Father’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the contribution that our fathers have made on our lives. Many people send or give cards or gifts to their fathers. Common Father’s Day gifts include sports items or clothing, electronic gadgets, outdoor cooking supplies and tools for household maintenance.

Father’s Day is a relatively modern holiday so different families have a range of traditions. These can range from a simple phone call or greetings card to large parties honoring all of the ‘father’ figures in a particular extended family. Father figures can include fathers, step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and even other male relatives.

We want you to treat Dad to something different (and delicious) this year by winning a FREE catered meal from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes for 10 people. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes offer catering at select locations and we want to bring the party to you and your family.



Winners will receive Caesar Salad Asiago, Chicken Wonton Salad, a soup of your choice, 2 pasta salads, baked potatoes & all the toppings, assorted muffins and Chocolate Chip Cookies for 10. Dad would be so HAPPY!





Enter by doing any of the following:

  • Reply to this post by telling us your favorite memory with a father figure at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes
  • Reply to this post by telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10.


Contest ends 06/17 at midnight.Β  Two winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be announced Monday, June 18 on our blog. Only one entry per person.

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1,342 thoughts on “WIN DAD FREE FOOD FOR FATHER’S DAY”

  1. Would have my entire family over to my home for the feast. All 5 kids and spouses of three married children.

  2. I have never really had my father around but my baby’s dad and I always take our little princess to eat at Souplantation. We go every Sunday which is his day off and during all those Sundays we get to enjoy our little family which makes me realize how good of a father he is because he actually cares and loves us. Souplantation is like our second home because it is our tradition to go every Sunday. A Sunday would not be a Sunday without Souplantation. A lot of the staff know us already.

    I would like to celebrate at home because there is no place like home.

  3. Father passed away 7 years ago, but remember taking him to ST and it was so much fun watching him picking the veggies he use to grow in our garden and devouring them like he was 40 years younger. So much fun just to watch the pleased look on his face with each bite. Thank you !

  4. you have the best salds and help that i have seen in a long time my husband and i come as often as we can we ar3e on a fixed income retired but if we do go out its to sweet tomotoes we will go next week as my grand kid is visiting from ohio and loves salads and no sweet tomotoes in ohio looking foward to another great meal

  5. the best in florida my grand kid will be visiting from ohio cant wait to take her to sweet tomotoes salads are her favorite food

  6. I would like to say thankyou and hope to win ,I am traveling be back on July any question please contact my husband.305-409-8736

  7. My best memory at sweet tomatoes with daddy??
    Everytime my husband comes back from his job trips, that’s how me and my little daughter celebrate daddy: we go to sweet tomatoes……our favourite way to celebrate our reunion…
    But we also celebrate our beautiful family going to sweet tomatoes when we go on vacation,or simply because it’s weekend!!!
    Where we’d celebrate??home there’s no better place…

  8. Do I enter the fathers day contest here? I don’t see how I can reply to the above post from this page.

    Please inform me at the above email address.

    Thanks, Kevin Crum

  9. I would celebrate my free Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party at my niece’s house, and I already know the 10 people I would select to be there. Of the 10 people, three have June birthdays, one graduated college this month (June), and one couple has a June anniversary, so we could celebrate five occasions all at the same time, eating some awesomely delicious food.

  10. My fave memory is my dad going up to the salad bar and trying new veggie and encouraging us to do the same, he set a great example!

  11. Many wonderful family meals at Ssouplantation and Sweet Tomatoes. We moved to Southenr California in 1994. Around the Corner from our Apartment was a Soup Plantation. We have wonderful recollections of many family meals. Not only a great value, healthy nutritious food, and a comfortable place to take young children, preschoolers, Elementary school , High School Students, and College Students. I would like to honor my husband Howie who is a wonderful husband and father. He didn;t like that the children would jump up and down many times through a meal. However it was a comfortable fun place to gather as a family, bring out of town guests and always get positive complements from our two children. It would be a nice surprise to have a family gathering in his honor, the next time our children are home. Looking forward to a Celebration, Elsie Schwartz

  12. My favorite memory with my father would have to be a string of moments when i was about six years old. He would often take my brother and i to the local park and we’d all play together in the playground. He would play-pretend to be a monster and chase us around the playground in a very silly, bizarre manner. It was so funny to see him make twisted facial expressions and cry out gibberish; but at the same time it was absolutely horrifying because it almost looked as if some monster’s soul had actually possessed him. My father definitely sparked my imagination while i was young and i’ll never forget such moments with him.

  13. I remember the first time I took my (very reluctant) father to Souplantation– he’s more of a meat-and-potatoes (or rice, since we’re Asian) kind of dad, and he seemed certain that he wouldn’t find much to eat at this cornucopia of salads. Much to my delight (and his!) he thoroughly enjoyed not only every single soup (he’s now a devoted fan of the clam chowder), the baked potato bar, the pastas, and the fresh focccacia, but yes, also the salads. My father had fallen under the thrall of the signature Chinese Wonton Salad. The only way he could have enjoyed himself more is if he’d been able to take a short nap and then resume eating. If I were to win this contest, I could help make him the happiest dad on Father’s Day with the gift of a catered Souplantation feast in his own home, whereby he could then take a nap between Souplantation meals.

  14. When my 5 year old was asked by his teacher what his favorite activity was with his dad he responded by saying ‘going to Sweet Tomatoes’. Anytime he is at Sweet Tomatoes with dad is special, since it is my son’s favorite restaurant πŸ™‚

  15. Watching my daughter bond with her future step father during our six years of being together & dining at Souplantation. From calling it “cuculand” with her to learning the word Souplantation, each visit is memorable in itself. Watching him talk to her about the many delicious healthy food options while in line is the cutest thing to see! If I were to win the free catered meals, I’d have to give it to my fiancΓ© and his male co-workers at Temple City High School. They work hard to provide for their family & to make sure the students are safe as security & janitors. Not having my own father in my life, I can see how great of a father figure my fiancΓ© is.

  16. My dad is almost 89 and loves to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, with my mom and friends. His very favorite items are the chocolate muffins and make your own chocolate yogurt sundaes! He is a chocoholic for sure!

  17. I would use my free catering party for 10, at work. I would love to treat the lovely ladies of St. Anthony’s Growing Up Wild summer pre-school program to a wonderful lunch. A definite change from our usual! Thank you.

  18. We have a newborn at home less than a week old so we would invite the family over to see her and celebrate dad and the grandfathers here at home!

  19. I have a awesome memory every week (we go every sunday) one of my favorite ones is one sunday that our extended family came from miami and i got to sit with all my cousins and got to at endless chicken soup!
    Brittney Runager
    I would love for you guys to come over my house in the north side…. by Jax airport.

  20. One of my most favorite memories with my father was when I came home with a middle school assignment to make an octopus for a Jacques Cousteau unit. Pop enthusiastically and came up with an idea to use paper mache and we both happily went to work forming the body and eight legs of our creature. We spent hours sculpting, painting, and finishing the details of our octo’s ocean home. When I hauled my project into the classroom, my fellow classmates ooed and ahhed, but the best reaction came from my teacher….she gave me not one A, but exclaimed, “This masterpiece deserves two A’s!” I proudly admitted that my dad helped me and she jokingly responded, “Please give him the other A for Awesome Dad!”

    If I win this catering party, we would honor my father at the beautiful clubhouse where two of us (my youngest brother and I) have celebrated our weddings.

    Thank you for this opportunity to honor my father with delicious food from our favorite place to eat….Sweet Tomatoes.

  21. I am proud and blessed to say I have three fathers. A biological father, a father I’ve met in the working environment and a father i met socially. The past year has been a tumultuous roller coaster ride for me and without my three fathers, I don’t know what I would have done to endure through this past year. Interestingly, all three of them individually dragged me to souplantation to eat and talk and through the process, I fell in love with souplantation and the caring workers. Souplantation will always be a place of healing for me because that’s where i spent a lot time coping with the struggles I went through with the help of my amazing fathers. I would love to invite all three of my fathers and some of their friends to my house and celebrate father’s day by eating the catered food from souplantation. Not only would we enjoy the delicious food, but it would be a very meaningful meal and an opportunity for all three of them to meet each other for the first time. It would also give me the chance to thank them for always watching out for me. Thank you, SOUPLANTATION!


  22. We would have a picnic lunch with the sweet tomatoes treat at the park in cb smith pool area, we love to spend time there with friends and family.

  23. Favorite memory is when we were at sweet tomatoes dad did a very funny thing with his ice cream and shared it with everyone by spilling it on the floor!!

  24. I would celebrate with my FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at my dad’s apartment! It’s been more than 10 years since our family had a gathering!

  25. Re: telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10.

    Daddy’s turning 60 in days!!!! So we’d love to win an a Sweet tomatoes Home catered dinner to celebrate the big six-o, with my (great) three sons and stepson and beautiful new grandaughter (alas a girl in the family) and her mom. We catered the dinner from you before and it was a fab super bowl event…so please count us as daddy’s bdy winners!

  26. The best times I have had at Sweet Tomatoes are with my parents. Since we live an hour away, we usually take them once a month. My favorite memory is the first time we tried the Cauliflower and Cheese soup with my dad. I’ve never seen him eat so much soup. We even took some home. We make extra trips when its in the bar. Another surprise favorite that night that we didn’t even know was on the bar are the PB cookies bars. Yum Yum!

  27. My Father is a die hard, old school carnivore so when my parents came to visit me and I suggested Sweet Tomatoes for dinner; i was met with mixed responses. Soup and Salad – Mom was all for it!! Pops repeatedly inquired about the “meat”. In his mind, those were the appetizers, he wanted to know where we were going for dinner???

    This wasn’t going to end well! Much to our collective surprise, Pops ended up loving the meal and really began to think of “salad” in a completely different way. Sweet Tomatoes made him realize that salads can be more than a throw away piece of a larger meal. We had a great time that night at ST, we talked about family, health, meals and more. That experience truly made a difference.

  28. We can’t pick only one! Our family has so many good memories of spending special “daddy” time at Sweet Tomatoes. We like to go to Sweet Tomatoes to enjoy the food and the fun, comfortable atmoshere that really helps my husband & I enjoy dining out with 4 kids! We celebrated “daddy’s” birthday at Sweet Tomatoes a few months ago and even sang Happy Birthday to him with a delicious sundae made by the kids from the ice cream bar!

  29. We would celebrate our free Fathers Day Sweet Tomatoes Catering in our home where we celebrtate eachother every day.

  30. The story that always makes me smile is when I would be singing in the church choir and
    my Dad would make funny faces causing me to laugh or smile widely when I was suppose to be serious. Dad had a touch of the devil in him at times.

  31. My favorite father/son memories were those when I was younger. My father was a very heavy set man, and when my mother, my brother and myself proclaimed we wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes, he’d say, “But they have no meat…” My dad went through a health scare and decided to turn things around. Now we happily go to Sweet Tomatoes every other weekend, and my dad no longer questions a lack of meat, but acknowledges the beauty of eating tasty, healthy food.

  32. My father-in-law passed away seven years ago, but we still remember him every time we go to Sweet Tomatoes. It was his favorite place to dine. Thanks for such great food.

  33. I eat at Sweet Tomatoes five times a week. I would love to share my good new eating habits with family and neighbors at a block party. Thanks

    Rich-father of three great daughters and three grandchildren.

  34. If I won this Sweet Tomatoes catering for 10 we would all go to Point Richmond to enjoy our meal outdoors. Ageing relatives such as my parents often want to go out but sitting for long periods is too painful for them, so instead of going anywhere we bring dishes to them. But a picnic in the park would really brighten their day! His favorite soup is your clam chowder!

  35. I would like to celebrate at home to honor my dad. He is the best until the end…I LOVE YOU, PAPA!

  36. If I were to win this magnificent gift for my father I would celebrate it at home because this is where my father and I have had the best memories!

  37. My favorite memory with my dad, who died 22 years ago, was of the many fishing trips we took when I was his only child and played the part of his “son”. When my brother finally came along, 7 years my junior, the three of us went fishing sometimes but it was a special time in my life when I was 6 to 8 years old. It was a quieter, gentler world then and he made me feel very grown up.

  38. In memory of my Dad we would go to the beach to honor him and enjoy a delicious meal from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes. Dad always took us to the beach on our summer vacations and we always had picnics. We would have some delicious food if I was lucky enough to win this great contest!

  39. home is where the heart is!

    That’s where our Sweet Tomatoes celebration would be!

    All ten (10) of us!

    Mr. Parker

  40. I would celebrate the FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at the Hillsboro or Beaverton Oregon site.

  41. I would celebrate this catering party at my father and mother’s house becuase my father is a double amputee and has many medical conditions which limit his ability to go out with us many times…so it would be great to be able to bring it to him instead.

  42. My sister lives next to me in her house.

    My parents USED to live right behind the BOTH of us.

    They called us hover daughters, so they sold their home and moved to The Villages in Florida. They are in their mid-80’s so of course we doted on them.

    Now they have many new friends and they all LOVE going to Sweet Tomatoes. Dad LOVES the soups and baked potatoes. Mom LOVES the salads and the soft serve ice cream and brownies. When they go to Sweet Tomatoes, it is their only meal of the day because they want to be hungry when they go and are full when they leave.

    In 10 days we will be visiting them for a week, and would LOVE to take Dad and Mom and their new friends to Sweet Tomatoes.

    Thank You.

  43. I am pround of what my grandad Veteran Hero has on me and the School Students youth of our country and Palm Beach County with his being awarded the Courage Award for education from the American Red Cross and being the fiounder of the Veterans Speakers Forum who go to schools and educate students Honor Those Who Served in the military , keeping us safe and free with Veterans Program . The Speakers Forum has Educated over 5,0000 students of all ages and has been accepted by the Palm Beach County School Board . He will be given an hornorary Award on June 20th , 2012 at the School Baord office in Palm Beach Florida for his accomplishemnts .If thats not happening with a great dad , dont know what is
    my choice of location is your Sweet Tomatoes in West Boca Raton

  44. I have to say I have alot of great memories of my dad and I. One of my favorites was a golf tournament we played in several years ago where we actually won the tournament. That was the last tournament we ever played in together, but it always brings smiles to our faces when we reflect back on it.

    My dad is a huge fan of Sweet Tomatoes and eats there regularly (at least twice per month). If he had his way, he would eat there every day. If selected the winner, we would choose to eat at the Sweet Tomatoes restaraunt located in Cary,NC.

  45. I would celebrate if I won the Sweet Tomatoes catering by inviting friends and neighbors over and create more Sweet Tomato converts! Every guest I have visit from Canada is always taken to your location in Naperville Illinois and they always leave amazed at the variety and quality and price! Sadly, there are no locations in the area they live which might just be why they visit me so often. πŸ˜‰

  46. Everytime I drive by or eat at swettomatoes Im reminded of the 2nd opportunity God gave me to enjoy and cherish some great times with my daddy. My dad was diagnosed with cirrhosis and was told that he only had 6 months before his liver gave out on him. He was hospitalized for 1 month I remember after his discharge my dad was starving after eating hospital food x 1 month we decided to take him somewhere healthy ( due to strict diet) we couldn’t think of any better place than sweet tomatoes. That day we laughed, cried and talked like we hadn’t un so many years. 10 yrs later we still have my daddy with us and enjoying life to its fullest. Thankful for a great father who never gave up. πŸ™‚

  47. One of our family’s fondest memories is gathering at “Our” SweetTomatoes in Crestwood Missouri. Our eight grandchildren ranged from 6 months to 5 years old. We had “our” table and when the grandchildren would see their Nana and Pop walk in the restaurant the smiles on their faces were contagious!. Of course, their most favorite part of the meal was allllll the desserts, but how easy it was to feed them something healthy from the huge salad bar before they dug in to the sweets. Oh yes! Bring on the homemade choclate cookies!! Now that’s what their talking about!!

    Fond Memories,
    The Castro Clan

  48. we wpuld celebrate at the memorial for my mother who passed away this year she loved sweet tomatos they were married 53 years

  49. Where would I celebrate with a Sweet Tomatoes-catered party? Home! My husband loves to be home more than any other place. When he gets off work he doesn’t go “out with the boys” or dally on his way home, he wants to get to home to see his family. He really loves us and we really love him.

  50. My absolute favorite Sweet Tomatoes memory IS discovering Sweet Tomatoes with my dad. When my two boys were little, we purchased a condo in Sarasota, FL. One week my dad, the boys and I went down to get away from Michigan weather and that’s when we first discovered this delicious restaurant. The funny part is…we went there three times that week (I couldn’t get enough Chicken Won Ton Salad). After that, we always looked for Sweet Tomatoes while on vacation because there were none in Michigan. As luck would have it, my family and I relocated to Texas. Now we have our choice…Irving, Addison or Kellar. The food is still amazing and every time we visit my husband at work, the kids want to take their dad to Sweet Tomatoes (I think for them it is the amazing brownies and ice cream). This restaurant has a unique and awesome concept that has not been replicated by knock offs, keeping it on the top of our list for about 13 years. We love it!

  51. I would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at a local park. Then the family could spend time walking the trails, watching the wildlife, or swimming. We love Sweet Tomatoes.

  52. Reply to this post by telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10.

    –We would celebrate with a family gathering in the backyard!

  53. Can’t think of a better way to say we love and appreciate you by treating you to your favorite place you visit EVERY Sunday and every time you always say how delicious and fresh everything is, and as an added bonus you won’t even have to cook for your own special day as we celebrate with a party of 10 at our home or if the weather is nice we could have a picnic at the neighborhood pool.
    please email me.

  54. My favorite memory of a father figure is my husband. 19 years ago we had 2 sons, ages 2 & 5. Their father, my husband, had a traveling job that took him to various states and out of the country on 6 week intervals. Our oldest son once told his dad that he is gone so long that he forgets what he looks like. While my husband was making a lot of money, after that comment made by our son, he decided that he would trade off the money for time to participate in raising his children. He quit his job, we relocated and started all over from scratch!!! My husband sacrified making lots of money to know his children. Today it’s a beautiful thing to see the Love Connection because of the exchange from money to being a full time participant in the lives of his family. We had two more children too afterwards.

    We would celebrate at our home in Marietta, GA.

  55. Where to celebrste a Sweet Tomatoes Catered Party ~ that’s easy. With a blended family of 8 children, 28 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, the logical place to celebrate anytime is at home surrounded by those we love.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  56. I belong to a support group of U.S. military veterans at the Loma Linda, California VA Medical Center for those of us who have been able to quit our cigarette smoking addictions. There are about a dozen or so who attend the meetings. This VA Medical Center is located very close to the San Bernarndino Souplantation which is where I eat lunch every time I visit my CA Medical Center. In fact, I’m headed there today!

  57. I would celebrate at the Souplantation in San Bernardino, CA located off of Hospitality Lane. My family and I get a chance to go there for “lunch” and we are always very content afterwards. I especially love the “pasta” salads and my husband loves the “new england” clam chowder soup. Winning for 10 would allow me to share with some of my co-workers.

  58. The best memory of my father is my mother she was both mother and father. So I celbrater her twice a year. She worked twice as hard to make up for the fact that we did not have a father.

  59. I would share my meal with my significant other and all his firehouse family at the firehouse in Northbrook, IL. The guys he works with are like family and while they have their own family and many of them are father’s, they will be spending this father’s day at the firehouse, making sure that anyone needing their assitance is helped by a great professional group of guys.

  60. My husband loves to have meals at home, where he can relax. So, that is what would make him happy is to have our meal catered at home and invite our neighbors over.

  61. My dad took me fishing once as a kid. We went out on the river in a boat & he was trying to “teach” me how to fish. Neither of us caught much fish that day, but before the day was out, he had managed to hook the underside of the boat, the top of someones private dock, and even my hair! I still tease him to this day (20-25 yrs later).

  62. I would want to celebrate a Souplantation catering party outdoors! Summer is the perfect time to share delicious food with loved ones out in the open. A couple of ideal spots are my backyard or the park.

  63. It was are fathers 90th birthday. After waiting on line at another restaurant for an hour and a half we decided to go to our favorite buffet. There were 8 of us but it took no time for the waiters to set up a table and treat us like visiting royalty. Needless to say dinner was delicious as always and it saved the day for our VIP father.

  64. The closest Souplantation my family and friends frequent when we have friends come over for a visit is the Souplantation in Lake Ave, Pasadena. We have a family of 4 who will be coming on June 17th. They are the Filipino church planting family who will be migrating here for the first time in the USA. I thought that we could invite them to celebrate their new home here with us in Pasadena. I want them to experience the freshest salad bar and the best freshest bread (made from scratch) in town. This will be a tremendous way to welcome them. I know they would be delighted. And maybe, they will also make it their family tradition to go to Souplantaion when they finallysettled in.
    Thank you, Carmelita R. Dizon

  65. IOur Family would celebrate with Dad (Rick Martini) at the Souplantation in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on S.Apopka-Vineland Road., after visiting Disney World. He just loves all the different soups particularly the Chicken soups.

  66. My dad has never been to Sweet Tomatoes; he lives in St. Augustine, and I live in Jacksonville, about 30 minutes away. He is a retired Navy veteran, and is pre-diabetic; he has to be really careful now about what he eats. Sweet Tomatoes would be an IDEAL place for him to go out, get a yummy nutritious meal that is far from boring, and spend some quality time with me, his youngest daughter!

  67. My is the best dad ever! He loves seeing his girls eat healthy and even though it’s a 50 minute drive for us, if we are going out with the girls…..Sweet Tomatoes is our pick. We even had a think alike moment about Sweet Tomatoes this week. I’m taking the girls to South Florida for a weekend soon. I plan to return one evening around supper to the Orlando area because I have to pick up 2 exchange students at the airport at 11pm. I asked my husband to meet me in Orlando so he could get our girls and take them home. I said “Maybe we could meet at Sweet Tomatoes!?”, his immediate response was “I was thinking the same thing!”

  68. My dad passed away over 2 years ago, so any memory of him is special. Often, when he and my mom would come visit my family, we’d go to the Sweet Tomatoes in our neighborhood. Since my daughter is known to be a picky eater, my dad would usually comment on how well she’d eat at Sweet Tomatoes, because she always loves the chicken noodle soup and the mac n cheese!

  69. The father of my children left us on valentines day, due to the calling of his Lord. His sons would be honored to be together for a meal in his honor on this first Fathers day that he is not with us.

  70. The best meal I had at Soup Plantation and Tomatoes with my dad is when I took him there for the first time. He was on vacation from Pittsburgh to San Diego and it just so happened that my daughter was in a soccer tournament right next door to a Soup Plantation in La Mesa. After my daughters team won the first place medal at that tournament we decided to celebrate with a nice healthy meal at Soup Plantation, the whole team, including dad from Pittsburgh. He loved the company but even better yet he loved the meal. Back home he doesn’t have anything even remotely close to this establishment, so now every time he come to visit one of the stops on his list for a good meal is Soup Plantation and Tomatoes! Thank you for helping to make that day one of the more memorable ones with the whole family!

  71. I would celebrate my free Souplantation catering party at our home on a hill over looking our Indian Reservation in Temecula, Ca. with our family and friends! Hope I win!!!

  72. If I won, I would have everything delivered to work, and I would share with my co-workers and volunteers. Well, I’d share everything except for the Joan’s Broccoli Madness, which I would eat all by myself!

  73. If I won I would celebrate with my free Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering at my house and invite my dad, mom, and brother.

  74. My Father was murdered when I was 18 years old so Father’s Day is a little bittersweet for me. 30 years later I have quite a large family now and I am blessed with 5 children & 4 Grandchildren!!!! My Sweet Tomatoes Celebration would be with my family at a state or local park pavilion. Family … Food … Fun… it doesn’t get better than this!!! πŸ˜‰

  75. I would celebrate with a family party at my uncle and aunt’s house, so my home-bound aunt and uncle could enjoy spending time with us too!

  76. I would celebrate at my father-in-law’s house! He’s always grilling out for us, even on Father’s Day! It would be awesome to treat HIM for once … especially with the restaurant that is his grandchildren’s favorit!

  77. It was going to be a surprise 60th birthday party for my wonderful husband, Doug. The secretive plans invited family and friends to meet at the Soup Plantation in Rancho Bernardo. As his big day drew near, I asked Doug if I could take him out for his birthday since he had been feeling in low spirits with a recent diagnoses of incurable Lymphoma. I told him it could be just the two of us at his favorite restaurant and then the following day we could get together with family and friends if he felt up to it.

    Doug liked the idea, so off we went on his special day. We were in line, filling our plate with all the yummy salad fixings, and causally sharing things that had happened in our day. Doug wondered if we would see anyone we knew in the crowd of people frequenting the popular restaurant. About that time, he noticed some friends of ours in the line across the way. He said, “Oh look… there is the Park family. Maybe we could sit with them if we can get their attention.” The timing was perfect because many other families came up behind us and started rolling their video cameras while shouting birthday wishes to the truly surprised birthday boy. He barely ate anything that night, because he was enjoying going from table to table and talking to friends and family gathered in his honor. He said on the way home that he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his life.

  78. It was going to be a surprise 60th birthday party for my wonderful husband, Doug. The secretive plans invited family and friends to meet at the Soup Plantation in Rancho Bernardo. As his big day drew near, I asked Doug if I could take him out for his birthday since he had been feeling in low spirits with a recent diagnoses of incurable Lymphoma. I told him it could be just the two of us at his favorite restaurant and then the following day we could get together with family and friends if he felt up to it.

    Doug liked the idea, so off we went on his special day. We were in line, filling our plate with all the yummy salad fixings, and causally sharing things that had happened in our day. Doug wondered if we would see anyone we knew in the crowd of people frequenting the popular restaurant. About that time, he noticed some friends of ours in the line across the way. He said, β€œOh look… there is the Park family. Maybe we could sit with them if we can get their attention.” The timing was perfect because at that exact time, many other families came up behind us and started rolling their video cameras while shouting birthday wishes to the truly surprised birthday boy. He barely ate anything that night, because he was enjoying going from table to table and talking to friends and family gathered in his honor. He said on the way home that he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his life.

  79. I would enter for my fiancee the father of my children and we would love to celebrate at a park. Love your food!!

  80. I am entering this contest on behalf of my daughters, Raquel, Candace and Desiree….Their father, Don, and my wonderful husband refused to go to Sweet Tomatoes, he was adamant he did not want to go to a “salad joint”….this is not a man’s meal….Then one day it happened, after much begging and pleading he agreed to take us to Sweet Tomatoes, where he probably wouldn’t eat, but would get a cup of coffee….

    Well…When we walked in the first thing he saw was the Ceasar Salad, and Chicken Wonton Salad, (he took one plate at first on his tray, but needless to say 1/2 way thru, he added another plate to tray)…..and as he paid for the family…he stated…well at least its priced well….After we got to our table and his daughters showed him the soup (chili – his favorite) and muffins, breads and pastas….and and by the time he hit dessert…he almost had to open his pants…..After we left he stated….Why didn’t you tell me how great this place is!!!!!(lol)….Thats a man for you!

  81. I would love to celebrate at my house by having a pool party for all the Dads I know. Including my husband. We would have a great day enjoying the Florida sunshine and Sweet Tomatoes!

  82. A few years ago I had a nice meal with my Father and my Son at your Pleasanton Sweet Tomatoes. Now that my son is in Arizona in school and my Father is no longer in the area I look back and remember the smiles and good eats we all enjoyed spending time together.

    Tim Dorr

  83. My favorite memory was going to the Sweet Tomatoes for my husband’s graduation, with my father-in-law, husband,his best friend,our son, and the rest of our family and friends for a delicious meal. We filled an entire section of the restaurant with laughter, love, and good food! The best part was that I did not have to cook or clean up when we finished.

    If I win the catering party for 10, I would go to the store on Rt.59. I live closer to another store but, We always have a wonderful experience with the staff and management at the Naperville store.

  84. I would plan to celebrate at my parents house. My mom just recently returned home from having surgery and my dad has been cooking, cleaning and doing laundry while taking care of her so I know he needs to catch a break for a bit.

  85. My unforgetable memory, when my fiancee took my son for the first time at Sweet Tomatoes (Hollywood, Fl) which happened to be my son’s favorite restaurant. Then, He suprised him by telling that he will have a baby sister in 7 months. I was happy and crying because I know I will have a beautiful family.

  86. I usually take my family and co-workers to the Sweet Tomoatoes closest to zip 33304. Cannot remember the street name. I believe it’s on 62nd St.

  87. I love watching my husband with our daughter at Sweet Tomatoes. She loves to eat her veggies sitting next to daddy. And, then she loves sharing ice cream with him.

  88. My husband and I used to go to Sweet Tomatoes every Friday evening with my in-laws. My father-in-law is diabetic and Sweet Tomatoes is his absolute favorite restaurant. Often, we would invite various friends of many generations along. We would sit, eat, and talk until they started closing the restaurant down. Good times!

    We would definitely celebrate our catered meal with my in-laws and family. Our house or theirs.


  90. I would celebrate at our house! This would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate dad. We are moving from Nevada to New York in a couple of weeks so this would be lovely.. We love Sweet Tomatoes!

  91. I took my dad and mom to Sweet Tomatoes in Hollywood, FL when I found out I was pregnant with my son.
    Now that I’m pregnant again, I’d love to celebrate our growing family by having a catered party at the Kissimmee Sweet Tomatoes.

  92. I would love to celebrate with my whole family at my parents house! My family and my nice and nephew and grandmother would all be there

  93. My Father has long been rewarded to his eternal life. However, I miss him daily. He would love Sweet Tomatoes in Brandon. The food is healthy, fresh and just great. The people and atmosphere are too. My Father loved good food and good fellowship. We would celebrate Fathers day at my house in Brandon.

  94. I’d love taking my son to Sweet Tomatoes. I eat a little of everything (and a lot of my favorite things), and love watching him feast on waffles and fruit loops.

  95. If we won, we would bring the food up to my grandparents in Michigan to see them. They are 92 and 94 years old and mean the world to us.

  96. Well most recent my dad has been coming up to visit me and my kids and we have only been going to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. It’s a great value and the service at the Boynton Beach store is great, there is never a dirty dish left on the table! πŸ™‚
    The kids enjoy being with their grandpa and I love being with my dad and the dessert is great too πŸ™‚
    We would have our celebration dinner cateered at my house for all the men in my life, dad, husband, son, (and daughter), brother in laws. πŸ™‚

  97. The most memorable moment would be when my father-in-law came into town right after my husband came out of the hospital. My husband has been very sick and on disability since Dec. 2011. We knew we had to take “Pop” to Soup Plantation. My husband suffering from anxiety found it tough at times to even leave the house but we decided to venture out to one of our favorite places, Soup Plantation, to have a nice meal. Pop, Nanny, my husband, son and I all went to your Brentwood, Los Angeles location and had a fun time. We not only had a great meal but we laughed and talked and reminisced about old times of my husband and his four brothers growing up together. Pop was and is a kid himself and we laughed about that too. He is a wonderful father and a good man and I truly believe our evening out was a big help to my husband who has been very ill with health issues, depression and anxiety. This was a big step for him and having his dad there, right by his side in the funnest and healthiest restaurant made all the difference.
    My son’s Birthday is on Monday, May 18 and our plan is to take him and his friends there for lunch.

  98. Dancing with my Daddy on Saturday nights to the Lawrence Welk Show. Tells my age, but my dad has passed away , and I will always remember the fun we had doing this.

  99. Our favorite memory is getting the whole family together at Sweet Tomatoes. We had my Grandfather, Father, Husband and my son. All of them Fathers. A Wonderful time for everyone. Kids and Adults.
    If we win, we will have the celebration for everyone in our home in Villa Park, IL

  100. The men in my life LOVE Sweet Tomatoes! (and so do I)

    We often stop on the way to or from taking my Dad to the airport. Dad loves the variety of foods . . . and especially the desserts!

    My husband always wants to stop by on our way from Pirate/Marauder baseball games in Bradenton, Florida, where one of our sons works. He was so excited to see the new location on University Avenue in Sarasota. This is where we’d like to enjoy our catered meal.

    Thanks for great food and always a great time.

    Marti Koch

  101. Our favorite memory is getting the whole family together at Sweet Tomatoes for Father’s Day. We had Grandfather, father, husband and my son. All of them fathers. A Wonderful time for everyone. Adults and kids. Since last year, my grandfather has passed and my dad had open heart surgery. We will still be celebrating this year.

    If we win, we will be celebrating at our home in Villa Park, IL

  102. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all of the male role models in my family. For some reason, these men – who have the biggest, most giving of hearts – are taken away by heart attack and stroke. This Father’s Day, I plan to take time to remember those whom I have lost and celebrate the men (that have no blood relation) who have done their best to fill a tremendous void in my family.

  103. I remember being at the Souplantation in Boca Raton, my dad’s favorite, and the server had been clearing dishes from a table with rude, arrogant, bad-tempered patrons, you know the sort, we’ve all encountered them, and she was trying not to cry and my dad made a joke to her about how they came from the planet of Rudeness, from the state of Nastiness, not to take it personally. And she laughed and felt so much better. My dad would never be rude to a server or waitperson, and got really mad when someone wouldn’t leave them a tip after cleaning up all those heavy dishes, bringing refills, cleaning messes. A true Gentleman, my Father.

  104. I would celebrate a free catering party from Sweet Tomatoes by inviting some friends to join my family at a park by a lake where we can enjoy a beautiful sunny summer afternoon.

  105. My favorite memory is when our son was a newborn. My husband, father of our son, swaddled our baby in his blanket as if he was the most precious gift in the world. He learned that in a class we took before our son was born. It was so amazing to watch that I knew from that moment how special our son was to him and that he would protect and love him always.

    We would celebrate at Souplantation in Simi Valley, CA.

  106. We go to Sweet Tomatoes all the time with my Dad. Our family loves it! If we won the free Sweet Tomatoes catered party we would have a family get together at my house and invite my whole family to come over and celebrate. I would love to make it a surprise! πŸ™‚

  107. My comment above should have said Sweet Tomatoes in Boca Raton. (I used to live in Los Angeles and went to Souplantation out there.) Feel free to amend it, I know you said only one entry per person so I dont want to redo it. thank you, Stacey W. Greene

  108. My husband has been in a “Father’s group” for the last 30 years which started during pre-natal classes. The guys meet monthly to discuss life and celebrate life events and milestones. I would use this opportunity to help them celebrate 30 years of fatherhood and fellowship.

  109. My dad loved his 2 children. He did so much for us and was a family man. Being raised in an orphanage lead him to be all he could be and to teach us the same. A kind man with values, determination, true to his word and commitments makes him our hero. He liked to have fun and loved to joke around. My fondest memory with my dad was when I was a little girl. The Raleigh Christmas Parade was my favorite thing to see. On the morning of the parade my dad got up real early to park the pickup truck at the corner of Glenwood and Hillsborough. Litterallly on the corner. Later my mom would take me and my brother to Raleigh and meet up with dad. We would walk to the truck and get in the back to see the parade. He would sit me on the roof top with his arms around me, didn’t want me to fall, so I could see the whole parade and not miss a thing. My dad was such a wonderful person and never meet a stranger. This will be our 2nd Father’s Day without him. He is missed so much. I would like to celebrate him with my family and your great food. Thank you.

  110. We would love to win this for our dads! We would celebrate our catering at our house and invite both my and my husbands parents. πŸ™‚

  111. I agree with Dorothy (Wizard of Oz0 – “There’s no place like home.” I’d have my Soup Plantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering at my home – filled with children and grandchildren.

  112. My favorite memory which was recent was when my twin sister got really sick and had to be hospitalized for weeks , and my dad never left her side but always made sure he gave me time and attention also , the tramatic experience brought us close . I also think at that moment when he figured out how sudden death can be , he started to be an even better father , this time was improtant to me because not only did my twin sister have to go threw something so bad , he still made the best of it and stayed out of work for weeks and sacrificed his job just to be with his girls:) The thing I love the most is our Saturday dates , he calls it father daughter time , which I love:)
    P.S ( he just got promoted yesterday )

  113. I would celebrate Father’s Day at home. Father’s Day is a time to cater to a wonderful Father and Husband. I don’t have a father to celebrate with but my children love their father and I would like to help make it a wonderful day for my husband.

  114. It was actually with my whole family. We went to Sweet Tomatoes as a family and went through the line and everything was very normal. My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter filling our plates with all of the delicious food. We paid, sat down and began to eat. Of course, my granddaughter, Lilly spied the deserts on the way to the table. We finished our meal and then went to get up to get desert. Lilly could hardly wait. We went to get our yummy treats and when we got what we all had decided on, we proceeded back to the table. Lilly looked at all of us with an inquisitive look. I asked her, “what is wrong?” She said well Mimi, “we didn’t pay for our ice cream. Isn’t that stealing?” We all had a good laugh and explained how it worked at Sweet Tomatoes.

  115. My Dad loves Sweet Tomatoes. We always went together when we were kids. My favorite thing to eat there was the home made corn bread. And Dad would usually make at least 2 trips to the ice cream bar, so I would too. πŸ˜‰

  116. my dad is my hero. through thick & thin he is always there for me & for my siblings. very thoughtful, loving & God fearing man he is our IDOL! this day will be extra special since this is going to be his first Fathers day celebration with us together after 7 years of being away in San Jose CA for work. He comes & visit once a month but its never on a fathers day. so love to have souplantion party @ my house as a surprise. we love Souplantion!

  117. I remember the first time I took my dad to Sweet Tomatoes.We were debating where to go for dinner and I recommended all different places. But everything we both came up with was too greasy or fatting. So then I said Sweet Tomatoes. He never heard of it, didn’t know what it was. I promised him that he would love it. When we got there he was in awww of all the choices he had. His eyes became huge looking at all the veggies. All during the line he kept sayingthis was great. How come he never heard of this place so on and so on. So you could imagine his face when we turned the corner to all the soups and pasta. OMG!!!! I never saw someone so happy for healthy food. Well needless to say that after our visit to Sweet Tomatoes we continue to go at least 3 times a month. Thanks Sweet Tomatoes for making this my dad’s and mine favorite place to eat!

  118. Favorite memory of a father figure at Sweet Tomatoes… my son likes to make our desserts for us and surprise us… once, he came back with a particularly interesting creation, proudly set it before his dad, my husband, and his dad ate it with a smile. πŸ™‚

    Where would we celebrate with our catering party for 10? At a park during a softball tournament, because that is where my husband loves to be… coaching his sweet daughter’s team.

  119. My favorite memory of my father is when I was about 8 and he was singing “tiny bubbles” while drinking a beer on the front porch. People spent a lot of time on front porches 50 years ago, you know before cell phones, ipads, etc. when people actually talked face to face with one another. He died shortly there after, so I don’t have a lot of memories of him, but I do know how much he loved me.
    I would like to hold our party at my house, around the pool, with my closest friends.

  120. we would celebrate by taking the meal to Rio Vista park to watch the sunset over the catalina mountains

  121. The opportunity to win this could not come at a better time. My dad is unemployed and at the age of 57, having a hard time finding work and he is feeling quite depressed. He lives in a house that has space for a party of ten, but I live in an apartment with a pool. We would love to have Dad over for this awesome catered meal, to be on the patio area of that pool. There are three of us children (with spouse) and three grandchildren. We would all have a very nice time celebrating with our father. This would help his spirit, enjoying a nice meal with his family. Thank you.
    Duluth, GA

  122. The first time I met my father in law was at the Altamonte Springs Sweet Tomatoes he has always been my husband’s father figure & been there for him through thick & thin

  123. I would love to celebrate the FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at our home with my husband ,son’s and their family for a very special treat.

  124. My husband’s birthday is in the last week of June, so we celebrate Dad’s Day and his birthday in one huge splash on a convenient weekend. This time we plan to celebrate it on Saturday, June 23rd.

  125. My dad would love if I won him some @souplantation meals!– Free Meal #giveaway. Random winner gets 6 FREE meal passes. RT to win!

  126. I would celebrate with the pastors & men’s Bible study group who stepped in to mentor my son when his father left us. My son is a wonderful young man because these men took him under their wings and taught him integrity, responsibility, accountability, how to shoot, and many other things!

  127. I remember one year my dad spent Father’s Day assembling a huge junglegym (swingset) in our backyard and I got to “help him”. I loved that swingset!!…and I love my dad for taking the time to build it. One of many favorite memories!

  128. My father loved home made pizza. I was about 6 years old and remember the stove was in the living room/dining room area because the kitchen was being updated. The stove was an old old electric stove but still worked. Dad loved making Chef Boyardee boxed pizza kits for the 4 of us kids and this particular day was very memorable. This was the first time we got to help make the pizzas and actually got to watch them come out of the oven since it was in plain view while out of the tiny kitchen. We put sliced tomatoes, onion and all the stuff we could add to this boxed pizza kit. We were in heaven. Finally we got to be part of the monthly pizza creation!!! We were 6, 5, 3 and 1 years old. It was love and excitement and doctored-packaged Chef Boyardee pizza for the whole family to remember and enjoy. I don’t think pizza has ever tasted as good as it did that day. Thank you Dad for the memories and the love.

  129. My dad and I have been going to Sweet Tomatoes in Schaumburg since it opened. We would go after every soccer game I had and it was something we did just him and me. Since he moved we haven’t been able to go back so being able to surprise him with a catered lunch from Sweet Tomatoes would be awesome!

  130. My favorite memory at Sweet Tomatoes involves my husband and 4 kids. We were having a wonderful time eating at our favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes in Brandon, FL, when we saw 2 of our favorite MythBusters- Jamie and Adam! My kids and husband love the show and to be at our favorite restaurant and see them was unforgettable! Yey!

  131. I would celebrate this wonderful occasion at the new Sweet Tomatoes in Lady Lake, Florida with my grandfather and other members from my family such as my mom, my wife, and my only child, Gianna. We go here all the time and the atmosphere is just so fantastic and relaxed and the staff is so helpful and willing to go out of their way to do just about anything to make the dining experience that much more pleasant. We usually eat at the one on International Drive in Orlando, Florida, but that one is such a drive and now that they opened this one, it’s only about 10 min away from us! How fantastic! What I particularly like, and it may seem weird, is that this is one of the only buffet restaurants to offer iceberg lettuce on their buffet without all the other “stuff” in it. I would definitely take my grandfather there because he has done so much for me through the years and he is 89 this year and is very close to my daughter, his great grand daughter and it would be so perfect to celebrate this wonderful day at this wonderful establishment!

  132. I visited Sweet Tomatoes first time with my father. I liked eating pizza, pasta and desserts, my dad liked eating salad and soup (and they had a lot of variety). It was difficult choosing a place to eat outside until we found Sweet Tomatoes

    I will celebrate with my FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at Sweet Tomatoes, Beaverton OR.

  133. We would celebrate would celebrate the catering party at the Overland Park, KS Sweet Tomatoes.

  134. My parents live out of the country, we have made it a tradition to get all of us that live here in Georgia, when they are visiting, to go and have dinner at the Sweet Tomatoes in perimeter. Every time I go there to eat I member the good laughs and family time we had over the years. It is always a sweet treat to my spirit <3

  135. I would like to celebrate father’s day at our new home, is always been my dream to invite all my family to celebrate father’s day at my place when I have a home by my own! Here we are…see all family get together bring back my childhood , a lot of foods, story and laugh!

    Happy father’s day!

    Aswin Pranata
    858 5830465

  136. I’d have a backyard picnic sprawled out on the lawn with family and close to friends to celebrate the greatest man I know!

  137. We’d celebrate with a FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 hanging out by the pool at my parent’s house. Happy Father’s Day dad!

  138. My father is no longer living, but my brothers and I meet weekly at Sweet Tomatoes, and we often talk about our father and reminisce. It’s good.

    We’d cater it to my house, just a few miles from the Sweet Tomatoes on I-10 in Houston, Texas.

  139. My Poppie would LOVE to win this! Whenever I come to visit, we all eat at Sweet Tomatoes!

  140. We would celebrate this catering party at the park so Dad & the kids could play ball and run around.

  141. go to Boynton Beach, FL location. And my husband is a great father to our kids. I love watching him with them at sweet tomatoes. Reminds me of my dad

  142. my favorite memory is watching my husband share red velvet cake with our little girl for the first time!

  143. I would like to nominate my mom’s boyfreind, he has been like a father to me. I go sick 17 years ago and can not live on my own. After I got sick my dad left and really does not have any contact with me. My mom has always been there for me and also Vic has been there for the last 13 years. Any time I need him he is there. This past week I had a grandmal seizure and he was right there for me at home and at the hospital. I now have found out that I might has liver and kidney problems and I know he will be there as he always is. He always makes me laugh even in the best of times and the worst of times. He is a really great guy and for not being married to my mom he is just like a dad to me always. Thank you for your time. Jerod

  144. My favorite memory would be the last time I ate at souplantation with my son, brother, dad and grandpa along with my daughter, mom and grandma. So many generations spending time together is a special memory.

  145. I remember when Sweet Tomatoes opened the location on Abilene in Aurora. My husband and I have been going there for years now and what a great surprise it would be if I won this for him. He’s such a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and deserves so much more for the selfless things he does everyday.

  146. My favorite memory with my Dad was at the Souplantation in the San Diego, CA area. We were there on vacation. My dad loved fresh salad. It was his first trip to Souplantation and his eyes were bigger than his stomach. He piled his salad so high, it looked like a little mountain. Being old school, he didn’t want to waste any of it so he finished it. He was so full and we teased him all the way back to the hotel about stopping for dessert. He just groaned and we all laughed hysterically.

  147. Souplantation is the best, we celebrate every family birthday and special occasion at Souplantation because there is always something to please everyone in the family, even the littlest ones!!.

  148. I would have a Sweet Tomatoes catered party at my father in laws house with my husband, two sons and two brother in laws and their families. We would hang out by the pool and EAT! All of the Harvey men are awesome dads and devoted husbands, and all are deserving of a special Father’s Day celebration!

  149. My husband is an awesome father he loves going to the beach and spending time with the kids, there is nothing that makes him more happy than seeing our boys smile. He is so proud that he taught our kids to eat healthy. Every Sunday after church Sweet Tomatoes is our family spot. We have great times at Sweets, it is his favorite restaurant.

    WE would probably do a party since he loves parties near our house in Kissimmee FLorida.

  150. We have many wonderful memories with dad at Sweet Tomatoes. One of the best was when Grandpa and Grandma took us out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. They even had a fun guy making balloon animals and things!

  151. My favorite memory with my Dad is going to Sweet Tomatoes after he got out of the hospital. My Dad and I have always bonded over food. But when the doctor said that his heart disease was mostly attributed to the his eating habits over the years, we had to all try and do better for his sake. We went as a family and enjoyed each others’ company over the delicious, healthy, food. It was almost like he was given a fresh start at life after surgery, and we celebrated with the always fresh ingredients at Sweet Tomatoes! It cant get any better than that!

  152. We would celebrate the catering party for 10 in a local park to allow for 10 people. My father-in-law and the my husband’s other male family members have been more like fathers to me than my own dad. Unfortunately, my husband’s grandfather has had some major health problems lately, so this would be a great opportunity to get the whole family together to celebrate father’s day and family in a healthy way.

  153. I would celebrate at the 7th Street location in Fort Worth. It would be such a blessing for our family and I recently went to your restaurant for the first time last week, am going again today, and would love to let my family see how wonderful it is.

  154. My favorite memories are of my sweet dad are of holding his hand in church when I was a little girl. It was a pleasure to be a daddy’s girl because I have such a great one.

    We would host the party in our home if possible or at our favorite Sweet Tomatos which is on Dale Mabry in Tampa.
    Becky Cowdery

  155. I have so many favorite memories with my dad. I think the best thing overall is that he is always there for me no matter what. Whether it has been flying to North Carolina with me last minute to help me pack all of our household stuff to put into storage when my husband deployed at the last minute. Being the stand in dad for my three little boys when my husband was deployed. Helping me do projects around the house. The list is endless. He is an awesome dad and he is always there to help or be a listening ear when I need it.

  156. I would love to celebrate Fathers Day with myself and my lovely Family at The Souplantaion in Point Loma (San Diego, CA) – thanks!

  157. I loved sharing bowls of tomato soup and grilled cheese foccocia with my dad. It brought back memories of when i was little and would play in the snow with my dad and then we would go inside to warm up with tomato soup and griiled cheese.

  158. If we won, we’d celebrate here at home with all our neighbors. We live in military housing so there are plenty of dads that we’d love to share this with. We’re all so close and there’s no better way to share this day than with all our men.

  159. I love to watch my husband and daughter interact when we have dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. She wants to be “just like daddy” and insists on making a salad at the salad bar like him, following him to get mac and cheese, soup and of course, ice cream. It is a great place for our family to eat and enjoy some healthy food.

  160. When my husband & I took my father to Souplantation, it was his first time. He tried every soup offered & enjoyed each one.

  161. If I won the Father’s Day for 10 people, I would have it at a park in Coronado, at the park on Orange Avenue. We had a Thanksgiving celebration there years ago and were able to invite all the lonely sailors in the park, who had nowhere to go to celebrate Thanksgiving, Coronado is still a Navy town, and I am sure that there would be fathers at the park, who, because they are serving in the military, cannot celebrate father’s day with their kids or parents.

  162. Hi,
    I would celebrate at a park near our home that the kids love to go to with their dad to play basketball. It would be a fun way to celebrate their dad πŸ™‚

  163. My favorite memory with a father figure at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is when my husband and I went with our two sons regularly to eat when they were young. We enjoyed it every time. Now we only go on occasion because our sons are older and don’t live close by but it sure brings back fond memories. We would celebrate our free Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party right there just like we did years ago!

  164. If I were chosen to win the catering party for 10, I would invite my coworkers to have lunch at the park across the street from where we work. It would be very nice to get out of the office, sit in the sun, relax together and share a meal.

  165. My best memory is my first visit to sweet tomatoes with my dad when he built this gooey delicious sundae for me..a brownie,some hot chocolate lava cake ,topped off with vanilla and chocolate yogurt swirl ,dripping caramel syrup and sprinkles……..mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! unforgettable.

  166. I would celebrate at our new home! We’ve finally got it (fairly) put together, it would be great to invite the whole family over for a great Sweet Tomatoes feast!

  167. I would celebrate at home. I am the one who holds all the holidays at my house. I have a husband, father, neighbors and friends that I would invite. I always have between 10 and 25 people during the holidays and this father’s day will be no different. I am already holding brunch for 15 in the morning. My house is the place to be for great food and wonderful company. Sweet tomatoes would make my job just a little easy…… and very tasty!!!

    Jacqui Markowitz

  168. Sweet Tomatoes Kansas City ~ My husband is 42 yrs old and was over 366 lbs in April and Drs said he had to lose the weight OR ELSE! Results could be anywhere from the onset of diabetes, knee replacement, since he’s already had 2 surgeries on each knee or even death! My husband is 8 months from his 43rd bday. My husbands father passed away at the age of 43 due to health issues, my husband was only 3 months old so he NEVER knew his father, but from old pictures he’s the splitting image of his father over 300 lbs. Our son is 4 yrs old and my husband wants to be there to throw baseballs, catch footballs and do all the things Dad’s do with their sons. Something he never got to experience growing up with his father. Sweet Tomatoes has enabled my husband eat out and to lose over 33 lbs in the past 3 months! Our son asked his father just a few days ago at Sweet Tomatoes “DAD BROCOLLI MAKE YOU SKINNY? I LIKE BROCOLLI!” After our salads & soup my son handed my husband a cookie “Here dad here your cookie but you can only have one though.” My husband never even knew about Sweet Tomatoes until recently, as for me its my favorite lunch spot. So now when you ask my 4 yr old “where you wanna go to dinner?” Instead of the burger restaurant with the red bird he says “SWEET BA-NATOS!” (Tomatoes)

  169. My father passed away a really long time ago, also my father in law, but my husband and I go to Sweet Tomatoes every week.
    They would have both LOVED the place as much as we do. We would celebrate the catering at our home, outside in the sunshine and in memory of our dads, who we both miss greatly. It’s hard when you lose your dad but the memories and tributes can be so sweet !!!

  170. I love you store in Main Place in Irvine. Our whole family loves eating and having a good time to bond every week in that branch of Soup Plantation.

  171. I would celebrate with my dad and the guests with the yummiest free sweet tomatoes food at the zoo!!!!! its my most favourite place in the whole world

  172. Just ” Luv” this place ,salad bar “Awesome” each “Station” filled with the freshest of fresh food.

  173. We would celebrate at our new house to honor our families that have now come together. We recently go married and both of our fathers made our wedding the best it cold possibly be. My grandmother, my father’s mother, passed away just a few days prior to the big day. Everyone came together to celebrate the way my grandmother would have wanted and because of our fathers, we had an amazing time.

  174. My family and I have been loyal Souplantation patrons since my parents moved to California. I remember bringing my grandfather to Souplantation every year when he visited us because it was his favorite restaurant ever. He even dreamed of opening a branch near him in Michigan. Now when I eat there, I remember how much he enjoyed it, and it makes my meal even more delicious.

  175. My dad has a heart condition and bypass is not an option at this time. We’ve been trying to help improve his quality of life by eating more vegetables. Of course, being the grumpy old man that he is, Dad is not too happy about this. But he never passes up an opportunity to go ‘out’ and eat, especially if it is with a crowd. Soup Plantation has such a wide variety of salads that he can usually find some new type of ‘rabbit food’ to eat. Of course, his favorite is the soft serve ice cream! I am not sure which Soup Plantation would be a good place to have a catered outing for 10 – all the ‘fathers’ in the family are spread out all over southern California! Good thing there’s lots of Soup Plantation locations.

  176. Something that I learned from my dad is “eat soups” I didn’t like it before but now i really enjoy eat my chicken soup” I love my dad !! He’s the best dad in the planet!!

  177. I would celebrate winning the free Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party at my house. I would invite my sweet 89 year old grandfather who has always been a great father figure in my life, I would invite my dad that has been an exceptional dad to me and grandfather to my son. I would also invite my brother, who is now divorced and working so hard to be an excellent father to his son, I would invite my father in law who is an excellent grandfather to my son and most importantly I would invite my husband, who is the most amazing and supportive husband but most importantly has been the dream dad I always prayed for for my children. All five men in my life deserve this and more!

  178. I would love to celebrate with my dad and the guests and awesome sweet tomatoes food at the Tropicana field at a baseball game cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays….I would love to invite Longo,Jennings,Carlos Pena,Matt Joyce and Sean Rodriguez to share it with me….

  179. What i would do if i win the FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10,
    I will celebrate for having bought my first house by inviting family and friend.

  180. If I win a FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10, I would celebrate at my sister’s house. She has a big house perfect for entertaining. We lost our dad one year ago so this could be a special time of remembrance of him. And, of course we want to celebrate our husbands, the father of our children. A big shout out to my husband Tim, wonderful father to Scott and Mike.

  181. Hi, the father figure I’d like to present is my husband he has always put our family first and treated my children as if they were his very own. I remember discovering this restaraunt with my co-workers and I could not wait to take my husband(location Ft.Wth West 7th St.). I encourage him to eat heathy all the time (but it’s hard) once he saw all the salad and soup choices he was like a kid in a candy store. I was so happy to see him enjoying a good healthy meal this was no special occassion but he now loves this place after only one visit. I would love to take him back again and include my mother and immediate family members.

  182. At least 26 years ago in the City of Industry, we went to our first Souplantation. We brought along my Dad. This man was 6’2″ and weighed around 220. He had reservations about a place that served “just salad”. Well, once he saw all the variety and started to really enjoy all the different items he could eat, he was sold! He went back for Corn Bread Muffins TWICE!

    We now live in Moreno Valley, California, and would love to have family come to our home for a meal catered by Souplantation.

  183. We would celebrate our party at our home. With so many busy schedules it is hard to find a time when we all can eat together anymore. Getting together for a meal from my husband’s favorite restaurant, in the comfort of our own home, would be an ideal reason to juggle our schedules.

  184. where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10:

    Colonel Mustard, in the library, with…wait, that’s not right. Um…okay, My husband and kids, in the sun-room-slash-dining-room, with a fork. And possibly bagpipes.

  185. The best time was when my wife and two daughters took me ocean fishing. We all had a great time and I caught a nice size halibut.

  186. My favorite memories with my dad at Sweet Tomatoes were all the times we went to the restaurant just for blue Jell-o and so I could eat croutons from the salad bar! I loved that stuff, and it makes for one of my best childhood memories with my dad.

  187. My favorite memory with my Father consisted of taking him to Sweet Tomatoes following his Aortic Aneurysm procedure which consisited of a week long stay in the hospital. His appetite was hearty and Sweet Tomatoes offers the best buck for buck on any healthy restaurant in our community of Ft. Myers, FL.

    Thanks for serving healthy food at wonderful price!

    R. Goetz

  188. My favorite memory at Sweet Tomatoes is my husband laughing at our infant son discovering jello.

  189. My mother is currently visiting Florida (she has a house here but moved back to New York therefore it’s empty and needs work!) and is getting her house ready to move back into within a year or so. If I won, I would cater a painting party for my mother, just invite over some of her good friends and mine and we’d get the house cleaned up and repainted etc! My mom has been both a mom and dad to my sister and i, we may not have much money but we try and take care of each other the best we can…

  190. My husband is always the one taking the kids up to get their favorite potato and toppings. He’s so patient and kind and knows how much the kids love “fixing their own food”!

  191. I would celebrate at HOME, because we could include my 100-year-old grandmother in our meal and celebration (she loves Sweet Tomato soup when we bring it home, but can’t travel out with us to get it).

  192. I would love to have my catered meal at my house. We have just remodeled our kitchen and it would be a great way to celebrate both Father’s Day AND my new, beautiful kitchen!!

  193. Thanks for coming to Lady Lake Florida.. We love having you here..Hope I win the catering party..

  194. My husband and father of our 2 children loves Sweet tomatoes/Souplantation so much that he finds their location before we visit a city. When we visit our daughter and her family near Seattle, we go to Soup Plantation. When our daughter & famiy visits us in Florida – we go to Sweet tomatoes! Being a vegetarian all of his life – he think ST/Souplantation were built just for him!!
    Here in Orlando, he/we eats at ST every week!

  195. I love coming to sweet tomatoes. The food is delicious and the Salads ever so fresh. Once when i came to Sweet Tomatoes, I was short of money and this elderly person who was standing behind me immidiately offered me cash for lunch. felt as if my father was beside me.
    I would like to celbrate at my house . will give u the address if I win my phone number is 469 471 4069

  196. Hi,
    I am so excited to try your restaurant! We are going to Disney (Orlando) on June 19. We will celebrate Father’s Day for my Dad and my Husband AND we will celebrate my Dad’s Birthday which is June 18 (so we are celebrating a little late), AND my parents anniversay, and our anniversary. Out of all the restaurants we have looked at my daughter picked Sweet Tomatoes! She thinks it will be great for everyone and we all agree!!! There are 5 of us and some are picky eaters. Your restaurant seems to be the best for healthy, great choices at a price we can afford. Thank-you so much. We are counting the days to visit you!!!
    Cheryl, Dwight and Alana (and Nana and Papa too)

    1. Our only challenge is to eat in moderation as it is all so good we keep being tempted to have just one more

  197. My family loves Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, so our celebration would be at home, sweet home with all twelve of us (that includes two infants) together showing Dad just how much he’s appreciated–and with his FAVORITE food, nonetheless!

    We would sit at the family table, tell stories, laugh with each other -and AT each other while enjoying this family feast and being so grateful for the opportunity to be together and that Dad is healthy and happy! And when the gifts are opened, the day is over, and everyone is stuffed and ready for their naps….we’ll all plan our next visit to the Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes at our home away from home!

  198. Plus my daughter is dancing at Disney so we have lots of friends joining us. Maybe her teacher!


  200. A few summers ago, my dad and I went to Hong Kong, the country of his birth. We spent one rainy, humid day riding the cross city bus while he pointed out the different places of his childhood and young adult years.

    1. If I won the catering party, I would hold it for my friends who are trying very hard to incorporate more greens into their diets

  201. Sweet Tomatoes is the one restaurant our whole family enjoys. My memory is just of good times where we are all together, we are relaxed at Sweet Tomatoes and we seem to laugh more together over silly things. If we won a catered party, we would take it to my father’s house (since he has difficulty getting out and about) and we would include my sister’s family, including 4 generations! Yay! Thinking about the fun gathering makes me smile. I hope we win!

  202. I wish I would this contest. We would celebrate in Port Charlotte or North Port Florida. We frequent Sweet Tomatoes in Sarasota & Ft. Myers. My husband & Son love Sweet Tomatoes. My grandsons always say “Sweet Tomatoes” when we ask where they want to go for lunch or dinner.

  203. My favorite memory with my dad is when he used to take us fishing. Those were some of my favorite times with him. He taught me everything, including how to clean the fish later.

  204. Eating ice cream sundaes with my daughters at your restaurant near Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.

  205. W would celebrate at our home with a group of friends who have not met each other. One couple would be our pastor and his wife and we have wanted friends to meet them. I never dreamed the food could be so easy as to have you cater. You are exactly who we visit for meals when we celebrate special occasions and I have not thought of brining the occasion home. Donna

  206. This is our favorite place to eat with our daddy.. He loves soup and always tries them all:) if we win we’d have our party on his tailgate at the lake..

  207. My family just moved to Texas and have enjoyed Sweet Tomatoes several times as we did not have either restaurant back home in North or South Carolina.

    We love the endless salad, soup and dessert! It would be exciting to win the contest to celebrate our move here with our 6 month old son. Our newly made friends would also enjoy coming over to our finally unpacked house to enjoy great food and fun!

    This is my husband’s first Father’s Day so we plan to make it very special!

    Thank you,
    Hannah Wilkes

  208. Favorite memory would be the first time I took him to a Sweet Tomatoes in Atlanta. He and my mother lived in NY then and weren’t familiar with it…and loved it. Now that they’re down in Florida, not only do they go and enjoy, but they’ve signed up for the mailing list too. So yummy.

  209. I would celebrate with my wonderful husband at home, as we have a new baby in the house. It is not my husband’s first Father’s Day, but it is the first with our new little one. To be surrounded with love in our house is a wonderful thing.

  210. For years my father, grandfather and I would meet at Sweet Tomatoes every Sunday for lunch. My grandpa was in his late 80’s and mealtime had become frustrating for my father to find foods that my grandpa could and would eat. Sweet Tomatoes had become a solution to that problem. With the wide variety of fresh and healthy options it was no trouble at all getting my grandpa to eat a balanced meal. I remember he always loved the big noodles in the chicken noodle soup, and always insisted on a dollop of sour cream on his sweet potato. At the end of the meal we’d always get dessert. It was so funny to see an 85 year old man’s eyes light up like a child’s when he’d see the soft serve ice cream machine! My grandpa passed away in 2010 but my father and I still continue on with the Sunday lunch tradition and hopefully always will.

  211. My dad is a cancer survivor and has always been the best dad ever. I really would love to show him just how special buy and nice catered party.

  212. I would celebrate with my family at our new home. We have 3 birthday’s, Father’s Day and Step-Father’s day in June and it would be great to have souplantation there to help us celebrate all of them!

  213. We lost my mom a year ago due to complications of Type II Adult Onset Diabetes. Since that time our family has resolved to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which includes eating healthier even when we go out to eat. Sweet Tomatoes has been a great place for our large family to gather together – especially when my out-of-town siblings and their families are visiting. My favorite memory with my dad at Sweet Tomatoes was this past April when we were all last gathered together. It was wonderful to see my dad so happy – surrounded by his 11 grandchildren and helping them choose items from the salad bar. He even got 6-yr-old Brooke to eat beets!

  214. My dad and I have the best memories at Souplantation we go every Sunday together just to hang out, eat great food and laugh!!! If we won the FREE catering party we would do it at my parents house where all of our family could come and have a great day!!

  215. my favorite memory is having a great fathers day dinner at soup plantation with my entire family 2 years ago.
    I would like to have the party catered at our house
    about a mile from sweet tomotoes in mountain view ca!

  216. where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10

    Answer: We would have the party in our backyard. We already spend so little time at home with our busy schedules that it would be nice to have a picnic in our backyard since my husband takes care of it for us.

  217. If I was chosen for the catered meal from yummy souplantaion we would celebrate it at my grandmas house. My grandmas house is great because there is always a lot of people that are always soooooo hungry and souplantaion is the ! I really hope we win

  218. The Schamburg location is were we would love to dine at your resturant, we will be there anyways but a chance to bring more famiy/friends would be a great thing : )

  219. My dad has been gone for many years so would bring my brother in law and a group no doubt to one in portland.
    Father’s day growing up was special it was spent with all my family aunts,uncles, cousins and grandparents usually at our house or one of my aunts it was a all day celerbration.
    I was the youngest and supper close to my dad he died in 85 and I miss him alot.

  220. Reply to this post by telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10: would celebrate at home with Dad and family.

  221. Was in Orlando for the weekend, and after eating at high end restaurants decided on something quick. We decided on Sweet Tomatoes which was walking distance from our hotel. It was a hot walk but boy was it worth the walk. My dad said that it was one of the best meals he had during his visit. He loved the choices, quality and most of all the price! He was very excited to go back to Canada and rave to the rest of my family about his experience.

  222. I love that my mom (my father figure) always talked about the chicken noodle soup. I remember finally getting to eat it and LOVING IT! Now everytime we go together, we have to get the soup. And when I get it when she is not there, I always think of her.
    Thank you mom for being a father figure to me!
    I would surprise my mom by having the catered meal at her house and invite other friends to surprise her!

  223. My favorite memory with my dad was for my 5th birthday I sat on his lap at my birthday party while opening my presents & I remember he gote a white shirt with different color sparkly lines on it, it was my favorite shirt that even when I grew put of it I kept

  224. My favorite memory with my husband (my children’s father) at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes occurred when we visited the new restaurant when it opened in the Palmdale, California area. My entire family (which included myself, my husband, and my four kids) went on opening day. My two youngest sons are twins. One of the twins is a big eater, the other is not. Our “big eater”, kept getting up to get more food. His favorite were the delicious muffins! After going back and forth several times, he came back to the table with 5 muffins on a small plate! Before we could say anything to him about this, another diner commented to my husband, “that young man must really love the muffins!” My son overheard him and immediately got soooo embarassed! My husband got up and went to the muffin bar and came back with five muffins on a plate. He looked at our son and said “I love the muffins too!” Our son flashed a big smile! We had a great time that day!!

  225. It would be great if my husband won this. Then he would be able to spend it with both of our boys, the grandchildren and their wives.
    This something that never happens. My husband is 77 years old and both of our boys families are too busy to celebrate any holiday together has a family. This would be the best gift ever.
    I don’t think there has ever been a time that we had both families together.

  226. We have celebrated Father’s day at Sweet Tomatoes once before. Our fondest memory, is watching my husband (Daddy) truly enjoying your French onion soup; he really loves it.

    In reference to where we would have the party, it would be in our house/back yard gathering.
    Thank you for the consideration and opportunity to win.

  227. My favorite memory of eating at Sweet Tomatoes with my Dad was at the Coral Springs, Florida location. It was my Dad, Mom, me and my 1 year old daughter. My daughter was enjoying – really really enjoying her food… it was everywhere. At one point, she had jello and a little half and half container used for coffee. The jello was everywhere, table, floor, her clothing and all over us… the half and half container was in her mouth. All of a sudden, it exploded and shot out at us. It went everywhere. I looked at my Dad and he just had his head in his hands. Looked like he was thinking “How could this happen? Why am I here? I’m just trying to enjoy my lunch.” It made us laugh harder. I thought he might go sit at another table and pretend he doesn’t know us.

  228. Eating dinner with my father would be wonderful but, more than anything, it would be more than a pleasure to dine with Raynel Jensen, manager of Sweet Tomatoes, Coral Springs, Fl.. He is an inspiration, a most honorable and lovable man, who is dedicated to his customers, or shall I say, friends he has made there. He is a father figure to me and all that come into his presence.
    I would dine at the restaurant. Thanks

  229. I would celebrate at Green Belt Forest Preserve with my FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10

  230. We would love to have soup plantation cater a party at our house. My husband is constantly traveling so just being home with his girls and some yummy food would be a blessing!!


  231. I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face the first time we took him to Sweet Tomatoes. He was smacking his lips and his eyes were big as saucers! If we won, everyone in the family would enjoy seeing that reaction again. Thanks for offering your contest.

  232. My daddy loves to go to Souplantation at least once a week!
    The staff even know us already:) We all love the coupons that
    we received. On his birthdays, he wants to celebrate it in
    Souplantation! It will be great if we win this contest!!!!

  233. My father cannot be with us so I would celebrate my FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 with my closest relatives, cousins and aunts, right at my home on my mother’s 60th birthday on July 14. The backyard is the perfect place to dine and cheer in the eve of a hot summer, and cool off with delicious fresh food FREE from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10! πŸ™‚

  234. I would celebrate our catered party at the bluffs overlooking the ocean and eat our catered food picnic style. My dad lives by the beach and our family has always loved going for walks there. Recently, his health has prevented him from descending and climbing the steep slopes up from the sand, but we can still enjoy the amazing views from the picnic tables up top.

  235. Sweet Tomatoes was a favorite place for my husband and I to eat while I was pregnant, and remains a favorite place now that our children are older. Healthy, easy, reasonable. The kids know the Chicken soup is Dad’s favorite and he even goes for another bowl after his yogurt!

  236. I would have the catered party in our backyard and put candles everywhere to make it special and decorate with seashells I picked up at the beach.

  237. My parents are a big fan of Sweet tomatoes as it has a wide range of healthy food & a lot of vegetarian dishes to choose from. My dad took us to a dinner one evening to Sweet tomatoes & then Treated us to the “funny faced” ice cream from the delicious dessert bar. He poured the vanilla ice cream in a bowl ,then topped it with 2 cones for ears& added the fruit for eyes & nose. That’s, my dad, making the best out of everything . Thanks Sweet tomatoes for bringing out the artist in him:-)

  238. We would celebrate with our FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 at home with family! Fun!

  239. My favorite memory is watching my husband teach a single parents toddler daughter how to eat your frozen yogurt ( she had never had ice cream before) it was priceless

    We would have this in our backyard with our BBQ

  240. I have so many favorite memories with my father, it’s hard to pick just one! What comes to mind first is the times we spent as a family at the farm property my parents owned when I was growing up. My dad would hook up a wagon to his tractor and pull us around the property and through the woods. He would take us fishing, and he spent more time getting fishing lures out of the trees than actually fishing. He would let us camp outside in tents, even though there was a nice house to stay in. Those were the good ole days!

  241. My favorite memory with my father was when he would take me to my Saturday morning soccer games. I could always hear his supportive cheer over the rest of the crowd as I raced down the field in deep pursuit of the glory that only a goal could provide. Anytime I scored he was the first face I would look for as he would give a slight nod in return which meant both approval and pride in my actions. As his work schedule increased his ability to attend my games became less and less making those early days ever more precious. I will forever cherish his love and support.

  242. Unfortunately my father passed away over 30 years ago. He never knew that I moved to CA and thus never heard of Souplantation. But, I know he would absolutely have loved the Souplantation and all of it’s delicious food. I would love to win this so that my siblings and I could celebrate his memory!

  243. I would love to celebrate with all my family in my own home. I would love to get together with my brothers and remember our dad which we lost 4 years ago. A meal from Sweet Tomatoes to share with my siblings would be wonderful!

  244. My fiance and I brought his parents to Sweet Tomatoes for breakfast a few weeks ago. I see eggs, I see cheese, I see tortillas – I make a breakfast burrito. I get back to the table and my fiance’s dad says… “now THAT’s the right idea!” and runs up to get tortillas to make his own breakfast burritos.
    Of course he then proceeded to bicker with his wife for the next half hour abour why she missed seeing tortillas on the breakfast bar. LOL

  245. My husband and I are now senior citizens but still love to gather our kids and grandkids to celebrate every occasion by sharing our dinner table. It is getting a little challenging at our
    age, but we still love to do it. It would be wonderful to have Sweet Tomatoes cater out meal for this Father’s Day. Thank you.

  246. favorite memory — watching dad share dessert with our two baby boys at sweet tomatoes. they love the chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. then going back for seconds… and thirds!

  247. I love going to Sweet Tomatoes on Sunday mornings with Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Jason and Grammy. Daddy and Uncle Jason like all the food!! And we eat and laugh and talk alot. Then we go to the Movies! When we pass Sweet Tomatoes I always yell “Sweet Tomatoes” then tell Daddy to call Uncle Jason so we can go EAT! And sometimes it is not even Sunday!

  248. I have so many great memories with my dad. It is really hard to pick just one. I feel like i have the best parents in the world and would not change any single thing about them. They are not perfect, but perfect for our family. My mom and dad are pretty much mirror images of each other, and that’s a great thing! For about 2 years of my undergraduate degree my father drove me to and from work and school! My father was no longer working due to health problems and we only had 1 car. Every morning, he got up early and took me to work, and take me to school and then back to work. I was in college at the time and it was quite far from home, so he would wait a few hours for me to finish my classes and then take me back to work and then at night pick me up from work. I felt terrible that he had to drive me back and forth when he isn’t in his best health to do so, but in the situation that we were in, that was our best resolution. The reason why this time is the best memory i had with him is that he really opened up to me on these car rides. Often times we were stuck in traffic for an hour or so and he told me stories that i have never heard of. He told me stories of his childhood, stories or how my parents meet, stories to him and his war buddies, just amazing things that i felt were so important and i wondered why he never shared that with us before. I was also able to open up to him and as him advice about boys and issues i had at work. It was an amazing time. I got to know a different side of him that none of my other siblings did not get to see, but of course i would tell everyone all the wonderful stories he would share. I think i love my parents more and more by the minute. I think its important to honor them everyday, but its awesome to have a nationally recognized day just for them!

  249. My husband’s favorite place to eat is Souplantation! He is celebrating his 60th birthday October 20th and I would cater a party in the father of 7 ‘s honor!

  250. Dad is great at everything he does& he brings put the artist in him at Sweet Tonatoes. He makes a delicious ice cream face with the best topping & the ingredients at the dessert bar in Sweet Tomatoea. Thanks for making each orcas soon so special& we love you daddy .

  251. if we win, we will celebrate in our home with friends and family… nothing says “love” like a delicious meal shared around the family table!

  252. Every trip to Sweet Tomatoes with my two small children begins with the challenge of trying to prolong the time between arrival and when my kids eat their first mini ice cream cone. My husband and I manage to tag team kids and still get to enjoy the delicious food! We would celebrate Father’s Day at my Mother-In-Law’s house with a smattering of relatives. Since my husband lost his father to cancer 10 years ago, he is the only father we gather around to celebrate on this day, so he would be thrilled to get to choose all his favorites from Sweet Tomoatoes!

  253. My favorite/best memories of my dad, is when I was in elementary and a hurricane hit our town, the bridge that connects to our neighborhood was flooded and my little sister and I were too little to cross it, so my dad risked his life to cross the waist high water bridge, carreid us one at a time on his shoulders across the bridge to safe ground. He’s been my hero ever since!

  254. I would celebrate my FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party with my family at our home. I’ve recently moved out and I would love more than anything to come home to my 4 siblings and parents and sit down at our big table and have a DELICIOUS meal! WE LOVE SWEET TOMATOES!

  255. My sons 3rd birthday party will be July 21st next month, so this would be perfect for a summer party to have a catered by Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes on a perfect summer day!!! thanks for a chance!!

  256. We would celebrate on my parent’s patio with the my dad, mom, my sister and her family, my brother, and my little family. We have exactly 10 people to feed! By winning the prize pack, not only could we beat the heat here in Fresno (106 on Sunday!) by not having to heat up the kitchen, we could spend more time with our dad, my husband and my sister’s husband who is celebrating his first Father’s day.

  257. favorite memory would be when my dad ate 4 bowls of chili and 2 bowls of clam chowder and still wanted more!

  258. My favorite memories with my dad were when we would go horseback riding up in the mountains behind our house. We would ride for 4 hours. Then we would find a camping site, set up camp, and then fish all day! We would cross raging river’s, see bear or one time a mountain lion. And I never felt scared because i knew my dad would protect me. My dad is kind, sweet, loving, but also stern and strict. He alwaya wanted us to respect people, love all people, and most of all, keep the Lord first in our lives!

  259. My favorite memory is celebrating with my grandfather – he loved Souplantation breakfast on the weekend!

  260. We’ve always wanted to have a summer bash in our backyard with all my nephews so that is where we would have the party at

  261. Reply to this post by telling us your favorite memory with a father figure at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes:

    My favorite memory would definitely have to be when my Dad attended all of my softball games as a child. He went to every game and routed me on, even when I was not the best softball player. lol Those were some great times!!

  262. Thanks for the contest!! I would have my Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party at my Mom & Dad’s house. We always gather over there for family celebrations. Everyone would LOVE the food! πŸ™‚

  263. We would be celebrating at the beach! My son who has many allergies, LOVES Soup Plantation, & my husband would be THRILLED to not only enjoy a FREE meal for the family, but to bless his son in the process! Thank you πŸ˜€

  264. I would celebrate the free Sweet Tomatoes catering party at our friends home. My husband and I love to hang out at their house. They always open their home up for people to come and have a great time. We think it would be nice to bring all the food for everyone to enjoy, especially Sweet Tomatoes! This would be a great way for all the fathers to hang out and the wifes to kick back with them.

  265. If I won a catering party, I would have all the food delivered to my parents house so we can eat on the patio together. My dad loves eating and playing bags out there and Sweet Tomatoes would add so much more!

  266. I would celebrate with my family at the N. Dallas location. I live in Waxahachie and unfortunately we do not have a location in my city that I could take my family to so they could enjoy the benefits of great food that is actually good for you. My assistant and I have been to this location many times as it is one of the few places we can go and not go off our diets. Thank you!!

  267. My favorite memory with my father was going to Chicago White Sox games with my Father. We lived in the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago and were able to walk to the park. It was the one place my Father could have fun!! Being able to have that time alone with him was Great!

    1. Favorite memory is celebrating with my husband and our son who was a first time father last year and we took him and his wife and new baby to Souplantation and enjoyed all the yummy healthy items. Our family all the variety of salad items.

      We would celebrated at grandpa and grandma’s house with all the kids, cause we love being together and eating healthy. Thank you for the oppportunity

  268. We would celebrate a Souplantation menu and win out in the great outdoors under a nicely decorated canopy or patio set up. A small, intimate family gathering to celebrate dad, grandpa would be perfect. Our family enjoys barbecues especially with the great summer weather. Poolside would be ideal to celebrate Father’s day!
    Souplantation has created fond memories for our family of 6. It suffices everyones cravings yet with healthy options. My husband and our 2 sons are big eaters, and myself and our 2 daughters are lighter eaters. But Souplantation offers a happy solution. All you can eat salads are always guilt free but delicious and fulfilling. The soups are the best and also healthy. Clam chowder and chicken noodle are the kids favorites! When we have to decide where a nice dinner should be, Souplantation is always a winning suggestions.

  269. My parents house is always filled with love….add to that love some delicious, quality food from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes and it’s a lovefeast!

  270. Hooray for Sweet Tomatoes and Father’s Day! My dad is always trying to eat healthy food, and your salads (and soups and pasta and bread and desserts– shh! don’t tell dad!) make it so easy. I imagine we’d eat the food in a gorgeous Albuquerque park where we used to meet for family picnics in years gone by.

  271. Reply to this post by telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10.

    We would hold the celebration at my Grandparents house and invite the entire family. Since I was a little kid, we have always gathered at my Grandma’s house. It would be a great privilege to be able to bring all of the food for the gathering and not have to burden any family members to bring food. It would be a great event!!!!

  272. My family is in love with Sweet Tomatoes and everytime my parents come visit, its not even a question where we will eat dinner! My favorite memory of my dad and Sweet Tomatoes is quite funny. My dad is a choc-o-holic and he can never get enough chocolate. The first time we took him to Sweet Tomatoes he was so excited about the unlimited ice cream machine! After finishing our delicious meal, which totally “wow’d” my vegetarian parents, my dad proceeded to the ice cream machine. He came back with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles. We waited for him to slowly savor each bite, then started standing up to go. My dad questioned what we were doing and stated he needed atleast one more bowl! Four bowls later he was ready to go. Now every time we go, he has figured out his perfect chocolate-y bowl by putting any kind of chocolate muffin or cake then topping it with ice cream and sprinkles. We get a good laugh out of his multiple trips each time!

    If we were to win the catering party, we would use it for a house warming party that we have been wanting to have for a couple months now. I cant imagine anything better than Sweet Tomatoes food in my own home with good friends!

  273. Reply to this post by telling us your favorite memory with a father figure at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes:

    My Favorite Memory is when my Husband and I took his sister to Sweet Tomatoes. He was so impressed with all the choices and we had such a great time visiting and eating. We were there for over 2 hours. I think this opportunity would be a fantastic way to remember the good times he and his sister had.

  274. My Father is a vegetarian. So His face lights up just with the name of Soup Plantation. It is a big treat for him. He loves the variety of salads, soups, pasta, pizza and most of all the desserts and ice cream.He is alwyas ready to eat at Soup Plantation and says he can eat there everyday.This is his favorite restuarant. This year we will celebrate Father’s day with 4 generations. My Father, Us, My son and his wife and their son..:)

  275. I will celebrate my day with my neighbors , each one will bring something to eat.
    With the free Sweet Tomatoes catering i will the coolest person in the group.

    fernando almonte

  276. We would have our FREE Sweet Tomatoes dinner at our house with our favorite Sweet Tomatoes buddies! We are a group of families who always go to Sweet Tomatoes together. Yes, that means long lines and no booths, but the food and fun is worth it! If we had a catered dinner at our house, that would mean we could sit anywhere! We could also laugh as loud as we want without disrupting the other patrons! It would be a Father’s Day treat worth waiting for!

  277. My father was a patient man. He helped me through tough years, always patient and had great words of wisdom to guide me. Somehow he knew exactly what to say, every time. He passed not so long ago and I wish he was here to help me guide my son, but in a way I guess he is. Through all his direction and advice for me, I see myself helping my son in the same way my father helped me, and he appreciates it. Thank you Dad, for being such a good man.

    I love and miss you Dad, Ami

  278. My dad is 73 years old, I took him, my mom and 2 of their friends to sweet tomatoes and they loved it!!!! My dad was just amazed how many soup choices there was. He loves soups and I was just happy that he enjjoyed it, not to mention the salad. I love to celebrate Father’s Day at my parents house and see my dad happy all the grandkids.

  279. My husband, father of three, taught me to LOVE salads, Fresh fruits & veggies. Before we met, I was like alot of people these days who eat WAY to many processed foods. After 20 years together I love every veggie under the sun and our favorite place to go is the Kerney Mesa Souplantation. You cannot make a salad like that @ home for the price!

  280. If we won a catered party from Souplantation, I think we would celebrate at my boyfriend’s parent’s house so there would be room enough for all! My family, his family, and my best friend’s family would all be there – we just have so many Dads to celebrate! We would probably need to buy extra Souplantation goodies though to feed the *entire* crowd!

  281. If I were to win the catered party, I would definitely have to say that we would celebrate at my parent’s house! My mother is the matriarch and we always come together for dinners and to celebrate! It would be great because we have family coming from out of town and we always tell them about our experiences at Sweet Tomatoes so they would finally have a chance to actually taste the goodness for themselves as we celebrate and enjoy our Dad!

  282. I have had lunches catered by Sweet Tomato’s before and they do such a beautiful job. I would love to have my father and husband experience it on their special day. My dad is all about soups. I think he would consider a good bowl of soup or chili his favorite meal and we all know great Sweet Tomato soups are. Dad is having knee replacement surgery ( at 91 yrs) and a celebration for our family before surgery would be extra special,

  283. I have found memories of fishing with my dad at this little man made lake. He was always trying to convince me that it was safe to swim in, then laughing when I got squimish about the algae on the bottom. We spent hours trying to catch something. In the end it was more about us spending time together than catching fish.
    We have family get togethers several times a month. Sadly, one of us usually ends up doing all the cooking and spending all the time in the kitchen. If I won free catering, we would finally have a family get together at my house where we could all spend time together in the backyard – playing on the trampoline, swinging on the swingset, and running through the sprinklers. Then come inside to have dinner waiting! Sounds heavenly.

  284. My father figure is Eddie, an ole cowboy working his ranch at Mt. Taylor. We spent many a summers together keeping the ranch in working condition, especially the horses. Once you were at the ranch, everything from then on was on horseback. I remember at dusk when the day was over, I would tend to the horses and Eddy would make supper. He always had some deer or elk meat hanging, would throw the slab of meat on the table and ask, “How thick would you like your steak “? One day we he had to come to town for some supplies and that is when I treated him to lunch at Soup or Salad. He ate the salads, and indulged in some ice cream, thanked me and said, “I didn’t know salads could taste so good being made so many ways” next time when we have to make a trip to town it will be on me,

  285. we will be celebrating at sweet tomatoes in hollywood! they have the most fantastic manager, nicest employees, and a constant turnover of great filled bins of fresh food. we go there often and love being greeted by your wonderful salad maker upon entering. there couldn’t be a better gift for us to win! the mancini family*

  286. We would celebrate at a nearby park because my dad loves trees and we have amazing weather, perfect for an outdoor event. Besides, our house is a little too cozy (small) for 10 people at once!

  287. my husband is the most AMAZING father ever! but some of our favorite times we’ve had is when we put the kiddos down for bed, get babysitters, and head to ikea and then sweet tomato for a late dinner. often times, we arrive only 1 hour before closing and have enjoyed delicious food nonetheless! also, we are very amused at the great people who also chose to eat their dinners at 9pm. always a fun time at sweet tomato!!!

  288. Here is my favorite “dad story”:
    My husband, my son and I go to your restaurant in Irvine once a week on Friday evenings. We always see this one guy every Friday there, he also goes every Friday like we do. We don’t know his name or anything so my husband and my son make up a story about him. They decided he must be British and a soccer player. So every Friday when we arrive at your restaurant my husband will make a bet with my son to see if our “British friend” has gotten to the restaurant before us. The person who gets it wrong will have to get up and get water refill and things for the winner. So they do this every Friday.

  289. My kids LOVE Sweet Tomatoes and my husband is great with them there. He is very patient with them and loves to have them help pick out new vegetables to try and eat. Then he always makes them a super ice cream sundae to end our meal!

  290. Since Dad just finished all the repairs on his new home after buying it one year ago, we’d use the Souplantation catering party to host the housewarming party!! =)

  291. My Husband who is 78 years young, Father of 3, grandfather of 6, great grandfather of 6 with twins on the way, meets with some of His elementary school classmates several times a year at the Sweet Tomatoes on I10 just west of loop 610 in Houston for a late lunch and much remembering of good times. It would be wonderful if he could host this group with this prize. They would all be very thankful.

  292. My Dad has lived his whole life in Nebraska and had never been to a Souplantation before. The first time my sister and I took him, he had come out to California to visit and we told him about this great buffet place he was going to love. He definitely loved it. He was so impressed by the choices of soup that he had a bowl of each. It was quite something to see six different bowls spread out in front of him at once. He ate the entire bowl of every single one. πŸ™‚

  293. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day. Our son was born a few months ago, and Sweet Tomatoes was the first sit-down restaurant we ever took him to. We were both on family leave from work, nervous to be out in public with a baby who could potentially cry at any moment, but desperate for our Sweet Tomatoes fix! Our little guy napped the entire time, and we enjoyed taking turns watching him sleep while the other went to get more food. It was a very special experience.

  294. We would celebrate with a pool party in our back yard with our family and friends, and my husband wouldn’t have to worry about manning the grill for once!

  295. My favorite memory of my father was when he introduced my children, (his grandchildren) to Souplantatiion.
    The children had so much fun that for years now, that’s where the want to go when they visit grandpa. I am positive that I will introduce my grandchildren to Souplantation because as fussy as children are when it comes to eating, there is always something there for them to feast on and, ice cream machine, watch out.

  296. Our Home Fellowship group is planning a pool party soon…can’t imagine a better way to add to the fun than having it catered by Souplantation. YUMMY!

  297. I only wish that my dad was still with us! He was a sweet, kind, loving father that we all loved dearly. …. he added warmth and laughter to family gatherings and enjoyed the grandkids. If I were to win the contest…. I would have the catering done at my home. It would be nice to get friends and family together to enjoy some really terrific food and to recall fond memories and make some new ones at the same time. My husband and I try to go often and really love it. Thanks for having such a great selection of food at your Sweet Tomatoes locations!

  298. My family loves to go to Sweet Tomatoes together! It is one of the few places my Dad likes to go with us. We would love to win the catering to have a family dinner in the back yard:)

  299. Our Dad is the Glue that keeps the bond of our family strong. God, Family, and Home are most important to our Dad. Sharing a meal together with Family is Dad’s favorite activity. We would celebrate where me and my sisters grew up. It’s a place where even though we are now all adults and have long moved out and started our own families, it is the place where each of us sisters and our husbands and children call Home.

  300. Souplantation is my all time favorite. We live in San Diego 1800 miles away from my dad. When he visits, it is NEVER without multiple trips to Souplantation. The fresh veggies, fantastic baked treats, and amazing soups are unmatched anywhere, but especially in the midwest. I wish I could celebrate Fathers Day with my dad, but in his absence, if I won, I would celebrate either at home or in Coronado with my beautiful wife and the 4 best kids a dad could have.

  301. I’d love to have my family over to my place to celebrate dad and have the cooking taken care of by Sweet Tomatoes! Since my dad is in the middle of 24/7 chemo treatment for his advanced esophageal cancer and his immune system is very weak and suppressed, he isn’t supposed to be in public much, plus he lacks the energy to go out to dinner. He needs to be home, or at the home of a loved one so he can go lay down for a nap as needed. I’d set up the table in the middle of my living room, my brothers, my parents, my niece, my nephews and I would have a big family dinner celebrating our beloved dad. If he got tired, he could lay down. If not, we would watch a family movie and play board games after. Its simple. Family, food, and love makes great memories!

  302. My dad is the BOSS when it comes to Sweet Tomatoes. We roll up, grab our salads, and have some seriously awesome chow down time. My favorite is always when you guys have the albondigas soup because it’s fun to say and dad goes nuts over it.

    If I won this for him, he’d be pretty ecstatic. We’re fortunate enough to have some great parks near us, so going to one of those for a picnic would make a wonderful father’s day.

  303. If I win I would like to have delivered at my home to celebrate father’s day as a family, however, it is not a locetion near us the closest is two and half hours away from me and 1 hour from my family but, we can travel there for an great dinner. when ever nmy husband and I travel we always eat here I always tell my family about Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes but, they have never had the opportunity to dine at one. I tell them they are missing a great opportunity to taste great food!!!!!

  304. When I win I would celebrate at my parents house in their back yard. My dad is 78 years old and he prides himself on keeping his back yard looking nice like a little park. We have spent many many nights just enjoying eachother in the yard having parties. We are a family of 10 there are 8 adult children so even a little get together turns into a party, with all his kids. grand & great grandkids. He loves having all his family together.

  305. My husband loved one of the chicken soups that was a special (not the big chicken soup) and ate 7 bowls. We couldn’t get him to leave and it got to be embarrassing, yet funny. This is one of our favorite places and we’re so glad there’s one close now.

  306. My absolute favorite time with my dad and family was when Dad was getting icecream and the machine went too fast and he tried to catch it with his hands. Well it went everywhere he felt bad but it was still funny and I will remember that moment forever and cherish it. My dad is absolutely the most awesome man on earth. Thank you

  307. My daughters simply Love Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes specially when my husband gets to come and have lunch there with us. He works 12 hour shifts and commutes for about 45 min to an hour. Any day or moment my daughters and I spend there with him are special and priceless. We love the food, the environment and the memories we’ve made with our family!!

  308. We would celebrate in Orlando when we go on our FIRST Disney trip with my husband’s family whom we haven’t seen in over 7 years!!! My husband’s two daughters will be here ON Father’s Day for the summer! We haven’t seen them in almost 10 months! It would just be a great overall surprise! We would set up all the yummy food for a pool party @ our condo. What a better surprise than great…wait…scratch that….AMAZING food & family plus some good ole’ Florida Sunshine!!! πŸ™‚

  309. My favorite memory from Sweet Tomatoes is of my 2-year old daughter and husband. We had just eaten breakfast there and I wanted a picture of them. After taking the picture, I noticed on the wall behind them it said “lots to feel good about.” It is one of my favorite pics!

  310. I would have loved for my dad to be able to enjoy souplantation with his kids and grandkids. The casual atmosphere is great for all ages.

  311. If we win we would be celebrating at our house with our family. There will be 3 dads from the same family there. They each deserve to win in their own special way

  312. I love love love my coworkers! πŸ™‚ I would definitely love to surprise them with a free catered lunch right here in our conference room at work! Fun! Hope we win!

  313. Making an original gourmet creation using the ingredients at Souplantation is something my dad really enjoys! For example, he likes to take the chili and add shredded cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, raw onions, green onions and add it to his macaroni and cheese and then he likes to tell us how great it is and that we should all try it too! If he likes the evening dessert special, he includes one with his meal tray so he can cool it down, so it is ready for his ice cream and toppings at the end of his meal (and he likes to remind us that this is the right way to do it!) My dad is always happy after eating his many prepared salad choices and especially is happy when the 3 bean salad is offered. And when dad is comfortably full after enjoying his AYCE meal, dad is happy! Souplantation is a family favorite, so many happy memories have been made here! I like Souplantation!

  314. My dad was a chef for many years and so are my brothers. They can get very picky, and often comments on food when ever we dined out. Most comments are not the best. So, the first time I took my dad to Sweet Tomatoes, I was ready for him to make negative comments about it. He chew, ate, went up for more salad, chew, ate…nothing from him. When he was done, he leaned back and said, “I never thought eating healthy would be so good.” Wow! I can’t believe it! Ever since then, we would dine at Sweet Tomotoes once/week or every other week. He still enjoys cooking at home, but if we dine out…I know just the place to choose!

  315. My father-in-law was deaf and had significant health problems. He was an excellent lipreader. He LOVED Souplantation very much. The word “Souplantation” was easy for him to read. (Laughing.) Whenever we decided to go eat there, all we had to do was to say the Magic Word, and he would get all excited, and get dressed in a hurry to go eat. We also felt good going there, because I knew the food was good for his health.

    To this day, when I hear or see the word “Souplantation”, I think fondly of my dad-in-law.

    Happy Father’s Day to all those qualified!

  316. My favorite memory of my father was that he always took us to the seaside in Hualien Taiwan (or when in America, the Lake Michigan lakeside). We would than have a buffet afterwards for dinner.

    My new memory of fathers day is when my daughter was just born recently and last year since I was still tired they went out in thr morning and got me Mcd’s! The simples things are the best!!

  317. My Mom and Dad have been going to Sweet Tomatoes as long as I can remember. Two years ago my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer and he has had numerous surgeries. Each of us cherish each day that he is still with us.

    If I won, I would gather friends and family together to celebrate Dad with fellowship and great food from Sweet T’s as I nicknamed the restuarant

  318. My favorite memory of my dad at Souplantation would probably be the first time we tried it. The look of absolute excitement on his face when he realized the food was as delicious as it was is something I’ll never forget and jokingly remind him of each time we go back. We must have gone back at least 3 times after that within the same month. If I won, I would celebrate with my family at home. As my sisters and I have grown older and become occupied with college, we have had less time available to sit at home and share a meal as an entire family. Though going out to celebrate Father’s Day is still a suitable option, nothing beats the intimate setting of being around the table where your first meals as a family began.

  319. If I won I would have the catering sent to my sister’s house. She and her husband have six tiny children that can eat the amount catered for 10. πŸ™‚ They love Souplantation!

  320. My favorite memory with my father is when he drove with me back to college for the first time, to wake up to me doing 90 mph on the highway (it was the first time I was driving it myself). Why did he wake up… because i saw a dead deer on the side of the road and screamed! My father passed away almost 3 years ago, but this is a memory I will never EVER forget. It always makes me smile

    I would celebrate in his honor at the Boynton Beach or Palm Beach Gardens location in FL if chosen

    1. I could only wish my Dad was still alive to be able to celebrate this special day, it’s been 3 years since he passed and we miss him dearly, if we won this special meal, we would make it a picnic day at the Old Mission San Luis Rey cementary where he rest eternally, it’s a beautiful place that we visit often to just relax in it’s serene surroundings. Thank you to Souplantation for the wonderful and atmosphere they have.

  321. My father was a preacher and I recall how he would give us kids the old ‘eagle-eye stare’
    if we were misbehaving in the pew. We would always expect a punishment when we got home but he never said another word to us about it. He was a sweetie and such a gentle dad. If he would have lived, today would have been his 74th wedding anniversary (Flag Day) June 14.

  322. My Father would take us to the beach for a one week vacation every summer and we would all be together as a family and do lots of fun things like eat out, swim, clamming, fishing, partying, BBQ, exploring, whatever we could find to do.

  323. father’s day is one of my favorite days of the year because i love my dad with all my heart! i think if we won the catered food from sweet tomatoes, well we’d go to the beach. living in tampa makes it a great way to spend your father’s day. picnic island isn’t too far from our home and maybe we’ll take our family of six and a few friends over to picnic island for a good fun beachy time. what other way would one want to spend their father’s day?

  324. My husband and I would treat 8 seniors from our 55+ community. We all love Sweet Tomatoes and go there often, ten of us all together. We go to the one in Tampa Fl on Dale Mabry.

  325. My father still enjoys a great meal, but from a wheelchair, after having had several strokes that have affected his ability to use his right arm and leg. However, he is most pleased when he sees the family gathered, including his grandchildren. My husband enjoys Souplantation, and loves tomatoes and the great offerings for salads! The ice cream machine is always a favorite of the kids, and everyone can’t seem to wait for that dessert. My fav is the chocolate chip cookies, hands down. When we were there with friends and families, the kids ran around outside by the steps, and were so excited to have been told it was time to go in. Having seconds is not a problem, and the kids, and Dads all feel so comfortable getting up to find a new tasty dish!

  326. Oooh, this party would be so perfect for the Dad in my life, who adores fabulous food and also tries hard to make healthy choices at meal time. We would celebrate at Dad’s house so he wouldn’t have to drive anywhere and could just relax. Special and delicious food would show him how special he is to us.

  327. My favorite memory of my dad at Souplantation is the day I introduced him to it. I enjoy the meals I share with my parents, introducing them to a variety of places to eat — places I particularly enjoy myself! This day I chose to take them to Souplantation. Something different. Something healthy. Both my parents enjoyed the food and ambiance. They ate till they couldn’t take another bite. As we left the restaurant, my father stopped abruptly and turned to me and said, “They didn’t have any meat dishes?!” My dad is an avid meat-eater, but laughed at the idea of his enjoyment with all the healthy choices. We’ve enjoyed Souplantation ever since.

    For Fathers Day, we have a family celebration/gathering. We play games and have delicious food. It would be great to have Souplantation at our gathering.

  328. My dad and I were very close. I lost my dad last year to Mesothelomia and my mom to brain tumors. After my moms passing, dad loved to to go Sweet Tomatoes. He just loved the Chicken Noodle soup and the ice cream. My dad had a love for landscaping and would sit in his wheelchair in our backyard and point where all the plants needed to be planted. He was a big part in creating our outside kitchen and park like yard.
    We would celebrate this special occasion in the backyard where I have his footprint in the cement for me and my family to remember and cherish all the days of our lives.

  329. My favorite memory of Lucien is the day he took a big breath and agreed to have 3 (at the same time) foster children come to home with us. He mentally counted the cost and was willing to do the hard and rewarding work. He was patient, Kind, met his end and went further than he thought he could go. He loved those kids like his own daughter, and helped her love them too, while making sure she sill knew how much she is loved.

  330. Although I only had the privilege of having my special dad for 12 years, he put his values and ideals into me (he passed away from kidney complications, the most dark day of my life but also the the most hopeful day of my life because in his last moments he told us what heaven looks like). I have never seen a dad love his children more than our dad. He spent time with us, took us fishing and camping, was so patient with us 3 kids. The most patient thing he did for my sister and me was to let us take our pet chickens from California to Ohio when we moved. Those banty chickens rode with the family, in the back seat of the car, housed in a bird cage!

    I think the most fun thing to do is have a porch dinner for 10 and our guests (who live in the same retirement complex as we) could enjoy a wonderful Soup Plantation feast with my husband and me – celebrating our husbands who are good fathers and the memories of our wonderful fathers. All our friends, and we, are regular customers of your La Quinta California restaurant. Thank you

  331. My Father visits us in Santa Clara, CA every few months and my children (his Grandchildren) are delighted and jump up and down as he always says “Does anyone want to go to Sweet Tomatoes?” It is a nice experience for everyone as he has just gotten off the road and we can all visit with him in place of cooking and cleaning. I, as a mother, feel good because Sweet Tomatoes always has healthy and fresh options and I know that my children will eat well. We would happily celebrate at the Coleman Ave. Sweet Tomatoes in San Jose!!!

  332. My favorite memory of my father is that for many mistakes I’ve done he’s always there for me I wasn’t a good daughter know I’m changing and I thank the lord for had sent me a father like mr.Joe I love my dad so much ..also I would love to spend fathers day at any suplantantation locations to celebrate with them the blessings and gift give away for a father. Thank u

  333. Have you ever seen how much 12 year old boys eat? Now try a Boy Scout Troop of 12 year olds. This would be perfect! We love the Crestwood, Mo location – and they love our scouts!

  334. My favorite memory at Souplantation was when we celebrated my husband’s birthday. Our daughter was just born the previous month, so we took the whole family out to Souplantation for a low-key celebration. She was passed around to all her grandparents and uncles; it was so sweet. Love the pics I have from that day.

  335. My favorite memory of my Dad was when he shared some ice cream and cookies from the sundae bar with his grandaughter for the first time. The smiles on their faces was priceless.

    IF we won I would invite the family over for a backyard shindig to celebrate .

  336. My favorite memory was from my dad’s recent birthday. My siblings and I offered to take Dad to any restaurant to celebrate and he picked Souplantation because he loves the salads and muffins there.

  337. Since my dad passed away last year I have come to appreciate all the time that I was able to spend with him but especially the trip we made from California to Texas to see the Dallas Cowboys stadium. He was a huge fan. If we won this, we would use it to remember him and honor my husband, the father of my beautiful daughters.

  338. My husband and I went on our first date to Sweet Tomatoes. It was the perfect place to be able to talk and be together. When we found out we were going to have a baby, we brought my parents to Sweet Tomatoes to tell them and to celebrate. Now we bring our daughter there and she loves it, too!

  339. When I was about 8 months pregnant, our family went to Sweet Tomatoes with my parents. We enjoyed being able to have a leisurely meal with plenty of time to visit. At one point, having been there a long time, my dad pointed at me and my huge belly and commented to the young man cleaning off our table, “You all really should cut her off. She looks like she’s had enough!” I think the poor guy was more embarrassed than any of us.

  340. Our entire family – 4 generations of us – enjoy Sweet Tomato about once a month here in Las Vegas. There is always something for everybody and we range in age from 4 – 75. If we are honored by this generous caterig event, we will convene at my parents house (the great-grandparents), so that they could serve a beautiful and delicious feast to the family, without dear old mom having to do so much work. Dad is still great on the grill but it is Mom who does everything else. Now my mouth watering with anticipation for your fabulous Spinach Salad and variety of supreme soups. Thank you

  341. My favorite ‘father-figure’ memory at Souplantation is not of my father, but my husband- my children’s father. My husband grew up in fast-food home without vegetables and fruit on the table, so I was taking a risk bringing him to Souplantation, but he put on a brave face and went. He set a good example to his children to change his eating habits. Now he, as well as the children, consider Souplantation to be one of their favorites places to dine. Happy healthy eating!

  342. We are a stepfamily of eight people, and our kids range from 8-19. We also host all of the kids’ friends, most often the kids whose parents are single (we’ve been there ourselves) or too busy to be around much. So we are always feeding someone on my husband’s income, since I am a SAHM. We would love to be able to treat Pops/Dad to Sweet Tomatoes and give my husband a much-needed break. I am grateful to him for loving my children the same way he does his own; with kindness, patience, and generosity. I want to show him how much he means to all of us! We would go to the Sweet Tomatoes in Henderson, NV.

  343. I would celebrate Fathers Day and use the catering at home, because every special occasion it is a tradition to be at my house with my family, and that’s where we will be for Fathers Day. Although my own Father hasn’t been in my life for a long time, my Grandfather and Step Dad mean so much to me and I always try to make them feel as special as they are to me. πŸ™‚

  344. If I had the awesome chance to win this for my dad, I’d invite my aunts and uncles over and we’d enjoy the meal together just like when we were growing up. We got together every weekend for a meal! We all love Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes and how cool would it be to enjoy it in our home! πŸ™‚

  345. I’d celebrate at home with family, friends, & Souplantation. The chicken wonton happiness is one of my favorites.

  346. When family visits us here in Largo FL from as far away as Seoul Korea and Maine, we always take them to Sweet Tomatoes. As my husband is a diabetic, he has a wide variety of items he can select from and still maintain his sugars to stay in good health. Great food selections!!!!!! AND, being seniors, they are always offering special savings for us; such as eat between 2-5 and get your drinks free!! What more could you ask for:) Always recommending to folks to try out Sweet Tomates….can’t go wrong.

  347. My Favorite Memory is when my Dad and I Decided We Wanted a Healthy Salad and Maybe a Little Something For That Sweet Tooth To. It was a Special Treat GettingTo Spend The Day With Dad and Going to The Souplantation. THE FOOD WAS FRESH THE PEOPLE WERE DELIGHTFUL AND BEST OF ALL I GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH MY DAD!!!!!!


  349. My Dad is no longer with us and I miss the times with him. We have 4 children, 2 that we live near here in the Tucson, AZ area. My husband is a great dad. He has many health problems and is on disability, but loves spending time with our kids and their kids. We have 10 grandchildren with another coming in Aug. My Dad enjoyed 9 of our grandchildren when he passed. We love spending time with our family. We are living in a 91 RV, traveling and sharing God’s love, and family and friends. Our daughter in law serves in the Army and our son takes care of their 2 children. We don’t get to spend much time with our children together, so anytime we are near we go out and celebrate being together. Our children here in the Tucson area live on opposite ends of the Tucson area. My Dad loved our big family and the kids miss him, so when we are together, we share our favorite stories about Dad. The kids love their Dad and enjoy getting together with him and the grandkids love their Poppa!

  350. Reply to this post by telling us where you would celebrate with your FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10.

    I would celebrate at my home in Rancho Cucamonga Ca. I would love to be able to throw my dad a get together for his upcoming wedding. We love Soup Plantation so this would be perfect to make my dads festivities even more memorable.

  351. We would get the family together at my parents’ house, and enjoy this good food in the backyard during a nice summer evening!

  352. My favorite memory is when my husband and our kids and grandkids go he always tries all the soups. Then hes like a soup taster, he makes a whole presentation to the kids and thats their high light of our visit. Its sorta like our ritual, he helps the grandkids with their salad, exposing them to try all the veggies in a fun and entertaining way, I’ve never seen salad making more entertaining and fun. Then when their done with veggies its desert time or sometimes more veggies are requested by the kids. It always makes us smile how Papa is so good with those grandbabies getting them to eat their veggies.

    We would like if we win the Souplantation in Lakewood, California

    My name is Lucinda Guerrero – Nana

  353. When we’d go visit my dad we loved going to Souplantation (and still do!). We could always get a table big enough for the grandparents, kids and grandkids, and everyone could always find something they’d eat (quite a feat what with picky little ones and dietary restrictions for some of us). We’re having our next family reunion dinner there!

  354. My husband is on a strict gluten free, dairy free diet. Since starting the diet his health has improved dramatically. Sweet Tomatoes is one of the few places he can eat so imagine his delight when we went with our two young children the first time and he was able to have a healthy hearty salad, soup and fruit meal. Finding a place to eat is so challenging and finding this gem was a great memory. We would have the catered dinner at out house in St Louis Month for my husband and his 4 kids – 2 adult and 2 young kids along with his 4 grandkids. It would be an awesome Father’s Day surprise!

  355. If I win, I will celebrate at our home with my husband and my oldest son, this is his second year being a father, my husband and I love to eat at Souplantation!!!!

  356. Our family would congregate at the Sweet Tomatoes in Houston (Katy Freeway- Hedwig Village location)

  357. If I win I would enjoy Sweet Tomatoes with my husband, 4 daughters and their friends on a Sunday after church. Can’t think of anything better than a Sunday with the family.

  358. My dad loves Sweet Tomatoes in Cary, NC. We often go there when ever we want to eat warm muffins and great salad…and also soup, pasta, ice cream (with deliciouos toppings)……the list never ends…
    The best place to celebrate Father’s Day with my friends – the one and only – that is Sweet Tomatoes…

  359. Favorite memory of a father figure: When I graduated in college as a cum laude, my dad went up the stage with me and lovingly whispered ” You are my trophy”. I’m proud to say I’m a daddy’s girl. He’s the wind beneath my wings.

    If I win, I would like to celebrate it in Souplantation in Torrance.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  360. Whenever we think of healthy food…it has to be Souplantation for sure..! and this was introduced by father of our family/my child’s father/my husband. πŸ™‚ We often visit Souplantation after having weeks of unhealthy food… this conquers the guilt. My child too loves it esply the veg soups on the menu. I can never think of our visit to Souplantation been boring or without surprises. Wish to celebrate this ‘Father’s day’ with our small family with Sunday brunch at Souplantation.


  361. My favorite memory with my dad at Souplantation was when he would randomly meet friends from work, from childhood, and from his tennis group while eating. The best moment was when we met up with my aunt (my dad’s sister) and her family by coincidence! It was one of the few unplanned family gatherings, and they always seem to take place at Souplantation (or where I come from, Sweet Tomatoes). πŸ™‚

    If I am selected, I will definitely have it at my house. It will be the perfect meal for a family gathering…but this time at home (and planned).

  362. If I win I would have a party for my husband and 9 other men who do great things for kids who don’t have fathers in their lives. My husband and friends are always there to help a child without a dad or father figure in their life. It may be just a simple toy on Christmas, a card for a birthday, a trip to the zoo or park. Sometimes its the little things that you do for a child that counts and they go all out for these kids. I love Sweet Tomatoes and I know they would enjoy the time to mix and mingle with some very good food.

  363. I would celebrate in my home and invite several young men who have been “sons”. My wife and I do not have children, but through our church we mentor some young men and women. Currently, I have three young men, ranging from 24-33, single-in a relationship-married, and through the process of mentoring, I am like a type of “father” to them and they have honored me that way. It would be a treat to have them, my wife, and their girlfriends, wives and/or children join us for this special meal. One young man and I spent many “dinners” at Sweet Tomatoes, talking and walking through some of the difficulties in his life. He is now married with a 9-month old son and living in Gibraltar. We keep in touch by email and Skype.

  364. I would take my pops, brother and husband to sweet tomatoes in Tucson near wetmore. My dad loves the fresh salads and soups. Love all of it!

  365. My favorite memory was one of the first times I went to soupplantaition. We were on a father daughter date. Lunch and a movie. We were laughing and and really enjoying ourselves. I remember my dad saying how impressed he was with the food. He said it was so fresh and clean. My father passed about a month later. Everytime I go to soupplantaition I think of the wonderful times we had. If I do win I would like to have the party at the soupplantaition in Costa Mesa, Ca.

  366. If I win, we would have a party for Dad at our new home we just moved in. That will be the best treat for Dad!

  367. I love Souplantation.I go there once a week. I would love to get the catering for the first time. I will spending with my family. We are going to celebrate in catalina island.

  368. My Dad always loves the all-you-can-eat types of places, and especially those where the food is top-notch like Souplantation. I used to live in Sunnyvale, where there was a Sweet Tomatoes within a mile of my house, and was so disappointed when I moved to Temecula and there was no Sweet Tomatoes. Then I learned that Souplantation was the same thing, and we found one that we could go to when we visited San Diego, and that was good. But then they built a Souplantation right here in Temecula, less than a mile away! Life is good!

  369. Last year on my birthday I wanted to have a Souplantation feast with my husband and children…we were expecting a baby at the time and all I was craving was a blueberry muffin and chicken wonton happiness salad….we were set to go after fetal monitoring except the dr decided that the baby would have to be delivered that day…I cried like a baby it was mothers day weekend and my birthday and all I wanted to do was celebrate with my family…the baby was born 6 weeks early the next day….my husband slept in the nicu with the baby…when I woke up on mothers day morning I was able to see the baby for the first time…when they wheeled me back to the room my husband had gone to souplantation and bought all of my favorites the nurse gave him real plates and silverware and little plastic champagne glasses…he and our two bigger kids hugged me and wished me a happy mothers day….my husband is a great father he knows how much our family loves souplantation so if it means putting in an extra shift at work so we can eat there he does it. We plan to take him to souplantation for fathers day sinced last year the baby was in the hospital…

  370. I would have to say that each and every time we go to Soupie (yes that is what our family calls it), my husband always seems to snatch something from the kids trays, and convinces them that they either ate it already, or make them think that they really hadn’t grabbed that specific item. It’s hilarious, because then the kids start blaming each other, or even me! But never accuse him. We always have a blast, and are probably the loudest table every with all the laughter that comes out of our mouths!

  371. My favorite memory of my dad was him teaching me and my sister how to fish when I was only 5 years old.
    He would take us in the front yard and teach us to cast, over and over and over I might add.
    He was so patient with us.
    He taught us how to tie a hook on the line, how to bait the hook and everything we would need to know to go fishing.
    He also taught us the love of nature. Because of that, I love everything from the mountains to the sea.
    Best dad ever!

  372. My family loves soup plantation! We celebrate all our special occassions there. My favorite memory with my father at soup plantation was when we were there celebrating his birthday. My dad is a pretty reserved fellow. So, we wanted to sing him happy birthday and he is sooo shy, he didnt want the entire restaurant staring at him. So we all whipered the happy birthday song to him. He had the cheesiest smile and was blushing. It wss the cutest thing ever. Got to love him! He was a single father who raised my brother and i. He is my hero! We plan to celebrate fathers day at soup plantation! So if we won, we would want to have our catering at.soup plantation. Its our favorite spot!

  373. When I was a little girl, maybe 4 years old? We lived in a small town in New Hampshire, this was the early 70’s. My dad agreed to be a coach for the local little league, even though his only child was years away from being old enough to play. One thing my dad was insistent about was that girls be allowed to play. In the early 70’s this was a completely radical idea. He was given a lot of push back from all the other coaches, but the town counsel agreed that girls should be allowed to play. The drama/debate had played out in the town newspaper and they actually had a lot of girls sign up with the league. When the teams were assigned, each team in the league had one girl. Except my dads team. He had 6 girls and 5 boys on his team. They had fun that season but didn’t make it very far. Next year, similar team assignment. But the next year. My dad’s team won the championship.

  374. My father figure asked us to join him for Sunday dinner after church at Sweet Tomatoes in JAX. We had such as sweet time of fellowship we have made it a weekly affair … inviting old friends and new visitors alike to join in the fun. Our expanded family has made it a ‘special’ place for those occasions when we’re looking for fun and frugal…with three healthy boys 17, 22 and 27 we do this as often as we can!

  375. The favorite memory of my father is when he walked me down the isle to get married. He had never really teared-up in front of me before like that day when he let his daughter go. I will always remember.

  376. One of my favorite memories with my dad was when my winter guard team was at World Championships in Dayton, Ohio this past April. Unfortunately, our team did not make finals, but we decided to have fun the next day by having all of the team members and parent volunteers go bowling! Our band director got a phone call from someone at the Championship headquarters and he told everyone on our team to quickly go back onto the bus. My dad asked me what was going on and I said, “I have no clue!” We were all confused. After we all filed back into the bus, our band director grabbed the microphone and announced that we were heading back to the Championship Arena because I was the winner of the 2012 Winter Guard International Scholarship! Instantly, my dad burst into tears. He was so proud of me! I started to cry too at the sight of my dad. It was a special memory when my dad got to watch me receive my scholarship award. He always supports me in all of extra curricular activities and academics. Whenever I have a competition or performance, his smiling face is always in the crowd, cheering me and my team on. I leave for college this year, and it would be very nice to give my dad a special dinner to thank him for all of his love and support!

  377. My fondest Father’s Day memory is when my mom woke us up and surprised us that my dad was home from Vietnam in June of 1968. If was the month of my birthday and my dad took us out late (a big deal) to get ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.
    One of our children’s favorite things is making a dessert from the softserve at Sweet Tomatoes.
    We introduced my parents to Sweet Tomatoes when they came to visit us and their grandchildren when we lived in the bay area of California. We now live in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs and were very happy when the opened a Sweet Tomatoe in Schaumburg by Woodfield Mall.

  378. When I was three years old, my dad would be getting ready for work and I would keep him company while my little brother and my mom slept.

  379. We would celebrate with a pool party at our house with our entire family – parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins – everyone. Sweet Tomatoes food would make it much easier and more delicious!

  380. My Dad’s comment upon his first visit to Souplantation for lunch: “If I sit here until dinner, it counts as one meal.”

  381. My two little ones want to celebrate their lovely Daddy’s Day at Arlington’s Sweet Tomatos. They say the foods over there are so healthy and delicious. They also want me to keep this a secret to daddy. I DEFINITELY will DO.

  382. I would celebrate with a FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10 by inviting my family to our home to celebrate not only Father’s Day, but also my husband’s 63rd birthday!

  383. If we win the catered dinner for dad. We’ll eat in our home. My husband, my dad, my father in law will all love having a family meal together, where they celebrate what a treasure it is being a dad. Topped off by yummy food from Soup Plantation it will be a Father’s Day celebration to remember.

  384. Last year on my birthday I wanted to have a Souplantation feast with my husband and children…we were expecting a baby at the time and all I was craving was a blueberry muffin and chicken wonton happiness salad….we were set to go after fetal monitoring except the dr decided that the baby would have to be delivered that day…I cried like a baby it was mothers day weekend and my birthday and all I wanted to do was celebrate with my family…the baby was born 6 weeks early the next day….my husband slept in the nicu with the baby…when I woke up on mothers day morning I was able to see the baby for the first time…when they wheeled me back to the room my husband had gone to souplantation and bought all of my favorites the nurse gave him real plates and silverware and little plastic champagne glasses…he and our two bigger kids hugged me and wished me a happy mothers day….my husband is a great father he knows how much our family loves souplantation so if it means putting in an extra shift at work so we can eat there he does it. We plan to take him to souplantation for fathers day since last year the baby was in the hospital…we want him to enjoy his special day at his favorite place!

  385. Our family always go the the Souplantation here in Brea, CA. If I win, I will share them with my family at my grandpa’s house – 4 generations!

  386. My favorite memory at Souplantation with my dad would be when I had a terrible day and called him to tell him about it. He told me to meet up with him for lunch and we went to Souplantation! Not only did the great food cheer me up, but spending time with my dad definitely turned my day around. I’ll always remember that day. THANKS DAD! THANKS SOUPLANTATION!

  387. My dad and I discovered Souplantation on one of his visits to see me in San Diego, where I had moved from our home in NJ. We were awed by the yummy variety of veggies, soups and breads, so we ate at Souplantation at least once per day (and sometimes twice) for the rest of my dad’s visit. This became our ritual. Every time my dad came to visit me, we would head straight to Souplantation and sit there for hours, enjoying the food and each other’s company. My dad always talked about how much he wished there was a Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes location near New Jersey. A few years later, I got married, had children and moved to Hawaii. There was a lot I missed about the mainland but nowhere as much as Souplantation. My dad began visiting me in Honolulu, and we reminisced about Souplantation every time we headed out to find somewhere to eat. We even talked about making a trip to SoCal just so we can eat at Souplantation. I can’t describe my happiness at moving back to San Diego a few months ago. My dad has already booked a visit.

  388. One of my favorite memories with my dad was our hiking trip when I was about 12 or 13 years old. We went to the blue hole, it took 5hours to hike into the steep mountain woods to get to our camp spot, once we set up we stayed for a week and during that time we walked more to get to the blue hole which is a place that has a bunch of beautiful pools made from nature it starts off a mountain side and goes down to a big river, there was warm pools also and water snakes passing every so often it was so amazing how nature can look so beautiful from God! Me and my dad had an awesome time camping, hiking and having a new adventure! I love my dad so much and we love to eat at sweet tomatoes for a healthy meal;) we would love to share the delicious food that sweet tomatoes provides at my parents house;)!!!

  389. My dad and I love Sweet Tomatoes. My favorite part is the salad bar (obviously) but he likes the delicious variety of soups, particularly Chicken Noodle. We are going tonight for my birthday AND on Sunday for Father’s Day :o)

  390. If I won, I’d have a private party for my immediate family. We don’t hang out nearly as much as we should and this would be a great excuse!

    1. I would celecrate with 10 family member at the Souplantation. The kids in the family really do love eating there. We could have a private party

  391. My husband loves sweet tomato. we always go & have our Sunday lunches over there. the best food ever.
    thank you for all your hard work.

  392. I thinkif I were to celebrate, id celebrate at my aunts house because my place is kind of small. My relationship with my dad is not soo good but if I win, I think he’ll appreciate it alot. He loves food and soup plantation would be THE BEST, because its my favoeite place! Hopefully ill be able to win this for dad!

  393. My family & My husband love sweet tomato. we always go & have our Sunday lunches over there. the best food ever. The employees are very nice & helpful, too.
    thank you for all your hard work.

  394. My favorite memory is the look on my father’s face when we stood at the top of the stairs looking out over everyone as we were about to walk down the aisle. He was so happy and proud, and I was so glad to be sharing that moment with him.

    If we won catering we would celebrate at my parent’s home in Poway, CA, and have my whole family over, including my new neice Claire. My father loves being the patriach of our growing family!!

  395. My family has been enjoying wonderful meals at the Tigard, OR Sweet Tomatoes. We look forward to continuing our tradition of dining at ST!
    Ron Burian

  396. Well, we would celebrate wtih the meal for ten in our backyard. We’d set up the long tables and set out the summer plates and glasses. Get some nice white wines (cause red does not really go with salad) and have the family over for “linner”.

  397. I go to Soup Plantation about 3/4 times a month. It has everything that I enjoy – soup, salad, muffins, desserts and drinks. Not to mention all the goodies that go on the soup and salad.
    If I were to win, I would have it at my place. We are close to Soup Plantation and it would be
    easy for you to deliver. My husband would love it b/c all the family would be together to celebrate his day. I look forward to surprising him with this blessing if I win.

  398. My favorite memory of my dad was when he’d come home around midnight; after working 8 hours all day and going straight from work to night college, he would sit down and tutor me on my algebra. What a long day for him and what a dad!!

  399. My favorite memory of eating at Sweet Tomatoes is when my dad and my grandpa went out to eat here at the Pleasant Hill location. I enjoyed being able to go with them, I usually only go with my husband so it was fun getting to hang out with them there and seeing all the foods and salads they made for themselves.

    If I won a free catering party for 10, I would invite my family up near my house and go to Taylor Mountain for one of the best picnics in the world. Not only would we be eating healthy, fresh, delicious foood, we would also be outside in a beautiful area. I would make sure we stayed for the sunset.

  400. All the men in my life love Souplantation: my husband, my dad, my father-in-law and my son. So picking just one favorite memory is hard…
    …The day my husband first tried Joan’s Broccoli Madness and insisted on meeting “Joan” to thank her personally?
    …The time my father-in-law and my dad competed to see who could perfectly swirl the biggest mound of soft-serve frozen yogurt into their bowl?
    …Or maybe that proud parental moment when my son put salad and veggies on his plate because he wanted to, not because we told him to?

  401. My body always feel “clean” after I have dined at “Sweet Tomatoes”. Good selections, and a very polite staff. my choice for at least once a week.

  402. julie
    Every Sunday for the last 25 years we have a family brunch at my home to celebrate our gift called “dad.” As time has gone by, friends now join us, and my dad really loves being the center of attention for one day each week. He loves his five grandkids, friends, and children surrounding him with love, food and conversation. It would be fantastic to have the addition of a Sweet Tomatoe Meal to be our centerpiece for a day!!!

  403. If I won, this would be perfect for my husband (and father of my kids) to enjoy lunch with the guys right here at home and then watch the NBA Finals game without worrying about rushing home. When sports are on TV on Father’s Day, he is always torn between going out with the family or staying home to watch. If I won, he could do both!

  404. We go to Souplantation all the time as a family. The kids love their mac n cheese and blueberry muffins. It’s so sweet that when it comes to dessert time, our two toddlers know that dad is going to be the one to take them. They go off with dad, tell him what flavors or toppings they want while I get to sit and enjoy the rest of my meal. The kids come back so happy that dad got them their treat of choice.

  405. I love to go to Souplantation with my dad and my little brother. We go every week on Fridays after school. We have a great time together eating and talking. It’s our favorite place!
    We would love to win this for our daddy!

    Lola, 7 years old and Julian, 4 years old

  406. If I win this catering deal, I will have a meal sharing at my house with another 9 dads that are in the Military, or dependent husbands of military stationed at the base next to our house. Specially focusing on the ones that have spouses deployed or single dads.

  407. We already planned to celebrate Father’s Day with a lunch at Souplantation, but If I win I will celebrate it at my home. We are 8 in our family and it will be a great opportunity to invite our neighbors who are and old sweet couple.

  408. If we win we would celebrate not only Father’s day but my brother-in-law’s birthday which happens to be on Father’s Day this year. My mother-in-law is also celebrating her 80th birthday. This would be a very special day for my husband and the rest of the family in Boca Raton, FL

  409. If I won the contest, I would celebrate at my house, and invite my immediate family to join in on the celebration.

  410. Hi, If I win the free cattering. I would enjoy it with my kids and wife and I will invite my next door neighbors since they are great. They love my kids and all the time care about us. Thanks Souplantation for promoting family values!

  411. I have wonderful memories of Fathers Day at the beach with my Dad who isn’t with us anymore and I miss him. But for my husband and his father (who is under Hospice care) we would celebrate anywhere my father in law would like to be. The important part of Father’s Day is letting them know how much we appreciate them. My husband has been a fantastic Father. He and I love Sweet Tomates.

  412. I would have the whole familey over. it would be a great time to have the whole familey over. we dont have them over enought with everyones busy life. and we could enjoy good food and laughs together.

  413. We would celebrate at home. My husband and son are such a team! My husband has helped my son get into shape at the gym and then they enjoy their lunch at Sweet Tomatoes 3 times a week! What a way to bond and get in shape! Love the men in my life! Thanks Sweet Tomatoes.

  414. I would celebrate at work. I work for a Weight Loss Clinic and I would love to share healthy food with my co-workers, and possibly invite some patients too!

  415. If we should win I would event the elderly men that live alone from my church to celebrate Father’s Day at our home with my husband and kids.

  416. We would celebrate a 55 1/2 Birthday and Father’s Day for my husband. His Birthday is too close to Christmas to get people together, so we could celebrate at our house to honor him as an incredible father, grandfather, husband and friend for his 55 1/2 Birthday!

  417. Always fresh, clean and inviting to the eye. No one watches you or tells you when to stop. Big eaters really get a bargain. We small eaters get our choices and even over eat because if you don’t like what you got, you can replace it with something else — forever. Work staff very affible and here when you need them.

  418. My fondest memories of my dad is when he used to wake my sister, Lisa and I up way before the sun rose to take us fishing. We would fish all morning long and, of course, we would get a dime for the first fish, the smallest fish, the most fish and the biggest fish. We always had a great time baiting the hook and just talking, joking and laughing while we sat on the shore of San Luis Reservoir. We would watch him clean the fish at the end of the morning and then, proudly take them back to my mother who cooked them for dinner.

  419. My father is no longer with us, but my husband and son-in-law are GREAT fathers and we would celebrate lakeside!

  420. We would celebrate at my father-in-law’s house. in his memory of passing last year. He loved to eat Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes.

  421. Sweet Tomatoes is my all time favorite place to eat on Sunday’s after church. My father passed away many years ago. My son-law is a great dad to my grandchildren, he deserves a great Father’s Day treat. I love to give him gifts on this great day!!!! Happy Father’s day to all fathers.

  422. If I won we would celebrate in San Diego at our favorite Souplantation. We grew up going out to eat at Souplantation since I was born. I now live and work in Los Angeles while the rest of my family lives in San Diego. Which is about 2 .5 hours away. Sometimes longer if traffic is very heavy. I don’t get home very often and miss spending family time together at the Souplantation on Clairemont Mesa Blvd & I-805. My favorite memory of my Dad at Souplantation is when we were young he taught us how to make a cookie sandwich using frozen yogurt and chocolate chip cookies the staff gave us. I still look forward to this treat when we get together at Souplantation.

  423. My favorite memory of my dad at Sweet Tomatoes is of him joking with me about my mom holding up the line at the salad bar entrance (her plate looked like a salad version of Mt. Everest!). If I won, I’d celebrate my catering party for 10 at my house with my family and friends, and we’d have a wonderful, funderful day. =D

  424. We’d definately be celebrating at my daughter’s house. She has more room then I do, seems to be our go to place!

  425. A confirmed non-vegetable eater, our Dad has warmed up to salad by trying little bits of things on his way to the soup station. We eat there twice a week now. He gets grumpy when we have to skip a night because he loves the variety and the frozen yoghurt!

  426. Unfortunately, I don’t have any memories of my father and I dining at Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes because he passed away over a decade ago. But I have been to the restaurant with a very dear friend’s father, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and great food.

    If I won, I’d invite friends to celebrate at the local park with some food, great company, a few crazy dogs, and (hopefully) some sunshine.

  427. To be able to celebrate at our church would bring excitement and blessings to each and every father in our congregation. Although our church is very small, the few fathers that attend the church will feel blessed along with the children of theirs. I feel that the church will appreciate the event a lot!

  428. I think this would make a great family outting to Travel Town, the outdoor train museum in Griffith Park. A day of exploring the stationary train cars, riding the ones still travelling the tracks, and sharing family memories with the good, healthy food from Souplantation.

  429. My Sweet Tomato memory is that whenever my dad comes to town for a visit, that is where we head for dinner. My dad lives far away and so it is pretty rare that I get to see him anymore. I don’t think there is a ST where he lives, so he enjoys going when he IS here. My kids love ST too! Everyone can choose just what THEY want, so everyone is happy. As for where we would eat our free meal………we would invite over a few good friends and eat a Father’s day feast, right here at home! Thanks for a chance to win.

  430. Sweet Tomatoes party for 10? Say it aint so!! Sounds like it’s time for a pool party! That’s were our family and our SUPER dad’s would celebrate the big day and fantastic food! YUMMY! We love Sweet Tomatoes and visit all the time πŸ™‚

  431. If I won I would use it for a housewarming with all of the people who helped me move in to my new home <3

  432. If we won a fabulous catering party for ten from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes we would celebrate poolside on the green @ our Apt. complex. We have an extended family of male role models who never get to see each other often enough. In addition, our eldest son just got home from the military and has not had a chance to visit with all of our family members yet. What a wonderful way to help make our “get together” special.

  433. My dad and I would have “father daughter days” where we would do a fun activity accompanied by a meal. Sweet Tomatoes was one of our favorite stops because of the friendly atmosphere and variety of great food!

  434. getting together for anything is hard enough in this day and time.everyone is everywhere.the one time outside of christmas and mothers day is fathersday that we get together.the one place we go is soup plantation,we have vegans/vegetarians and carnivors.its the one place everyone can eat and not have to worry.the one thing my dad just can’t get enough of that we always talk about is his ability to mix it up.his favorite is what he calls chili/mac.thats the chili mixed with mac n cheese and the squa bread.he turns 80 this year and is looking foorward to the car show/souplantation. good memories and good food! life is good!

  435. I had a great time last year on Father’s Day at Souplantation. My parents came out for their 1st visit to the West Coast last year and we were leaving on our 4 hour drive to Las Vegas from SoCal. My dad loves to eat salad and be healthy as much as possible. We visited the Souplantation in Brentwood and had a delightful lunch to prepare for our drive. He was surprised to see how fresh the ingredients were, and had his helping of cornbread too (my favorite) It was a pleasant time to sit outdoors, eat healthy and affordable, but also have a little room for dessert. If I won this free catered lunch I host it at my office in West LA to show everyone at work how delicious the food is, I am addicted to Souplantation. πŸ™‚ Great job guys.

  436. I will Thrill to win !!! we love Souplantation, what a better way to celebrate my husband who is a wonderful father; and of course my father, who is a such a great grandpa with my kids, and a father figure to my niece. I’m ready and my home is open to receive @souplantation!!!

  437. I went to souplantation with my father and my family after I graduated from college. He is so proud of me and since he hasn’t been around for most of my life, he was able to get to know me and the person I have become over great salad and soup.
    We would celebrate father’s day at my sisters house where she has a pool and plenty of room for 10.

  438. I have a single parent that raised both my two sisters and I. It’s not an easy job being both parents, but my mom is the BEST DAD I can ever ask for. I think single moms don’t get enough credit for the double time they put in to make up for the absence of a father. My best souplantation memory with my mom/dad was when we decided as a family to become vegetarians. The first place that popped in our head was Souplantation so we wen’t there for dinner since it has a very vegertarian-freindly selection. It was a great way to start our new diet, and my family has been vegetarians for over 6 years! If i were to celebrate, I would like to celebrate at home. There is really nothing like spending time as a family in the house that my mom built for my sisters and I! And I know that my mom would appreciate this Father’s Day surprise so much. She would be proud to represent all the strong single parents that take on this huge responsibility for not just one day out of the year, but every single day.

  439. Our family of 5 eat at Sweet Tomatoes as a treat. I love watching my children suggest things they have created to their dad. Such as a soup with a certain topping or the shredded zucchini added. Then they have huge smiles when their dad likes it too and tells them great idea. The face that Sweet Tomatoes allows us to have a healthy family style dinner is the best especially since we don’t get that very often around here.
    If we won the catering we would probably have it at my mother-in-laws since she has yet to had Sweet Tomatoes and we enjoy having family dinners with her and our other extended family. We have told her she needs to come with us when we go but we haven’t been able to make it work with our schedules …it will happen sometime soon I hope!! Thanks for the healthy buffet of YUMMM! -Sarah Raleigh NC

  440. My dad always takes us to Souplantation and loves bringing their brocolli salad kits from Costco to pot lucks. We are a close family and I would love to bring the party to him if I won. That would be so awesome. Our Immediate family is exactly 11 people which would be just perfect since the catering is for 10 people, I’ll be the 11th person so that my family could enjoy it. I would love to win this for him.

  441. Probably would be a conflict of interest, but if I won, I would like it catered at our local McDonald’s in Denver…this is my elderly parents’ favorite hangout. They go every morning around 8:30 and meet up with their friends for their favorite coffee. It would be so nice for them to enjoy their favorite chicken noodle soup as well!

  442. Since my family lives in another state, I would celebrate the catering party (if I won) at one of the local Florida State Parks, outside enjoying the sunshine and frivolity with my closest friends who’ve become my family.

  443. My favorite memory with my father was almost two years ago, which was the first time he had ever set foot in a Souplantation. My sisters and I invited dad to eat at Souplantation because we figured it would be a good way to deviate his taste pallet from what he was usually accustomed to eating; which was Mexican cuisine (which is how he was raised). My dad was very skeptical about going to Souplantation because he thought that soup was not a “complete” meal, little did he know that soup was the underlying foundation of the meal. Dad was mesmerized with the assorted salads, freshly baked breads, pastas and fresh fruit and desserts. Long story short, it has become one of his favorite restaurants and we try to go at least twice a month.

  444. My dad was just diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol about a month ago that completely shocked and scared us like nothing else could. My dad, who I lovingly nickname POPS, has been my central figure throughout my life, and even more so now as an adult. My folks divorced when I was young and It was a messy divorce with both sides volatile and aggressive. However, thoughout the chaos of trying to raise 4 girls in 2 separate homes, my dad stuck around and was a daily figure in our lives. He is my heart and my soul and for him to be threatned with poor health was an arrow straight through my heart. I’ve always loved Soup Plantation but now, I made sure that instead of having a friend accompany me, I made sure my co-pilot was my dad. “Hungry daddy…wow, me too…let’s hit Soup Plantation…coupons!!!!”…and so we’ve been going faithfully for the past month savoring strawberry muffins with its sidekick of strawberry butter. Corn chowder was amazing along with the ambondiga soup! Just heaven and a better alternative to Fantastic Burgers:) My dad now craves the FRESHNESS of the salad bar and is always looking forward to seeing what types of soups are on display for the week. I hope we win but if we don’t, we need no excuse to get our Soup Plantation on!

  445. I’d gather dad and his friends, head to the marina near his home, and enjoy a celebration of sailing and feasting with our Sweet Tomatoes banquet. Anchors away!

  446. My fondest memory of Soup Plantation was when my children were 3 and 4 years old (they are now 17 & 18). My husband loved going to Soup Plantation (and still does) because he knew there was enough variety, at a reasonable price, to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Our son was a very picky eater and Soup Plantation was one of the few places we could dine at where he would actually eat. My husband loved that we were going to a restaurant that didn’t have just “nuggets & fries” – it had fresh, healthy, tasty choices for his tastebuds, that made his children happy too! If we are awarded the dinner for ten we would celebrate at the Soup Plantation located in the San Diego Community of Rancho Bernardo in California. πŸ™‚

  447. Souplantation is our guilt-less pleasure we enjoy every Friday for dinner after an afternoon at the YMCA working out and swimming. The entire family looks forward to Friday’s. Our favorite item on the menu is the Tuna Tarragon, oh and the Lentil & Chili Soup, oh and the Brocolli Salad, oh and the Mac N Cheese, oh and the Cheesy Bread, I can go on and on. There is nothing that we do not like or have not tried at least once and will sometimes go back for seconds. We are a Souplantation Family!!!

  448. Since I’m a vegetarian, Sweet Tomatoes has been a great place for us.
    In the past we’ve gone camping on Father’s Day but haven’t had the time.
    Dad has been so busy with work & house projects it would be a nice treat to spend some quiet time with his family sharing a meal together.

  449. My father has not been in my life, my uncle is the greatest man on earth for being my father figure. The greatest time I’ve shared with him is when he taught me to drive. He went so out of his way and was so patient and reassuring. Im so thankful to have him in my life.

  450. One of the most memorable moments with my Grandpa and I is one time when I was 11 years old. I was really sick with the flu and had a project due the next day on the Planetary System. Since I was so sick I, I put a few pieces of Styrofoam together, wrote the name of the planets in crayon, and fell asleep. So when my grandpa came home from work he saw my project and noticed that I was asleep because I felt sick, so he stayed up all night fixing my project and adding so many details and texture. I ended up getting the best grade in the class and was entered into a science contest by my teacher because the project was so outstanding. Soup plantation is a place we go to weekly to capture special moments with each other and to enjoy delicious, healthy foods. So if I won the free Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10, I would celebrate it in Redondo Beach because my grandpa loves the ocean.

  451. If I won the catered party, I’d have it at the park near my in-law’s so that the kids could play and it would be close enough for the older folks to walk over or minimize their drive.

  452. My husband is such a very nice man that even though the 2 important persons in his life does not acknowledge the important days in his life most of the time, he keeps the hurt in his heart. I would like to win this catering for him and to share the celebration with all the important people in his life and to have it at our house. Soup Plantation is one of his favorite places for dinner. We always enjoy our times there. It will be greatly appreciated.

  453. My dad likes to go to Souplantation with us because my daughter loves Souplantation. His favorite item is “to spend time with his grandchildren.” But seriously, my dad likes the variety of vegetables he gets at Souplantation, because he is getting old (83) and eating right is so important these days. We will be going there this week to celebrate Father’s Day with him, thanks to the new Senior’s Special Discount.

  454. We would celebrate at my Mom’s house. She is 96 and unable to get out. She and my Dad loved to come in and build-your-own salad! It would be a wonderful memory for the whole family.

  455. My Dad and I both love going to Sweet Tomatoes. We love salads and find that it is the best way to each make our own unique salad for a great price–so many fresh toppings!

  456. If we were to win this I would have it at my parents place. My parents are both having health issues. Hopefully my mother will be released from the hospital today. My dad has other health issues that prevents him ftom going out right now. So we could have our father’s day dinner in their home. With my husband and our 5 kids.

  457. My dad and I love Sweet Tomatoes. My favorite part is the salad bar (obviously) but he likes the delicious variety of soups, particularly Chicken Noodle. We are going tonight for my birthday AND on Sunday for Father’s Day )

  458. I remember my father-in-law last year interacting with my then 2 yr old daughter and just smiling as they talked about the food, the day and what she was doing in school. He adores her and it is an awesome sight for a dad to be a part of.

  459. My favorite memory of my father is when he used to come along to my elementary school field trips as an extra chaperon. He would make sure that everyone knew I was his daughter, no matter how embarrassing it was. He used to sit next to me on the school bus and maneuver himself from row to row as the bus turned, squishing whichever kids were sitting in that seat. He used to take me to Soup Plantation afterwords and make me feel better by letting me think I could eat more mini ice cream cones than him. His idea was that if you can’t laugh at your self or your old man, then you shouldn’t be laughing at anyone else. No matter how embarrassed I was, it was always fun to have him with me. I’m proud to call him my father and I love him dearly.

  460. If I won a catered party for 10, I would have it at my mother-in-laws house (provided she was ok with it) and then invites one of our family friends over. It’d make for a great afternoon!

  461. We would love souplantation catering at our home! My dad is the biggest souplantation fan. Whenever we eat out, the first place he suggests is souplantation-regardless if we already had it yesterday! We love the fresh ingredients and the variety; month to month souplantation brings back our favorites all year round. Plus, salads are healthy and nutritious. Our best memory together growing up is always hiking up the local park; we would go on our mini adventures together and see what interesting people we would spot that day.

  462. Growing up my family would always go to The Souplantation to celebrate birthdays or big achievements. One of my fondest memories was when my Dad picked me up from school one day and I told him I got a A on a math midterm. He was so proud and a a reward he treated me to The Souplantation. It was just he and I who went and it was so special to share a meal and talk with my Dad. Funny how the little things can have such a lasting impact on one.

    If I were to win the Father’s Day contest I would have the meal catered to my community pool by the harbor. My parents would be there, along with my husband and our children. Multiple generations sharing a delicious meal!

  463. When I started my new job I also started my new healthier lifestyle. One day I met my husband for lunch and shared with him that I was nervous because I hasn’t eaten out since changing my eating habits. He surprised me and took me to Sweet Tomatoes for the first time! The food was so fresh and I had multiple healthy choices. We had a great time together and it is our special lunch date spot. My husband is a great husband, friend, and father!!

  464. I would celebrate at home with my family. It would be great to spend a nice quiet relaxing day with my parents and kids. Not to mention we love Souplantation. Ive been to just about every Souplantation and sweet tomatoes from San Jose to Orange County.

  465. Most dads like to feast on big meaty meals; not my dad though. He loves veggies. In his eyes, souplantation is the epitome of a healthy dining out experience. Please come to our house! It would be a great experience and definitely memorable for our whole family!

  466. I’ll never forget the first time I took my Father in Law to Sweet tomatoes. My family was there (my husband and our four kids). My father and mother in law were visiting, and we wanted to find a good healthy place to eat at. We suggested sweet tomatoes, as it’s the only place with healthy food that our kids actually like to eat. My sister in law was visiting with them. By the time we got through the line, I looked at my mother, father, and sister in laws plates. I didn’t know you could pile that much salad on a plate. The three of them looked at what they had created and just laughed. To my surprise, my Father in law ate every last bite.

    1. Oh, and I forgot, I would have the meal at my house, with the father of my children, and my best friend’s family. My in-laws live in South Carolina, or we would eat with them.

  467. We love Souplantation! We celebrate most of our birthdays and holidays there! We absolutely love the tasty variety! My most fond memory is celebrating Valentines Day there with my parents, my husband and myself!

  468. If we won a catering party, we’d celebrate at our house. No matter where we go on vacation, my husband always says that in the end, home is his favorite place. The kids and I agree!

  469. My favorite memory of Souplantation is when my boys were very young, when we wanted to go out to dinner they would always want to go to “Souplantasia”. I don’t know why they changed the name, but it was cute. Now my husband, my boy’s stepfather, still calls it that when asking them if they want to go out for dinner. They always want to go there. He is a great dad to them.

  470. I remember going to souplantation as a little kid with my dad and him handing me a cone of ice cream before I got any real food. my mom was upset but I loved it! Dessert before dinner!

  471. My family has been through a really difficult and busy three months. Things have just started to sette down for us, so we would celebrate Father’s Day right in our home with family. Enjoying wonderful food from Sweet Tomatoes on Father’s Day with my wonderful husband and father of my children will be fabulous! Our closets Sweet Tomatoes is about 25 miles from us, and it’s always a special treat to go there.

  472. My dad would hardly come to visit but when he did he would always take me and my sister out to eat. We loved the time we got to spend with him. One memorie in particular was the first time we told him about souplantation. We went and he loved it. Me and my sister to this day remember that night. it was so much fun! Now my daughter’s father takes them to souplantation to make their own memories. If I were to win I would love to have the catering done at my house. Its big enough for ten people.

  473. My dad has worked hard and struggled to raise a family of 8 over the past 30 years. We didn’t always have everything we wanted, but dad always mad sure we had everything we needed, including a hot meal every night where the family could come together and share their day with one another. Since our family is soo big now, we rarely are able to come together to celebrate the holidays. If we won a sweet tomatoes meal our family would make sure to celebrate our amazing father in the privacy of our home, sharing fond memories of our childhood and enjoying each others company. My dad isn’t a man who ever asks for anything, but I know a family meal together would really make this one of the most special fathers day for him. Having the opportunity to see all his children and grand children would melt his heart. Not to mention he loves sweet tomatoes and would really enjoy seeing his family eating a healthful meal around the kitchen table. Please help make this a special day for a man who truly deserves to be appreciated for all he’s done, not only for his family, but for soo Many others as well.

  474. I would love to throw my husband a little surprse party at the park not only because he is a great father but also because he is deploying soon. I would love to get some family together to say goodbye for now. Also because when he returns we will have new orders and will probably be leaving Cali so it would be nice to get together with family one last time before we go. Thanks πŸ™‚

  475. I’ve been going to Souplantation with my dad for over 20 years. My favorite memory is just the entire experience of eating there with him and the rest of my family at the same location in Marina Del Rey, CA until its recent move to the Howard Hughes Center. I remember thinking my dad was the most brilliant person when he piled Frozen Yogurt on top of the chocolate brownie to make a brownie sundae I remember thinking “how come I never thought of that”. I know..such an obvious combination, but it never occurred to me.Our family still go every Sunday for Brunch (but closer to 11 am because he loves the chilequiles and he LOVES the Chili and they don’t put that out until Lunch time so we have to get the best of both worlds!) We always still get a bag of Chocolate Chip cookies and devour them at the table no matter how full we are. Our favorite waiter Delfino works on Sunday mornings as well so seeing him and my dad joke around is always the best. I love my dad and my entire family loves Souplantation so much (mother, brother, and husband included) and I would love to surprise him with a catered party at our house. We may even invite Delfino over πŸ™‚

  476. I’ve been to Souplantation many times with my family. We’ve even celebrated my mother’s birthday there. My most recent trips/memories of there with my father was when I was living with my folks while on disability. Great food and Mom didn’t have to cook. Or do dishes!!! Pops LOVES buffets and is quite well-versed when it comes to making his sundae for dessert. We would love to have this Father’s Day catered at Mom and Dad’s house not too far from your Temecula location. We could even invite over some neighbors that have known my parents since right after Mom and Dad got married….56 years ago this month!!!

    As this is a work email use my phone number to contact me, please, if I WIN!!!

  477. I would gather at my house to enjoy the FREE Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes catering party for 10. Hope we win! – Pops loves Soup Plantation.

  478. My son and I love meeting his Dad at Souplantation for lunch! His Dad carries him and points to everything he would like on his tray. Great memories!!

  479. My Dad has eight children, all married with wonderful family. Because of his love, guidance and care, we were well taken care of. None of us have gone astray. Thank you Dad for all your love and care. He is recently diagnosed with some health issue, and it will be really special if I can win this party for our family so that we may get together before he starts his treatment. We would like to do it in my home. Thank you for this opportunity!

  480. I would use the prize of catering for 10 to get together and remember my Dad. He is no longer with us but, what an awesome way to bring the people that love him together to remember and share stories of him with newer members of our family who did not have the opportunity to know him.

  481. If I won i’d celebrate it in our backyard so my dad can enjoy by relaxing in the pool and eating souplantation.

  482. If we won the free catering we would celebrate it in style just as we have for the past 6 years. Every Father’s Day for the past 6 years we have spent it with a picnic lunch/dinner at the cemetary with my father. 6 years ago my father passed and we make it a point to spend the afternoon with him. We also celebrate my husband, brother, brother in-law, and nephew in-law as well. It’s actually quite a beautiful setting surrounded by flowers and balloons everywhere. If you still have your Father or a father figure with you, make sure you hug him and/or at least tell him you love him everyday. I still tell my daddy I love him everyday.

  483. My brother in law is the reason why our family can have good memories because he is always the host of parties and family gatherings and the reason why many of us can get together. He is an amazing father to his two children. I would love to bring the party to him for a change. I’m sure he would love to have soup plantation cater at his house instead of him and my sister in law having to do all of the cooking and preparing.

  484. It would be a treat to celebrate at a friend’s home since our place is small to accommodate 10 adults. We have done this in the past and my best friend’s home is always open for any occasion.

  485. Fathers Day meant; growing up less fortunate, 1st we would hope our father would have t hat day off so we could celebrate him and recognizing him for the hard worker and provider he was. My memory and relation to Souplantaion is this. No matter what we had for dinner each evening, Dad always enjoyed a salad, as children was not always our preference but Dad instilled in us the importance or greens in our food and his model was a salad. The opportunities to gather with family at Souplantation included memories of our father having salads with every dinner, Do this day, Souplantation has become a tradition in my family.

  486. We’ll I love The Soup Plantation but my dad is not in the picture, my mother has ben playing both roles since I can remember and I always tell her how much I love her and take her to the soup plantation whenever we go =). So instead of celebrating my dad I would like to ask you to celebrate my neighbors dad because he is fighting cancer and is just getting better after about a year he seems to be gaining some weight and even though he is not cancer free he is starting to feel and look better. My neighbor Aymee. Has a great heart and manages to help her father and care for her child with downs syndrome at the same time and I think
    she deserves to celebrate her dad on this special Day because it might just bring a bigger smile to his face!! =D

  487. We would love to have a catered Souplantation Father’s Day Lunch here at our house for my sweet husband since his Father’s Day is playing second fiddle to graduation and birthdays this year. That would make his day!

  488. My POPS is TOPS because he taught me that monopoly is NOT just a game, football is NOT just a sport, he has taught me that hippos are not as scary as they seem, that the era of Doug and Rocket Power was the climax of Nickeolodeon Cartoons, he taught me how to ride a bike so well I killed a tree and took down a pile of logs all in one vacation, taught me how to catch a football by throwing it in my face and I learned how to skip rocks so well I hit the only human being in the back from 50 yards away. I inherited his humor (which can get me into trouble) and his ability to bs (which gets me out of trouble). But most of all my TOPS is POPS because he’s my pop and nobody else’s (besides my brother but we all know that he doesn’t count) finally beating him in street basketball, tangling Christmas lights and convincing him to go on water-slides that eventually lead to chipped teeth he still loves me enough to take me to soup plantation. So help a family out will ya? Fathers Day 2012 soup plantation style at moms house!

  489. One of my favorite memories of Souplantation and my dad was when we took our Guide-Dog-in-Training, King, with us to the Palmdale, CA branch. King learned alot, and we all enjoyed one of the few healthy restaurants that we can go to with Dad and the rest of the family.

  490. Soup and Salads bar was not tried before we moved to USA and California. When my wife was expecting, somehow we hooked into it so much so that this is my kid’s favorite place. I can lure them to take to any other high end dining place but they will not waver if you ask their choice it’s ‘Sweet Tomatoes’ . There is something special in Sweet tomatoes that kids simply love it to go any number of time. When my parents were visiting us from India, they would generally say, we will go a restaurant of kids choice and I immediately told them, their favorite is same, where we went yesterday ‘Sweet Tomatatoes; so if you do not want to go again the very next day, better not ask the kids else I am sure they do not mind going again. Now my father is no more but those memories are still alive. Even today when my mom calls me or I call her and tell her, ‘We just came home from a restaurant ..’- her next question is ‘Where, Sweet Tomatoes ?’ πŸ™‚

  491. Our family has an organic farm in the Sierra foothills and we have farm interns that visit us from all over the world. If I won the catering for 10 I’d treat all our farm interns to a wonderful meal courtesy of Sweet Tomatoes.

  492. We would celebrate at the Rancho Cucamonga location. This would be a very nice surprise get together for all of us.

  493. My dad loves Souplantation anytime — breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since we usually have 1 or 2 extra teenagers coming with us, we can still afford to go there because it’s inexpensive and the food is unlimited. My dad can relax there and be playful — he doesn’t even mind when we suck jello through a straw to make weird noises.

  494. My dad and me would enjoy going there for lunch, we love the baked potato’s and the different tea drinks…

  495. My favorite memory at Sweet Tomatoes with my dad was when I was about 5 months pregnant 4 years ago and having lunch at the I-Drive location in Orlando, Fl. I was having Sweet Tomatoes amazing Chicken Wonton Salad and the entire time the baby was kicking and moving inside of me. It was a fun and laughing experience for my dad and I both.
    The I-Drive location is our families favorite location, we visit it all the time. Its a great dine in experience with a nice and friendly staff. <3
    Viviana Satizabal Orlando, Fl.

  496. In memory of my father is the recollection of the time when we went to eat and I had the privilege of telling him about his first grandchild. He was a typical male of his generation and usually showed littel or no emotion but on this occasion it was not the case. After a good session of tears we spent what was to become a tradition of gathering at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes on a somewhat annual anniversary of sorts. We continue this as humanly as possible even though he is no longer with us. So going to your restaurant and your food brings back the fondest of memories of my father.

  497. We have been going to souplantation for almost 19yrs. Since my boy was three and he could pick his veggies out himself.
    Last year we talked to one of the employees and he recognized us from always being there. He told us how he was working there as a second job to put his daughter through college. What an awesome example of a father doing all he can to take care of his child. He such a nice man and we give him a big tip every time he services out table.
    Keep up the great work and wish all the fathers out there could be as inspiring as him.
    Ours by the way is just as awesome.

  498. When I go to sweet tomatoes, I always remember my dad. Even if I had never had the opportunity to go there with him, he was the responsable for knowing this delicious place. He had already gone there some years ago, and when I arrived here in the US, one of the advices that he gave me was “try Sweet Tomatoes!”.
    In fact, I’m from Brazil, and my father is still living there. And, even being so far away, he is still making his father role with what it’s possible to do: in this case, giving me some good advices.
    Suffer because of the distance is inevitable. What remains is to try to enjoy the best that life has to offer, because one day we’ll be togheter again and the distance won’t be a obstacle anymore. And for sure, food is one of the life pleasure that makes us remember from the places where we have already passed.

  499. My favorite father-daughter memory was this last December. My dad and I used to go out to lunch together as our special thing. When it was my daughter’s birthday, he took her out to lunch (and I got to go too). It was really special to see that a fun tradition has a new generation beginning. And everyone loved it at Sweet Tomatoes because there was something everyone could enjoy.

  500. We would celebrate at a new Sweet Tomatoes location just opened recently. We didn’t have a chance to visist this new location but planning to do so!

  501. My father died in 1985 so I can no longer celebrate with him on Father’s Day, but I consider my Uncle Dave as my father figure. He will be 88 years old on July 4th and is a retired Army soldier who proudly served in both World War II and the Vietnam War. Uncle Dave is the sweetest man and has always been supportive of me, from the time I was a young child until today. I would celebrate with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Dot, his beautiful wife of 62 years, along with the rest of my wonderful family.