May’s Menu is Ready for a Road-Trip!

This May we’re taking an American Road Trip and bringing you and your taste buds along! As we explore the country we’ll be sharing some of our favorite meals inspired by some amazing regions in the U.S. (see a sneak peak at our featured menu items below)!

Do you have any suggestions of areas to visit while on an American Road Trip?

13 thoughts on “May’s Menu is Ready for a Road-Trip!”

  1. Love going to the Souplantation but have been missing the chocolate mousse…
    And, am wondering why you don’t have Sante Fe Black Bean Soup more often. It’s sooo good.

  2. Bring back Champagne Pear Vinaigrette and/or Zinfandel Vinaigrette. You need (and I need) a low fat vinaigarette dressing. There’s either creamy dressings or no fat dressings and balsamic looks like mud and is too tart. I’d eat there 3-4 time a week if there was a dressing I like. And keep albondigas soup as a regular.

  3. I went to the Woodland’s Texas location 5/5/13 for breakfast. I was pretty disappointed that you didn’t have any half and half for my coffee (not interested in the 2% fake milk). I expressed my concern to Jeff, assistant manager, and instead of dismissing me with a coupon for a free meal, (and to tell you the truth if I’m disappointed with the missing menu items why would I come back even if the next meal was free?) he said he could go to the market and purchase a carton of half & half but it would take him 10 to 15 minutes. Would that satisfy me? Oh, yeah and I need to say it took less than 10 minutes.
    This man has good business sense. If I, (as one of the first customers of the day) am upset because of no cream for my coffee then you will have customer’s all day with the same complaint. By taking care of me he was able to avoid many more disenchanted patrons who would not say anything and just not come back.
    Jeff deserves a pat on the back and “Job well done”. I am happy to see American common sense and self initiative is not dead in Texas. I really love your store and am a customer for life… or as long as Jeff still works there. Great job in recruiting the best employees.

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Nicole! We strive to make our customers happy each and every time they visit and stories like this make us know we are doing something right! We will follow up with the location to ensure that the manager is acknowledged and to make sure there are no issues as to why there are missing menu items. Again, thank you for sharing.

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  5. Can you please post the new orleans jambalaya soup and the chesapeake corn chowder with bacon recipe? They are out of this world!!

  6. Are you afraid of the cold? When are you going to put a Sweet Tomatoes up in theNortheast???? We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes, we NEED a Sweet Tomatoes up here…those soups would make a huge hit!!!! I’m so envious of people who live near one, (no, I can’t move) and it’s a long way to NC, the closest one. Hey, if they can do the SuperBowl up here, Sweet Tomatoes would be the Super restaurant, not just for the weekend, but ALL the time.

    1. It is pretty cold up there, Allie! While we don’t currently have any expansion plans, we love knowing where we are wanted next 🙂

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