We make your holiday easy. Our kitchens have come up with the best desserts and side dishes to compliment your Thanksgiving Day meal. We have maked (I know it is not a real word but it sounded better), baked, tested and tried these items to make sure our home-cooking is welcome at your home this year.

Our test kitchen at the corporate office of Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes was busy this year. We tried new recipes, we asked our guests to come try them out, we got rid of some, we asked our corporate office to bring home a cobbler to make at home and feed it to their families and now we can finally present a full Goodness-To-Go brochure to YOU that has a lot of what you need for Thanksgiving.

This is the way it works, take a look at the link to the brochure below, find something scrumptious and delicious. Come by any Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes in person, call any Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes or place an order right here online. We will prepare it and make it, you come by the week of Thanksgiving and pick it up and then you go home and you bake it. It’s as easy as that!!

Take a look at our delicious brochure at the link below and you will find some treat or savory dish you will want to make is at your table this holiday season.

Holiday Side Dish brochure_2011_Final

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