Our Top 5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit with Family and Friends

When serving up family dinners, the first rule is to make sure to serve plenty of fresh and nutritious superfoods! Eating well and getting nutrients from a rainbow of different fruit and vegetable options is one excellent habit, and important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your household. The other? Plenty of activity!

Often, after a day of packing lunches, work, and homework, it’s easy to forget about squeezing in time for exercise. To ensure that you and those around you stay active, try exchanging things like watching TV together or going out for ice cream for one of these fun activities to get you moving!

Find a New Walking or Hiking Trail

Gather up a group of friends or take the family dog out to discover a new area around your home. Online tools like can help you find a new trail and help gauge the distance and difficulty so your trek will be appropriate for you and your group.

Turn Chores into Games

Household chores still need to get done, but you can multitask by making them into fun mini workouts! Make a relay race out of doing the laundry and ALWAYS remember to jump into the leaf-pile a few times before bagging them up.

Turn Up the Music

…and have a dance party!  Your favorite music always gets you moving, so invite the family to have some fun together in the living room. Feeling super motivated? Search online for instructional videos of dance routines from popular music videos. Put on a family talent show with what you learn!

Build a Fort

Gather up some blankets and make a fort inside or set up a tent outside to hang out in. Don’t forget to make a sign for your new clubhouse!

Explore a Farmer’s Market

Find the Farmer’s Market closest to your home and explore! Along with getting some exercise and checking out the fresh produce, you’ll be able to gather the ingredients for a nutritious meal!


Do you have your own methods for staying active while having fun? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!



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