During October we do a count down for our November soup, Chicken Pot Pie. This soup is a guest favorite and people mark the calendars for this delicious soup. If you can’t make it into Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes in November or you want to enjoy this soup after November, I am here to help. Below is the recipe for our Chicken Pot Pie Stew.

Chicken Pot Pie Stew

1 ¼ lbs. ¾” cubed red potatoes                                  Boil water and add potatoes. Cook for 10 minutes

8 cups water                                                                until tender. Strain potatoes and cool in ice water.

Drain and set and set aside for later.


1 lb. raw chicken breast                                              Cook and slice into bite size pieces. Set aside for



2 tablespoons canola oil                                              In a saucepan, combine ingredients and sauté on

¾ lb. carrots – ¼” sliced                                             medium heat for approximately 10 minutes until

½ lb. celery – ¼” sliced                                               tender. Set aside for later.

½ lb. mushrooms, medium size – quartered

½ lb. pearl onions

2 ½ teaspoons dried thyme


½ lb. margarine or butter                                             Melt margarine or butter in a 5-quart pot. Add the

1 tablespoon garlic – finely minced                            garlic and sauté for on medium heat 2 minutes


¾ cup white flour                                                        Stir in white flour and cook on low heat for 5

minutes. Stir constantly.


5 cups chicken broth                                                   Add broth and spices to the pot. Whisk together

2 ½ teaspoons kosher salt                                           with a wire-whip. Heat to a low boil on medium

1 teaspoon white pepper                                             heat and simmer for 5 minutes until thickened.

¼ teaspoon black pepper                                             Stir constantly.


2 ½ cups whole milk                                                   Stir in milk and cream. Simmer for 3 minutes.

1 ¼ cups heavy or whipping cream


¼ lb. peas                                                                    Add peas, parsley, cooked potatoes, vegetables and

½ cup coarsely chopped parsley                                 chicken to the broth. Heat and serve. Season to taste

Cooked red potatoes from above                               with salt and pepper.

Cooked vegetables from above

Cooked chicken breast from above

Yields 1 gallon.

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      1. Hi, Tracy M! (Or Mike S…) On November 9 of last year, in response to requests for the wonderful Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes recipe, you say that Chef Mike has posted the recipe. I can’t find it, but would just love to have it! Can you direct me to where it’s posted, or perhaps post it again? Thanks so much…

      2. Can you please post the Maple glazed sweet potatoes with apples, cranberries and walnut recipe? I am not able to find the recipe anywhere on the website. It is the best thing my family and I have ever eaten. We would like to share it with other family members and friends for the holidays. Our local soupplantation is no longer serving the dish so we are not able to purchase a platter of it for the holidays. Thanks!!! – Mary

  1. The Maple glazed sweet potatoes with apples, cranberries and walnuts is amazing! Do you have a recipe available for it?

    1. Rachael,
      We aren’t giving out the recipe at this time, our guests are encouraged to purchase this at our restaurant or online and can bring this delicious dish to their Thanksgiving and holiday party. One dish serves 8-10 lucky people and is $14.99. We prepare it and make it and you take it home and bake it. It is that simple! Enjoy!

      1. I had the maple glazed sweet potatoes while visiting in Fla..Absolutely delicious! We do not have a Sweet Tomatoes in my area..Would love to make this dish for Thanksgiving…Hope you will reconsider and post the recipe…


        1. With the end of November clearly in sight, and thus the end of your take-home versions of this delightful dish, would you consider posting the recipe now? I loved the Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes w/apples and cranberries so much, it was hands down my favorite recipe at Sweet Tomatoes, and I’ve been going there for years. PLEASE please post this recipe! I would love to make this year-round!

  2. Ohhhhhh THANK YOU for sharing this recipe. I’m trying to get to Souplantation as often as possible before Chicken Pot Pie Stew goes off the menu. I go into withdrawal until it is back on. I’ll give this recipe a try when the menu changes. It is REALLY a wonderful creamy stew! I’ve never eaten a chicken pot pie recipe anywhere else that I like as much as this one! Thanks again for sharing the recipe. (I still like being able to get it at Souplantation though…it’s so convenient.)

  3. My Family has quite a few desserts for Thanksgiving. I try to stay away from just regular pumpkin pie but the pumpkin is a must! Pumpkin Cheesecake w/ Sour Cream Topping is one that I make. I also make an Amaretto Rum Cake. Pumpkin Flan is another crowd fave. This year I am adding pumpkin cake pops to the menu shaped like little turkeys. I can’t wait to make them. Your Pumpkin Walnut cobbler is AMAZING. I make sure to always get the end piece 🙂 It’s my fave topped off with whipped cream. I’m sure it would be a real hit at my table

  4. My favorite dessert at the Soup Plantation is the Apple/Cranberry Cobbler (also like the Peach Cobbler). We eat at the Plantation as often as we can…we love the soups!
    AND one of my absolute faves is the homemade sourdough bread…I have to get my fix regularly!

  5. The Maple glazed sweet potatoes with apples, cranberries and walnuts is so good. Please consider selling this dish in the stores in a 4-person serving. I would eat this at least once a week year round. LOVE IT!

  6. Thank you!
    I was going to ask that this be on the menu regularly. While I still wish for that, at least now I can make it at home.

  7. I would LOVE the maple glazed sweet potato recipe!!! We have been going to Sweet Tomatoes for years and this is the best dish ever!! I want to make it for my family because they couldn’t get enough. We cannot order that dish to take home right now, so you have to post the receipe!! PLEASE!!

  8. I purchased your maple glazed sweet potatoes with cranberries and walnuts as a side dish for Thanksgiving. It was such a hit i want to serve it again for Christmas day. I just found out that you are not selling the side dish anymore. I would like the recipe.

  9. I too, would love to have the recipe for the maple glazed sweet potatoes. I had wanted to make it for a dinner at church. It is delicious.

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  11. I can’t find the Maple Glazed Sweet Potato, Cranberry & walnut Recipe. I had Souplatations recipe last year at your Oceanside, CA location and have absolutely fallen in love with them This dish is beyond delicious and I am hoping to include it with my TG dinner this year. PLEASE POST IT!! We have enjoyed eating at Souplantation on the average of once a week.

  12. I was extremely disappointed when I contact our local Sweet Tomatoes (Fremont, CA) and learned they would not be selling trays of their delicious Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Apples, Cranberries and Nuts this holiday season. Is it possible for Chef Mike to share this recipe? My family really enjoyed it last year.

  13. Hello,

    Me and my husband are on a diet and we went to Sweet Tomatoes and had the yummiest stew today.. 8 Vegetable Chicken Stew. Is it possible to get the recipe? Thank you

    1. Hi Jennifer – We occasionally share our recipes for select menu items – keep checking back to see what will be next!

  14. I noticed lots of people are asking for the maple sweet potato and apple dish. We all love it. Would you please share this recipe!!! I was looking forward to having this at my local location but it isn’t being made any more. It is my favorite!

  15. My family LOVED the Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Apple and Cranberry when we had it a few years back. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find it for over three years and our local Sweet Tomatoes restaurants no longer make or sell it (I have checked three of them, and I have been checking regularly). A couple of the managers had never even heard of it. Is it possible to get the recipe posted so that I could make it at home?

    1. Hi John – Thanks for letting us know how much you liked this dish! Our Culinary Team likes to keep some recipes a secret, but we’ll ask to see!

    1. Fantastic, Sarah! Let us know how it turns out (we’d love to see pics if you share them on our Facebook or tag us on Instagram)

  16. Where would I find a copy of the Pumpkin & Walnut Cobbler served at Souplantation during the early part of November 2014.
    This comfort food was such a yummy dessert, unfortunately its place on the menu was short, would have liked to see it served all month long.

    1. Hi Sam – We’re not currently serving that dessert & our Culinary Team is keeping the recipe a secret for now. Keep checking back for the recipes we do decide to post!

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