Feel Like a Kid Again


March has been deemed our “Feel Like a Kid Again” month and our featured menu items put a delicious twist on classics! What could bring back greater childhood memories than Classic Creamy Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Focaccia Dippers? For added nostalgia, visit a Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes after 4pm to indulge in a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar or two (or 10 – we promise we won’t tell mom)!

As always, we will have a full menu of Signature Salads, House-Made Soups, hot Pastas, bakery items, and delectable desserts. Check your nearest store location for a full list of menu options.

9 thoughts on “Feel Like a Kid Again”

  1. I’m missing Sweet Tomatoes so much! Any chance that you will move into Ohio at any point? The Grilled Cheese Foccacia is my favorite!

  2. This is not a complaint, but rather an observation which you may want to consider further.

    I frequent the Sweet Tomatoes on Bernal in San Jose. In general, I am very pleased with everything. But, now the “however” part of this email. I enjoy chili con carne. Once, I gave the soup a try. It was delicious! On several subsequent visits, I found a less-good-tasting version, and was sadly disappointed. It was rather bland and without any character. I wonder if the recipe has changed and replaced the “good” version I once had enjoyed. Or, perhaps, each of your locations has its own recipe. In any case, I keep hoping for Sweet Tomates to impress me once again with a recipe that was truly outstanding.

  3. the best resturant eat there all the time how about some discunts in light of your anniversary to your loyal fans the ones without to buy 2 drinks we are retired on a fixed income and drink water

  4. It’s both my birthday and my husband’s birthday this month, but we won’t be going to Souplantation to celebrate, even though it’s our kids’ favorite restaurant. Why? Because our youngest has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts, and we don’t eat at Souplantation when you have any peanut items on the menu (beyond the chopped peanuts for the frozen yogurt, which we steer clear of)–and this month you’re serving the peanut butter cookie bars. It’s the same reason that we haven’t celebrated Mother’s Day there in many years, as you always seem to serve peanut menu items then as well.

    With so many kids allergic to peanuts now, you might want to reconsider how often you serve peanut-containing foods. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who go elsewhere during those weeks.

    Tamara Hurley

    1. Hi Tamara – thank you for your feedback. We strive to make all our consumers happy and will take your feedback into account.

  5. Your Creamy Tomato Soup is so delicious. My son is addicted to it. Can you please post the recipe! Please.

    1. Thanks Rael! We don’t give out the recipes for all our menu items but keep checking the blog – you never know what we’ll release!

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