Souplantation Employee loses 100 lbs by Enjoying Meals at Work!


Congratulations to Lucas Weaver, service manager at Souplantation in Chula Vista, California, on his 100+ lb weight loss!

Lucas lost over 100lbs by regularly enjoying healthy meals at Souplantation.

To achieve such an amazing loss, Lucas traded in trips to fast food restaurants for a healthier diet of our soups and salads, loaded with raw vegetables.

Congratulations on creating a healthier lifestyle Lucas.  We are proud of you!

Check out Lucas’s full story in a featured report on CNN.

46 thoughts on “Souplantation Employee loses 100 lbs by Enjoying Meals at Work!”

  1. Way to go Lucas!!! I like to control my weight, but my husband carries around too much weight. We try to eat there at least twice per month and I joined ” Club Veg “. I must have been a rabbit in my former life because I just cannot get enough of my bunny food! If everyone in America ate like this the obesity rates in this country would be exceptionally low. Diabetes would become obsolete. People just don’t care or are still not getting the message.


  2. Great to hear. We eat at your location in Palm Desert/Indian Wells. Love it there. The food is great and we are so pleased to hear about Lucas. Keep up the good work!

  3. Three cheers to Lucas and Souplantation..
    Sure hope that you enjoy your new lifestyle. No doubt you are on your way to a long healthy life.

  4. Good going Lucas, I know it made a difference in your life. Some changes are difficult and some come easy. This one was not easy but at the right time in your life.

  5. Great job Lucas!!!

    I love Soupplan. I tried to keep the secret to only a select few but then people found out how rad it is! So now I have to wait in longer lines sometimes. And I’m all about the coupons.

    Bring back Rosemary Potato Soup! And Cream of Broccoli soup! But keep having the home style Chicken Noodle Soup!

  6. im happy too see im not alone on a long journey on loosing weight

    as a cancer survivor I had to make this change for the better

    thank u souplantation

  7. Well done! Congrats! This is my favorite restaurant. I’m a vegetarian and Souplantation is what I need. I don’t remember seeing him in the Chula Vista location, though.

  8. I’m so very happy for you. As someone who is always trying to lose weight. Its nice to see a success story like yours. Keep up the good work.

  9. Way to go Lucas you are an inspiration! I love souplantation, I am going to eat there more often. Keep it up!!!

  10. Congrats!!!! A job and weight loss!!! You are in much better shape thanks to souplantation. I love the broccoli salad and soup myself.

  11. Great Job! He should go around to schools with his before/after self to share his knowledge to the kids.

  12. Congratulations to you for a terrific job of losing weight, thanks to Souplantation while you work there. I’ve been a fan of El Soupo for many, many years …. Woo hoo!

  13. Thank you for sharing Lucas’ success story. This is one of my favorite restaurants also and I try to eat there several times a month.

  14. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. As someone who has experienced similar results, I am really happy for you. Plants saved my life, and eating at soup plantation was part of my healthy choices.

  15. I to started to change my habits and eat several times at soup lation it’d good for people watching there health. Lost 8

  16. Wow!!! this is great.
    I tried loosing some pounds the same way during the summer of 2010 I went everyday Monday – Thursday and sometimes Fridays for dinner to the Northridge,CA location. I felt so much better. By December of the same year, it got expensive 🙁 and I stopped going as often. However, I do love the choices at souplantation it’s my place to go for a delicious dinner. Once I get my VIP coupons I know exactly what I’m having for dinner!

  17. Way to go, Lucas! You’re an inspiration. I currently have the same goal and Souplantation is helping me achieve that goal. Thank you for sharing!

  18. congratulations for your hard work and sticking to it. also, great to have taken advantage of the opportunity to eat healthy

  19. I love this story! It is inspiring. Thank you Soup Plantation for encouraging eating on the job and thank you Lucas Weaver for proving good eating leads to good life.

  20. Congratulations Lucas! You are and always will be an inspiration to others. Keep up the good work!
    Sandy in So. Cali

  21. An inspiring story. I lost a sister because of obesity and lack of faith and patience. By getting a tummy reduction surgery, she developed an infection too late to control and DIED leaving a husband and 2 little children.

    I Chose to change my life like this gentleman, through the right route, eating healthy, exercising and a great attitude!

    Not only did I overcome depression, but I also healed from some deadly ailments like breast cancer, ulcers, TB and migraine headaches.

    Every time I visit LA the only place I WILL TAKE MY WHOLE FAMILY (MOM, SISTERS, ETC.)
    OUT FOR LUNCH OR DINNER is the Soup Plantation. Hopefully It will influence some of my obesed relatives to change their poor eating habits.



  22. Good for Lucas! I,ve been convinced all along that the reason we have so many over-weight people is because it’s so easy to eat junk food and we have forgotten the importance of nutrious food to our bodies.

  23. Lucas!
    Great Jobthats takes a lot of commitment, dedication and perseverance!! I hope that by leaving a comment will just continue to be encouragement for you! And it’s exciting to see what a choice can do so I am excited to see what you may be inspired to do next 🙂 God bless you!

  24. Congratulations Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great Job, good healthy and I believe an enormous satisfaction that probably makes you high naturally!
    Keep it up!

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