During July we are serving ‘local’ watermelon in various regions. When we say local, we mean that our watermelon is being freshly grown in the state that you live in.

Since watermelon doesn’t grow in all states, we can’t be serving local watermelon at all 15 states that Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are located in but we tried really hard to make sure we be local when it was possibly.

If you are a California resident, you will be enjoying local Watermelon from Perry and Farms in Manteca, CA.

George Perry and Sons, Inc. is a family business that began over seventy- five years ago. Delphino Perry who was an immigrant of the Azores Islands started the business. Delphino came to the United States when he was sixteen years old to begin a new chapter in his life that started with farming.

He established a dairy in 1925 and began farming, which laid the foundation of what later would become George Perry and Sons, Inc. With each generation the family business has strengthened. George Sr., Delphino’s son, worked extremely hard alongside his father. In 1963, the family decided to sell the dairy and direct 100% of their efforts to farming.

In 1965, George continued his efforts to find ways to expand the family business. He began by buying and selling watermelons and pumpkins from local growers to supplement his farm in order to fulfill the increasing demand from customers. The partnership began in 1965 and later incorporated in 1974. The Perry family not only increased production through expansion in farming but also strengthened the business by becoming one of the largest shippers and handlers of watermelons and pumpkins throughout California. With the continued increase in demand, our family built relationships with growers and shippers from Mexico to Central California. This has enabled us to supply watermelons and squash 365 days a year to our customers.

The Perry family has grown over the years and now has the fourth generation working alongside George Sr. and his family.
For fun facts on watermelons and more information onĀ  Perry and Sons visit

Did you know?

Watermelon is one of the world’s best sources of the anti-oxidant lycopene (even better than tomatoes!).




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