February Gluten Free Menu

Even though we swap out some of our featured menu items every month at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, we always strive to include some new gluten free items for our diners. For February, our featured gluten free menu items are:

Tossed Salad:

Outrageous Orange w/Cashews (select locations only)

Prepared Deli Salad:

Fresh Herb Thai Slaw


Tapioca PuddingNeed even more variety? We {almost} ALWAYS have the following gluten free items available:

  • Salad bar fresh-cut produce
  • Joan’s Broccoli Madness
  • Deep Kettle House Chili with cheese & sour cream
  • Baked potato with all the toppings
  • Frozen yogurt toppings:
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Caramel syrup
  • Candy sprinkles
  • Peanuts
  • Dressings (Some are not available every day. Subject to change depending on location):
  • Fat Free Honey Mustard
  • Fat Free Ranch
  • Fat Free Italian
  • Ranch
  • Cuban French
  • French Catalina
  • Blue Cheese
  • Thousand Island
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Olive Oil & Vinegar
  • All flavored gelatin

**Due to the nature of a self-serve buffet, the sharing of serving utensils may occur from another food item that MAY contain gluten, therefore, our gluten-free list should only be used as a guideline and is not a guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of the allergen in question. Please see store manager for a copy of the Complete Ingredient Statements for any items you are not sure about

7 thoughts on “February Gluten Free Menu”

  1. I use to love going to Sweet Tomatoes, but you just don’t have any Paleo options. I’d love to see paleo soup options, sweet potatoes and gluten free/grain free dairy free breads.

  2. I really enjoy our family dinners at Sweet Tomatoes but since I cannot eat the noodles you serve I miss out on the pasta bar. Will you be adding Gluten Free noodles to your menu?

  3. We had dinner on valentine day at arcadia location. I found the four cheese pasta was made with angel hair pasta and was swimming in milk. I guess they were running out of cheese. It was horrible. Very disappointed.

  4. This blog was extremely helpful. Would it be possible to either post this monthly on the website or blog since the menu items change envy month? It would also be great to have gluten free on the labels at the restaurant. We eat at Sweet Tomatoes all the time, so I would appreciate it a lot.

    1. Hi Michele – we try to update the blog each month but unfortunately there is sometimes a lag in the beginning of the month.

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