Can’t Fool Yourself on Quality

Since the founding of the company we have taken great pride in and gone to great lengths to insure the freshness and made-from-scratch qualities of our products.  For example our muffin mixes and focaccia pizza doughs are made-from-scratch every day, as are all of our soups, hot pasta sauces and dressings for our tossed and deli salads.

This type of attention to quality is almost unheard of in today’s world of frozen pizza crusts and manufactured soups.  And the temptation is understandable in today’s challenging economic environment given the potential cost savings.

Over the years we have shared some of this information about the care and concern we take with recipes we serve with our guests and you have always been appreciative.  And, I am always surprised about how little about our ingredient and product quality our guests do know.  That’s okay, we know it tastes great and we really just want you to enjoy our food.

We maintain our high standards because we believe the food tastes better; because we have an obligation, a commitment to maintain the integrity of our products; because we know you trust us.  And because even if you, our guests, do not know exactly how we make our food, we do and we view it as a privilege and a responsibility to uphold that.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Great question. We have been looking at organics for years and probably like you have seen the quality, cost and safety of organic products improve. We have tested a number of organic items that meet our standards and for the most part have found our guests not willing to pay the additional cost. We do currently serve an organic potato as part of our Potato Promotion, October, and will continue look for ways to incorporate organics into our restaurants in a way that works for our guests. Hope that’s helpful.

      Michael Mack

      1. Figure out a way to bring us locally sourced organic veggies.. Please find a way to do it. You keep saying customers won’t incur the additional cost ? Prove that. This restaurant should be leader in locally sourced ingredients and organic greens. Thanks !!

  1. I would like to see a listing of ingredients for each salad dressing served individually and for the dressings used in the premixed salads. I am hoping that high fructose corn syrup is not used in any food item.

    1. Completely untrue. High fructose corn syrup is not the same as any other sugar. If you fall for their “Hey, it’s all natural, made from corn!” line of rubbish, I suggest you go out and have a nice, delicious glass of ethanol, since that too is all natural, made from corn.

      Educate yourself, because it’s you who is falling for the “hype”.

  2. My wife and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Mr. Mack about 20yrs ago, while having lunch @ the Souplantation restaurant in Ranch Bernardo. What a gentleman! And, we’ve been enjoying your delicious buffets ever since.

    1. We are expanding in regions we are currently located in at this time, we hope to expand to other areas in the future.

  3. Has been my favorite place to eat for years now. I appreciate having an inexpensive place to eat with so many healthy, delicious and fresh options! If you ever franchise out, we would be the first in line. 🙂

  4. Is there a possibility that you could open a Sweet Tomatoes in the Clermont Florida area? Its my favorite place to eat and have been waiting for a very long time for this to happen.

  5. I would love to see more organics and locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Calorie counts on the soups would be great.

  6. My family has lived in Orange County, CA and Atlanta, GA. We love your restaurants. We moved to the New Orleans area a year ago and there’s really not much to compare to Sweet Tomatoes around here.

    Are there any plans for expansion to the NOLA or Northshore (Pontchartrain) area?

  7. Restaurant #32
    Painting the walls the same color as the tableware was not a good idea.
    How come on 11/23/2011 at 5:30 PM there was there was no fresh bread, or biscuits.

  8. It is hard for me to eat there, knowing I will ingest GMOs, pesticides, and carcinogens. Organic is the only way to go these days.

  9. I use to eat here frequently but now because I only eat organic so with all the new places that offer organic foods and salads I always go with one of them. I would love it if you would offer at least some organic choices.

  10. Love your restaurant but the closest one is over 45 minutes away. Any chance you will be opening one near Clermont, FL? The city is growing and many restaurants have moved in – but nothing like this exists out there and we could really use one.

  11. I would like to find out if HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is used in any of your dressing. I recently learned how HFCS is toxin to your body and lead metabolic syndrome, causing obesity. I got rid og all foods that contains HFCS from my kitchen. I eat at your restaurant every week…love your food! I would like to see no HFCS listed in the ingredients. See this video to learn more on HFCS.

    1. Hi AW – The recipes we make from scratch contain no HFCS. However, the French Dressing, Fat Free Honey Mustard, and Roasted Garlic dressings available in some of our locations do.

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