As a runner, recreational,  not professional; it’s always a necessity to load up on carbs for a big race. I typically eat a good size of pasta before I get ready for a 13.1 mile and feel great about it because I know I will burn it off the next morning.

Pasta has always been my go-to until I saw a recent article in Runner’s World on carb loading with potatoes.

Before a big run, a good majority of runners stick to pasta and bypass the benefits of potatoes as a carb source. Potatoes are full of key nutrients that boost performance, trim wastelines and have great health benefits.

According to Liz Applegate’s article The Spud Report, one medium baked potato has 37 grams of carbohydrates, which is 10% of most runners’ daily needs, that enters the bloodstream and quickly restocks spent glycogen stores.

Another great reason to grab a spud is the amount of fiber. The type of fiber in potatoes keeps your intestinal tract muscles working and blocks a small amount of calorie absorption. Research shows that men and women who eat fiber from vegetables like potatoes have less body fat and smaller waists.

Next time your going to carbo load, grab a potato and see if you feel a difference in your next long run.

P.s. Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes serves baked potatoes year round to provide you a great meal before any long run!


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