13 Days of Menu Faves Contest

13 Days of Menu Faves at Souplantation/Sweet TomatoesThe February 2014 Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes’ menu will be determined by YOU!


You (yes, you, our guests) play a big role in menu decisions at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes, so we’re giving you the chance to vote for your favorite menu items this month.  We’ll bring back some of the most popular dishes in February based on your top choices.

How it works:

Starting October 1st, we’ll put our most popular dishes up for a vote on our Facebook page (look at the “Guest Faves” tab) and refresh options each day for 13 days. You can vote once per day and enter for the chance to win a goodie-bag full of Souplantation/Sweet Tomato surprises (we’ll give one away every day during the contest). You’ll then be automatically entered to win the grand prize – free meals for a whole year! Better yet, the most voted-upon dishes will be served the entire month of February.

Want to plan your votes? Check out the contest line- up:

Vote on your favorite recipe to win!Don’t see one of your favorite dishes? Comment with it below and we’ll consider it a write-in vote!

44 thoughts on “13 Days of Menu Faves Contest”

  1. You ned to add the Chesapeake Corn Chowder to your list!! That is the tastiest cold weather soup around!! Please please!!

  2. I can’t remember the exact name but it’s the Lemon Deli Salad with Broccoli and the dried cranberries. It’s the best thing EVER!

  3. I missed the 1st voting day, which would’ve been Irish Potato Leek – duh! Today’s vote is Chicken Pot Pie Stew. Yum!

  4. My vote Oct. 3
    I’ve never been a fan of the pre-made salads.
    I would like to see the extra items used for those salads
    put out on the regular buffet such as: almonds, walnuts,
    mandarin orange, cranberries, pecans etc.

  5. Oct 3rd – Ranch House BLT
    Oct 5th – Shrimp & Seafood Shells Pasta
    Oct 12th – Carrot Cake, Carrot Cake, & more Carrot Cake!

  6. I missed the first two days. For Oct. 1 – broccoli cheese soup, Oct. 2 – vegetable bean & barley, Oct. 3 – I really don’t care about any of those salads. I liked the tossed salad they had with spinach, carmelized pecans and mandarin oranges or the one they had during lemon month.

  7. Oct. 1: Cream of Mushroom (ABSOLUTE BEST—serve every day!!)
    Oct. 2: Chicken Pot Pie Stew
    Oct. 3: California Cobb Salad
    Oct. 4: Summer Lemon with Pecans

  8. Caesar Salad
    Blueberry muffins
    butternut squash
    raw beets
    lemon pasta
    pumpkin cobbler
    wish-you-had rice pudding!

  9. Oct 6 – Nothing better than classic blueberry and cornbread with my salad.
    And I do love me some banana nut with vanilla soft serve for dessert .

  10. October 1: Cream of Mushroom
    October 2: Chicken Pot Pie Soup
    October 3: Greek Salad
    October 4: Mandarin Spinach with Walnuts
    October 5: Hawaiian Coconut Slaw
    October 6: Banana Nut
    October 7: Tangy Lemon

  11. Oct 4 – any of them
    Oct 5 – no favorites
    Oct 6 – spiced pumpkin (chocolate chip is also good)
    Oct 7 – most of the fruit muffin are good but I pick tangy lemon
    my sister likes to top it with the sugar-free lemon mousse
    Oct 8 – roasted eggplant marinara (it needs more eggplant!)
    Oct 9 – tomato basil Alfredo

  12. I like to see what everybody else enjoys. It’s also interesting to see what people add to the list that isn’t available in the choices. I like the idea of the pumpkin cobbler. Another good dessert that wasn’t written down is the cranberry and apple cobbler (crisp?) that they had in December a few years ago. My sister and I also like the lemon lava cake. I am in agreement with Pete C – I really like the cornbread muffins at Souplantation. I like to have my cornbread with chili or bean soup.

    For the rest of the dates:
    Oct 10 – Wowie Maui with ham & pineapple
    Oct 11 – Greek
    Oct 12 – definitely the carrot cake
    Oct 13 – grilled cheese focaccia (but I don’t eat the tomato soup)
    I like the grilled cheese focaccia because it tastes like a really good grilled cheese sandwich

  13. I can’t vote but here is what I would pick.

    Oct. 1: French Onion
    Oct. 2: Creamy Sweet Tomato and Basil
    Oct. 3: California Cobb Salad
    Oct. 4: Summer Lemon with Pecans
    Oct. 5: Lemon Linguine Pasta
    Oct. 6: Chocolate Chip
    Oct. 7: Country Raspberry
    Oct. 8: Roasted Eggplant Marinara
    Oct. 9: Lemon Cream with Capers
    Oct. 10: Pepperoni
    Oct. 11: Greek
    Oct. 12: Red Velvet Cake
    Oct. 13: Nacho Bar

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