National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month® (NNM)—a campaign sponsored annually by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and its Foundation. It is appropriate and fitting that March is National Nutrition Month since it is in between winter and spring. Winter holiday gatherings have passed and left many of us with cherished memories and frequently unwanted weight gain! has some great tips to staying healthy and fit. Check it out here and send us a reply to let us know how you stay healthy!

6 thoughts on “National Nutrition Month”

  1. I was wondering why there is such a price difference for lunch than dinner, when the only difference is one extra dessert for dinner. Does anyone know?

  2. That salad with the carmelized walnuts looks awesome! I have to get over to the Rancho Cucamonga store and try it.

  3. I love to visit our local Sweet Tomatoes (Henderson, NV) and do so often. Unfortunately, my husband has a hard time because of his food allergies. He’s allergic to: eggs, corn, dairy and chocolate (all forms of each and there are many). We had lunch there last week and that was when I discovered you don’t offer plain French bread for someone like him. I’m sure there are others who would enjoy some nice warm (unadorned) French bread to go with their soup or salad. Please consider adding this item to your list. I’d also like to know if the margarine you offer is corn or soy based (or what) since there it’s only listed as margarine. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Marcia Moreno

  4. We have loved eating at souplantation for years, and live close to your original restaurant. However, your food has become saltier over the years to the point we can no longer enjoy it. According to the nutrition lists on your web site, there are very few low sodium alternatives. On a trip a few months ago we ate at at Souplantation and even the young people in our group complained about how salty everything was. It this is to be a trend, we will no longer be able to eat at Souplantation.

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