!!! My brother in law asked for my dad permission to marry my sister at one of your Fresno locations!!!

  11. My baby was built on Soup Plantation- we went a lot during pregnancy! We took him last week, now that he is here! I can’t leave Soup Plantation without corn muffins and delicious honey butter!

  12. My family loves to go to sweet tomatoes and our favorite thing is the salad bar! It has so many options so everyone can enjoy it. Thank you for a great place!

  13. My favorite thing to have at Souplantation is the Cream of Mushroom soup, but my local SP changed it to Roasted Mushroom with Sage soup, and it was AMAZING! I would love to see this new (to me) soup more often!

  14. When I go to Sweet Tomatoes I always make my dessert with one chocolate brownie a little vanilla ice cream and a bunch of toffee pieces. BEST FOOD COMBO! Everyone should try it! MMMMMM I want some right now.

  15. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation is undoubtedly the amaaaazing blueberry muffins! They’re SO good…I always eat at least three of them everytime I go there!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. My very favorite is The Chicken stew soup served over biscuits! However, since that’s a seasonal thing, my regular is a split corn muffin in the bottom of the bowl covered by the Deep Kettle Chili. YUM

  17. I love Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation! My must have is Joan’s Broccoli Madness! YUM! Can’t get enough! We just had brunch there for the first time this weekend and it was fantastic! Great deal for fresh food! Love it!

  18. I love your Chili with a side of corn bread and, I adore your chocolate brownie topped of with vanilla frozen yogurt and sprinkles. Regardless on how full i am, i always got to have my brownie :).

  19. I must have Chicken WonTon Happiness with tomatoes, beets,, peas, extra wontons, blue cheese and peppers. I adore this salad mountain and sweet tomatoes is my favorite restaurant!!!

  20. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantations is the clam chowder soup. Creamy & delicious. Perfect for a cold day like today :o)

  21. I must have one of your delicious pumpkin muffins with a hot cup of coffee and a warm bowl of soup! (and maybe a cookie or two)

  22. My favorite must eat thing this must, well the creamy herb turkey soup w/ stuffing, and I really loved those snikerdoodles, would have loved to try them warm though, even more deliciousness

  23. The turkey soup with stuffing is a must-have for me! It’s like the holidays in a bowl! Mmmm…yummy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I cannot leave Sweet Tomatoes until I have had a bowl of chili – with cheese, green onions and a dab of sour cream!

  25. My favorite thing at Sweet Tomatoes has to be Joan’s Broccoli Madness Salad. It’s sheer perfection! I get a small plate just of that first, then I eat a little bit of other stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. my regular routine at Souplantation involves a salad loaded with veggies. Fresh Sourdough bread, pizza, Chicken noodle soup, and tomato(if have it). Sometimes chili with some toppings sounds scrumptious too! My dessert is the blueberry muffin and some chocolate mousse. Would love to win free meals. We eat here regularly!

  27. My son loves..Loves the pizza and bread while my husband and I go for all the soup and salad selections!! I like to finish the meal off with a nice warm muffin flavor of the day.. Thanks for the variety of choices.

  28. great items always come and go, but the one staple I always seem to sample when dining at Souplantation is the scrumptious tuna tarragon. EVERY TIME. Thank you for keeping my belly both happy and full!

  29. I love the Cranberry Orange Bran Muffin. So good and I don’t feel like I’m cheating on my diet too much.

  30. I actually have two things that I MUST have whenever I go to Sweet Tomatoes…. 1. the Oriental chicken salad and 2. Mac and Cheese…. actually there is one other thing that I get every single time and that is the chunky chicken noodle soup – YUM! Makes me wish there was a Sweet Tomatoes closer to my house!!!

  31. If I narrow all my favorite Sweet Tomatoes favorites down to one thing, it would be the very first salad bar items at the entrance: The Asiago Ceasar Salad and the Wonton Chicken Happiness Salad. Every time I eat at Sweet Tomatoes, I always begin my meal with those salads. I am addicted to your salads now, because they are so perfectly chopped and the flavors blend so well. I wish I could pull this off at home.

  32. gotta have Joans broccoli madness salad, and lots of the soups, and breakfast stuff– there is to much to list!

  33. I think people haven’t commented yet because they are waiting for someone else to comment in order to be the 12th comment. Might I suggest randomly selecting the 12 winners?

    Regardless, I love the Bartlett Pear & Caramelized Walnut Salad, Blueberry Muffins, and seasonal Sweet Orange and Cranberry Muffin.

    I know I won’t be the 12th comment, but maybe this will get the ball rolling. Good luck to everyone else! And hopefully Souplantation will have some of my favorite items more often on the menu (besides the blueberry muffins, haha)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. To pick one specific item from Sweet Tomato would be an unjust action. The monthly items along with the regular menu items always compliment each other. Our clients are always surprised with not only the food but the staff and cleanliness.
    Sweet Tomato is our go-to place to take clients to for our meetings. It is also the go-to place where my mom and I go to for our one-on-one mother-son time.

  35. Well someone has to get this party started.

    MUST HAVES at soup plantation are spinach, pickles AND focaccia bread pizza!

  36. My must have scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation is a loaded baked potato. Cheese, bacon bits, chives, and sometmes mac and cheese!

  37. I Love the new Asian Ginger Broth, I add all the healthy vegetables to it and it’s so yummy. What a healthy way to enjoy lunch !! And you can get seconds.

  38. I am addicted to your tuna tarragon! i love topping it with those crunchy noodles! they are the best quality so its addicting, my son loves those noodles on top of everything. chinese places give you the thin twiggy crappy quality kind

  39. Saw that no one else was commenting. Guess they all our waiting for the first 11 to be the 12th lol. I love your guys Chicken Noodle hough :)….delish. Happy holidays to my fellow Souplantation fans.

  40. The only way I can make my son eat his veggies is going here and in trade, I let him have your pizza and desserts!

  41. Must have is your chicken noodle soup! Best out of the can and in restaurants!! No one else has been able to beat it! i love putting in shredded cheese!

  42. Joan’s Broccoli Madness is my MUST-HAVE!! Three of my favorite foods in one scrumptious salad! Smoky bacon, nutty cashews, and crunchy broccoli!

  43. My favorites by section: Chicken wonton happiness salad, chicken noodle soup, macaroni and cheese, sourdough bread!! so Yummy.

  44. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation is “CalmChowder”!!
    If I can afford financially—I could eat Souplantation everyday to keep my tummy yummy and my body healthy ^.^

  45. Heaven would be if Souplantation would have their Shrimp Bisque, Brocolli Cheese Soup, Sweet Potatoes, Chocolate Lava Cake, and No Sugar Blueberry Tea on the menu every day!!! My favorite salad is already there – Wonton Chicken Happiness!!!

  46. I’m a vegetarian, so I love almost everything at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, but I must have the noodles from the chicken noodle soup!

  47. It’s difficult to name one single thing , because I love each & every thing at Souplantation.I’m a vegetarian & Soplantation has lots of options for me.I relish all the vegetarian soups & my favorite is Asian ginger broth.It is so so so delicious.My mouth is watering already…!

  48. My must-have at Sweet Tomatoes is the tomato soup! The plain blended one with some basil. It is the best! You should have it all the time!

  49. Nobody wants to be number 1 – 11. I’ll get us started. I always must have the cornbread with honey butter. So soft, moist, and delicious.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  50. Well of course nobody wants to be the first comment… we all want to be the 12th! My favorite item is the mushroom soup. No wait! Maybe it’s the albondigas… Oh, they’re both my favorite.

  51. Love all your fresh fruits, veggies and salads. It’s a great place to eat out, while staying true to my vegetarian diet! Love you guys

  52. There is no way to pick a must have……any soup will do. oh no it’s the bread,no it’s the soup.Soup wins.We love that we can go and just sit and visit with some bread and warm soup.
    I also have to say the staff is nice too.

  53. Well wether or not I win anything I’d just like to throw my two cents in. I love love love the strawberry apple cobbler. Also it’s nice to have a healthier choice when it comes to buffets.

  54. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious things.. I can’t choose just one.. sorry:
    Wonton Chicken Happiness. Tuna Tarragon. Chocolate muffin with just a little bit of vanilla ice cream (or is it fro yo?) on top.

    -Amy S.
    Beaverton, Oregon

  55. The cream of mushroom soup on Mondays is equaled only by the French onion soup. Sweet tomatoes is our 2 year old grand daughter’s favorite restaurant, so we hold our weekly family get together’s there. Great food, Good service, reasonable prices.

  56. My favorite scrumptious MUST-HAVE from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is the creamy macaroni and cheese with bacon bits sprinkled on it, and then the cheese bread to dip in the mac and cheese!! yuuuummmyy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. The double chocolate brownies with ice creme. How can i be the first to comment. Can’t be the only only one that actually read the directions to use the blog and not reply on FB

  58. I can’t believe no one is commenting! Or are you just deleting them so we can’t count? We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes. So far, the most scrumptious thing is your Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup, although you had a muffin once that was TO DIE FOR. I wish I could remember it.

  59. My must have most delicious thing to eat at Sweet Tomatoes is Tuna Tarragon. Oh me oh my.. Its so good it makes you want to cry. I don’t mean to be hasty but my oh my is it tasty!

    I also love the broccolli madness it is delish!

  60. It’s funny – my son, who absolutely hates vegetables, salad, or any other food that is not fried or processed, LOVES going to Sweet Tomatoes, and begs to go whenever we can!

  61. Caesar salad and sourdough bread with Honey Butter. Definitely, must have.

    Darn, now I’m hungry for Sweet Tomatoes. Wonder if I can talk hubby into going out for dinner tonight?

  62. I must always have wonton chicken happiness and a blueberry muffin with honey butter, no matter what else is available!

  63. No matter what I choose to have on my salad, I always have to have a dab of the Deep House Beef Chili. With white and green onions, cheddar cheese and a dab of sour cream of course!

  64. My Must-Have is the Chicken Noodle Soup. It is cold and dreary here, and the soup brings a sip of warm sunshine to my day.

  65. My must have…just about everything. There is not a Sweet Tomatoes close to where I live, which is unfortunate, so when I am going to make the drive I savor everything Sweet Tomatoes from the fresh salad ingredients to the every so popular Chicken Wonton Salad. Of course, the soups are the best around, and I always have to finish with the scrumptious brownie muffins and ice cream/frozen yogurt. I just love everything about Sweet Tomatoes.

  66. Salad with sweet tomato’s signature house ranch dressing, cheesy foccacia, and whatever dessert is being served at the time (my favorite part!)

  67. Hello-
    Thank you for being patient with us. Our 12 winners of the 12 days of Scrumptious blog contest are below. We have contacted the winners by email. Thank you everyone for entering and be sure to look for more blog contests in 2013!

    Julie S.
    Sharon M
    Michael K.
    Donna R.
    Amy P.
    David R.
    Silas C.
    Aaron S.
    Jill J.
    John S.

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