One of my personal favorites is around this weekend, Friday – Sunday but we have to give a warning.

When it is gone, it is gone. My personal recommendation to you is to get to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes Friday and Saturday to make sure you get this, don’t come in on Sunday late night and think it might be around, it might not.

The Creamy Tomato Soup, the Grilled Cheese Focaccia they are almost TOO good and when you combine them together. BAM! They get eaten up, and eaten up fast!!  I know I’ll be there for lunch and maybe again for dinner tonight! We hope to see you soon!



1 thought on “GRILLED CHEESE FOCACCIA 9/28-9/30”

  1. I’m confused. The attached coupon expired a week before it was posted – presumably an oversight, but it is unclear now whether the items advertised are indeed available this weekend (5-7 October), or were they available last weekend?

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