Summer Splash: Our New July Menu Items

Summer is here which means kids are home, the sun is out, produce is ripe, and we have a new, refreshing Summer Splash menu at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes. Our new salads, pastas, bread, and dessert will cool you down and fill your family up after a long day having fun in the summer sun. This July we are serving up some classic summer dishes with a twist, like our Citrus Penne Pasta Salad with Chicken and Wowie Maui Pizza Focaccia with Ham & Pineapple, which will transport your taste buds to a tropical locale. Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert, so give our Sugar-Free Mango Coconut Mousse a try!

As always, we will have a few of our favorite signature salads, house-made soups, hot pastas, bakery items, and delicious desserts on hand. Check your nearest store location for a full list of menu options and let us know what July menu item you’re most excited to try!

275 thoughts on “Summer Splash: Our New July Menu Items”

  1. Most people go to your place because it is healthy eating for the most part. Please include whole grain items every month or you will lose customers.

  2. I so wish you had a Sweet-Tomatoes near Beverly Hills, Fl 34465 . The closest is 1 hour away
    I soooo love Sweet-Tomatoes. It’s my favorite place to eat..

  3. Our Family loves Sweet Tomatoes, we are there all the time when we are at our condo in Sarasota Florida. Unfortunately we live in Rhode Island and miss Sweet Tomatoes, is there any chance the chain will move this way ?

    The Roy Family

    1. Hi Ann Marie – We don’t currently have any expansion plans but thank you for liking us enough to want one in your area!

  4. Miss the Big Chunk Chicken Noodle soup which is now just Chicken Noodle. Any possibility it will be back?

      1. Like Linda M I too miss the Big Chunk Chicken Noodle soup; it’s always been one of my favorites, especially since there really isn’t much on the menu for meat lovers.;

    1. Yes the BIG CHUNK Chicken Noodle has definately gone down hill ! My wife and I eat @ The Port Richey sweet Tomatoes app 2 to 3 times a week. EVERYTHING Else is a Pleasure to eat and the staff is wonderful !

  5. I wish you would have coupons for the lone diner. I enjoy my own company and feel as if you discriminate against those of us who do by only offering 2fer coupons

    1. Hi Thom – We rotate our coupon offerings so make sure to keep an eye out for a lunch or dinner discount!

    2. I receive the coupons by email. On a regular basis there are coupons for reduced lunches and dinners that do not involve two people. Are you a member of Club Veg? That’s how you get the coupons

  6. There have been two recent changes to our local Sweet Tomatoes. (Cary, North Carolina)
    1. THE TOMATOES!!!!!! You no longer have cut up tomatoes……..only the cherry tomatoes. OK…….let’s think about this……the name of your restaurant is “SWEET TOMATOES”… don’t you think you could have REAL tomatoes instead of the fake cherry tomatoes? BTW… husband hates the cherry tomatoes… at least give us real tomatoes or a choice.

    2. Mushroom soup. The only soup that you have that I like is the mushroom soup. Our Sweet Tomatoes for a long time always had mushroom soup on Monday nights…….therefore, we always ate at your restaurant on Mondays. Recently it has been taken off the Monday night menu and all the info I can get so far is that it is served randomly. So I have to call the restaurant every day to see if it is on the menu that day?????? How inefficient. (the website for my location does not post a menu……..duh??????)

    We are loyal customers of Sweet Tomatoes. It is nice that you try all those different kinds of things occasionally…….but most of the time people want a menu that is familiar and consistent.

    Thank you……..Millicent

    1. Hi Millicent – Our NC region is currently testing out some new and exciting menu options. Because of that we have had to move around a few favorites. We will be sure to pass along your feedback to our Culinary Team.

  7. We have really enjoyed the food you had this June and went several times to take advantage of it. We especially loved the potato-rosemary soup and even bought some to take home on two occasions. We also went last weekend to try the strawberry shortcake and loved that —as we knew we would. We go to Sweet Tomatoes often. It is our favorite place to eat. The food is always good and we look forward to trying anything new that is on the menu. Our only complaint is that the De-caf coffee isn’t as good as it was a few years ago. I’m sure you’re using a different kind now for some reason but it is too strong for our tastes and we used to really enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Mrs Tomanio

  8. Until recently, I dined with you once a week. You have taken my family’s favorite soup off of the soup bar (chicken noodle). We have not been back in over a month. The other soups with chicken are not as good and I do not consider them to be quality replacements for the chicken noodle soup.

    1. Hi Beth – Thank you for your feedback. We are testing some exciting new menu options and will be sure to pass your input along to our Culinary Team.

  9. Stop throwing onions in so many of the salads you offer. Or have the makers put in put in less so people can pick them out. I love Souplantation because it is so healthy, but I also have health issues with onions and chives. I know that there are other people out there who plain just don’t like them and would probably bring you more business if they were left out. Since they are already on the line, why not let people add their own amount of onions to salads you make and reduce less waste.

    1. Why not make your own salad? That’s what the salad bar is for. I would much more complain about the bacon bits being added to a salad considering this is a popular place amongst vegetarians.

      1. Amen, Cal! It seems more and more items include meat. I think a better option is meat on the side and add it if you want. Last time I went, there weren’t as many veggie options as a lot of things had tuna, chicken, etc, already in them πŸ™

  10. Hi, I love your Clam Chowder (Yankee Clipper, maybe) what month is it in rotation? The closest store is Gwinnett, GA. I have called and manager does not have the information.??? Thank you.

    1. I’ve only came across it once at my Sweet Tomatoes and it was amazing but totally random and have never seen it since either.

  11. You are a “Healthy” salad bar restaurant. You took the sugar free non fat Haagen Daaz yougurt out of your locations and replaced it with FATTENING ICE CREAM? Why would you do this? Please replace it. Everyone loved the fat free yogurt.

    1. Hi Louis – We are sorry for your disappointment in our new soft serve. This new product has some nutritional benefits that our former product did not have: it is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and low in fat which is why we decided on the switch.

  12. I live in Cary NC and enjoy the Soup Plantations and Sweet Tomatoes in many locations nationwide, seems to be a big problem in Cary with the taste of the muffins, maybe a cheaper mix ?? I also wish you would go back to the whole Tomatoes.

  13. We enjoy your restaurant in Palm Harbor, FL on a weekly basis. We enjoy just about everything you have to offer…no complaints there. One very important area that needs serious attention is in the bathrooms. Both the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are grungy and smelly. We will try your restaurant in Largo, FL and hopefully we won’t find the same condition there. This is the only reason that will cause us to consider not eating at your restaurants. Also, It doesn’t seem to be a good idea for the table crew to have to clean the bathrooms.

    1. Hi Mary Anne – We are so sorry for your experience. Please never hesitate to bring any issues to management’s attention so that they can rectify the situation.

  14. I dine at fine restaurants all of the time, but love this place, especially prior to going to a movie. πŸ™‚

  15. My girls and I really love Souplantation (Oceanside, CA) and ate there several times a month and make it a point to eat there when we return to visit family. We have lived in Georgia for 18 years now and are an hour (plus heavy traffic) away from Sweet Tomatoes in Atlanta so we are only able to enjoy Sweet Tomatoes a couple times a year. If there was a restaurant at a closer location, we would visit a couple times per week. Are there plans to open a restaurant south of Hartsfield International Airport, perhaps in Fayetteville, Peachtree City or Newnan, GA? We miss eating at such a wonderful restaurant.

    1. Hi Lisa – We don’t have any current expansion plans but thank you for liking us enough to want a location nearby.

  16. I got to your restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA twice a month and the quality there is top notch. I am eagerly awaiting when you can bring back the broccoli and cheese soup. That soup was way better than Subways.

  17. You should always have a minimum of two “vegetarian” soups available. Often I find only one choice and sometimes none at all, which leaves only salad as a option.

    1. Hi Dana – Thank you for your suggestion. Make sure to check our menu options each month as our soups rotate and you may find more options available.

        1. Hi Divya – If there is ever a question you can contact the location you will be visiting and make sure what you are looking for will be available!

  18. Is there any chance you will expand and open a restaurant in Oviedo, FL? We have the perfect space– an empty Albertsons grocery store at Tuscawilla and Red Bug road.

    We love your food, especially the breakfasts and whole grain bread.

  19. On several occasions when my wife and I have dined at your establishment we have encountered dirty silverware. This has been in both your Altamonte Springs, FL and E. Colonial location in Orlando. It is making us think twice about eating there. We have addressed this to the managers and they seem to brush it off. I have talked to other people who have encountered the same problem on separate occasions.

    We love your food and don’t want to get food poisoning. Is the turnaround time for dishes too quick?

    Also, please leave the trays by the soups and hot menu items so we may carry our food easier to the table. it is hard to juggle things with your bare hands. Thank you.

    1. How about making a few trips and carrying less? Maybe you’ll realize you don’t need as much food as you thought.

      1. Also? I live in Orlando and those are my 2 most frequent locations and I have never experienced dirty silverware. Always a great meal – my favorite salad buffet chain. πŸ™‚

  20. Any chance you will be opening a restaurant in Oviedo, FL? A great location would be our empty Albertsons grocery store at the corner of Tuscawilla and Red Bug Road.

    1. Hi Marlene – We don’t currently have any expansion plans but thank you for liking us enough to want one closer to you!

    1. We are so sorry, Don. Please do not ever hesitate to point issues like this out to management so they can rectify immediately.

  21. I usually love going to Souplantation here in Southern California. My one complaint is that there aren’t always very many vegetarian options for the salads and soups. I live in a community that has a lot of vegetarians and more options would be wonderful.

  22. We love going to Sweet Tomatoes and do so quite often. I am a vegetarian and enjoy the variety of soups you offer. It would be wonderful if you would also offer a Mushroom Soup that is vegetarian in your rotation so we can eat this tasty soup, too! Everything is top notch! Thank you for your consideration.

  23. I recently rejoined your website as summer is a good time to go out for a fresh soup and salad meal at Sweet Tomatoes. I noted that you give a special coupon for birthdays. Since I have my 94th birthday the last of this month, I hope to find such a gift coupon in my email soon. Yum!

  24. I wish you would add back the apple cobbler along with the other cobblers – I am SICK of the choc lava cake that we have over and over and over and over. We go twice a week – gonna have to find a different place if you can’t do something about this choc lava cake

    1. Hi Brenda – Thank you for your feedback. We do offer limited time only desserts (did you get to try our Strawberry Pound Cake?!) so be sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook and Club Veg!

    1. Hi Tara – We don’t have any current expansion plans but we love knowing where we are wanted next!

  25. Can you please label which of your menu items have eggs in them? I am a vegetarian who also dies not eat eggs, and it is very difficult to find out which dressings, salads, breads and soups do not have eggs.

    By the way, I love Sweet Tonatoes. Thanks.

    1. Hi Prashant – Any time you have a question about ingredients you can ask the manager on duty for a full list of recipes that detail out each ingredient in our menu items. Thanks!

  26. I get e-mail from you all the time. My friend gets e-mail, with coupons, from you. Don’t you like me?

    1. Hi Marion – Oh no, we are so sorry. We are looking into the issue and will update with the email address you provided when submitting this comment. Thank you.

  27. My comment is that you send coupons for discounts to my friend. But I get e-mail from you regularly without any coupons. Please put me on the same list as the people that get coupons.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Marion – We read and approve each comment submitted to ensure that all comments remain fun and family friendly. That way you know that we’ve seen your comment!

  28. We love your clam chowder and mushroom soup the best. Do you have particular days a week when you feature these two??? My husband loves custard pie; do you ever have it?? Wish you’d open up a Sweet Tomatoes in Utah County in Utah!! We’d come a lot more often if you did because we love healthy salads and soups!

    1. Hi Shirley – Thank you for visiting! Our Mushroom Soup is available on Mondays and our Clam Chowder often rotates. If you ever have a question you can give the restaurant you will be visiting a ring to double check what will be available.

  29. We have to drive to Orange Park, FL to eat at your restaurant, an hour away from our home. Can you please build a Sweet Tomatoes in Gainesville, FL??

    1. Hello Houks! Thank you so much for making the trip to come and visit! We don’t currently have any expansion plans but love that you like us enough to want one a bit closer.

  30. Any chance of expanding your breakfast to Saturdays? We usually can’t make it on Sunday because we go to church in the morning. Any reason it’s only on Sunday? It’s a great breakfast, especially for the price!

    1. Hi Ken – We don’t currently have any plans to expand our breakfast hours but you never know what may happen!

    1. Hi nv – Stay tuned here on our blog for a list of gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan offerings in July.

  31. Love SWEET TOMATOES. We live in Lakeland and the closes one is in Brandon or Orlando
    How about Sweet Tomatoes coming ti Lakeland. We have an open spot , use to be Blockbuster. We travel 45 minutes once a month for our Saturday lunc. love your salad and corn bread muffins..

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you for the suggestion. We don’t currently have any expansion plans but we love to know where we are wanted next!

  32. Sorry to add to the negative comments. My husband and I used to visit the Sarasota, Fl and surrounding ST’s at least twice a week and do not like the menu changes, ESPECIALLY the Chocolate Brownies. We have complained many times and the Manageress has been very nice and tries to make helpful suggestions. We also miss the Cobblers and don’t like and never have the Choc Lava, which seems to be the only dessert if you don’t happen to be there when you have the specials. We realize the need for change but you know the saying “if it ain’t broke” etc. Also, please remember, you cannot fool “taste buds” and there is a lot of competition out there!

  33. Sometimes you do not have vegetarian soup options except tomato. Lately the soup choices have been very disappointing. Chicken, chicken & more chicken. You should have half of the soups vegetarian.

  34. About 3 or 4 months ago you had Turkey Chili and it was delicious. Please, please bring it back as one of your regular soups for the non-red meat eaters.

  35. Hi, My wife and I used to visit a lot. Then we stopped for a while. Why? No meat to put on the salad and not really on the side bars that is healthy for a diabetic. We just visted a couple times recently thinking of starting back. Please realize: 1. Not everyone loves onions! 2) your specialty salads can not be enjoyed by diabetics (if they are trying to be healthy) so it would be nice if you could have a dressing free version of the specialty salads. 3) Since you are a salad type of place could you not add some type of sugar free desert?


    1. Hi CW – Thank you for you for your suggestions! Also, be sure to check out some of the specialty desserts like July’s Mango Coconut Mousse which is sugar free!

  36. I’d like to second the opinion given earlier that there needs to be a Sweet Tomatoes in the Oviedo, FL area – and that the empty Albertson’s at Red Bug & Tuscawilla Rds. would be a great spot. This is close to the University of Central Florida, where so many young people are vegetarians and would love to have a place to go. Another possible spot is the empty Border’s Bookstore on Tuscawilla Road.

  37. Hello, I love the Locas Albondigas meatball soup, but I have been very disappointed because I haven’t seen it in the past 6 months or more, at least at the locations I frequent in Oregon. I was wondering when it will be back, and can Sweet Tomatoes please make it a regular menu item?

    1. Hi Kathy – Some of our favorites (like our Albondigas) make the rotation on our menu. Be sure to keep checking the monthly menus to see when it will return!

  38. Sweet Tomatoes is one of my favorite restaurants and we go there a lot. However, I have a really bad allergy to garlic and I would find it really helpful if you could be more detailed in labelling the ingredients in the food, especially the soups. Sometimes it notes garlic, but sometimes not.

    1. Hi Martie – If you ever have a questions about ingredients you can ask the manager on duty for a list of everything in a particular menu item.

  39. I have recieved a coupon in my email but there is no option to print. Went to the “weekly coupons” and it is not there. 2 meals plus drinks for $16.99

    Not much point of coupons you can’t use! Please resend. Jill

    1. Hi Jill – You can print the entire email or just show the coupon on a mobile device to save on paper!

  40. I love sweet tomatoes. Its a great way to keep my children eating healthy. They eat a little of everything. Knowing they can’t have dessert until their dinner is all gone I find it to be a good discipline tactic. I unlike some of the other writers like the spice of variety. We eat there often so it’s good to not have the same thing every time. I also have my favorites but no matter what’s on the menu i never leave hungry! I love this place!

  41. We love sweet tomatoes in Las Vegas. You took away the cottage cheese which we love that was a bummer! The red velvet lava cake and the Indian lentil soup as well as the mango muffins are to die for. We wish you had them more often!

  42. I frequent the Lone Tree, CO Sweet Tomatoes and I enjoy eating there. However, I definitely second the motion to have cobblers and other desserts more often than the chocolate lava cake. Kind of getting tired of it! Thanks!

  43. Hi, reading blogs I just found out your soft-serve is gluten and lactose free! Wow and thank you! Possible to label for us who need that info? Also, possible to have wheat-free or gluten-free baked goods? Lastly, I wish you were closer to DT Portland. We travel 20-30 minutes on freeway to get to ST. We love your restaurant. Thank you!

  44. It seems like I am not alone with this issue. My husband and I dine at the Souplantations in San Diego, CA. You frequently say to ‘ask the manager’ regarding what is in selections. I’d have him/her with me down the whole line, due to allergies and sensitivities, which is why we go someplace like a buffet type restaurant to eat in the first place, so I can see what I am eating. Why not put all ingredients on the description cards posted for items that have more than one ingredient? Would LOVE to see gluten free bread/muffins offered.

    1. Yes, I agree. Putting the ingredients on a card near the food would help everyone who has allergies and sensitivities. Just knowing what is gluten free is a big help.

        1. Yes, please put labels up for gluten free. It’s one of the few places I can eat out, and I would love to see my actual choices, as the staff doesn’t always know, and not all items are listed in the green allergy pamphlet.

          1. Hi Jill. Thank you for your feedback. Also be sure to continue to check our blog where we list all the gluten free options for the month.

  45. Love, Love, Love Sweet Tomatoes. It has been 2 1/2 years since we’ve been. September hopefully we will be up to Orlando to enjoy our favorite restaurant. Do you ever think about coming and opening one up in Canada?

  46. My entire family loves sweet tomatoes! I wish you would include more soups that are vegetarian!!! Always eating the just vegetable soup gets boring!

    1. I agree! I love the tomato and onion soup, too, but it’s rarely offered at the diff. ST’s in AZ anymore. More vegetarian options would be great!

      1. I agree also… Most of my family are vegetarians and it would be so nice to have a better selection of soups and other speciality items that our whole family might enjoy. We love Sweet Tomatoes and would go more often if we had more options.

        1. Hi Donette – We try and rotate our offerings to include vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and other options that our diners will like but sometimes it is hard to have everyone’s favorites available. Thank you for your input.

  47. Please bring back small servings of lean meat like the turkey breast you had in the past. I’m on a special diet which needs more lean protein than you serve. I can’t eat eggs, or dairy, and now I’m resisting coming to my favorite Sweet Tomatoes. I love being able to make a salad from your ample and varied Salad Bar!

  48. We’ve been hitting the Westminster, CO ST every week for at least 3 years! We are definitely “regulars”. I’m pleading with you to offer gluten free options for one of the half dozen breadlike items you offer. Between the pizzas, focaccia, muffins, “cake” desserts, pastas and, well, bread, there’s got to be room in there somewhere! Also, vegan dishes (other than the single salad items) would be a nice touch. More & more people are become sensitive to the overprocessed foods in restaurants- a fabulous opportunity to step up. Lastly, we miss the crisps desserts dearly (peach, berry!), we are so tired of the lava cake! Why hasn’t it changed in so long? The strawberry shortcake was a nice touch but it’s always gone by the time we get there. We do appreciate the freshness and the staff is always kind. Thanks for listening.

  49. 1. Remember your restaurant is trying to differentiate itself from the others that serve mostly fat-rich foods. You are trying to sell “healthy.” I read the nutritian breakdowns and you use a lot of salt in your soups and food. Doctors are trying to reduce Americans’ salt and fat intake and it is a deadly problem. Could you at least offer foods with lower salt. Also, could you serve a healthy, non-fat frozen yogurt. The Dryers non-fat yogurt was excellent. Your new soft serve is very sweet, and has fat. I can go to any fast-food restaurant and get soft serve. I eat at your restaurant regularly, and first and foremost I want quality, healthy food – low salt, low fat, fresh fruits and vegetables – using quality, wholesome ingredients. That is what will set your restaurant apart.

    2. Our Beaverton, Oregon Sweet Tomatoes is always packed. It is noisy. There are lots of kids. The refreshing part was the classical music playing in the background, which complimented your “world” cuisine. Your restaurant recently started playing Pop and Country Rock. It has creshendos and decreshendos and you can’t hear the words so it sounds screachy and makes one feel like they want to “escape” because it is just additional background noise. It is not relaxing and it takes away from your carefully crafted Sweet Tomatoes charm. Please bring back the classical music. That also differentiated you from the other restaurants.

    3. Your employees are awesome. Your managers are always friendly. I hope they get great pay because they deserve it.

    4. I enjoy trying new selections. That keeps it interesting.


    1. Hi Linda – Thank you for all of your suggestions. In fact, our new soft serve has some nutritional benefits that our former product did not have: it is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and low in fat. Along with being well received by the majority of our guests those are some of the reasons we made the switch. We hope we will continue to see you at your nearest Sweet Tomatoes location!

    2. I wholly support Linda’s comment about the salt in your food, especially the soups. I have a heart condition (as do many people) and salt intake is very limited in our diets. When I looked at your nutrititional breakdown, I was surprised to see how much salt was in many of your choices, especially the soups. I have to limit my visits to Sweet Tomatoes (St. Charles, Illinois) because of that and can have very little, if any, of the soups. Those of us with heart afflictions are limited to 2000 gramsof sodium, at most, per day. Please see what you can do about this. Would also love to see more fresh fruit on your dessert selection, especially the wonderful summer fruits.

  50. We are die-hard fans who travel 35 miles at least once a week to visit your salad buffet at Brandon, FL. I would like to see cream of mushroom soup more often. Although I spoke with the manager about this, he said it was too expensive to be served on a regular basis. In addition, the brownies (chocolate muffins) have changed substantially and are much smaller and no longer are filled with chocolate chips…a definite downgrade. One other thing, the pasta is usually cold and dried out from sitting a long time. In spite of these concerns, we still love your eatery. I wish you had one closer to us in Wesley Chapel. Thanks!

    1. Hi Judy – Thank you for your support! If a menu option ever seems to not be up to your standards please notify a manager so a new batch can be made. And remember, you can go back to get as many chocolate muffins as you would like!

  51. Sweet Tomatoes is my vegetarian daughter’s favorite dining place. We both love it but when I ask her where I can take her for a very special meal, she ALWAYS says “SWEET TOMATOES!!”

  52. Preservatives! I read a list of soup ingredients and saw two ingredients that were not recognizable as food, but rather looked like some sort of preservatives. I would like ST to offer healthy soup and salad that are preservative free.

    1. Hi Lisa – Thank you for your feedback. We make each menu item fresh each day and typically do not use preservatives.

  53. Sweet Tomatoes is my favorite place for lunch and sometimes dinner. I have to eat gluten free. There are a few things I would love to see in your restaurant: Gluten-free labels on your soups,deserts, salad dressings and mix-ins, soft serve and toppings and anything else that is gluten free. I would love to see some gluten free bread and cake, and possibly pizza. As more and more people are eating GF (due to better diagnosis and sometimes because people think this is the latest fad diet) you are becoming THE Destination for so many.

    1. Hi Ann – Thank you for your feedback. Make sure to check our blog each month for our new GF offerings.

  54. you have remodeled and i think you tried but it isn’t as sharp as you think and the music selection is too loud going to turn seniors off .they are a big part of your empty times 2-5, the dishes are heavier and some can’t carry them, no signs to tell what ingredients are in the food.
    the line of food might be more practical for you. but you what you offer the client isn’t, people who want just spinach can’t get it now, it is mixed having sweet potatoes anytime, that’s a plus, but your soups are too salty. i and my friends are surprised and disappointed you spent so much but i don’t think you got the right input before you started. strange decor, not the farm fresh look you had or could have, but it’s still better than other places to eat.

  55. Yes! Please have NO MUSIC or classical music. People cannot eat and talk if there are also words being blasted over loudspeakers. I cannot eat gluten, but I love eating at Sweet Tomatoes and have been to several in Florida. It would be soooo nice to have some gluten free corn pasta and something gluten free for bread/rolls, etc. I know you cannot please everyone, but 1 in 133 people has Celiac Disease.

  56. We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes!!!!!!! We drive for an hour to eat at our nearest Sweet Tomatoes. Will you ever be coming to Wesley Chapel in new Tampa, Fl.? We and about a thousand others from Dade City, Fl. would be there weekly. I promise you! Everyone loves you!

    1. Hi Sue – We don’t have any current expansion plans but thank you for liking us enough to want one close by!

  57. We’ve frequented ST as a family for years but I will say are not fond of the recent changes. It seems there has been a lot of streamlining while the price has also risen. Not good. My favorites like the tomato dressing, cream of mushroom soup, posole, chicken noodle soup, macaroni and cheese from the skillet (not baked), among others, are no longer available. We’ve hung with the changes but see less value. I’ve expressed this locally but seems to fall on deaf ears. We will no longer be coming.

    1. Hi John – Some of our restaurants are trying out a new test menu of new and exciting options. We will be sure to pass along your feedback to our Culinary Team. Thank you for reaching out.

  58. I love your pound cake,chicken soup,asian. Soup,abonga dias soup, cuban cakee,pinaple
    Happy july 4 souplantation.I don'( need to cook no mmore. ..Hanh

  59. I always, and still am a fan of Sweet Tomatoes in Georgia. I used to always eat at the Soup Plantation when I lived in California, I think the portions have become smaller I wish the soup bowls were a little larger and the Chicken Noodle Soup was less watery. I like the salads and my favorite the fat free corn muffins and the lemon lava cake. Can you start making more of the lemon lave cake. Thank you…………

  60. We were regulars at the Arrowhead, AZ Sweet Tomatoes and were mortifiied when it was “revamped” – so very thankful you listened and re-renovated close to old style (which most folks prefer anyway). Not crazy about new decor but it’s okay – miss the flower buckets and pictures. That said, we now go there a couple times a month (as opposed to weekly before the “modern” renovation. When do you serve that fabulous mushroom soup???? It is my all-time favorite soup but never there when we are. Is there a schedule?

  61. I would like to see a gluten free bread menu at the Sweet Tomato eateries in Tucson, AZ. I love Joan’s broccoli surprise and the soup selections. Thanks again C Lewis

  62. I love the options but i went one time and had a great carrot cake that i have not been able to find there again is there any way you could tell me when u are going to have it again?

    1. Hi Sade – Our specialty desserts are usually offered on a rotating basis so keep checking back!

  63. I love Sweet Tomatoes!!! Usually I go to the ones in Cary, or Raleigh (NC) with friends, because I don’t drive. Since I live in Garner, which is not too far, why not getting one of your places here??? I know it would make a lot of people really happy!!! Usually I love everything you offer! Please, pretty please, consider my request! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Maria -Thank you for your continued support! We don’t have any current expansion plans but love to know where we are wanted next!

  64. My husband and I have been big Sweet Tomatoes fans ever since you opened in Tucson, but we are now on a low-carb diet. Very few of your wonderful soups are low-carb and those that exist are not often available. It would seem to me sensible for a salad restaurant to offer at least a few low-carb items on its menu. We will not be frequenting Sweet Tomatoes much any longer unless you add low-carb items because we make our own salads almost every day for much less money. We will miss you, so I hope you will ensure that there is at least one low-carb soup available at all times. Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan – Thank you for your feedback. We do try and rotate our offerings to satisfy all of our diners’ tastes and dietary restrictions so we hope you see things on our July menu that will satisfy your needs. If you ever have a question about a menu items nutritional information you can take a look at our website or contact a store manager who will have that information readily available for you.

  65. I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments! Enough with the Lava Cake — and give me some Gluten Free baked goods…..please! Love the restaurant in KCMO, but need some new options.

  66. Love LOVE love the “hot cilantro lime pesto pasta” this month….please, how do I get a recipe….this should be a continuous offering…fresh and tangy…Thank YOU!

    1. Hi Keri – We’re so happy you like it! We occasionally share our recipes so stay tuned here on our blog and on Facebook!

  67. My family and I frequent the Lombard Sweet Tomatoes. I love the feta, pepper, and olive foccatia bread. You hardily ever have it anymore. Would love to see it rotated in on a regular basis. Would eat there more often if it was.

  68. Such a wonderful place to eat yet the only day we can come on most occasions is Monday as that is the only day when a good cream soup is provided which is cream of mushroom. It is a pity that we cant depend on a good cream soup like cream of turkey or cream of chicken or cream of potato soup daily. It seems like Sweet Tomatoes is afraid to spend the money on these soups or doesnt realize that most of us would really love that choice. Years ago the music played was so much better. Now the music played in the Sweet Tomato is terrible and very loud to say the least !! I looked around when we were last there and most people I would say were in their 40’s or over and it was some scretching hip music and I thought to myself who is Sweet Tomaotes catering to , their help?? Trust me it was loud and bad ! A place like Sweet Tomatoes needs to either play some soft mellow music, even 60’s music or like Italian places Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Please dont make us feel out of place. The soup and music really need to be looked into. Other than that no place beats Sweet Tomatoes for a salad bar !
    Cheers, Shari

  69. Recently discovered that you offer breakfast at my Souplantation in Irvine,CA. Was very disappointed in the offerings. Powered eggs, yuck! French toast and warm syrup or strawberries was awesome. Waffles were the frozen variety, no pancakes, bacon, sausage or country style potatoes. Not even an offer of a fresh made omelet!! For a restaurant that puts out great salads and fresh baked muffins, you have really missed the mark here. Would be open to paying more for a better/fresh offering on your breakfast fare. Hope you can look into this and make some changes, you certainly have the ability.

  70. Not sure if we will visit your location in Aurora, CO again…the last few times we come in …right away we noticed that the buffet area was completely dirty and all the salad needed to be refreshed or added to…there were 3 employees in the front area not one greeted us, cleaned nor replaced any salads. Six other customers came in behind us and also left as we did. This is sad due to we truly had enjoyed eating here yet it’s has been going downhill the last few months.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Lidia – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have passed along your feedback and email to our management team in order to address.

  71. I would like to see more vegan options. Most of your specialty salads are not vegetarian friendly. Perhaps you can have meat served on the side for these tossed salads. I would also like to see healthier baked goods. Your muffins, lava cake, brownies contains alot of sugar. Perhaps sugar substitute?
    I enjoy going to ST each and everytime for lunch and dinner, not so much for breakfast as the options are usually inconsistent and quality is subpar. Speaking specifically to the Addison TX location, when we stopped in for breakfast one time, the scrambled eggs was dry up and the broccoli tossed salad was still frozen. Never again.

  72. HI, okay, I am not sure if the music is loud in Sweet Tomatoes or not, since I have not been there in a few months. If it is, I agree, the music should be soft and you need to cater to the population you are serving. I too am another vote for the Gluten-free items. It would be nice to see some breads and muffins that are gluten-free. The location is Boca Raton, FL.

  73. i used to enjoy the chocolate lava cake, but they have had it for a few months in a row and now i don’t even care to eat it. sometimes they offer a different cake for a few days in between, but for most of the month it is the lava cake. time for a change!

    1. We can not say enough about how much we like your menu. . It is about a 25 minute ride for us to get to you. but we try to make it at least 3 times a month , We keep asking why not open a Sweet tomatoe closer to us, we live in Tequesta/Jupiter are sure you could meke a go ot it.. We espedially enjoy all your soups and of course your freshley salad bar. Everything is just out of this world.
      We really wish you would consider putting a store up around our area , we really need a good lunch/’dinner resfrtaurant, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,

      1. Thank you Marie & Don for the kind words. We don’t currently have any more expansion plans but we love to know where we are wanted next!

        1. Having enjoyed visits to your restaurants while on vacation in Orlando and Las Vegas, I’d love to see you open a branch near me in the UK! If not, I’ll just have to save up for another trip to the US!

          1. Hi Graham – Thanks for visiting while in the States! We don’t currently have any expansion plans so we hope you’ll be able to get in a vacation soon.

  74. Pingback: Superfood: Citrus
  75. Hi
    We go the the Souplantation in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 3-4 times a week. We would like to see the Three bean turkey chili offered more than once a year, less salt in all the soups & the mac n cheese. It’s definately time to rotate the choc lava cake. Would love to see a plain cake offered, if patrons want a topping, they can add ice cream, fudge/caramel sauce, pudding, sprinkles or fruit.
    The music is too loud, which makes everyone talk louder. Remember: this is not a club – the music should be in the background.
    Thank you for listening.

  76. I really enjoy eating at sweet tomatoes but the last few times I ate there I couldn’t have any of the soups because they were very salty. I couldn’t even have more than two spoons. That is the main reason I go to eat there …. for soup & salad. My husband, myself & my friends commented on that sodium content in the soups. Please use less sodium for those than are sensitive to it for medical reasons. We all would appreciate that immensely so we can visit much more often. Thank you.

  77. I go to Sweet Tomatoes in south Florida 1 -2 times a week…You really need to permanently put the strawberry short cake on the menu during the strawberry season must agree that the cobblers need to be put on more often as well…

  78. I’m so lucky to have a Sweet Tomatoes just a couple of miles from me. I love all the fresh salads, fruit, breads, baked potatoes and delicious chili. There’s so much to choose from. The lava cake is wonderful!

  79. I used to be able to logon to view the menu, but now whenever I try to see what’s cookin’ I get “This location serves a regional menu that varies from our core menu. Please call the restaurant for today’s menu selections.” I’m certain that Albuquerque’s menu does not vary so much from your core menu that you can’t even list the main or featured dishes, and I’m not going to call my local store each time and ask them to tell me everything they’re serving. I can’t be tempted to visit each week if I can’t see what’s tempting! Is it not possible for our local menu to be shown? I’d appreciate it if this could be addressed, thanks!

    1. Hi Scarlett – We actually are testing new and exciting menu options in our Albuquerque location that rotates more often than our other locations. Since we are unable to update our menu with the changes to reflect what is available we suggest calling so that you have the most up to date and correct information possible.

  80. Hi
    We like Sweet Tomatoes just the way it is. We go once or twice a week. We like Sweet Tomatoes and request no changes to the menu. You have a great variety.

    1. Hi John & Shelby – Thank you for your feedback. We always have switched up our menu on a monthly basis in order to bring some favorites to our diners. Hopefully you will find something you like this month!

  81. Hi I have 5kids and they love sweet tomatoes so much we go there usually every Friday. We go to the coral springs, ,Florida location and the staff and the managers are extremely nice and helpful. I’ve never experienced 100% customers satisfaction like we feel when we go there. I love there variety of soups and my kids love the Macnchees. There prices are defenlty worth us coming all the time overall best place to dine with kids .

  82. I love Sweet Tomatoes but since I have gotten diagnosed with a wheat allergy I dont come near as often. I like salads and fruit but I want more variety then that. You should offer at least one type of gluten free baked good and pasta. There are so many people that have these types of allergies that restaurants go the extra mile to offer these types of items on there menu. Even subway has a wheat free bread and brownie and dominos has a gluten free pizza crust. When you you make more gluten free options available I will come back. Otherwise I will continue to make my own salad at home.

  83. Ah, Sweet Tomatoes aka Salad Mountain. What a great salad buffet. I am lucky enough to live about 10 mimutes from the Altamone Springs, Fl. location. It’s always clean despite being rather busy. Staff is friendly and curteous. Food quality is good. Always fresh! A few months back, I discovered the Asian Ginger Broth. It’s so good and if you ask, they will add a few pieces of tofu to your bowl. Is this soup served on a weekly basis? If so, which day?
    Like some other reviews, the chocolate cake is getting old. I’ve never seen a fruit crisp that some have mentioned, but that would be great!
    Anyway, ST…just popped over to say, good job πŸ™‚ I always recommend you as a nice place to eat.

    1. Thank you Colleen! Our Asian Ginger Broth is a soup that we rotate in during special months, so be sure to keep checking the menu.

  84. We enjoy eating at the Souplantations whenever there’s one nearby on our travels.
    We live in San Luis Obispo county in California, and would love to see a Souplantation open
    somewhere in our area. Would be great being a college town with lots of senior citizens as well.

    1. Thank you for visiting when you are able to, Mark. We don’t currently have any expansion plans but love to know where we are wanted next.

  85. My husband and I know Tucson’s Sweet Tomatoes on Broadway Blvd. has the BEST crew, BEST tasting food! We’ve visited regularly for years and the food is beautiful-looking and fresh no matter lunch or dinner. Haven’t tried breakfast, yet I’m sure the menu will be perfected. I agree fresh eggs is enticing along with honey dew, turkey sausage, and fresh salsa (Can’t have scrambled eggs without fresh tangy salsa! ) Your ST employees are professionals across the board: Friendly buffet line workers rush around to ensure serving trays are full, the area clean and attractive. Cashiers are friendly and helpful even when we use our coupons! Servers and managers, with welcoming faces, take an interest in making sure we are taken care of and have everything we need. Hot foods’ and dessert station staffers ensure everything is seamlessly offered to hungry patrons. Chefs and kitchen staff consistently keep delicious and attractive food coming. And it’s true, if something isn’t quite to our expectation and has a quick fix, a remedy is provided and acted upon immediately. Your nutritionists and food experts have won us over, bringing us healthful, delicious food unmatched by restaurants locally for its quality and variety at a reasonable price. We really appreciate coming into our Broadway Blvd. Sweet Tomatoes anytime and this team keeps us coming back. Please acknowledge their dedication and contribution to your success! We’ll continue to show our gratitude as well. Mmmm…just thinking about what you have on your menu this month makes me think it’s time to take a trip over to ST again this week!

    1. Hi Susie – Thank you so much for your kind words regarding our Tucson location! We will be sure to pass it along to the store directly so they know that their hard work is appreciated.

  86. I love the food at Sweet Tomato’s but I don’t like the high salt content in it. Just a suggestion to see if you can lower it. Thank you.

  87. Interesting to read all the praises for the gluten free, lactose free…etc, food items. They neglected to mention , flavor free also.

    1. Bill- If your body is used to eating high sugar/fat/carb foods, your taste will be altered to healthier choices. Bottom line, enjoy REAL food that’s fresh, minus all the extra crap

    2. Bill, I guess you don’t know what gluten and lactose are?? Both are very tasteless and harmful to humans. Lots of flavor in foods that are gluten free and lactose free.

      1. Cecilia, The vast majority of people have no problems with gluten or lactose. You’re jumping on the idiot bandwagon believing the hype that gluten is somehow bad for you. Do you have Celiac disease? Chances are you don’t and you’re just blabbing non-sense to everyone about the fake harm of gluten. Humans have been consuming gluten for thousands of years and only recently have dumb ass people started claiming it’s bad for you.

        1. Dear Liz, gluten is a problem. It has gotten worse over the past few decades because of all the crap Monsanto and various other corporations are creating with our food. Yes, wheat has been grown and consumed for years but when it was good our bodies could digest it correctly. But with all the additives and hormones added to ALL our foods its no wonder folks have so many body issues.
          I have taken myself off of the gluten and my digestion and body feels a whole lot better. It also helps to exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and hormones.

  88. As a vegetarian I am so happy to have found you. There was a lively lemon hot pasta ( NOT the caper one!) it was so light and fresh and I gave been waiting for it to come back for what feels like two years!!!! Any idea of that dish coming back!?!?!

    1. Hi Paula – Keep checking back each month to see when your favorites will be back front and center!

    1. I thought all Sweet Tomatoes where the same b/c at the location where I eat, they have baked sweet potato year round, I know b/c I eat one as my dessert and we eat here at least twice a month.

    1. Hi Mia – The store manager at your local location will have all the information you need. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  89. Hi, all of there menu items are GREAT, my favorites are the tomato bisque soup,asian salad,&key lime mousse all of the mousses are delightful, I go here to veg,veg,veg out.I just would like to make a healthy suggestion River city market place is a wonderful place to built healthy eats, the north side of Jacksonville doesn’t have great places like this, OMG that would be just wonderful

    1. I second the request to build in River City on the north side of Jacksonville. We live just north of there in Fernandina and we would love to have a closer location! Our kids love eating there but hate the drive to get there. Please consider the area!

    2. I agree about the River City Market Place location, it is right there at the Jacksonville International Airport exit off from I-95 and is about less than half the distance for people in Fernandina Beach. We live on North Riverside and shop at that mall. We drive to Regency in Jacksonville and Orange Park on Wells Rd. to eat at Sweet Tomatoes but when we are there at River City, we have to eat somewhere else.

      River City Shopping center has Best Buy, Michael’s, Gander Mountain, Dicks Sporting Goods, Wal Mart, Lowes, Pet Smart, Hollywood River City 14 Theater along with a host of other small shops.

      Are there other restaurants there? Yes! Buffalo’s Sports Grill, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Sticky Fingers BBQ and several fast food places like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panda Chinese and such but nothing like Sweet Tomatoes.

      1. Yes!! Agreed. We just moved to an area near Riverside and a closer sweet tomatoes would make our new location 500 times better.

  90. We’ve been waiting …. waiting …. and waiting for you to open in Chino Hills, CA. Are you still coming? We love everything about your food!

  91. No fresher salad bar in town. definitely my favorite restaurant. The kids know where I want to go when they are taking us out for a special occassion. Thanks for the wonderful food as an exceptional price.

  92. Please, Please open a Sweet Tomatoes in Pensacola! I am sure one would do very well in the Cordova Mall area. We never miss eating at the one in Lake Buena Vista near Disney World, usually at least 2-3 times in a one week trip : ).

  93. Our family looks forward to dining at your location in Glenview IL. Rumor had it that you wre going to open in either Skokie or Evanston IL. No news of late. What happened to the location plan.

  94. I look forward to eating @ sweet tomatoes , every time I’m on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia. But I would like to know, are there any plans to open one on the south side of Atlanta?

  95. What I really enjoy along with my salad a couple slices of pizza focaccia and my bowl of soup is my root beer soft drink. I half fill with root beer and soft serve ice cream for a delicious root beer float! It’s one of my favorites. Sometimes I alter with orange drink and make a creamy orange freeze!

  96. As a seasonal Florida resident I can enjoy your restaurants only part of the year. Any plans to open in Central NY ?? ……… Perhaps Destiny USA in Syracuse would be a good first location! Draws from a huge radius including Canada.

  97. I love sweet tomatoes! But what I love most of all is the lava cakes, especially the carrot cake one. Are they ever going to have it back?? It’s been a few years since they had it at my local restaurant. I love it please bring it back!! πŸ˜‰

  98. are you ever going to open one close to Tujunga, CA We have no descent places to eat there and either have to go to Pasadena, Atwater or Santa Clarita for a Souplantation

  99. If only you could use a more natural sugar-free sweetner than Splenda, I would love to try the Mango Coconut Mousse. PurVia Stevia is a much safer sweetner as Splenda is a corn isolate, and there are people very allergic to Splenda. So, I never try any of the “sugar-free desserts”.
    Also, Aspartame is a migraine trigger for lots of people.

  100. I have been dining at the Tomatoe for quite some time now, at least once per week. Your pasta is tasteless! I don’t know why but there NEVER seems to be any flavor to the pasta. I love all the soups and everything else. One other thought, has any consideration been given to reward frequent customers by having a card issued and for those who eat there a certain number of time to eventually receive a free meal? This may do away with the discount coupons being printed and used. Just a thought. The location I frequent is the Lonetree Colorado site.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Richard. In the meantime make sure you are a Club Veg member to get the discounts we do have.

    2. Richard, regarding your pasta comment, that’s exactly what I thought for years…until I tasted the current cilantro lime pesto pasta! OMG!!!! You must try it!

  101. The blueberry and goat cheese salad you had earlier this summer was the very best salad you have ever had. Absolutely to die for! Please, can you have it more often? It was way better than the orange salad you are doing now.

    1. Thank you Susan. Our blueberry salad with goat cheese was a brand new menu item offered during our Berry Berry month. Keep in touch to know when it returns!

  102. Loved the New England clam chowder when it you first opened because it was full of large pieces of clam. Now it is mostly potatoes. Please consider going back to the original recipe and…
    please offer the creamy mushroom soup on more days, not just Monday.
    (Plantation, FL location)

  103. I am in love with the Cherry nut muffins but haven’t had them in forever! When are you bringing them back?

  104. I love going to Sweet Tomatoes!…I am a Vegetarian, so it’s great that items are labeled vegetarian & non vegetarian!.. I never order soup when I eat out , so I appreciate it that you offer vegetarian soups! ( and they are delish!)…I agree with a previous writer that the pastas are tasteless,overcooked,and never served hot…my regular S.T. Is Kendall ,Florida….Robbie

    1. The vegetarian or non-vegetarian labels are very helpful for my family. I wish the soups could be lower in sodium. Another improvement to healthy eating out is whole wheat pasta all the time. It holds up better after cooking.

  105. 3 years ago I was very ill, failing digestive system. My holistic Dr. put me on lots of enzymes, etc. and then recommended Sweet Tomatoes as a dine out. The food is fresh, no additives, all natural. I eat there once a week, sometimes twice and that has been a part of my journey back to good health. And the food is DELICIOUS! The staff is friendly and helpful. Thanks Sweet Tomatoes!

  106. It is not a DIABETIC friendly place !!!! It has sugar free desert with no taste! An that’s knots vary often . So I don’t go much.

  107. Hello,

    I miss San Diego with all its Souplantation restaurants. When will you be opening one in San Francisco?

    1. Hi KT – We don’t currently have any expansion plans but thank you for liking us enough to want one in your area!

  108. I have been coming to Souplantation for years around San Diego and rarely ever been disappointed. There are so many wonderful choices. Are you able to state that all foods you offer are from non gmo sources? I think it is important today to be able to certify as such.

    I too wonder about expansion. I sort of have come to the conclusion that it could be quite constly to get fresh food to locations in the winter, reasonably enough to warrant opening around the midwest.

    Those warm winters ie: California, Florida and Arizona, allow for easier access to locally grown produce.

    1. Hi Dolores, our produce is typically non-GMO. However, at this time we do not promise or promote this as we occasionally have to make substitutions from different vendors based on seasonality and availability. Thanks so much!

  109. Love, love, love Soup Plantation and have since my mother discovered it in the San Diego area many many years ago! My husband and I now live in La Quinta and look forward to every nutritious, delicious morsel! I was happy to see the low sodium soups a couple of weeks ago and would so enjoy my favorite, deep kettle house chili, with low sodium. Please bring us more!

  110. WHERE IS THE WALDORF SALAD? My hubby is so sad cuz they don’t have it anymore at our s.california souplantation.
    I would also LOVE to see you have baked sweet potatoes all year long!
    Those are the yummy things that keep us coming back!

  111. I also love the French Onion Soup. I go at least once or twice a month on Mondays to get the Mushroom soup but the Onion Soup is hit and miss. I think I went for 3-4 months earlier this year without seeing the Onion Soup. It would be great if you had it more often. thanks Monte

  112. Ate there(Desert Ridge ) this week. Never saw any Zowie Maui Foccacia. Spicy soup was good, but no chicken as listed. Chicken noodle soup still tastes like dishwater (get a Jewish grandmom to teach you). Your Indian style (curry) dishes were great. But sadly, not seen in quite a while. Honey Dew was tasteless. Still a nice change from the usual restaurant experience. See you next week.

  113. I dislike that there are so many items with bacon. The broccoli salad, clam chowder and now the pizza. I used to be excited to come here but now I find myself to be dissatisfied with the limited selection being a vegetarian. Please leave the bacon on the side.

  114. I love the backed yams or sweet potatoes. I could enjoy them all year or at least during the coldest months such as October through February.

  115. My family loves this place because of the healthier food choices, however these new menu flavors are just horrible (hot cilantro lime pasta) just nasty also everything has meat, or pork in particular in it. This place was chosen as a great place for vegetarians to dine. Not anymore with all the meat everywhere every in the soups. I understand this is the south but not everyone wants porky running across the plate. Please go back to the basics.

  116. HEY ADMIN!
    Are there any plans to have Souplantation come to the High Desert Area (Victorville, Hesperia or Apple Valley) of Southern California?? We love the restaurant and find it a pain to drive 50 miles to enjoy it! We have a shortage of quality eateries in this area. Your presence would be a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lainie – We don’t currently have any expansion plans to that area but we love knowing where we are wanted next. Thanks!

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for the suggestion. If you ever have any questions about ingredients a manager will have a list available for you.

  117. My husband and I, for years would travel from West Kendall (Miami ,Fl) to Plantation, Fl. It was about an hour drive. One day while driving thru Town and Country in Kendall, I almost had an accident, stopping so fast when I spotted Our very own Sweet Tomatoes. We were so excited. I love the fact that caloric content is shown on a lot of the foods. I just wish they would also show carbs. I do go to your website to calculate my meals after the fact. I’m glad you have almost every possible food listed there. It makes it so much easier to track my food. I love your sugar free mousse. The selection this month is really good. Thanks

  118. I miss your black bean chili, it should be one of your standard choices
    Also would love to see bean sprouts, tofu, anything made from sprouted flour & frozen yogurt and/or sherbet in addition to just one soft serve (ice-cream) choice
    You are one of my favorite places
    Thank you!

  119. OK, I’ll give this a shot, How about a Sweet Tomatoes in the Eugene, Oregon area?! My family LOVES eating at Sweet Tomatoes when we travel north to Portland. Please consider coming down south a bit so we can enjoy healthy, family friendly dining more often. I’m certain Sweet Tomatoes would be a huge hit here. Perhaps in the Oakway / Coburg Road area.

  120. I really love Souplantation, I just have one request. Is it possible you could go organic
    on all vegetables? or may be different price for organic foods . Thanks, hoping for your
    kind consideration.

  121. I have a suggestion, as bad as gmo’s are for you, how about you guys work on taking them out of your recipes or at the very least put up a sign marking which dishes have them and which ones don’t so we can have a choice about what to put in our bodies. My husband and I used go to Sweet Tomatoes to eat every Sunday, but since we found out about gmo’s we hardly ever go out any more, except for Chipotle, where they just recently started letting people know whether or not the food you’re ordering has them or not. We really appreciate that.

  122. I am a regular and love everything but Iit will make my trips shorter if we could have new location in Clovis CA instead of driving to Fresno to enjoy all



  124. Liz,
    Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity involve two different responses to the gluten protein, which is found in the grains wheat, barley and rye. However, the symptoms of both conditions are just about identical, which makes it impossible to determine which one you might have (if either one) without the use of medical tests. Celiac disease involves an autoimmune reaction to gluten and occurs when gluten spurs your immune system to attack the lining of your small intestine. The resulting intestinal damage, called villous atrophy, can cause malnutrition and conditions such as osteoporosis. It is autoimmune in nature, which means gluten doesn’t cause the damage directly; instead, your immune system’s reaction to the gluten protein spurs your white blood cells to mistakenly attack your small intestinal lining. Celiac disease is also associated with other autoimmune conditions, including autoimmune thyroid disease and type 1 diabetes. Celiac disease affects about 1 in 133 people, or close to 1% of the population.

  125. To the Folks at Souplantation:
    As a vegetarian who is also lactose intolerant, I would love to see more dairy free options covering all your choices. There have been a few times when I’ve dined at your Camarillo, CA location and have found that the only things I can eat are at the make it yourself salad bar with the only salad dressing choices being fat free Italian or plain oil and vinegar πŸ™ and a plain baked potato. I would love to see more vegan soups, a tomato and green onion focacia bread (no cheese), a veggie pasta (no cheese) and a dessert item (other than fresh fruit) with no dairy. Vegan can be very good if it’s done right.

  126. Hello sweet tomatoes, I just wanted to say first off how much I love you guys your food is so delicious and tasty especially to rabbit (someone who loves and eats lots of veggies) like me but I have a few suggestions. Compared to most buffets here in Phoenix Az it is a little pricey even with my clubveg coupons so I don’t get to go very often. It is hard to convince people who want meat to eat here at the price even though they do enjoy the food. Maybe more or better coupons or like I saw above a frequenter card (either discounts or a free meal after so many purchased) would be lovely. Also I see many people complaining about pasta, I think a few things could help. I’ve noticed sometimes the noodles get rinsed or placed in fresh water this is bad your washing away all the flavor enhancing starches that are also needed to help the sauce stick to the noodles but it also causes the noodles to become water logged cook the noodles al dente and let them rest in their sauce at a warm temp the noodles will soak up a bit of sauce but not over cook and hold more flavor. Also there should be signage that you can have pasta made fresh most people don’t know this fact! Also I am sure what causes most people to say it is flavorless is how much salt is in it. I have realized on many occasions the sauce is under salted but being you are a healthy choice this is good especially since people can always add more salt but you can’t take it out so maybe letting people know that it is a little under seasoned to help please everyone and for them to please salt to their own tastes would be a good idea because most times that is truly all it needs. Sorry its so long lol but thank you for all the delicious food and good memories (I choose to eat here every year on my birthday people don’t even ask where I want to go anymore they just ask what day and time do I want to go!!!)

  127. I am only able to get to the Portland, Oregon restaurants about twice a year because of my schedule. Now if you had one in Salem, it would be much easier.
    I am even open to franchise info.

    1. Hi Ron – we are sorry but we do not currently franchise our restaurants. Thanks for your interest!

  128. I did not receive a free lunch for my birthday on June 26, 2013. Do you still provide birthday free lunch coupons?

    Thank you kindly for your response.

    1. Hi Ondina – We are so sorry you missed your birthday coupon. Sadly, our birthday coupons are only valid for a week after your actual birthday. These coupons are usually sent a week prior to your actual birthday so if you ever do not receive it, let us know so we can resend before your birthday arrives!

  129. Sorry not to have received or use my free birthday coupon on July 16th. Is it too late to receive one and still use it?

    1. Hi Nora – We are so sorry but our birthday coupons are only valid a week before an after your birthday. If before your birthday you have not received it never hesitate to reach out so we can resend.

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