3 Ways to Set your Thanksgiving Day Table

Whether it’s deep fried or roasted or barbequed – you are always in charge of the Thanksgiving Day turkey. Great Aunt Susan will bring her famous pecan pie, your brother is in charge of ice and the kids of the family are in charge of decking out the table. When it comes to a holiday meal, the more cooks in the kitchen the better (in our opinion!). Not only does everyone get to share their creations with the group, it’s tradition! Since the dinner table quickly becomes the epicenter of activity on Thanksgiving, we thought we’d give your kiddos a bit of help when they start decorating the table.

We’ve developed three different printable guides that you and your children can choose from to help them set the table. Not only will setting the table be a breeze, you can even include each guest’s name on the placemat so everyone knows where to sit. Once you decide how formally you’d like to set the table, have your kids break out the crayons, stickers and colored pencils to start decorating! One idea we love is to ask each attendee to write down what they’re thankful for on their place setting. Then, once everyone has settled in for the meal, you can go around the table and ask everyone what they have written.

Ready to get started? Read on to discover the different Thanksgiving table styles.

Formal Place Setting

Dressing up for dinner may require a more dressed up table using this formal place setting guide. Consider adding a few tapered candles to the centerpiece for additional ambiance.

Simple Place Setting

Not ready to set out your full wedding china? This simple place setting still exudes a bit of elegance, especially when paired with a few tea lights and mini pumpkins placed down the center of your table.

Casual Place Setting

If you have a large group attending your dinner, a more casual place setting may be in order. This guide will help your table still look beautiful, without some of the accoutrement that may make an already full table seem cramped.

Tell us what table set up is your family’s style and don’t forget to bookmark these printable place setting guides so you can reference them throughout the years. Simply use the SHARE button below to save them to your favorite social media site or go ahead and print them now.

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