At the beginning of March, our restaurant was damaged by an electrical fire in the roof. No one was in the building at the time and fortunately no one was injured. We worked hard to repair the damage as quickly as possible in order to re-open as quickly as possible.

Our Gwinnett Sweet Tomtatoes will re-open on Saturday, April 2 at 11 a.m. We have missed you and hope to see you very very soon!

Here are some photos of what we have been doing while we were closed.

For all the photos visit our flickr page:

2 thoughts on “GWINNETT RE-OPENS ON APRIL 2”

  1. Just looking for a confirmation that Sweet Tomatoes in Gwinnet has reopened. Looking forward to coming to lunch there tomorrow.

  2. I have been living in FL and GA, and right now I’m in Bellevue,WA and I really miss Sweet Tomatoes.
    We have only one restaurant in Vancouver,WA, 3 hours from my home 🙁
    Any opening in metro area, Seattle ?
    I have to go many time to Sacramento,CA, any opening in that city ?


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