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On March 22, our Encinitas, CA Souplantation and our Naples, FL Sweet Tomatoes will open their doors to their local communities.  For each grand opening we partner with a non-profit organization and host a two or three day preview event before opening. Prior to opening, each restaurant hosted a pre-opening fundraiser. on March 18, 19 and 20 for only $5.00 (five dollars), guests can create their own salad from our 55-foot salad bar full of fresh, seasonal vegetables as well as enjoying signature tossed salads, made-from-scratch soups and hand-crafted muffins, pizza focaccia, breads and desserts. Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to the non-profits we chose to work with. The highest record to date was $11,000 to Give Kids the World, a non-profit resort in Central Florida that creates magical memories for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families at our Lake Buena Vista location in May 2009.

Our restaurants are committed to being a vital and contributing part of each community in which we operate. To reach this goal, restaurants offer a “Fun-Raiser” program through which local charities, churches, schools, athletic teams, scout troops and other non-profit organizations may raise funds by hosting in-restaurant events. Our managers assist in marketing the non-profit’s event by creating master flyers for distribution and promotion by the non-profit organization.

The pre-opening fundraisers are a great way to raise money for the non-profit but also a way for our new employees at the restaurant to train before we officially open to the public.

If you were opening a restaurant, what would your grand opening event be? Share your ideas and maybe we will us them in an upcoming grand opening… (and of course give you the credit!!)

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  1. I love Soup Plantation, my family and I we ate 4x a week and if i have my relatives visitors, we bring them to your Soup Plantation closest to my area where i leave now, because they love to eat , we love to eat all green fresh vege.


  2. I love Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation… The nearest one is 260 miles away. A very long drive for a salad. But What a Salad!!! Any plans to open in Yuma, AZ soon?

  3. My kids and i love our Soup Plantation in Rancho Bernardo, Ca. We look forward to it every week for the salads, the mac-n-cheese, the pizza, the soup and My daughters, Maddie’s favorite…blueberry muffins!! Let’s not forget the frozen yogurt and those always welcomed but not seen lately “baked chocolate chip cookies”…what happened to that great surprise brought to the table??

    The Elliott’s

  4. Would LOVE to have a Sweet Tomatoes closer to home! Please consider opening a location in Port Charlotte Florida!

  5. I love eating at Sweet Tomatoes every time I go to Florida. I live in northern VA near DC and would love to see one open here. I think it would do very well here.

  6. Still waiting and yearning in Bakersfield :

    What if any chance will we see you in bakersfield. We use to live in pasadena and attended that location about twice a week. Unfortunately we had to relocate about 3 years ago, and we miss SP.
    Do you think Fresno could share since they have two.
    Anyway still missing you in Bakersfield.
    hugs and good day

    1. No plans for Bakersfield yet but I will be sure to tell construction that there is a demand for Souplantaiton in that area. Thanks for suggesting!!

  7. Visited your Brandon Florida restaurant today. Used to live by the Soup Plantation in Carlsbad, CA. Do you have any plans for Polk County, Florida (Lakeland area)? Would love a restaurant in this area!!

  8. I heard a great rumor the other day that Sweet Tomatoe will be opening a restaurant in Boynton Beach, Fl. Tell me it is true.

    1. that rumor is true!! we open in late September / early October. Become a Club Veg member or check back with the blog to get updates on upcoming events and news on the opening.

    1. It’s VERY true…it’s on congress blvd, in between gateway and old boynton. East side of street. Sign is already up…Not looking good for late sept opening though…more like October/November if you ask me.

  9. Any locations planned for the Twin Cities? We recently moved here from Phoenix. We miss Sweet Tomatoes so much!!

  10. Please can you check out all that “Land” that’s about to be scheduled for Ground Breaking “THIS YEAR” here at the(soon to be) ChicagoLand Outlets in Country Club Hills, Illinois… Contacts:(978) 521-8883 and (312) 521-8883…….We have to go all the way to the Lombard,Illinois location. We’re Seniors and we have also invited more of our Senior’s to take the long drive there along with us for all that good food and good company and to “help with the drive”. ChicagoLand is less than ten minutes away from our home.All of us. We mainly don’t have a “Sweet Tomatoes” anywhere near here. This could be a first. Please check us out in our area also… Shirley B. (And the rest of us “Sweet Tomatoes” Senior Citizens) Thank You Too…We will be your BIGGEST group of customer’s….We Promise.


  12. i heard that sweet tomatoes is to open in the former outback building in port richey, FL. is this true or just a rumor?

        1. How do we find out about career openings at the Port Richey location. You do not have that location listed under the career section? Thank you

  13. We need a sweet tomatoes in The Villages, Florida. There is no place to get a good salad, large population, people eat out more than at home.

    1. We second that! We live in Leesburg and drive all the way to Altamonte Springs to eat there. When is the Villages opening one, or is this just another rumor!???? We hear the Villages is going to be 250,000 strong pretty soon…..

  14. why are you closing the dorrs to our store on west shaw in fresno ca?
    will you be opening another store in the fresno cloivs area?

    sad news, sad news indeed….

  15. Please tell me you will be building in the Northern Nevada area. Perhaps Carson City, or even the Reno area would be great. Just curious.

    1. No north Nevada locations yet… but we are adding 8-10 restaurants a year so there may be one coming within the next few years.

  16. I love Sweet Tomatoes and heard that there was a location opening up in Port Richey, Fl. If this is true when will it be hiring and opening?

    1. It is true. We are coming to Port Richey!! We will be opening around October/ November. Please keep checking back to the blog to get more information. Also, be sure you are a Club Veg member, the members get updates before openings!!


  17. Is it possible to open a Sweet tomato every 30 miles in the US? I want to have Sweet Tomato near any place I travel. If that’s not possible, Please open one in Aventura, Florida. Thank You, your biggest fan!

    1. Patricia, we are working on it. We open 8-10 restaurants per year.. so we are trying to get one within every 30 miles. Where do you live currently? How far is the nearest Sweet Tomatoes from your house?

  18. many people we know would love to have a swee tomatoes in boynton beach, fl.

    winn-dixie is closing their supermarkets in boynton beach, fol. The location and

    size of winn-dixie closing markets would make an ideal locaton for a sweet tomatoes


  19. I agree with Ms. Roberts, we need a Sweet Tomatoes in the Port Charlotte area. I live in North Port and there are plenty of places to open a store there. I love the food, but don’t get up to Sarasota (the closest location to me) too often. Please, please consider a new store in our area. THANKS!!!

  20. Any plans for Charlotte, NC? I used to live in Raleigh and would visit the Raleigh and Cary locations regularly. Miss it very much! Whenever I’m near one on a trip, I have to stop in for a meal! Thanks!

  21. Hi I was wondering if you were still planning on opening up a store in Port Richey, Fl. I hd heard that you were but just wanted to check.

    1. We are still opening in Port Richey, plan on coming to dine with us in December 2010. Be sure to be a member of Club Veg so you receive all the updates on our grand opening festivities.

  22. Another request for Bakersfield, CA, please. Your only competition in town would be a place called Garden Spot, which is remarkably sub-par. However, since they’re the only option in town, people who don’t know any better (who haven’t been to one of your restaurants, for instance) think it’s much better than it is.

  23. Actually, I have a question about the opening of a Sweet Tomatoes in Port Richey Florida. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to open in October, 2010. Is this true? If no, when and where? Thanks, Sharon Seberle

  24. We love eating at Sweet Tomatoes everytime we go to Dania Beach, Fl and would love to see one here in our hometown in Greensboro, NC!! Excellent food at an excellent price!!

  25. We need a Sweet Tomatoes in Melbourne (Brevard County), Florida! Over a half a million people live here, and the closest Sweet Tomatoes are in the tourist areas of Orlando, which are impossible for normal people to get to easily. Prehaps one in the Waterford Lakes area in East Orlando? You could pull a lot of business from UCF there as well!

  26. Hi,

    We are from Gwinnett County, GA and miss your restaurants. Currently, we reside in N VA in Fairfax/Loudoun County areas. We would welcome you here in N VA areas. Metro DC/MD areas also could use a great restaurant chain like yours.

    Any future plans for the Metro DC/MD/N VA areas?


    Katie Martin

  27. Would love to see a restaurant closer to the southside of Chicago, more like Orland Park. The other two locations are far west of Chicago. There is a lot of new places openning in the area but not a Sweet Tomatoes.

  28. Absolutely loved Sweet Tomatoes while living in Phoenix, AZ. Moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan and miss it soooooo much. Any plans for Michigan ? There are several high traffic/high visibility locations here in GR that would be perfect for you. Haven’t seen anything like you here, so i think you would do quite well.

  29. You definetely need to bring your restaurant to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area!! We are desperate to have a heathy eating establishment here!!

    1. Are you a member of Club Veg? Change your location on your Club Veg email to the new Boynton Beach location and you will receive an email prior to our opening for our pre-opening fundraiser.

      We open on Monday, November 8. mark your calendar!!

  30. Sorry, i did omit something. I would like to receive an invitation to your opening day or pre opening for Boynton Beach, FL. Who do I contact? Thank you.

    1. Are you a member of Club Veg? Change your location on your Club Veg email to the new Boynton Beach location and you will receive an email prior to our opening for our pre-opening fundraiser.

      To check or change your home store:
      1. Open any Club Veg Message from your inbox
      2. Click on ‘update your preference’ at the bottom of the email
      3. Use the drop-down menu to locate your home-store location and select
      4. Click on ‘submit’ and you’re on the right list.

      1. Thank you for the instructions, HOWEVER, the boynton beach location is not listed at all in the selection drop down box….any other suggestons?…your assistance is greatly appreciated.

        1. I must have spoke too soon when I sent you that response, I just checked on this and checked the website myself and the Boynton Beach location is added to the Club Veg list and the locations site. We are scheduled to open Monday, November 8 at 11 am. See you then!!!

          1. It’s not on the list if you choose to “UPDATE” your location from the Club Veg email. I see it in teh club veg iif I subscribe as a NEW member. How can I get the invite as well? I live 1 mile fromthe store and have been driving by it weekly! LOL

          2. I’ll post all the grand opening info on our website next week for the Boynton Beach grand opening festivities. I’ll check again on the location and Club Veg and get back to you.

  31. I was wondering where exactly is the Port Richey store opening. I would really like to work for the company and want to know where to apply. Thank you.

    1. The Port Richey location is opening at 10156 US 19 N and is scheduled for January or February 2011. Make sure you are a Club Veg member so you get all the updates!

  32. I recently moved from Florida to Massachusetts and really miss eating at Sweet Tomatoes!! Any plans for a Sweet Tomatoes in New England??

    1. No plans for NE anytime soon. We will put in our list for looking at for a potential Sweet Tomatoes location. Thanks for sending the request.

  33. Do you have any plans to come to Harrisburg, Pa or any place in Pa. I love your places but only eat there in Fl. when we go on vacation. Barry

  34. Bakersfield still awaits a salad bar….SOUPLANTATION WOULD BE WELCOMED IN THIS TOWN! Business would boom for sure. PLEASE OPEN ONE IN BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!

  35. We Love Sweet Tomatoes And Would Like To Know Why One Isn’t Opening In Clermont Fl.
    Clermont Has Boomed Quite And Sweet Tomatoes Would Do Very Good.
    We Just Read That A Sweet Tomatoes Is Opening Up On 441 In Lady Lake Fl .
    Hopefully Hopefully We Will Get One.


  37. We love, love, love Sweet Tomatoes… We were regular customers in FL, now we live in
    Dallas, TX, we drive to Addison to eat there..but would eat 3 – 4 x a week if we could PLEASE build one in FRISCO TX -fastest growing city in America! Please???
    Population in July 2009: 102,412. Population change since 2000: +203.8%

  38. When is the Port Richey, Fl Sweet Tomatoes opening up?! I am SO excited for one
    to be right down the road from me 🙂

  39. In calling the Sweet Tomatoes group, they tell me that the Port Richey Sweet Tomatoes will be opening on March 7th, 2011 at 10156 US 19 N, Zip 34668-3743, the site of the old Outback restaurant. I’ll be there the opening day to feast on the great foods.

    Who says the Lord doesn’t answer prayers!

    1. Port Richey is scheduled for March 7. Keep checking back to our blog for more information closer to the opening! We will see you March 7 at 11 am.

  40. Several of us love Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants and have been traveling to Orlando or Altamonte Springs to eat at your restaurant. We understand you are opening a restaurant in Lady Lake on 441 and we have been trying to find the location so we can watch the progress of the restaurant. Is it a secret or can you give us the exact location? Also, Clermont is a lot closer to us than Lady Lake and we would love a restaurant there.

  41. Are there any plans to open a Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant in Indiana? I would recommend Noblesville or Carmel as the ‘best’ locations.

    Let me know. I Love, Love, Love eating there when I get the chance, but living in Central Indiana I have to be on vacation just to find one.

    Let me know if there are any plans to build in Indiana and where.

    Dennis =]

  42. 2nd Request For A Sweet Tomatoe’s In Clermont Fl.
    We Noticed One Went Up In Lady Lake Fl.
    One Going Up In Kissimmee On 192.

    We Love Sweets And Travel To Go To One,But It Would Be Nice To Have One Close In Our Town. :-))

  43. 2nd Request As To Sweet Tomatoes Opening In Clermont Fl.
    We Love Sweet Tomatoes And Recently One Was Opened In Kissimmee Fl.
    Would Appreciate Some Kind Of An Answer.
    Thank You

  44. Please bring one of your great restaurants to Ocala, Florida. We are a fast growing community, especially west side of I-75. We have been enjoying your restaurants since the early 1990’s when we would go to a Soup Plantation in San Diego, CA. We would love to see you here in Ocala, Fl.
    Thank you,
    R. Housworth

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