“I’m Strong To The Finish Because I Eats Me Spinach…”

“I’m strong to the finish because I eats me spinach…”

Admit it – you immediately knew who said that quote. Along with mom always encouraging you to eat more greens, many of us grew up with Popeye showing us that just a mouthful of spinach will give you superhuman strength!

Ok, while it may not give you full Popeye-like capabilities, this leafy green has been attributed to:

  • Being chock full of nutrients
  • Building strong bones
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Improving brain function
  • Working to combat ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer

With all the health benefits attributed to spinach, we see why Popeye (and mom) wanted us to eat more! Want a delicious way to load up on Spinach? Try our Mandarin Spinach with Caramelized Walnuts Salad, available throughout March!  This salad is also vegan and gluten-free!



8 thoughts on ““I’m Strong To The Finish Because I Eats Me Spinach…””

  1. Spinach is “chalked full” of nutrients?!?! From what I understand, CHALK is not appropriate for consumption, since it could contain “anything from metal shavings that inadvertently make it into the mix during the manufacturing process to rodent droppings” (according to the TV program My Strange Addiction).

    If the author of the information above actually meant “chock full” then I won’t be concerned. LOL. Internet postings are “chock full” of errors these days, from spelling and grammar, to misuse of words. Dear GARDEN FRESH: Can I have a job doing your marketing communications?

  2. I’m a vegan and I love this months selections, especially the mandarin spinach salad. Thank you Souplantation for giving us Vegans delicious choices!!! 🙂

  3. Steve, your comment is inappropriate. Is it really necessary to prove how clever you are by making someone else feel like a smacked ass?
    I think you meant “chock full,” would have been sufficient .

  4. Souplantation in La Mesa, CA is the greatest place on earth for great food especially their Cheasapeak Corn Chowder it is to die for. Through the month of May myself & my husband will be there as much as we can afford because we want that soup, & once May is over we do not know when we will ever get to eat this soup again unless I get the recipe & make it myself, LOL. OUR VERY FAVORITE RESTURANT IS SOUPLANTATION HERE IN LA MESA CALIFORNIA. So many of the people that work there & have worked there we my husband & myself have come to know & can laugh & enjoy speaking to them. They are all great people some of the past managers like Keppa, Enricque, Stephine, Ron, workers like Casey, Jerade, Rosa & more so many of them they are all good workers. We love this place I’d love a job there just so we could eat there everynight LOL. As a matter of a fact we did work @ the La Mesa store for a little while where my husband & myself sang & played music outside while the people were waiting to get into the resturant. Instead of money we took a meal a piece but I guess management said they couldn’t afford us anymore & let us go too bad we had fun & it was oh so good.

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