August Calls for Quinoa

Ditch the rice and potatoes – there’s a more nutritious side dish in town – quinoa. It’s considered the “mother of all grains” when it isn’t actually a grain; it’s a seed (fun fact!). Ironic? Perhaps, but we love the delicious versatility of this superfood. So much so that we decided to add quinoa to our menu this month (have you given our Quinoa & Feta Salad a try yet?). Here’s a few more reasons why we added it to our wholesome offerings:

Pin, share and download this infographic using the SHARE button below so you can remember to pick up some quinoa on your next trip to the store. And, if you need a few quinoa recipe ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board!

3 thoughts on “August Calls for Quinoa”

  1. Gluten Free folks love Quinoa and its one of the grains we can eat, but for some odd reason your recipe adds gluten to it via a protein whey mix added to it. Why?

    Quinoa already is nutrient rich as you point out in this blog post.

    I love that your company is promoting more gluten friendly items, but it seems with a few recipe tweaks you could have even more. Especially with using a different thickener/rue in soups.

    Oh, and your Gluten Free Coconut muffins are awesome. I taste alot of dry and not very good gluten baked products and your muffins are 10 times better.

  2. If Jeff C.’s comment is accurate that you add a whey protein mix to your Quinoa, it would not be vegan either. Wish you would mark your dishes as vegan when they are vegan, and that you had more vegan options beyond just the salad and veggies. I would love to eat here more if it wasn’t such a chore to find out what is plant-based.

    1. Hi Kathy – All of our menu items are marked on the bar, if you ever have any questions feel free to ask the manager on duty or you can always double check using our updated list on our blog here.

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