Dolan Sisters Bring Smiles, Laughter, and Fun to RB Souplantation

Working at a new job, you meet many new faces. At one Souplantion in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, four faces became very familiar for one another. That’s because these four are sisters who love Souplantation so much, they all wanted to work and be a part of the team.

The Dolan sisters are together in a rare moment when all four are working at the Rancho Bernardo Souplantation. L-R: Rusty Rickman, General Manager, President Emeritus and Operations Vice President Greg Keller, Paxton, Kaelen, Jill, Teagan, and Garden Fresh CEO John Morberg.

It all started to come together about a year ago, but the roots of the story is about 15 years old when the Dolan family – the sisters, twins Jill and Kaelen, Paxton, and Teagan, their parents, Lynn and Sean –  began eating at Souplantation’s around San Diego.

“When we were growing up we did not eat out a lot, but when we did, I always wanted to go to Souplantation because it was my favorite spot,” says Jill, who has worked at the Rancho Bernardo Souplantation for just less than a year.

“Our entire family enjoyed the endless variety of food combinations we could make and everyone was able to get what they wanted. So, when it came time for me to look for a job, I naturally thought of Souplantation,” Jill added.

Just over a year ago, Jill began a job search, applying at several restaurants, including Souplantation. She interviewed with three restaurants prior to interviewing with Rusty Rickman, the Rancho Bernardo General Manager (GM). Jill was called back by the restaurants, but she hesitated in accepting an offer, wanting to talk to Souplantation prior to making a decision.

“Jill was such a great interview,” Rusty says. “She has such a great smile and is just a great kid. We knew that with her personality she would fit right into our culture,” he added. She enjoyed the different roles at Souplantation, starting out as a cashier, then at the salad bar, and as a dining room attendant. “Anywhere she worked and dealt with our guests she just did a phenomenal job and her smile and laugh seemed to be infectious with her restaurant co-workers and guests,” Rusty said.

Jill began sharing her work stories with her sisters and parents and they were happy that she really enjoyed it there. It was during the restaurant’s Christmas party, where Jill invited her youngest sister, Teagan, who will be a high school senior this fall, to go with her, that sparked Teagan’s interest.

Jill asked Kaelen and Paxton if they wanted to apply and work at the restaurant, they immediately said yes. Seeing how they were on board, Teagan asked to apply too. About two months ago, as high school and college breaks began, sisters Kaelen, Paxton, and Teagan, joined Jill, making the family complete, and bringing a smile to Rusty’s face! “They are just great kids and always smiling, so happy, and no drama. Being around them is a real treat as they are just so genuine,” Rusty says.

It’s rare that the four sisters are working at the store at the same time, but when they do, they enjoy the time together. “It is always fun spending time with my sisters because we truly enjoy one another’s company,” Jill says. She notes that if she and one of her sisters close together, they sing together, always giggling and laughing. “We enjoy family and now Souplantation has become part of our extended family,” Jill says.

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