April Gluten Free Menu

Tart & Tangy Lemon Month is back this April! That means we have new gluten-free menu options available.

Tossed Salads:

  • Summer Lemon with Spiced Pecans
  • Classic Greek (select locations only)

Signature Deli Salads:

  • Joan’s Broccoli Madness
  • Three Bean Marinade (also a great vegan option!)
  • Lemon Broccoli Madness (tasty and vegetarian but will only be available at the beginning of the month)
  • Lemon Rice with Cashews (vegan will be available during the second half of the month)


  • Deep Kettle House Chili
  • Old Fashioned Vegetable (tasty, low-fat and vegetarian)

Need even more variety? We {almost} ALWAYS have the following gluten free items available:

  • Salad bar fresh-cut produce
  • Baked potato with all the toppings
  • Soft-serve ice-cream
  • All flavored gelatin
  • Dressings (Some are not available every day. Subject to change depending on location):
  • Fat Free Honey Mustard
  • Fat Free Ranch
  • Fat Free Italian
  • Ranch
  • Cuban French
  • French Catalina
  • Blue Cheese
  • Thousand Island
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Olive Oil & Vinegar


4 thoughts on “April Gluten Free Menu”

  1. oooooo i didn’t know the old fashion vegetable was gluten free!
    I’ll have to try it when i go back there this friday! I cant wait! 🙂
    Also, i noticed that the sweet potatoes weren’t listed here, but the regular potatoes were… is there a problem with the sweet potatoes?

    1. Hi Christina – The sweet potatoes are not listed on this blog entry because we do not offer that menu item in April. Check back each month for the updated gluten free menu items that change each month!

  2. I’m taking my son to Sweet Tomatoes tonight for his birthday meal, it’s May 1st And I can’t seem to find what the GF menu for May is.

    1. Hi Heather – We typically release our GF menu for a new menu a few days into the month. If you are planning on going you will still be able to enjoy the favorite GF items that are (almost) always available and ask the manager at the location you visit for an ingredient list of any items you are unsure of.

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