St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day for all of those that celebrate it.

Wear green or eat green on March 17 to celebrate.

We’re giving away TWO sets of 10 complimentary meal passes to Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes to some lucky blog readers.

Enter by doing any of the following:

  • Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant
  • Reply to this post and LETTUCE know what you like about our blog. Do you have a favorite blog? Do you want to see more? What would you like us to blog about?

Contest ends 3/17 at midnight.  Two winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be announced March 18, 2010

Added bonus for our Twitter followers! Follow @Souplantation and tweet about this giveaway by copying and pasting the message below and sending out as your tweet. One random twitter follower will win 6 free meal passes. Winner announced March 18, 2010

Eat your greens!! @souplantation St. Patrick’s Day Free Meal #giveaway – random winner gets 6 FREE meal passes. RT to win!

4,163 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. 3 Green things @ Sweet Tomatoes:
    – Spinach
    -Joan’s Broccoli Madness
    – Green onions (for salads & baked potatoes)

    This blog is pretty cool. I am new to it, but I think I may come back more often. Right now I blog on the Houlihans HQ site a lot, as well, a couple of my friends blog. I read those for entertainment moreso than commenting. On here, I’d love to read about new recipes or offer new recipe ideas. Keep up the good, healthy work, Sweet Tomatoes.

  2. I like to eat these green things at
    Sweet Tomatoes: Oriental Chicken salad, green peas on my salad and Caesar sald.

  3. I like the ceasar salad, the broccoli and the green peas. The blog is a great way to keep informed about upcoming themes and hear feedback from other customers.

  4. I love to eat Green things, especially on St. Patrick’s Day! Sweet Tomatoes has lots of Green Eats, like spinach, broccoli, jalapenos, green onions, green peppers, celery, etc. I plan to bring my own green food coloring and make our family”s traditional Green Sodas/Floats for dessert by combining 7-UP/Sprite with a drop of green coloring and adding vanilla ice cream. It’s not as healthy as the other choices, but it is Delicious!

  5. three green things—

    1. GREEN is the color of fresh lettuces & veggies on the salad bar—

    2. Green is the color of the grass & trees I see while at Sweet Tomatoes, because I always sit near a window

    3. Green is the color of money. Which is what I save by using the coupons you E-mail me.

    I love being a member of the Sweet Tomatoes family and would definitely be a member of the “frequent dining club” if there was one!

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Three ‘green’ things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes . . . lots and lots of things on the spectacular salad bar!!! Romaine lettuce . . . traditional bib lettuce . . . broccoli . . . spinach . . .

    Best restaurant in Atlanta!!! My favorite place to eat!

  7. my top 3 greens:
    1. classic greek
    2. cherry chipotle spinach
    3. caesar salad asiago

    i really like the layout/colors of the blog, “st. patrick’s day” is my favorite blog, of course :P. i’d for sure wanna see more cool events similar to this one! and i’d like to see more blog about this history of “souplantation” and future market expansion updates =]

  8. THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant: Lettuce, Broccoli, and Peas.

    LETTUCE know what you like about our blog: Awesome!

  9. I didnt even know that you had a blog! So happy to find that out and keep updated. Three things that are green: peas, spinach, and green jello! Happy St. Patty’s Day from Arizona. Jean

  10. hummmm…3 things green….yummm–that would be, lettuce,split pea soup, & chives (on my baked – Irish -potato).

  11. Hello,

    I think this is an amazing thing that you guys are doing for the people. We need need to be healthier people in these day. You guys are giving free meal passes like this could change someones life. The reason why I say it can change someone’s life is because you have changed my life by eating healthier when I go out to eat. If I was able to eat at Sweet tomatoes every day I would. I love your restaurant with a passion. My husband & I promised each other that when we would go out to eat that if we were going to spend money on eat fast food , waste money why not spend it right, go to Sweet Tomatoes & benefit our healths. I love the fact that every time I go to Sweet Tomatoes I feel the family love. The employees treat you like queens & kings, no lie…. The location my husband & I always go to is the one located in Orlando, Fl on East Colonial next to the Touch Star Cinema. I love the way they treat us there. I hope that you guys may continue doing these kind of generous giveaways because I know that it brings a lot of attention to those who don’t know about you that would come & join to a better eating habit like I did. I was one of those who did not know about your restaurant & was introduced by my mother & after I came to your restaurant I got hooked & never turned back.. I even dragged my husband which by the way did not know about your restaurant either which by the way is a Sweet Tomatoes lover too. lol!! Well.. I leave you with that. I want to thank you for having such a wonderful restaurant that you can eat all you want feel right at home & still be healthy. I just love it!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

    Charlean Ortiz

  12. Three Green things to eat any Souplantation: Chimayo, Spinach and green onions- all high fiber, all packed with lots of vitamins!

  13. Three things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes that are GREEN: romaine lettuce, Mojito GREEN tea (when available), and broccoli!

  14. Love the spinach, green peppers and broccoli salad.

    The blog is very nicely designed, bright, happy colors… just not sure what i would use it for. i go to the Sweet Tom. website for nutritional facts, today’s menu and things like that. But contests are good! 🙂

    The clam chowder Sat. night was AMAZING!


  15. Great Green Stuff at Sweet Tomatoes:

    Wonton Salad … oh, just the BEST!

    Green onions for baked potatoes

    Green peppers

  16. My favorite GREENs at Sweet Tomatoes are: the fresh spinach, the green grapes and the green we save with the fanatstic coupons you send out in your emails.
    PS — there’s LOTS of other greens I like too…. every salad & soup is wonderful!

  17. Three things green are spinach, brocolli and green peppers.
    Thank you for your blog, it is a great way to learn about good nutrition and get healthy pointers.

  18. Three green things at ST:
    1) Joans Brocc Madness
    2) Chix Wonton Happiness Salad
    3) The bulk peas for the salad
    How’d I do? hahaha
    When are you opening the store on University Pkwy in Sarasota/Bradenton, FL? Will you please consider one in Ellenton? I think you would get amazing traffic there!!!

  19. Three things that are green:

    I really like this blog because it inspires me to choose healthy options during the day. (-:

  20. Only three green things. . .OK, 1) Spinach, 2) Green Peas, and 3) Green sprinkles for the ice cream!

  21. i wish your broccoli chesse soup was something you have everyday
    we always check to see if that is on the menu

  22. I love the GREEN at Sweet Tomatoes: Broccoli, green peppers and green olives! Your blog is great! I would love to see a regular posting by your fans about their “Creations” as they serve themselves from all the good things to choose from. You did this once and it would be great to hear from everyone about how they “Fix things” at ST’s.

  23. fave 3 green things at sweet tomatoes—the caesar salad……the broccoli madness salad…..the won-ton chicken salad….

  24. The three green items I like best are: spinach, peas and broccoli. Please enter me in you St. Patrick’s Day Free Meal #giveaway.

    Thanks, love your restaurant,

  25. My favorite green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are broccoli salad, spinach salad, and pea soup! Please enter me in the contest.

  26. Three Green things at Sweet Tomatoes: 1) broccoli, 2) spinach and 3) cucumbers. I like your blog because it is a fun way to look at the world inside and behind the scenes of ST. I would love it if you were to blog about who gets involved in new recipe selection, where do you get ideas for your soups and salads. Maybe you could even have a contest on the blog each month to have diners provide recipes for soups and salads they would serve if they were in charge of creating ST menus.
    I like the blog where you recognize your outstanding employees.


  27. I love going to Sweet Tomatoes… three things that are green to eat @ Sweet Tomatoes are: Spinach, broccoli and green bell peppers. There are so much more but these are some of my favorites.

    I am a fan on Facebook and love to read your blog…I like seeing the specials and promotions; it adds fun to the site.

  28. I like the updates about the special selections. Blog about funny things that happen at the locations.

  29. Three things that are green at Sweet Tomatoes: (1) spinach, (2) Joan’s Broccoli Madness, and (3) Romaine Lettuce.

  30. Three more things that are green are romaine lettuce, scallions, and green sprinkles for the ice cream!

  31. Broccoli, Spinach lettuce and cucumbers are 3 of my favorite “green things” to eat at Sweet Tomotoes.

  32. Not sure how to reply to your contest so hit on this comment section. Three “green” things at Sweet Tomatoes are 1) split pea soup, 2) broccoli salad, and 3) spinach.
    Thanks, Dianne

  33. Three things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are cucumbers, chives for potatoes, and of course lettuce.

  34. Green is good! I love to start a salad with some fresh spinach. About midway, I daringly select a couple of pepperoncinis. For dessert, I cool down with some fat-free ice cream, topped with green & white sprinkles, in honor of St. Patricks Day!

  35. Hi,

    My answers to the contest:

    3 things that are green at souplantation:

    green lettuce,

    green cabbage


    I would be very happy if there was a blog about possible low carb menus at souplantation. Low carb breads, low carb dressings, low carb everything possible— Souplantation can do this! Way to go Souplantation – thanks for looking after all of our healthy foods!

  36. broccoli, spinach, celery!
    I like the blog! Recipes will be helpful. I would like to see more whole grains incorporated in salad bar offerings~ i.e. quinoa, brown rice, millet. I would like to see some other proteins offered in special recipes on the bar, i.e. tofu with pesto sauce or stir fried, etc. There are a lot of carb offerings with your proteins, but I would like to see lower carb offerings on the bar ,too…
    thanks for the opportunity to offer suggestions!

  37. 1. Joan’s Broccoli Madness
    2. Broccoli Cheese Baked Potato Topper
    3. Mandarin Spinach Salad with Carmelized Walnuts

    Mmmm . . . green . . .

  38. I love going to Sweet Tomatoes… three things that are green to eat @ Sweet Tomatoes are: Spinach, broccoli and green bell peppers. There are so much more but these are some of my favorites.
    I am a fan on Facebook and love to read your blog…I like seeing the specials and promotions; it adds fun to the site.

  39. My three favorite Sweet Tomatoes greens:
    1. Green cabbage in pineapple cole slaw
    2. Green leaf lettuce (particularly when it’s Strawberry Fields)
    3. Crispy cucumbers!
    Runner Up: Green tea (iced!)

    By the way, loved the blog post about your employee who saved a little boy’s life! Please tell me you did something special for this special person. 🙂

  40. There are quite a few things at ST that are green to eat. 3 of several things being: Spinach, Peas, and Broccoli.

  41. 3 things that are green to eat at any Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes restaurant: lettuce, celery and cucumbers.

  42. My favorite three green things are: The Bread & Butter Pickles, Broccoli, and Green Peppers the last two in a home salad!

  43. 1. Lettuce
    2. Spinach
    3. Green Beans

    I like the diversity of the blog – everything from recipes, to contests, to stories about food. My favorite blogs simply belong to friends who I like to keep in touch with. I’m happy with what I see from Sweet Tomatoes already, but I’d love to see some more recipes (maybe even more recipes from Sweet Tomatoes items).

  44. This is the first time I have used this blog. I think it is great to find other people that enjoy eating at seet tomatoes like I do.

  45. Green things… : Broccoli as in Joan’s Broccoli Madness, Romaine lettuce as in the Caesar Salad Assagio, Green Onion and Bok Choy as in Won Ton Chicken Happiness. I guess that’s technically four… 🙂 Happy St. Patty’s Day.

  46. There are just so many Green things at Sweet Tomatos that it must never get pinched.
    There are bell peppers, lettuce, cabbage, jalapenos, beautiful bites of green in some of the fantastic salads, peas, ohh wait, thats more then three.

    Also I love the blog, because it makes me smile and I think the writers are fantasticly clever.

  47. Broccoli salad, spinach, and cucumbers! It is easy to eat green at sweet tomatoes, and even easier to get my kids to eat green there!

  48. Broccoli, spinach and lettuce are three greens on the salad table here. Lots of other toppings are here to make these part of a tasty St. Patty’s mixture. Be safe on this day.

  49. Three things I would eat that are gree are green olives, spinich, and green sprinkles on my yummmmmmy soft serve ice cream which is on top of the yummmmmmy brownie!!

  50. Three things which are green on the menu are first, my absolute favorite – Jean’s Broccoli Madness. I always get a lot of this as it’s my favorite and no other restaurant serves this wonderful salad. Secondly, the fresh spinach salads are wonderful. And lastly, my husband’s favorite soup, the Split Pea with ham.

  51. I love to eat these green things at Sweet Tomatoes: spinach, romaine lettuce and broccoli. The blogs are great! Been a newbie at it, but getting used to finding out what the trends are through various blogs. I like the promotions blog — I like to know the new stuff and coupons I can use to meet my friends at Sweet Tomatoes.

  52. I don’t really have a favorite blog, but I do use forums quite often – Those being:

    Cummins and Dodge Forum:
    Viper Truck Club of America:,
    American Sand Association:

    As far as your blog goes, not being rude in this comment…its like any other the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there… you need to figure out a way to drive readers and posters to them. Some just lurk and read, others participate actively.

    Its OK to moderate a blog and not allow inappropriate material, but one thing that makes blog readers/posters angry and will surely drive them away is to censor what they are saying when its something that you don’t agree with.

    One such example of a very actively censored blog is: Daniel Patterson News and Views @

    He is well known for deleting ANY post that disagrees with his view point or challenges what he is talking about.

  53. I love your blog…especially because I can always find out the fun promotions going on at Sweet Tomatoes!

  54. I love “Eatin’ the Green” at Sweet Tomatoes! Three of my favorite greens are spinach, broccoli and green peppers. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  55. 1. tossed salad
    2. cucumbers
    3. Split Pea soup

    I love all the insider knowledge I get about all the food. (i.e bran muffins are 96% fat free) They taste too good for me to believe it! haha Also, as a foodie all of the recipes posted on here are delicious (thanks Mike!) I would love to see more recipes and more contests like this!

  56. Three things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are: Raw Spinach, Green Pepper Slices,, and Raw Broccoli!

  57. The 3 things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    1) Cream of Broccoli Soup
    2) Baby Spinach
    3) Lettuce

    I would love to get recipes of your most popular salads and soups on this blog and theme based contests where customers can share their recipes for their best soups and salads and the ones that win could be prepared at your locations for others to taste for a limited time.

    I love visiting Sweet Tomatoes and Won Ton Chicken happiness is my most favorite salad. 🙂

  58. Joans Broccoli madness has all of that luscious green broccoli
    Wonton Chicken Happiness is filled with beautiful lettuce
    tri-colored rotini has white, orange and GREEN pasta

  59. three green things that jump to mind – that delicious broccoli salad with the nuts and sweet sauce – the bread & butter pickles – the wonton chicken salad – yum!

  60. Great blog! Looks good and is informative!
    Three GREEN things to eat would be broccoli, peas and pickles!

    I do love your salad bar lots of different colors and varieties of veggies! YUM!

  61. I can think of many more than three green things you can eat at Sweet Tomatoes, but here are three: Spinach (my favorite salad green), the Broccoli Madness (my favorite prepared salad), and honeydew (I love some fresh fruit – with half a brownie and a little bit of frozen yogurt – for dessert!)

  62. Three things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes – spinach, lettuce, and pickles. All are great just like everyting I’ve had at Sweet Tomatoes.

  63. Well there’s the lettuce of course, broccoli (mostly just in soup but occasionally elsewhere) and I’m going to say spinach leaves! I love spinach leaves!

  64. Three things at Sweet Tomatoes that are green: Green Apples, Limes and Green Onions. I love Sweet Tomatoes. I would eat there more often if there was on the Clear Lake Houston Texas area. I love St. Patrick’s Day.

  65. Eat three things that are green! Start with Leafy Green Spinach in your salad. Top it off with Green thinly sliced Cucumber. And wash it down with some antioxident rich Green Tea!

  66. Lettuce of course is green, so that is obvious, but also broccoli and peas. Cabbage and celery are also green……. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  67. Happy Grren Day… 3 things that are green to eat at souplantation: Lettuce, cucumbers and green olives…. and I absolutely love your blog… I like most that you recognize all of your great employees and the hard work they put first, They make my visit worth returning over and over…. everyone is so nice and the food is so fresh… THANKS!!
    Stone Mountain, GA

  68. – Caesar Salad Asiago
    – Joan’s Broccoli Madness (My Favorite!)
    – Split Pea w/ Ham Soup!

    – I love your blog because it gives me the down-low about what cookin’ at Souplantation this month. Always lookin’ forward to the new menu! You guys should do a Souplantation of the Day, featuring an inside look at different branches of Souplantation throughout the land!

  69. Great idea! Green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes: Lettuce, Celery, Green Tea lemonade! mmm.. guess I know where I’m going for lunch today!

  70. 3 Green Things we enjoy at Sweet Tomatoes:

    Brocoli, Lettuce and Cabbage…but most of all Broccoli!

  71. GREEN THINGS TO EAT!!! Yummy Ceasar salad!, Crisp isburg lettuce!, Celery (what a great diet food!), Bell peppers..gotta love them!, and don’t forget the Green Sprinkles to top off the icecream!!!

  72. The giveaway is a great idea. But how do you “reply” to a blog post? Do you mean Comment? If so, I like the cucumbers, the lettuce, and the spinach; if not, how would I go about entering your contest?

  73. Love to eat salads with lots of green, especially romaine lettuce, broccoli, and baby spinach! Always interested to learn about specials and vegetarian items added to the menu in the blogs.

  74. Is this the way to enter the complimentary meal pass promotion?
    Three green items served at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    1. Broccoli
    2. Lettuce (lots of it)
    3. Cucumber
    The human interest stories are my favorite blogs & those about raising money for charities.
    Blog about how the stores interact with the local communities & about eating healthier; especially for people with certain needs, such as diabetics, those needing to watch their salt intake, people needing gluten-free food, etc.

  75. Hello. Three delicious green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are Romaine Lettuce, Raw Broccoli and Green Peas. Thank you for entering me in to your contest. Have a blessed day today.

  76. I love Sweet tomato and drive 60 miles to eat there (from Commerce Ga).
    I would choose lettuce, broccoli and green apples

  77. Lettuce, beans and broccoli
    First time visiting your blog. Very interesting. Especially the article on saving the boy’s life that ate the crouton.

  78. guacamole
    split pea soup

    What would you like us to blog about?
    It would be nice to occasionally give out a recipe- for a soup or pre-made salad.
    Also, new locations would be great! We would LOVE to have one in St. Petersburg, FL.
    There are many buildings available to retro fit. The salad-eaters would be so pleased!

  79. Sweet Tomatoes…is my FAVORITE place to eat out!!!!
    The amazing Broccoli salad!! (My all-time favorite!!)
    Spinach salads!! (Especially when strawberries are added!)
    The lemon salad last spring (I think it was in April of ’09), during lemon month, was outta this world! I sure hope it comes back!!!
    “These are a few of my favorite ‘greens’ “….

  80. 3 things at Sweet Tomatoes that are green are

    1. Joan’s Broccoli Madness
    2. Spinach leaves
    3. Caesar Salad

    All are yummo!

    Mindy Barahona

  81. My favorite green things at Sweet Tomatoes are the spinach leaves, broccoli, and seasonal green grapes. Yum!

  82. I was thinking about three things that are green and I thought do you go traditional or something different. The things I thought about are pistachio pudding, pesto alfredo sauce with fettucini and green eggs (& ham).

  83. 3 green things to eat at sweet tomatoes….Peas, Spinach, and Broccoli! That barely brushes on the thousands of great items to choose from!!!! Love you guys!!!!

  84. Hmm. Three things that are green that you can eat at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes. Well the first one would be my favorite… Spinach! Yum! Second would be green olives, a favorite by the whole family!! My third pick would have to be broccoli. Anther favorite of mine! Yay green veggies!

  85. Three things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    Abundance of salad greens…..broccoli….& cucumbers.

    What I like most about Sweet Tomatoes blog is the health tips. Would love for you to post a soup recipe here & there……they are so yummy!

  86. I love your blog.. so much information and alot of fun stuff too.
    3 things green to eat at sweet tomatoes, my fav.: Mandarin Noodles w/ Broccoli, fresh spinach leaves and the bread and butter pickles (love them). I love going and my little boy 4yrs old loves to take the spinach leaves and the sunflower seeds and shredded cheese and correct sticks and make wraps. I love to see him happy and eating so healthy thank you.

  87. Three things that are GREEN:
    1. SPINACH! Loaded with wonderful nutrients and way more tasty than plain lettuce!
    2. GREEN PEAS! My little ones have always loved eating the green peas off the salad bar!
    3. GREEN SPRINKLES: Cause I know you’re gonna have green sprinkles on the ice cream bar in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! A nice little details that shows you put thought into all of your items!


  88. My 3 favorite green things to eat at Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes is spinach, green bell peppers, and broccoli. I love veggies so that makes your restaurant one of my top choices, especially when I’m with friends! Yum yum yum!! 🙂

  89. Three things that are green….. hmmmmmm….

    Brussel Sprouts
    Green Beans

    Bette Jost

  90. three things you can eat at sweet tomatoes that are green would be yummy green bell peppers,peas,celery!!

    i really enjoyed the blog about one of your employees saving a young boys life, what a wonderful feeling knowning there are still people out there that are so humble. i would love to read more blogs like that.

  91. Three things I eat at Sweet Tomatoes that are green are: broccoli, lettuce and peas. Thanks for a chance to win!

  92. This blog is nice to read new stuff about Sweet Tomatoes. I think it shows you are active in your restaurants rather than sitting back and letting the “formula” work. It also shows you are trying to stay current with your blogging activity and facebook! Thanks!

  93. Green onions…green spinach….green cucumbers
    Lettuce see….I am quite charmed by your blogs,..I feel very lucky to read them since they keep me up to date with all the pots of gold youre servin’ up….I’m green with envy when I dont get to belly up to the salad bar….Keep up the great work and I’ll keep comin’ back. OH…the best thing is the Broc. Salad….woo hoo.

  94. So glad we have a Sweet Tomatoes in Fort Myers, Florida… kids favorite place to eat lunch when they are visiting! They wish they had a Sweet Tomotoes in their area…Eastern Shore in Maryland & Southern Connecticut.

  95. Green things to eat :
    (there are too many choices – I know I will be celebrating St. Patty’s day there :)) – I will be green in and out!)
    1. Spinach
    2. Green Peppers
    3. Soy beans (edamame)

  96. I was reading your article and three things that come to mind that are green and delicious to eat are broccoli which goes fantastic with alot of dishes or all by themselves, as well as secondly lettuce, which you can have dozens of different combinations with lettuce and thirdly is green peppers which always adds a fantastic taste to many foods as well as broccoli and the lettuce. These are my three items that SoupPlantations/Sweet Tomatoes offers their customers to eat. Happy St. Patricks Day. Think green!

  97. Replying to your offer for free meal passes.

    Three green things to eat at Souplantation:


  98. THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation: 1. broccoli, 2. spinach leafs and 3. peas.

  99. Three things that are Green at the Sweet Tomatoes I attend in Tampa are:
    1. The fresh dark green spinach. A great addition to it’s salad bar
    2. Green Peas! Surpsingly they add an extra kick of flavor to any salad
    3. The green chives in the potato topping bar. I actually use them for soup toppers.

    Yummy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  100. Three green items to eat at Souplantation:
    1. celery
    2. romaine lettuce
    3. cucumbers

    Love to eat there….even though I am not green!!!

  101. hi , green things that can be ate at sweet tomatoes are:
    1. spinach leaves
    2.broccoli pepper at salad section
    4. green apple
    5. green grapes

  102. 3Green Things on your menu: Spinach, Broccoli, and Romaine Lettuce.
    This is my first post on a blog, so I can’t really compare as to what I like or dislike about it.

  103. Basil, broccoli, and green peas.

    Updates on healthy eating is what I like about the blog. is my favorite blog. Yes, I would like to see more. Please blog about what essential nutrients are there in food, vegetarianism, etc.

  104. Three things that are green to eat at Soupplantation!
    1. WonTon Chicken Happiness salad! (i know my salads!)
    2. Broccoli
    3. Spinach Leaves

    I love reading food blogs (tastespotting, bakingbites), and soupplantation is one of my favorite restaurants, so I’m thrilled to see a blog on it!
    Please blog about monthly specials!


    1. Your store – it’s ‘green’ because it’s eco-friendly! There are sustainable materials everywhere!!!
    2. Your staff – while we are always excited to be greeted by the same smiling faces, it is also fun to meet the ‘green,’ aka new, friendly people that are being added to the team!
    3. My pockets – with your very reasonable prices, I can feed my family of 5 (#6 coming this month!) and still have some ‘green’ left in wallet!! Everyone leaves full and happy!

  106. three green things to eat at sweet tomatoes:
    lettuce! of course.
    cucumbers in your salad =)
    and wonton chicken happiness salad!!

  107. 3 green things:broccoli,spinach,cabbage
    I’d like to see vegetarian black beans in every Sweet Tomato salad bar like the garbanzo and kidney beans

  108. Sweet Tomatoes is perfect for St Paddy’s Day! It is not only green, but healthy. Once you take your tray and plate, the first green thing you will incounter is lettuce. A couple other green things down the line are cucumbers and my favorite broccoli salad. The only negavtive thing about Sweet Tomatoes, is there is not one on every corner! Thank you Sweet Tomatoes!

  109. I enjoy seeing the different kinds of soups and salads and whatever else you are featuring. It lets me know what I may be eating that day. I appreciate the coupons because we eat at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes quite often. What a happy ending for the child and the crouton. I also like the way the worker behind the bar keeps the containers full and cleaning around the areas.

  110. Three things that you can eat that are green are:
    Green peppers

    I like the blogs where you tell stories about the guests in the restaurants. I would also like to see more recipes that I can make when I visit the restaurants.



  111. Reply to this post and LETTUCE know what you like about our blog. Do you have a favorite blog? Do you want to see more? What would you like us to blog about?

    What I like about the blog is the different view points that I see. I would like to see more blogging about cool, new food combinations and information on new recipe ideas being worked on.

  112. Let me be the first then…
    Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant:

    lettuce (duh), peas and spinach

  113. Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes:

    1) Spinach, which I always mix into my salad with:
    2) Romaine lettuce
    3) Broccoli

    I’m hoping to have the luck o’ the Irish and win this awesome prize 🙂

  114. My favorite green things at the Sweet Tomatoes in Kennesaw, GA are broccoli, snap peas and bean sprouts! All make a salad happy!

  115. I wanted to enter the St. Patrick’s contest, but the page wasn’t clear. The first thing I saw was the box asking for my favorite food, or one I would like to see. I responded with key lime muffins. Then I read about the St. Patrick’s contest and could find no place to respond. Were the St. Patrick’s answers supposed to be in the favorite food answer box? Why didn’t it ask for favorite green foods?

  116. Green things to eat at Souplantation? There are many choices! How about: peas, lettuce, and broccoli!


  117. Three things Green I find at Sweet Tomatoes when I go in, Caesar Salad, Lettuce, & Broccoli. Sometimes the most flavorful salads are the greenest. And I find your Blog somewhat informative, though could use a bit more content.

  118. Lettuce, Spinach, and broccoli, are just 3 of the many green things that Sweet Tomato has.

  119. Our family ate at sweet tomatoes on Friday and our oldest ‘lucky charm’ (whose birthday is on St. Paddy’s day) loved her GREEN brocoli, our youngest loved the GREEN pea soup (and green sprinkles on her ice cream too)… and Daddy loved the GREEN onions on the yummy chili and Mommy loved the GREEN brocoli salad and ceasar salad too!

  120. Spinach (my favorite)
    broccoli (also included in Joan’s broccoli madness…another favorite!)

    I love the blog and love your restaurant. My best friend and I go to your Lake Buena Vista location after our gym workouts every Saturday afternoon. The staff is friendly, the food is always fresh and the atmosphere is very comfortable. Anytime I have friends or family in town to visit Disney World, I always treat them to Sweet Tomatoes as part of the trip!

  121. Lettuce, Spinach, broccoli

    I would love to win meal passes. I love your restaurant — can’t afford to go real often with the economy the way it is, but really enjoy it when we do make it!!

    Thanks for the oppotunity to possibly win!!

    Love the story about the employee that saved the childs life!!

  122. I enjoy all of the great info you share in your blog. Almost as much ass I enjoy eating LETTUCE, BROCCOLI, and PEAS. I find the sweet Tomatos is a Great place to get my green on!

  123. Three Green things I like to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant (Sweet Tomatoes are lcoated near where I live?
    #1 – Joan’s Broccoli Madness
    #2 – Won Ton Ton Chieken Happiness
    #3 – Fresh Green Peppers as a salad topping!

  124. 3 things that are green and taste great at Sweet Tomatoes: 1) All the lettuce varieties: Iceberg, romaine, etc.; 2) split pea soup; and 3) broccoli. These are only a small amount of the wonderful variety of vegetables and soup at Sweet Tomotoes. There is also green peppers, coleslaw, green olives and spinach.

  125. Three things that are GREEN to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are lettuce, broccoli, and green peas. All of these items can be found on the salad line. Believe it or not, this is the first blog that I have ever responded to. This shows how much I love Sweet Tomatoes. I am facing some serious medical procedures in the coming months and money is really tight. I would love to win a set of meal passes for my family.

  126. Lettuce! Spinach! Cucumbers!

    RE: We’re giving away TWO sets of 10 complimentary meal passes to Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes to some lucky blog readers.
    Enter by doing any of the following:
    Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant

  127. These are the three things I like to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, Joan’s Broccoli Madness Salad, I hope I got the name correct, spinach for my salads, pickels all types, bread and butter and regular puckering up type..yummmmmy! Peas are wonderful and also your celery..!!!!!

  128. 1. Joan’s Broccoli Madness (broccoli)
    2. Split Pea w/ Ham (pea)
    3.Traditional Spinach w/ Bacon (spinach)

  129. Oh GREEN——-Crisp, dark, leafy spinach leaves
    ——–Joan’s succulent, sweet, moist broccoli salad

  130. Broccoli, spinach and peas. Three of my favorite green items to eat and Souplantation has them all!

    I love this restaurant and we eat here at least once every two weeks. If I could suggest anything, I wish you would open one in Long Beach, CA! My husband and I don’t mind driving to Lakewood, but if there was one in Long Beach I am sure we’d eat there even more often :).

  131. I think the Souplantation blog is really cute. I think that Souplantation should blog about the restaurant’s history. I’ve been going to the restaurant for over 10 years and have noticed a lot of the changes. It would be cool to read about how things have changed and grown with every location. And post funny stories about customers!

  132. Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes is so easy. Caesar Salad, Joan’s Broccoli Madness and celery.

    Plain old green things, the jealous looks from my friends when I tell them my husband took me to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

  133. Three things that are green:
    bell pepper

    Gives me info on special themed events and promotions. They are fun to read.

  134. Oh GREEN——-Crisp, dark, leafy spinach leaves
    ——–Joan’s succulent, sweet, moist broccoli salad

  135. EATING GREEN: Three things that are GREEN and are delicious to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are Fresh Spinach Leaves, Green Peas, and Pickles… Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!! BLOGGING: Please keep it up because… The Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes Blog is very informative… I like being able to keep up to date on the happenings and events at my family’s favorite restaurant 🙂 The blog also captivates readers with riveting stories, such as the one in which Ms. Munoz, an employee of the restaurant, lovingly saved a child’s life and then happily went on to continue clearing tables and working as she normally does… After all, that’s what makes Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes the best restaurant around… Ultimately, it’s the freshest food around coupled with the nicest staff in the business… And we couldn’t agree more 🙂

  136. My three green foods I would found at Souplantation & Salad Works are: peas, lettuce and

  137. OMG! Sorry about the typo before! Proof read before posting. I apologize to anyone who may be offended it was not my intention!

  138. 1. “leprechaun” (romaine) lettuce
    2. “lucky” green bell peppers
    3. green peas – “rolling to the pot of gold”

    Luck of the Irish to ‘ye!

  139. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Top green foods on my list…spinach, broccoli and green onions – make a perfect salad combo. The latest blog about the Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes employee saving the young boy’s life made my day. Please continue to share similar stories about normal people doing great things! Thx!

  140. Awesome blog…thanks for the updates and the information…

    Things green … Olives …Jalapeno peppers… banana peppers… oregano … broccoli…

  141. I eat at my Point Loma Soup Plantation at least once a week. I always start out with the tasty leafy, green Caeser Salad as a foundation. Moving down the bar, I add some spinach for the burst of vitamins they offer. After that, a sprinkle of celery adds a nice crunch to every bite.
    Tucking a few slices of cucumber along the side of the plate and under the salad gives the plate a petal appearance. Artfully adding splashes of color with tomato, shredded carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and what ever strikes my fancy that day finishes the one-of-a-kind edible art creation. It’s never the same thing twice and is as delicious to eat as it is beautiful to look at.

  142. my response to THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant
    1. lettuce
    2. spinach
    3. broccolli

  143. Three green things at Sweet Tomatoes:

    #1. The awesome green Vegetables!
    #2. The Green Bills I get to keep in my pocket while I’m sitting at the Table because it’s such a FANTASTIC deal!
    #3. The shade of green that everyone turns when they find out that I just ate at Sweet Tomatoes and they didn’t!

    SO, BOOM! There you go Sweet Tomatoes! Pick me and I’ll love having 10 Free meals!

  144. Three green things that I enjoy eating at Sweet Tomatoes are spinach, peas, and Joan’s Broccoli Madness salad!

  145. Three green things I love at Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes:
    1. broccoli!
    2. spinach!
    3. GREEN onions!

  146. Spinach, peas, broccoli are green food at Sweet Tomatoes in Raleigh!

    As for +/- of your blog, I enjoy reading from the nutrition and health blog as well as the promotions section. Obviously the promotions are a plus; really who wouldn’t want to go to ST for free or at a cheaper price? But I love that your company is taking the time to also talk to customers about healthy foods, tips, etc. I especially enjoy learning how committed ST is to working closely with the farmers. I’ve read from other comments over time, and I would agree, that some additional info. (and in restaurant choices) on organic choices would be welcomed and much appreciated! There are some good arguments for the benefits of eating organic….

    Thanks for the good eats & Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  147. My three most favorite green things at Sweet Tomatoes?
    That fabulously tangy & tasty Vegan BROCCOLI SLAW I enjoyed on Saturday night! and…
    if I win, I may get to try the POPPYSEED COLESLAW!
    (keeping fingers crossed!)

  148. Mmm…I can think of a lot of green things I eat at Sweet Tomatoes! Let’s see, lettuce is one, broccoli is two, and I drink the green tea!

  149. 1. Won Ton Chicken Happiness Salad
    2. Caesar Asiago Salad
    3. Pickles

    Yes I like this blog. It’s fun to read about my favorite place to eat! My favorite blog is I’d love for you to blog about the recipes for your salads 🙂 LOL

  150. spinach
    iceberg lettuce

    Sweet Tomatoes is TEN times better then Soupersalad!!!! We’re glad you’re in Dallas, Texas!!!

  151. Green Peppers, Spinach, and Celery are 3 green things to eat at Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant.

  152. Three green things you can eat at Sweet Tomatoes are broccoli, spinach and lettuce. I loved the story about the employee who saved the little child from choking. I am sure everyone works in food service realized how important it is to know how to handle that situation. Good job!

  153. Three green things at Soup Plantation: Lettuce, cucumber and brocolli.

    I was so moved with the blog of the Employee going above and beyond by helping to save the 2 year olds life…while he was choking. Just coincidently my company that I waork for are beginning to give out small tokens for those employees going above and beyond…At first I wasn’t sure what I would choose but from reading this…it gives me a clue of how to choose that person.

    The blogs are so diverse….just keep them coming…I visit Soup Plantation…I have deemed it my favorite restaurant….

  154. Ceasar Salad, always my favorite freshmade salad, Joan’s Brocolli Madness, and cucumbers….yummm!

  155. I know of three plus some things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant:

    1. Field of Greens Salads
    2. Spinach (Mandarin/Sonoma/Chipotle/Traditional)
    3. California Cobb

    And all the other yummy salads on the menu. They are delicious and fresh! 🙂

  156. Just THREE,,, Spinach, Peas, and Broccoli.
    I like your blog b/c it is good to get inside fun info about SweetTomatoes (my favorite place to eat).
    I don’t have a favorite blog per say, but I do spend a lot of time reading about healthy food and best offers in town for healthy food.
    And for the added bonus, I have posted your tweet!
    Happy Green Eating!!

  157. The wonderful ceasar salads, the broccoli maddness, and won ton chicken happiness are great green selections!! This blog is great! It is very informational, and keeps you updated with the latest sweet tomatoes creations, mmmmmm…..

  158. In response to your St. Patrick’s Day contest, three things “green” that are served at Soup Plantation are: 1) Lettuce; 2) Pickles; and 3) Broccoli or Peas.

  159. Three things that are green at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes:
    – Broccoli
    – Spinach
    – Pickles

    What I love most about this blog:
    That I can win complimentary passes to eat healthy! 🙂

  160. Lettuce, peppers and tuna tarragon (well the pasta in it is!) Green, green and more green!!!!! Yum

  161. Three things that are Green to eat at Sweet Toatoes:

    Iceberg Lettuce, Spinach , and Cooked Cabbage with the Corned Beef in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

  162. What I like about this blog are the give-aways, updates and stories… like how the employees saved a boy’s life! I would like more of the same.

  163. THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant :



  164. I love Sweet tomatoes salad bar, the different green lettuces; spinach, romaine, iceberg. The fresh zucchini, cucumbers, celery, and brocolli. I always make a mile high salad!!!

  165. On St. Patrick’s Day celebrate by eating PEAS and fresh SPINACH from the salad bar and finish it up with some GREEN ONIONS at the potato bar!!!

  166. Green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes… cucumbers, green peppers and broccoli! I love Sweet Tomatoes!!

  167. What I like about this blog is all of the useful information it has for everyone to read about. Blog more about the different types of foods that sweet tomatoes offers.

  168. THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant:

    Green Peppers
    Green Peas

  169. What I love about your blog is the recipes, fun promotions like this one and keeping me in the know of what is happening.

  170. Three things at Soup Plantation that are Green to Eat would be: Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumbers. Actually…….. EVERYTHING to eat at Soup Plantation is “GREEN” because everything is RENEWABLE……lol.

  171. Hi Tracy,
    We love the Mandarin Spinach Salad with Walnuts, the Caesar Salad Asiago, and the Joan’s Broccoli Madness. All three of those are GREEN!


  172. What is green and delicious at Sweet Tomatoes?
    – Won-ton Chicken Happiness
    – Cucumbers
    – Zucchini slices (spelling?)

  173. Lets see..there is lettuce, cucumbers and ham and pea soup, as well as the occasional green gummy bear, oh yeah and melon too! I love Sweet Tomatoes, I don’t feel guilt ywhen I leave there. Great Place, wish there was more aound.

  174. You can’t have a terrific salad without spinach, banana peppers and fresh green peppers. Sweet Tomatoes is definitely the best in the area.

  175. I wanted to also thank you for the great FREE puzzle sheets and color sheets Love putting them in my kids lunch boxes..even my teens like them

  176. When I go to souplantation I love to get the Oriental Salad, the Clam Chowder, and the Chocolate Chip muffins. Mmmm Mmmm They’re so good, I think I’m going to have to makee another trip back to Souplantation to get those yummy favorites.

    Thanks Souplantation, I love your food!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

  177. Brocolli, peas, celery. I could say dyed mashed potatoes but that would not be pleasing to the eye. Also green pea soup but it is an acquired taste.

  178. 3 things we enjoy that are green at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    green swirly noodles
    Yay! Sweet Tomatoes

  179. 1.Cucumbers
    2. Romaine lettuce
    3. Fresh Green Bell Peppers 🙂

    Blog is great! Blogging about new items or asking for our opinions is always great to see. Keep up the great work!

  180. 3 Green Things to eat that are green @ Sweet Tomatoes are:

    1. Broccoli
    2. Lettuce
    3. Cucumbers

    I like the fact that you’re interested in pleasing your customers & are interested in what they have to say, & how you can please them currently & in the future. You listen to their input. Always take care of anything that’s wrong. Keep customers up to date on blog. No favorite blog. I enjoy Sweet Tomatoes very much…

  181. Green…..
    Lettuce, pickles, broccoli, green grapes, green tea, $money$. ooops, that is more than 3….

  182. Green are the types of lettuce, the bell peppers, and my favorite green is the zucchini. There’s nothing green about this month’s tomato soup and grilled cheese dippers, but that’s my favorite soup and bread combo. You should blog more about personal experiences at The Soupla.

  183. There are three greens I really enjoy eating at Sweet Tomatoes: Fresh Spinach, Joan’s broccoli salad, and fresh onion tops on my soup.

  184. Three things that are green and at Sweet Tomatoes…mmm….
    Lettuce – the basic!
    Spinach – my preferred base
    Peas – my salad creation isn’t complete without them!

    I could go on but I’ll spare you. 😉

  185. Three things that are green, – Broccoli, spinach and celery. All are wonderful in salad, soups and pastas, that you do a wonderful job in creating new recipes.

  186. Three things that I love to eat at Sweet Tomatoes:

    cream of broccoli soup
    brocccoli salad with cashews, onions, and raisins

    I do love everything at sweet tomatoes!!!!!

  187. I love the iceberg lettuce, the green split-pea soup and the green pickles to put on my green lettuce salad.

  188. I enjoy the pickles. peas, split pea soup and lots of spinach for my salad entree..they are delish, the cucumbers are tasty in my spinach salad, celery and of course the peas!

  189. I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes! I’m new to the blog, but what a great giveaway! Let’s see … three green things at Sweet Tomatoes — broccoli (my favorite and my son’s too), spinach and green peppers.

  190. Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant

  191. Three Things that are green at Sweet Tomatoes:
    2) Broccoli
    3) Granny Smith Apple
    6)Bib Lettuce
    7)Head Lettuce
    8) Cuccumber

  192. The three green things that I love to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant are: the caesar salad, the sweet & sour broccoli slaw & fresh spinach leaves, which I mix in with my caesar salad. Yum!

  193. I am replying to this post to comment on 3 green things to eat and enter your excellent contest. If I were at Souplantation I would eat Lettuce, Broccoli, and Spinach, also Green Peas on my salad and Celery in my delicious Chicken Soup. I would also eat many other yummy things!

  194. When I go to Souplantation I like to get the Oriental Salad, the Spinach, the Peas, and the Green beans. But I also like to get the Clam Chowder and the Chocolate Chip muffins. Mmmm Mmmm. They’re so yummy. I can’t wait to go back and get some more!

    Thanks again Souplantation, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  195. GREENS at Souplantation are:
    Sweetpeas, Spinach, Lettuce.

    I wish I could eat there EVERY day. There are times when I am at work, and I blurt out: MY BODY NEEDS SOUPLANTATION TODAY!

  196. Three Things that are Green at Sweet Tomatoes:
    2) Broccoli
    3) Granny Smith Apple
    6)Bib Lettuce
    7)Head Lettuce
    8) Cucumber

  197. I think green is my favorite color because my birth date is in March….just one week after St. Patty’s Day! Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes: 1. The specialty fresh made salads 2. The sweet pickles and 3. The low fat Creamy Cucumber dressing. (just a hint of green here, but it is one of your best kept secrets!!) May the luck ‘o the Irish be with you all week. (and with me when you do this drawing!!)

  198. Three Things that are Green at Sweet Tomatoes:
    2) Broccoli
    3) Granny Smith Apple
    6)Bib Lettuce
    7)Head Lettuce

  199. I like the fact of letting us know about upcoming menu choices. I like that you also highlight wonderful employees. The lady saves a sweet young boy from choking and then just returns to her job. No big deal, just doing my job and being a mom both. You are lucky to have a valued employee.

  200. I like the clean, attractive layout of this blog. I’d like to read more about your recipe development process. I also think it would be interesting to read about the agricultural community that supplies Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes with fresh ingredients!


  202. THREE Things that are Green to et at any Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes:

    1. Fresh Spinach

    2. Peas in the salad bar / Split Pea Soup

    3. Fresh Raw Broccoli in the salad bar



  204. Green brocolli salad! sliced cucumbers and green spinach
    my favorite blog is The Pioneer Woman. I enjoy the recipes you post.

  205. As a food fan and and home bakery owner, I love all sorts of food blogs. I love The souplantation’s blog, because your blog offers unique stories and updated information regarding your amazing menu. Your food descriptions alone just make me want to eat there everyday. One of my favorite food blogs, is Joe Pastry ( Baking has always been my passion of mines because it’s all about science and accuracy. The Joe pastry blog, does an awesome job at not just listing recipes, but explaining the science, reasoning, and history behind baking and pastry. So far your blogs are great. I would love to see more menu ideas, but I would also like to see more pictures posted with the menu items that you are describing. Thanks

    Jonathan Green
    Long Beach, CA

  206. 3 green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes on St Patrick’s Day are:

    wonton chicken salad (my favorite)
    green peppers

  207. The best part of Soup Plantation is that I get pile it upon my plate or even plates with I want. The prepared salads are always fresh and green but it’s my own creation I always go for.

    First, I start out with a pile of green Iceberg lettuce. Sliced green celery and sliced red radishes are always nice. The orange shredded squash gives the illusion of cheddar cheese. Chopped eggs, and black olives too. Green peas. Croutons. Drench it with french dressing. Yummy.

    Oh and I like to add a small pile of green cucumber slices. I get some of that great ranch dressing in those handy paper cups. I do love do dip the slices and eat them separately from my salad.

    Now each time I go to Soup Plantation my salad plate is a piece of art–but there’s not reason to be green with envy–just meet me there! And perhaps, if I win, it’ll be my treat!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all!

  208. Spinach, Green Peppers, and Romaine Lettuce are all green, available at Sweet Tomatoes, (and end up on my plate when I dine there).

  209. Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant
    lettuce, cucumbers, pesto

    Reply to this post and LETTUCE know what you like about our blog. Do you have a favorite blog? Do you want to see more? What would you like us to blog about?
    kind of fun for our family’s favorite restaurant! blog about great deals and new foods!

  210. and the blogs are fun to read. good facts, interesting things about employees. Food service isn’t easy and it is nice to see them recognized.

  211. I love the Spinach Leaves, Cucumbers and Celery… I always put them together in whatever salad creation I’m making.

  212. Three green things I like to eat when I go to Sweet Tomatoes:
    Spinach, broccoli, and romaine lettuce.

  213. I would love to see you blog about the mushroom soup that is only available in the winter. My husband hates mushrooms, but loves that soup!

  214. 3green things at sou plantation:
    green apples
    spilt pea soup
    green jello

    I like the idea of a blog! It iis a great way to communicate with the public abouit offers.

  215. Three things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation): broccoli, spinach, crisphead/iceburg lettuce.

    What I like about the Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation) blog: I like to hear about healthy eating and new menu items at Sweet Tomatoes.

  216. What I like most about your blog is how you recognize employees. I would love to work for you but unfortunately I can only eat at your restaurants when traveling. But then I can look up where you are located on your blog too.

  217. I love a good salad and there’s no place better the. Sweet Tomatoes
    to get one!! Three green items I gotta have are Spinach, Green Olives
    & Green Peppers 🙂

  218. This is my first visit to the Souplantation blog, but my family & friends absolutely love Sweet Tomatoes… When there, some of our favorite items are the Green leaf lettuce, fresh Green broccoli and Green sweet peas.

  219. Three things that are green: lettuce, spinach, peas

    What we like: the friendly staff, the great selection, healthy and fresh food choices, good prices

  220. Three GREEN things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes

    1. The wonderful GREENS in the Ceasar Salad

    2. The GREEN broccoli in the Broccoli Raisin Slaw Salad

    3. The GREEN peas to be added to your salad or for your kids to slurp in one by one.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  221. What a fun contest! Our family loves to eat at Sweet Tomatoes! In fact it is my sons favorite restaurant! So…3 green things!
    1. Spinach
    2. Lettuce
    3. Broccoli
    There really are alot more green things…such a good place to go for a healthy meal.

  222. My favorite green things at sweet tomatoes are the fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy broccoli (dipped in tasty ranch dressing) and sweet peas.

  223. I love the enthusiasm of the writer of this blog! I can tell they have a passion for the company, what they stand for, and eating healthy.

    I’m vegan and try to eat as clean as possible, so my favorite blog is Susan posts amazing recipes, most of which are outstanding!

    It would be really interesting if you dedicated a post about some of the weirdest, but most delicious themed dishes you’ve served in your stores. Can’t wait to see what else comes from you!

  224. Saint Particks Day Blog

    Three things you can find at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant that is the wonderful color green are:
    1. Of course the lettuce in all the wondeful salads
    2. The broccoli that you can add to your salad
    3. The green peppers you can add to your salad

  225. Broccoli is my favorite…lol, lettuce for my salad, and yummy peas can all be found at my sweet tomatoes. This blog is pretty “sweet” lol. i like to read about promotions and the different themes you guys are having…

  226. Love the Sweet Tomato log, becasue it keeps me up to date. This is my favorite resturaunt. I am on a diet and they have a fantastic salad bar and soups. I like the freshness and I like the varaity of the salds and soups. I have never been there and had any trouble. Keep up the good work

  227. Green things – Grass, Lettuce, Brocolli

    I dont really have a favorite blog, other than my friends photo blog (Tara Swain Photography) and I like this blog! I love all the coupons Sweet Tomatoes sends out and that we get updated on the new menu items!

  228. How do I pick only 3 green things?!?! Spinach leaves, broccoli, cucumbers, Joan’s Broccoli salad. I love Souplantation!

    Thanks for the fun!

    Jill B – Camarillo

  229. Spinach, celery, peas
    Like the personal interest stories and like the encouragements to eat healthy.
    I like the drink mix suggestions that I saw in the restaurant yesterday. That was pretty cool. I tried the Arnold Palmer spritzer, I think that was the name.

  230. Three things that are green (and delicious) to eat at Sweet Tomatoes:

    1. Lettuce (particularly in WonTon Chicken Happiness.. YUM!)
    2. Green Peppers
    3. Pickles

  231. Good Morning,

    In response to your post, three things to eat at Sweet Tomateos that are green:
    1.) Romaine Lettuce
    2.) Spinach
    3.) Broccoli Florets

    Have a great St. Patty’s Day,


  232. I had no idea ST had a blog until now. It looks great, but for some reason the stuff in the sidebar is not showing up until the bottom of the page. It might need a little tweeking with the formatting. I love blogging, and have so many favorites it is hard to count. I think this is a great medium for ST to use to help us be informed of what is going on in the Souplantation. I definitely will be putting this in my feed reader.

  233. What a great giveaway! Three green things include spinach, kale, and collard greens. All my favorites!

  234. This blog introduced me to the benefits of potatoes. I hope the blog could have more health information including fiber. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for new updates.

  235. Three things you can eat at Sweet Tomatoes that are green: green peppers, cucumbers, spinach! Thanks for the contest!

  236. Here are my 3 favorite green foods at Sweet Tomatoes:
    1. Classic Spinach Salad
    2. Broccoli Salad
    3. Split Pea Soup with Ham
    Go Green!!

  237. Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes: Brocolli Cheese Soup, Cherry Chipotle Spinach Salad, and Classic Greek Salad. Yum, yum!

  238. I love you Souplantation! My 3 favorite green things: Joanne’s Broccoli Madness, Classic Caesar Salad, and Won Ton Chicken Happiness.

  239. 3 green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes: 1) Fresh, crisp, yummy spinach
    2) Tasty, flavorful olives
    3) Crispy, crunchy broccoli

  240. 3 things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes….

    Actually, there are tons, but I will say…

    1. lettuce
    2 bell peppers
    3. cucumbers

  241. All the delicious types of LETTUCE….Brocolli…..Green Onions….I love it all.
    I can keep going since I’m a big veggie lover. I also love the snap peas/green peas that are available on the salad bar as well. Don’t forget the light green Olive Oil……the only salad dressing with Balsamic Vineger…yummy! Vivan

  242. Enter by doing any of the following:

    Reply to this post with THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant
    *Peas, Spinach,Sprouts
    Reply to this post and LETTUCE know what you like about our blog. Do you have a favorite blog? Do you want to see more? What would you like us to blog about?
    *Enjoy the blog for the fun of it and the information it provides.

  243. 3 things that are green:

    1. 4 leaf clovers
    2. grass
    3. broccoli

    I love the discounts on meals at Sweet Tomatoes, and I love to read about the new items on the menu!!

  244. Some green things I love at Sweet Tomatoes : green peppers! Romaine Lettuce (esp. in Ceasar)! Broccoli!

    Love it when you add some recipes!

  245. I thought I would not like eating at sweet tomatos when I took my wife for the first time in august 2009,but I truly enjoy your restuarant.

  246. Three Green things?…….WonTon Chicken Salad……Broccoli Salad……..Bread and Butter Pickles….and and blog that offers a prize and a blog that i like.

  247. THREE things that are green to eat: Spinach, Broccoli, Celery
    I want to read more about how to build, make tasty salads from Souplantation’s salad bar. Guide me with some good concoctions so I can venture out further for my taste buds!

  248. ok well um you could eat limes,lettuce, and baby spinash!
    and i love your blogs i dont have a favorite there all the best and
    i would love to see more!!

  249. My favorite 3 Green things for trhe St. Paddy’s contest…
    Broccoli, spring lettuce mix. mandarin salad.
    Love St. Paddy’s Day and Love Sweet Tomaotoes

  250. The 3 best green things to eat at souplantaion are: Brocolli, spinach and peas (topping my huge salad of course)! I love the blog about health and nutrtion. Please blog more about why the meun items you offer are sooooo good for us! I love Souplantation! Thank you for giving us healthy alternative place to eat.

  251. Three greens that you can eat at any Sweet Tomatoes restaurant: Spinach (Sonoma Spinach w/ Honey Dijon Vinaigrette), split pea soup (Split Pea w/ Ham), broccoli (Broccoli Cheese Baked Potato Topper)

    I absolutely love Sweet Tomatoes…it’s a treat to go there any time! I’m fortunate enough to have this restaurant within a mile of where I work, too. The only problem is, you always want to eat more than you can actually stomach because the salad, soup, potatoes, pasta, bread, and of course, the Edy’s non-fat dessert are just so good!

  252. The three things that are green and can be eaten at sweet tomatoes are Fresh Spinach, split pea soup, and dill pickles on my salad.

    I like the fact that this blog is spreading awareness of healthy eating .

  253. Luck of the Irish!
    3 green things at Souplantation:
    1. Romaine lettuce
    2. Cucumbers
    3. peas

  254. Three things that are green to eat atany Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant:
    1) fresh spinach, 2) celery, 3) green bell peppers.

  255. I think this is my favorite blog so far since it gives me the chance to get free Souplantation and that’s always a delicious idea. Also my favorite three green things at Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes are the caesar salad, the split pea and ham soup, and the broccoli cheese soup. mmm…

  256. I am encouraged that Sweet Tomatoes has added some low sodium soups. However, “low” is a relative term. Do you provide the sodium content anywhere? It appears that sodium is the next health issue at the forefront after trans-fats. Thanks for reading this.

  257. I really don’t Blog…but it does look interesting. I just don’t always have the time to sit and read all the mail daily…I will continue to eat all the great dishes at “Sweet Tomatoes” until I meet the Great Maker! Yahoo!! for Veggies……Vivian

  258. My favorite green things at Sweet Tomatoes!!!

    The green onions on top of my baked potato
    The lettuce in the wonton chicken happiness salad
    The rosemary in my favorite soup (which also happens to be potato)

    Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!

  259. I’m always wearing the green at Sweet Tomatoes with SPINACH, BROCCOLI in that great Broccoli Salad and piles of PEAS on my LETTUCE salads. Love your place.

  260. My three favorite “GREEN” things at Sweet Tomatoes are: Fresh Spinach, Brocolli & Snap Peas! Here’s to the possibility of winning one of the sets of 10 complimentary meal passes. 😉

  261. Wow – 10 free tickets!! That would be terrific! We love Sweet Tomatoes. My favorite 3 green things to eat there…. broccoli, spinach and peas!! Love it!

  262. Greens!!

    Some of my favorites are the celery bits, the green peas (Those are a delightful addition to any salad!) and the green onions that I zip across to drizzle in my soup. And that’s not the half of it. Lettuce (see what I did there?) is good too, especially when partnered by a bunch of green peppers and some broccoli. (Not as good as Joan’s broccoli madness, but raisins aren’t green.)

    The blog is great, though I’m in Atlanta, and it is great that people in California get new locations… but I can’t get there! I prefer to read the recipes and the tips. The Fruit and Veggies challenge was just what I needed when I was starting my diet. I’m addicted to hummus and carrots now.

    Maybe there should be a New Openings blog and a Healthy Living blog. 🙂

    And pass on word to Leila that she’s a gem. If we had more people like her in the world, it would be a better place.

  263. Tasty green foods at Sweet Tomatoes that I love to eat are the fresh spinach leaves, broccoli florets, and green peas. They make any salad better, and are also great when mixed with the hot pasta dishes or soups on a separate plate.

    I enjoy the insight into the business that this blog provides, and really appreciate that you will be highlighting some of your growers now.

    My favorite blog is, of course, my own. It includes quite a few posts on food, not surprisingly. 🙂

  264. Healthy eating couldn’t gewt any better. I love visiting my Sweet Tomatoes in Clearwater and enjoying all the fresh offerings. I especially like the fresh green peas, wonderful fresh Romaine lettuce and the spinach is always good! I love to visit with my friends and lunch there!

  265. Not sure if this is how I enter the contest but here are my three things that are green at Sweet Tomatoes: Lettuce, green peppers, brocoli.

  266. I think the three best green foods to eat are , broccoli, green beans, and spinach salad. The green gives you iron for your body and makes your strong. It is most helpful for women because women have low iron for some reason. My two children both love broccoli the best. I make it fun for them by adding a dip to their vegetable so they will enjoy eating the “green foods”. I add it to my meals every single day. My son absolutely loves salad. He is my health nut out of both my children because he eats all sorts of fruits and veggies. When I was pregnant with my son, the only thing he would allow me to eat was fruits and vegetables. Anything fake I would just get sick. I am glad I don’t have to have a problem with him on eating his vegetables. My daughter is okay with it all, but she does her best to eat what she can. We love fruits and veggies in our house. And we love the “green foods”. =)

  267. 3 delicious green things from Sweet Tomatoes:
    -the green lettuce in my favorite Wonton Chicken Happiness
    -the bright green peas my Irish dad always loved
    -the green candy sprinkles my 3-year-old put on his frozen yogurt when we ate lunch there yesterday!

    Thanks for the fun blog. We’d love the passes to take my family of 5 plus grandma to Sweet Tomatoes more often! It’s my kids’ favorite restaurant and where my youngest wants to go for his birthday dinner when he turns 4 on March 30th!
    Irish Brian

  268. Three green things that I enjoy at Sweet Tomatoes…brocolli, bell pepper, and spinach leaves in my salad. Yuuum! Thanks 🙂

  269. Everything is great at your restaurants. My husband and I have a standing date every Friday for dinner so I can have your wonderfully delicious Clam Chowder.

    The three things that are green to eat at Sweet Tomatoes?
    Caesar Salad
    Spinach Salad
    Broccili Salad
    Green Peas

    Totally enjoy your Blog….And I think it is great that your recognize your employees and give credit where credit is due. Everyone wants to feel special and get a pat on the back for good work. Like my momma always said, “your get more bees with honey than with vinegar”. Word travels and if you employees are unhappy with their jobs your customers will know about it.

  270. Three things that are green!

    1) My mother’s delicious Green Jello Salad
    2) Fresh guacamole
    3) Newly squeezed Limeade

    Thanks Sweet Tomatoes!
    –Lauren 😀

  271. I’m replying to the post about the contest. Three green things at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    lettuce, spinach, brocoli, peas, green beans, and pea soup!!! Is that enough?

  272. Things that are green at Sweet Tomatoes – and that we love to eat: spinach, broccoli, and celery! Love the fresh vegetables at ST.

  273. I love Sweet Tomatoes! The green romaine lettuce and green spinach for my salad are just wonderful. I also add the green cucumbers to add the large salad. I espcially like the new smokey BBQ ranch that was at Sweet Tomatoes last night. That’s a keeper. And you can’t beat the Tomato soup with grilled cheese focaccia. I’ll be back. again and again and again.

  274. Of course it would be easy to list the three types of greens I find at my local Souplantation, iceberg, romaine and spinach. However, my personal favorite green item is the bell peppers. My kids love the cucumbers.

  275. Three green things: Honeydew melon, green peppers, the chives I put on the baked potato!
    The Blog: I enjoy reading about the new menu items, but would be interested in hearing about changes in the business and how SP/ST keeps up with the changing economy. Also, I’d love a section where we can brag about great experiences/customer service at the restaurants. We could call them “Sprout Outs” (or not…)

  276. My favorite, favorite, favorite green objects to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are spinach, broccoli and those little green field peas!!! MMMM… the best!

  277. Three green things that I enjoy at Sweet Tomatoes…brocolli, bell peppers, and spinach leaves in my salad. Yuuum! Thanks 🙂

  278. strawberry spinach salad; Asain lettuce salad and pickles/cukes in the salad bar are all green and wonderful to eat at Sweet Tomatoes.

  279. I am replying with three green things! Lettuce, broccoli, celery, or cucumber. I will also say that I like when you blog about current food items that are just there for a limited time.


  280. Three green items to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are: Broccoli, Green Peas and Spinach.

    Don’t really follow any blogs, but look forward to seeing what specials Sweet Tomatoes has each month…

  281. Well romaine is GREEN of course and I love the caesar salad that you lovely people make with it. Then as we move down the line we come upon GREEN spinach, which I always put on my plate. Finally we come to the very GREEN and very good Broccoli salad!

  282. Three Green Things To Eat What A Treat : Brocolli, Lettuce & Limes

    What I Like A bout Your Blog: Everything !!!!!!!!

    My Mom And I Love Your Resturant – We Cant Find Any Good Salad Bars in Utah County, So Once Or Twice A Month We Drive Up Just To Your Restruant – Because You Guys Are Great !

  283. Three green things at Souplantation are Jalapenos, Split Pea Soup (when available), and yummy Caesar salad.

  284. broccoli, romaine lettuce, and peas!
    i like how this blog is a one-stop shop for all things fresh and healthy at souplantation / sweet tomatoes…i also like how you can choose your own background wallpaper for the site. i’d like to see some blog articles about where your produce comes from. thanks!

  285. We enjoy Sweet Tomatoes and like to hear about the new and special soups that you have. Your soups are outstanding. While the salad offerings are great, it is the soups that we enjoy with the special breads. Keeep up the information that tells about these specials.

  286. 3 things that are green: Lettuce, peas, green jello!!

    I like learning more about where your food comes from and how to stay healthy! You could blog about fun and exotic salad creations.

  287. 3 things that are green to eat are broccoli, romaine lettuce & peas on the salad bar line. My family loves Sweet Tomatoes for a healthy option when dining out!!

  288. 3 things that are green: romaine lettuce, broccoli madness salad and sweet peas.

    What I like about the blog are the recipes!!

    My fav. blog is my own secret blog where I can get things off my chest as well as inform people as to how to be a great consumer.

    As far as what I would like to see more of and what to blog about is:
    A breast cancer survivors menu!!!!!
    I am a Mother who had breast cancer in 2007. I have a 3 yr old little boy now and I am planning on discontinuing my cancer medications. My plan is to eat anything that has high antioxidants in order reduce free radicals. This may help kill cancer cells. My doctor will not be happy when I tell him however I want to be cancer free in a natural healthy way. I can not have a second child while on cancer meds so if I eat well I can at least try (unless the chemo killed my chances already??). I don’t want anymore poisons or toxins in my body and others like myself in their 30’s with cancer may want help to better their immune systems ect… There is no cure for cancer but healthy foods can help. Sweet Tomatoes is how food used to be when people worked hard on farms to grow their own food and have nutrients with out taking vitamins. Also note anything organic because I look for that trying to reduce any other toxins.

  289. Three Green things: Lovely Lettuce, Bountiful Broccoli, Luscious Limes

    I hadn’t seen your blog until now, but it is interesting. Nice to see that you keep it up to date. I have not read far yet, but I liked the entry about the employee saving someone’s life. Goes beyond food, huh?

  290. Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes are: broccoli, spinach and celery!! All are delicious and nutritious.

  291. Sweet tomatoes is the best healthy restaurant i ever went to, I love the Customer service hospitality warm comfortable service i feel at home when im there assistance very proffesional courteous humble and lots of smiling i love the food service and how healthy it is!! three thing that are green broccolie,spinach,and lettuce !My favorite restaurant healthy restaurant i recommend to anybody !! Awesome love it !!

  292. I love that your blog activity solicits customers to interact with your company and employees. Plus the yummy updates that tempts the appetite.

  293. Head lettuce, green onions, peas, and the super-thin slices of zucchini are a must on my salad every time. I had no idea that zucchini could be so good raw until I tried it from your salad bar. Yummy!

  294. We love Souplantations fresh green lettuce, peas and broccoli. Deeee-licious! We are devoted Souplantation patrons because Souplantation has the freshest, healthiest food around……no other restaurant even comes close to the presentation and value. We love you Souplantation!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  295. I enjoy eating at Souplantation because I can feel good about what I eat while still getting that “comfort” feeling about enjoying homemade items. Three green items I enjoy are Broccoli Salad, Spinach Salad and Peas. However everything at Souplantation is green in the sense that is was hand picked as worthy to be a part of the menu.

  296. Green things: romaine lettuce, spinach, pickles
    The blog: first time I’ve seen it. You could always blog about healthy stuff and perhaps share ideas with customers about how to buy local produce, what’s good in organics.

  297. This is for the complimentary meal passes….three things that are Green to eat at Souplantation

  298. At Souplantation I can get a green salad with romaine, baby spinach, green pepper, and broccoli (which I would top with a balsamic vinaigrette.)


  299. THREE things that are green to eat at any Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes restaurant:

    Broccoli, Spinach, cucumbers

  300. Three green things to eat at Sweet Tomatos:
    1. The broccoli salad with raisins is great
    2. I love the spinich
    3. The green peppers are super

  301. The top 3 green foods you can always find on my plate at Sweet Tomatoes are:
    broccoli, spinach and peas.
    Your blog focuses on the positives in life, keep up the great work!!! Thanks for inspiring my office to participate in a fruit & veggie challenge too.

  302. My 3 favorite GREEN things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes:
    Rich and delicious Pea Soup
    Iron rich Spinach
    Joans Broccoli Madness Salad

  303. There are so many green things to eat at Sweet Tomatoes – it’s hard to pick just three! Three of my favorites are: Spinach, Joanne’s Broccoli Madness, and Zucchini! Even though you can’t eat it, it’s always nice to drink some green tea on the side 🙂

  304. Three things that are green that I like at Sweet Tomatoes are: cucumbers, and celery on my salad. Also, Asian chicken salad is the best. I wanted to say that something green about how they run the restaurant is the fact that they use use regular plates and wash them, not paper plates. My favorite part of the blog is the notification of the new restaurants that are opening. The only suggestion I have is to make the blog easier to access from mobile.

  305. I like that your blog tells about event and money savings! In this economy, we are stretching EVERY dollar!

  306. Lots of green lettuce, love green peppers and spinach is the best.

    I like to know what new and exciting things are going to be served at Sweet Tomatoes. Love the place, wish I had one closer to me.

  307. 1. Spinach, Brocolli and Apple.
    2. Looking at this blog makes me feel like eating more neggies and fruits, so let’s go to souplantation!


  309. 3 Things that are Green at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes:
    1. Delicious Broccoli Salad with Raisins
    2. Asian Chicken Salad that is premixed as you enter the salad bar
    3. Ceasar Salad at tha salad bar.
    The blog is great. I love the store about Munoz.

  310. My favorite “greens” –
    – Won Ton Chicken Happiness is always the first, and is ALWAYS on my plate!
    – My green salad topped with everything green and more.
    – Potato Leek Soup – It’s not really green, but in my minds eye it is. (Our Souplant is a test store and we get all kinds of test items on the menu each week).

    My kids’ favorite greens don’t exist – but I’m happy to report that they eat a very square meal when dining at Souplant! Thanks for the variety and choices.

  311. Three things that are green at Soup Plantation:
    1. my favorite broccoli salad
    2. romaine lettuce
    3. spinach

    I’d love to win those free meals! Thanks!

  312. 3 green things…… isn’t everything almost green at sweet tomatoes!!? 🙂 I would say my three for my list are 1) broccoli, 2) lettuce (that was easy for that one) and 3)cucumbers!!! Hope I win!!

  313. Three green things found at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes are Spinach, Broccolli, and Green Peppers.

  314. Three green items that I particulary enjoy are spinach, green peppers, and broccoli.
    I am newly introduced to your blog but enjoyed reading the article about your employee Leila Munoz and her awareness and help in saving the life of a customers child. Also love your recipe section.

  315. especially since I am comment #1…. the nearest sweet tomotoes is over 3 hours away, but its well worth the road trip!!

  316. Broccoli, Spinach, and Peas are 3 things that are green. I like just the fact that there is a blog here. I haven’t seen any other restaurant websites that have one.