Fresh from the Farm to our Front Door

When we say it, we mean it! Once produce is picked from the field, it is on a refrigerated truck on its way to our restaurants in 24-hours. If that’s not fresh, I don’t know what is.


We have our vendors, farmers, and purveyors to thank for the freshness and crispness of the products we serve you. And with a growing number of consumers concerned about where their food is grown and sourced, we thought profiling a few of our providers would demonstrate just how passionate we are about them and the work they do. Watch for these profiles throughout the year on this blog and in the restaurants.

The first featured farmer is Stuart& Norman Gilfenbian from Eclipse Berry Farm in Oxnard, California where we get our juicy and very sweet grape tomatoes. Did you know grape tomatoes didn’t even exist 14 years ago? Well, we didn’t either. We have Stuart & Norman to thank for that. They helped create them! The Gilfenbain family puts their stamp of approval on every crop, ensuring the sweetest, juiciest and firmest grape tomatoes you’ll ever taste.

This kind of care and integrity is what we look for in all our growers. So, next time you bite into a sweet grape tomato,we hope you’ll think of them, and us!

11 thoughts on “Fresh from the Farm to our Front Door”

  1. my husband and I have been eating in your restaurants about 9 years, and we love your food. the one thing I would like to see changed is the amount of salt in some of your soups, I believe its a little too much. I think all restaurants should allow the customers apply the amount of salt for their taste.

    thank you,
    carol mathews

  2. Do you spray the vegetables and/or fruits with a chemical to keep them fresh so they don’t go bad?

  3. Thanks to Carol for the salt comment. As my Mother used to say “You can add but you can’t take away”…. I appreciate & can taste the flavor in your fresh produce. Certain restaurants have tons of produce sitting in plastic lined trash cans in their walk-ins. After a week or so, there is no flavor left….

  4. Do you buy gentically modified vegetables and fruits? Are the fruits and vegetables ripened naturally?

    1. Amy, great question. Most fruits and veggies are genetically modified starting at seeds unless you are purchasing organic products. We occasionally serve organic products but do not serve them on a daily basis.

  5. I would like to know if your veggies are grown organically and if you buy from the local markets in the towns that your restaurants are located.

    1. We only use organic food when it comes for our potato promotion in February, and it is only potatoes that are organic. Typically, we try to use local foods if it is an option.

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