Berry Fun Blog Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that entered our Berry Blog Contest.

Congrats to our two winners Zoe Abrahams and Denese Thomas.

Keep coming back to our blog to see upcoming promotions, recipes, fun stuff and more contests!!

4 thoughts on “Berry Fun Blog Contest Winners”

  1. I think the ideal to be able to win free dinners is a real neat thing. Guess we’ll see if I win anything. Thank you for the oppertunity. We enjoy coming to your resturant.

  2. Thank you! Sweet Tomatoes! When I was invited to celebrate a birthday party for my sister and a friend it was awesome! I was able to enjoy my meals. Didn’t have to return my meal because it was the wrong order. The people are nice and helpful! Thank you and I haven’t stopped returning to enjoy the food at the restaurant. 🙂

  3. I just love your menu, many things to choose from..I especially like the cherrie deserrts.Keep them coming!!!! All of the employees are extremely nice and accomodatingt.

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