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Are you ready to take off for a delicious adventure? Join us August 1st through September 28th as we embark on our journey to Taste the World! From Italy to Asia – and beyond – we’re looking to take your taste buds on a culinary journey with a few of our favorite dishes inspired by some of the world’s best cuisine.

To make the trip even more exciting, we’re introducing our second annual Taste the World Sweepstakes – with the chance to win 1 of 5 daily prizes as well as the ultimate Grand Prize: a $5,000 Culinary Vacation! It’s easy to enter. Just follow our simple contest instructions below, and take a look at the official rules.

  1. Dine at your local Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes between August 1st and September 28th. Be sure to save the receipt!
  2. Visit to register, and then enter the unique code found on your receipt to collect World Stamps on your virtual passport, as well as download coupons.
  3. Share your progress with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email to receive additional entries.

The more World Stamp entries you collect, the more chances you have to win, so grab your passport and let your taste buds travel with us to our first two destinations we’re introducing this month:

  • Italy (August 1-14): Try our Italian inspired dishes like our Bruschetta Focaccia, Tuscan Tossed Salad, and Spicy Sausage & Pasta Soup – Buon Appetito!
  • Asia (August 17-29): Join us for our Eastern inspired recipes including Thai Shrimp & Udon Noodle Soup, Thai Peanut & Red Pepper Tossed Salad, and a crowd favorite – Asian Ginger Broth.

The trip doesn’t stop this month – make sure to check back in September to learn more about our planned travels to explore the menus of the Mediterranean and Mexico!

66 thoughts on “Come Taste the World with Us!”

  1. We love our dinners at Sweet Tomatoes better than any other restaurant. I especially love the freshest and large variety of ingredients you provide for our tasty salads. My husband just can’t wait to try all the yummy soups, chili and baked potatoes you serve. I never leave without buying a loaf of your dark seeded grain bread. It is better than any bakery bread I have tried elsewhere!! Our grandchildren are visiting us from Maryland & Michigan and they loved all the yummy food, especially the desserts. The chocolate lava cake, jello and ice cream with toppings were a huge hit with them! I think it was the highlight of their trip here. Thank you & we will be having your special Italian recipes tomorrow.

  2. We usually visit every week. We enjoy eating there because we have some food allergies so we know we will not have reactions when we eat there…..We know the managers too and everyone is friendly and helpful. I am on a walker at present because of slipping down on our ceramic tile floor, etc….I know they always want to take my tray to my favorite table. We are retired teachers and seniors and look for couppons to use and the special time a day to go to save money. My husband is diabetic and just has to watch his food and exercise…he is a busy elder plus my helper at home with things I cannot do….like be the chef a lot…..Thanks! Walter and Frances Podein Jacksonville, Florida We eat at Orange Park since it is near our house…..

    1. Thank you Frances! Remember, we have our senior deal available M-Th from 2-5pm and also be sure to sign up for Club Veg for additional coupons!

    1. Hi Pamela – The website will go live at 12pm EST (as that’s when you are most likely to be able to get a receipt that is valid to enter the contest)! Check back then!

  3. You need to open a restaurant in the Daytona Beach, FL area. We have Golden Corral, Outback, Olive Garden, Red Lobster BUT NO Sweet Tomatoes. Please do your survey about opening in the Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange area, Volusia County, Florida. Thank you.

  4. Loveee this restaraunt have been going for 9 years now in broward fl. Since we first discovered it….we go itleast once a week often twice

  5. We love Sweet Tomatoes, my daughter and I have to eat here at least twice a month, she is 10 years old, we love everything!

    Thank you!


  6. Souplantation is the best restaurant here in Lakewood, CA. I enjoy the fresh vegetable salads and the soup! Can’t wait for my next meal!

  7. Please make all coupons so they are printer easy. Not everyone has a smart phone and can take a photo of a coupon online.

    1. Hi Mike – If you click through on the coupons you should be able to print the page in one sheet! Hope this helps.

  8. Sweet Tomatoes in Hedwig Village w/i Houston near my office building is the most popular lunch place in this area! Just goes to show that people know food freshness, great flavor, cleanliness and good service … Sweet Tomatoes rocks! Thanks!

  9. I have visited Sweet Tomatoes locations and Soup Plantation locations across the country, NM, CA, NV, and mostly are consistently good. One exception is the Warm Springs and Stephanie location in Las Vegas. Sometimes, exceptional, mostly not lately. Have taken to cost cutting measures, no beets on salad bar (was told it was too expensive) out of items, long lines (not enough employees) and just a general change in attitude toward patrons.

    1. We are so sorry for your poor experience Ruey. If you ever have any issues when visiting please contact the manager on duty immediately so they can rectify the situation.

  10. I’m curious why the restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes in some locations but Souplantation in others. Why is this, and are the two exactly the same?

    1. Hi Pam – We are known as Souplantation in California, where we originated, and Sweet Tomatoes in other states.

      1. There are Sweet Tomatoes in Northern California. At least two I know one in San Jose, Coleman Ave. The other one in either Santa Clara or Sunnyvale which is the one we go when my grand children visit me. My grand son and grand daughter love Sweet Tomatoes and they are 9 and 6.

  11. We dined at the Bradenton, FL Sweet Tomatoes and there is no code on my receipt.
    It was torn off after the address and comments or Suggestions. Please email me a code as I would like to enter the contest. The transaction # 5216208 and the ITID#5216265 .
    A prompt reply would be appreciated.
    Thank You

  12. I love your restaurant, and my mom and I eat there often. Sadly, the restaurant we visited most frequently moved from Marina del Rey to about 5 miles south, not too far from LAX. Both of us really miss the Marina del Rey location. We hope you’ll consider opening a restaurant in Santa Monica, or at another location in Marina del Rey. In any event, thanks for the great food, and we love the senior deal!

    1. Hi Pauline – We’re so sorry that your favorite location is no longer readily available to you. We don’t currently have any additional expansion plans but hope we will see you again soon!

    2. The one is Marina del Rey used to be my favorite spot also, however, now I go to the one at Howard Hughes Promenade!!! It is even nicer layout. I’m just wondering why you can’t go 5 miles south, it’s not like it’s in a bad neighborhood or anything. I notice you advocating for Marina and Santa Monica.

  13. We have been going to the Beaverton location for at least 10 to 15 years for at least once a week, and have gone as many as 3 times in one week. Their salads and soups are simply great, and most of them are unbeatable. The muffins selection is overwhelming as well. We are VERY appreciative of the afternoon 2:00 – 5:00 PM Senior Special that is a super bargain. We do eat out a lot, and this is one place where we go to more than any other because it’s so good.

  14. I don’t eat that much, but , when I am at the Souplantation, I eat a lot and then some. In simple words, everything is so deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicous!!!Thanks a lot for having such a fantastic restaurant that caters to every age.

  15. No strawberry muffins with strawberry butter this Summer? That’s my family’s favorite, and we’ve been disappointed to not see them this year. 🙁 Unrelated, are your restaurants meant to have the featured, freshly-made salads always replenished? Asking as, at least the last few times we’ve visited, only sad dregs were available – and this was not at really off times.

    1. Yes, our salads should continually be fresh and refilled for you! If you ever experience a time when a menu item is not filled contact the manager immediately so they can fix the situation. June was actually our Berry Berry month where we featured our berry muffins and strawberry butter, we’re so sorry you missed them.

      1. Thank you for the reply! We did enjoy the berry muffin with strawberry butter during a visit; but the strawberry/strawberry combo. is just the most berrylicious. We hope they return next Summer! 🙂

  16. Thank you for providing a salad bar beyond comparison ! We come for our lunch on weekends and dinner at least once each week.
    Fortunately, we live 5 minutes from The Sweet Tomatoes on Cross and Belleview Blvd. (Littleton, Colorado.)
    One of the main reasons we love coming to Sweet Tomatoes is the HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE that’s provided… Everything’s fresh, the presentation done attractively.
    The choices and changes keep things interesting, which is important to us :>)
    It’s very nice to have healthy choices for our meal, and There’s No Guilt when we make a little ice cream sundae for dessert. This is the ‘coup de gras’ ~ a scrumptious finish to a fine meal.
    David and Deborah Conway

  17. I love sweet tomatoes. I wish they would build one in the orange city area as there are none in Volusia county

  18. My very first job was at Souplantation in Vacaville, Ca! I have loved this place then and now I frequent the one located in Irvine, Ca because it is close to my work. As well as the one in Fountain Valley, Ca because it is the closest location to my home in Huntington Beach, Ca. When are you going to open a Souplantation in Huntington Beach? (preferrably off of the 405 freeway & Beach Blvd or Golden West exits hint, hint…the area is developing so quickly)
    Thanks for providing a healthier dining choice, Melissa Bartling

  19. What happened to the opening of a new Souplantation location in Chino, CA? There was a banner said Souplantation coming soon but later on it was removed. My coworkers & friends were all excited to see one near Chino.

    1. Hi Michelle – We sadly had to push back our Chino Hills opening a bit (until mid- October) but we will still be seeing you soon!

  20. Oh boy, can’t wait to see what is on the Mediterranean and Mexican menu! Love eating here when I get the chance. I could eat Irish Potato Leek soup by the gallon. Does anyone else feel awkward going back for more salad? Does the cashier remember I paid? I guess as far as complaints go, thats pretty insignificant. Everything is fantastic, keep it up!!

  21. First we love the Senior Discount hours! We eat at the Clackamas, Oregon location about 3x monthly. Our grandchildren, all six of them, love the restaurant, mac & cheese and the ice cream! I always let them make their own. We love the free cookies at the end of our meal.

    My real request: Please open a location in the NASHVILLE, TN area! Our friends, in Madison, TN would eat there on a regular basis. Truly when they visit Oregon – Sweet Tomatoes is a must meal several times!
    Again that’s NASHVILLE TN! Thanks you.

  22. It is Aug 5th.. we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes on Sunday, and I can’t seem to get the survey to apply for 15% discount! What can I do??

  23. We love coming to your restaurant we always have a fun time trying out your new soups. This evening we tried to use a coupon from retail me not and the person behind the register said it was a fake coupon. Although the coupon app plugs directly onto your website. I am sure that they were just mistaken. The restaurant was in Crestwood Missouri.

    1. Hi Charles – The only coupons we can verify will be valid are the ones that we directly email to our Club Veg members. We actually do not have a website that has coupons available and therefore cannot promise that any other coupons will be valid. Be sure to become a Club Veg member – you can sign up right on our website!

  24. I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes. I wish there was a restaurant in Palm Coast, FL. or a nearby town (Daytona, Ormond or St. Augustine). We would love to have one here!! It would be just what the area needs.

  25. Although the “Joan’s Broccoli Madness” is my very favorite, I really do miss the salad that was on your buffet years ago. It was a spaghetti type pasta with an asian flair. If you know of what I am speaking, please let me know, and since it isn’t on the menu anymore, is there any way I could have the recipe? It was truly wonderful, and I miss it so much. Thanks, Sarah

  26. I find it amusing that a company called Sweet Tomatoes doesn’t have decent tomatoes on its salad bar. Grape tomatoes are nasty (just my opinion) and cherry tomatoes are hit and miss. How about Roma, Ruskin and other tasty tomatoes, especially in Florida where Ruskin’s are grown. …. Also please, please look at South Lakeland (FL) for a potential site, I really am getting tired of driving to Brandon and the Disney area to eat there. We really enjoy the food, but good tomatoes would be a plus.

  27. Are both country’s menus available during the transition from country to country? Italy’s menu runs until the 14th but Asia doesn’t start until the 17th? What menu should I expect if I come in on the 15th? Thanks!

    1. Hi Elaine – Since our stores will be in transition the menu may differ from each location. Some may still have Italy options available while others will have a few Asia menu options. We cannot promise that any particular items from either menu will be available.

  28. I eat at either Sweet Tomatoes Gwinnett or Perimeter in the Atlanta area at least once every two weeks. What about opening in the Mall of Georgia area? Your area restaurant managers to whom I have mentioned this think it would be a great location. Many of your “veggie-customers” and I would really appreciate it if you would make more of your recipes vegetarian on a regular basis, such as Joan’s Broccoli Madness–instead of once or twice a year, and especially the tomato soup. How y’all ever came up with a non-vegetarian tomato soup recipe I will never figure out. Look at it this way: the carnivores will probably never miss the beef and chicken flavorings, but to the veggies and other meat-abstainers their omission would be a panacea of gastronomical delight.

    1. I’m all for sweepstakes and contests but honestly they’re not going to get me to visit the restaurant,coupons on the other hand are,and I’ve noticed a drop in the amount of coupons that have come lately as a Club Veg member.

      1. Hi Gus – We’re sorry you feel that way! We hope you love our fresh, quality food enough to still come in for a visit.

  29. I love Souplantation in Simi Valley, CA. Always fresh and delicious. My only question is when will cobblers come back. The chocolate lava dessert is getting old. I was hoping that with berry month, I would have seen the return of some type of berry cobbler dessert. That is one of the main reasons I frequent the restaurant when you have that. It’s the best dessert aside from your chocolate peanut butter bars.
    Please have cobbler more often.

  30. My husband & I frequently visit Sweet Tomato and we love salad and soups. And always wonder when you will have a more close to Asian taste’s dishes. Now, we definitely will try the new Asian salads and noodle soups.

  31. I love sweet tomatoes. It is my favorite place to eat. I give the Alpharetta,GA. location an A plus.

  32. I finally remembered to save one of my receipts, and entered the contest, but I have not been able to figure out how to earn entries for sharing the contest. How do I share?

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  34. Can you share the recipe for the Thai Shrimp Udon Noodle soup? I had it tonight and fell in love! But, it’s going to be gone by the next time I go back. Please share if you can!

  35. When will you have a location in the Seattle area? I am addicted to Sweet Tomatoes and go there at least 3 times a week, but I’m soon moving to Washington state and I found out there’s no Sweet Tomatoes there, I might have to reconsider my relocation!!

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