Second Annual Orlando Crew BBQ a Resounding Success

Teamwork, effort, efficiency, and dedication are all components of  what makes work a success. With our awesome team of hard working members, it is possible! A way to say thank you for all their hard work is to host a BBQ.

More than 150 Orlando Sweet Tomatoes crew, management, family and friends attended the Second Annual BBQ at Shadow Bay Park. Managers grilled steak, chicken, and hot dogs during the 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. event.


“The event was a lot of work, but so worth it,” said Natalia Pacheco, Director of Operations. “To see the smiling faces and to watch people having fun was so uplifting especially right now in our community. In addition to the food, we had a bouncy house for the kids, and ice cream to help cool off in temperatures near 100 degrees. We were all sweaty, dirty and tired by the end of the day, but it felt good to reward our crew with this special day to say thank you for all their hard work. We could not do our jobs without our crews and this day was for them.”

Despite the heat, one of the activities was a kick ball tournament that was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. During the lunch hour a number of spouses who were working took their lunch break to join their families at the BBQ.

“We look forward to next year’s BBQ,” Natalia says. “I would tell any other Director of Operations that putting together such an event for the crews, while a significant amount of work is a great way to motivate their teams and that they should do it. This brings us all together like a family to share some fun times where we can recognize all the hard work that we do together. It was a good day.”

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