Cool Protein Offerings Debut in Houston Sweet Tomatoes

Katy Freeway Sweet Tomatoes is the first to introduce the variety of proteins for guests to enjoy as an add-on item to their salads in the Houston, TX restaurants. Ultimately it will be available in all four Houston restaurants.

The proteins being introduced are Texas Flat Iron Steak, Citrus Garlic Shrimp, Basil Pesto Chicken, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Thai Ginger Chicken, and BBQ Chicken. These cooled additions make a delicious pairing to your wholesome meal.

Flat Iron Steak, Citrus Garlic Shrimp, and a variety of chicken dishes being introduced in the Houston market.

Mike Schwanemann, Culinary Manager, says that the Texas Flat Iron Steak is flavorful, the result of being marinated for a day prior to being seared and then baked to medium doneness. The steak slices will be ready to top on your customized salad.

“We’re very excited to offer proteins that will make great additions and toppers to our salads,” says Garden Fresh CEO John Morberg. “Coupled with our refreshed stores, we anticipate that our newly expanded menu will help us appeal to a wider customer base as we re-introduce ourselves in Houston. We will learn from our first test store and apply those lessons to the entire market as we move to offer the proteins region wide,” John added.

The Vancouver, WA, test kitchen’s introduction of proteins in April, including roasted salmon, eye of round beef tenderloin, chicken parmesan, grilled chicken, classic meatloaf with tomato fondue, bacon and fresh mozzarella cheese and a selection of toasted sandwiches, is another example of how Garden Fresh is seeking innovative ways for those who seek protein options.

“In Vancouver and, now in Houston, we will be learning a great deal that we will likely apply chain-wide at some point. The protein items are very exciting and we’re looking forward to guest reactions,” says Susan Hoffman, Vice President of Fresh Sourcing and Menu Innovation.

Katy Freeway Sweet Tomatoes guests, how did you like the new protein offerings?

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