Kick up Your Nutrition with Kale

With so many kale varieties in season and fresh during winter, this is the perfect time to kick up your family’s kale intake! From lowering cholesterol to boosting your immune system and helping eye function, kale is not only delicious, it’s a superfood. Take a look at a few more reasons we decided to feature this leafy green on our January Go Green menu:

Cooked, raw, in salads (like our Kale & Harvest Salad with Toasted Almonds) or baked into chips – what is your favorite way to enjoy kale? P.S. don’t forget to share all of the nutritional benefits of kale in this image with your friends using the social icons below!

5 thoughts on “Kick up Your Nutrition with Kale”

  1. Where are the kales? Went in last week to check out the Kale Salad & soup but found 1% of the salad & soup consist of kale. Kale salad ought to contain at less 50% if not more.
    I am disappointed

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