Sunday Breakfast

Did you know we serve breakfast on Sundays?

Most guests don’t know we have breakfast every Sunday. When you think of Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes, most don’t associate breakfast with our brand because we are all about fresh soups and salads… but on Sunday, we have a little more to offer. Every Sunday morning, guests are lining up to decide on breakfast, lunch or both at their local Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, from 9:00 a.m. – noon our restaurants serves breakfast in addition to all their lunchtime favorites.

Whether you are in the mood for a hot breakfast, cool salad or both, our restaurants satisfy any craving. The menu includes our regular favorites including an expansive salad bar and made-from-scratch soups, plus breakfast treats like scratch-made Zucchini Egg Frittata; freshly made Belgian Waffles; French Toast with Fruit Topping; Potatoes O’Brien, Egg Scramble Focaccia; our own signature Mediterranean Breakfast Pasta with Feta Cheese,  the “to die for” Cinnamon Chip Biscuits with Butter Cream Glaze and much more. Still hungry? We have all the fixins for making your own Breakfast Burritos. YUM!

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  1. The costs vary depending on location. The easiest thing would be to contact your local Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes and ask the lunch and dinner price.

  2. The Mediterranean Breakfast Pasta with Feta Cheese is really good… ~ would love to see the fat/calories lowered a bit, – maybe a whole grain pasta, maybe less oil?

    Also – why do your “plain” steamed veggies need butter on them? can we order it without the butter? Maybe the butter sauce could be served on the side?

    1. Whole grain pasta is a great (and healthy) recommendation, we’ll talk to Chef Mike about possibly testing the idea.

  3. Your food is great except for the lack of vegan dishes especially in your pastas.

    Cheese is used too extensively. Not a healthy food.

    I notice that very few eat the pasta.

    It would be nice if the server could leave out the cheese for me.

    I prefer the tomato sauce without the cheese mixed in..

    What do you say.

    Remember that your restaurant should stand for healthy. food.

  4. A very nice, simpler buffet breakfast, for a reasonable price (a little over $8 in Sunnyvale, CA). Killer french toast (really!) and nice quiche (although I’d like to see it in thick slices, rather than the thin pan version being made), as well as vey nice potatos. The only downer: the scambled eggs made from a powder mix rather than from, oh I don’t know, real eggs … please fix that (it’s kind of inexcusable)?

    1. Mike,
      I checked with Chef Mike and we use liquid eggs, not powder eggs. Glad you enjoy breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes, we might be adding some new menu items so be on the look out in a few months!!

  5. We were first time ‘Breakfast’ diners last Sunday [Sept 19, 2010] for your breakfast menu and we have a couple concerns. Using a ‘Buy-One-Get-One Free’ coupon received in the mail our bill, including the two required drinks, was $14.83! The reason, of course, is the price of your drinks – $2.39! We queried the cashier and he stated that this is the price of drinks all the time and not just on Sunday Breakfast. By the way, we are also regular customers, usually for Dinner, seldom for Lunch. We have a suggestion. Increase your price for food and reduce your drink price for a more up front meal cost disclosure. Almost all restaurants are doing the ‘inflated drink cost’ thing so they can ‘advertise less expensive fare’. How about advertising drinks for $.99 and increase your ‘food’ cost to $9.99. We couldn’t help notice the sparsity of the crowd on Sunday – plenty of parking and plenty of seating. You may need to discontinue the Breakfast Thing or fix it. By the way, another comment /question; how come no sausage, bacon and ham meats at Breakfast. The cashier informed us that the reason was so you could offer a more healthy fare. Come on! I am 74 years old and my wife is 65 – we can select our own fare without ‘assistance’ from your menu planners. Besides that you never indicated your ‘limited selections’ on any of your promo stuff so we were taken by surprise to discover the ‘missing items’. OK! That’s it. I’m finished now so you guys have good week and we’ll see you next time around.
    bill & peggy matney

    1. There are so many things wrong with your comment. Do you expect to eat for free or something? You’ll complain about the normal price, then complain when you get to save money. Jesus christ.. just stay at home you old curmudgeon

    2. I liked your comments and opinion of the drink pricing. My wife and I never buy drinks because of that, however at some of the Chinese buffet’s where the price is somewhat reasonable we do.
      Don’t listen to Anonymoose, he still lives at home.

      1. I like the reply of the second replier. Don’t have to name call elderly people to make your point!(to first replier). Having said that, I agree with the comments, breakfast just isn’t the same without all those meats, I like savory and sweets together…my complaints about bkft
        Is that waffles were all soggy. Never went back again for bkft. But, we still love lunch and dinner!!!! We go at least 2 times/wk!!!!

        1. They don’t serve meat with lunch or dinner why would they serve it at breakfast? Ths is Sweet Tomatoes….don’t like it? Want all you can eat greasy breakfast meat by the pound? Go to Golden Corral, but keep in mind, they seldom offer bogo for $1 coupons.

  6. I miss the buy one get one free coupons – I am now paying more at the new coupon rate without the drinks — I don’t drink soda or tea but my husband does and since the buy one get one free had included this in the price it actually came out cheaper than the new prices of $6.99 for Lunch – which use to be $5.99. We had our wedding reception at the local Souplantation back in 1998 and have been making this our weekly date stop – we don’t go out or splurge because of personal budget restrictions but this was the one spot we scrimpped and budgetted for – and even though it isn’t a lot we were already streching it to do this each week because it would take $60.00+ for this — we may have to cut back on our lunch dates to 2x a month soon.

    1. Totally agree!

      Tracy – I think you should respond to everyone’s feedback, but not respond selectively on positive feedback but ignore the -ve ones. We want the Buy one get one free coupon back!

  7. We love breakfast on Sunday because I’m diabetic so I eat all salad, soup and egg frittata while my husband gets to eat all the sweet treats we can’t keep in the house like cinnamon rolls, french toast along with the fruit compote poured over it plus the breakfast pizza and potatoes. We both leave happy!

    1. Glad that we could make you and your hubby happy for breakfast. I went this Sunday too. I had cinnamon chip biscuits, those are my fav!!!! I also really like the trail mix with the granola and cran-raisins. Have you tried that? it is a breakfast YES!

  8. could you please send me some coupons for sundays breakfast?
    Thank you very much,We are your customer for a long time ,we never get the chance to try your breakfast,we are sure is delisiose .we been there most of the time for lunch and dinner,
    we looked on line but all the coupons were expired.

  9. The zuccini frittata is amazing! We love bring able to get a little bit of everything. There’s a whole different vibe on Sunday mornings. A little quieter, a little calmer and a little slower. Great place to get good food with friends and check out the Sunday paper.

    1. Agreed. I get about 4 pieces every time I go for breakfast. The zucchini frittata and the cinnamon chip biscuits are my favorite for breakfast! I wish I had one right now… but I will wait until Sunday.

  10. Why so many complaints? The breakfast is a delicious treat. If you have a dietary issue just omit the items from your meal.No one is forcing food down your throat. And as far as lots of bacon, ham, and cheese go… if you’re craving them for breakfast go hang out with the Denny’s crowd.
    They offer lots of meat and cheese to go along with their cholesterol and fat.

    I’ve been eating at Souplantation all my life. As a child it was my favorite place to eat,it was my first job,and is still one of my favorite places to eat. A good company with good food, and good service!

  11. What designates whether or not a Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes location offers Breakfast on Sundays? The one closest to me does not, but I wonder if enough people requested it they would offer it.

    1. We serve breakfast at all locations except four Sweet Tomatoes. Below are the locations that do not serve breakfast:

      Raliegh, NC
      Cary, NC
      Lake Buena Vista, FL
      Tampa, FL

  12. Went for my first breakfast at a Duluth, GA Sweet Tomatoes. The food was awful. Some kind of egg surprise with chunks of dried mystery meat and an egg enchilada.
    There was no sausage or beacon and the biscuits and gravy had no taste. I tried a little of everything but there was little or no taste.
    I complained to a waitress about no breakfast meats like beacon, and she looked at me with all seriousness and told me that they like had beacon bits on the salad bar. Duh!
    Seriously disappointed in Sweet Tomatoes for the first time. Never again! I should have stayed home

    1. Art,
      we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. We do have some meat options during breakfast but we are not a meat-based restaurant to begin with so we incorporated meat in some areas. If you choose to eat breakfast with us again we do always have a Build Your Own Burrito, it usually is with ham & egg or sausage & egg.

      1. I completely disagree with that flippant “try salt and pepper” comment. Food should be seasoned properly when it’s prepared … that’s why you will NEVER see salt or pepper on the table at a gourmet restaurant or other fine dining establishment. There are very few exceptions – that are sometimes better if left alone to be seasoned to taste by the diner and not the chef – Eggs, not scrambled, are pretty much the only thing that would apply to a restaurant like this … But they don’t seem to offer any other types of eggs. Bland food is badly prepared food, period. If you like your food extra salty or extra peppery than go for it, but no properly prepared dish should NEED it!!

        1. Excuse me, but excessive salt is not healthy. The idea of “properly seasoned” for most people is over 3 times the recommended daily intake of sodium. If somebody is too lazy to salt their own food at the table in a restaurant, so those of us who eat healthy can choose to live longer… You should stay at home to overdose on salt. Chefs who know what they are doing season food with herbs, not excess salt.

  13. as most of people like souplandtation, and I like to use coupons too, but the way to get discount with coupons but paying full price on the drinks, that way kind of lost feeling and go less…

  14. We dine at the Sweet Tomatoes in Tucson on Stone. I am always disappointed that there is so much cheese/dairy in everything. As you know, dairy is not good for anyone. Also, I’d like to see more vegetarian soups. We only had breakfast once and haven’t been back because we thought the breakfast menu wasn’t really a breakfast menu. No proper eggs, or bacon or sausage etc. I don’t eat meat, but my family don’t like to go with me because you don’t have it. I’m glad that you have “smart balance”. One other thing – the baked potatoes are always cold.

  15. Hi, i have never been to Sweet Tomatoes, me and friends have been thinking to go for the Sunday breakfast brunch. We are all vegetarian, i wanted to know if you have any vegetarian options in your sunday brunch. I also wanted to know if you tag your dishes with Vegan/Vegetarian/non-vegetarian in you restaraunt so that its easier for the customer to choose?


  16. My family and I just had the souplantation breakfast for the first time this morning (Rancho Cucamonga) and were very pleased. We had a buy one get one free coupon so it was a great deal. After reading some reviews and complaints, we were a bit hesitant to go but glad we did. They served a chilaquiles type dish that was excellent, very flavorful. I made a mini breakfast burrito with the chilaquiles. Also there was a pasta, egg, basil, tomato and cheese dish that was a pleasant surprise. The french toast was great. Wifey had the biscuits and gravy and went back for seconds. The coffee was good, better than we find at most diners. Fresh pineapple, bananas and watermelon were available. We tried a few of the muffins and enjoyed them all. As always, the service staff was very helpful and friendly, especially for those of us with little ones. They always offer to help get our trays to the table and clear our empty plates frequently. Club veg coupons are the best!

  17. For the lurkers on this site, Sweet Tomatoes, is quite capable of answering patron’s concerns or complaints, without any snide rebuttals from you.

  18. Is this still happening? I looked on the entire website and didn’t see a mention of it anywhere except in the nutrition information – and that is not very helpful. Are all of the soups and salads still there? Do all locations do this? I am looking at the lombard location, and it says it opens at 11 am! Does this mean they don’t do the breakfast?

    Could you please add some info about this to your website? And maybe get rid of….. basically everything else, like being able to select my own background? Which marketing dork thought THAT was important in 2013……..

    1. Hi Lauren – If you select your location on the website it will indicate if breakfast is available. However, the Lombard location does not currently serve breakfast.

  19. I have some concerns about breakfast at Souplantation. For one, why is there no chocolate lava cake? My hubby Roberto just loves the chocolate lava cake. He always tells our friends about it and even tries to make it at home, but it never is quite the same as Souplantation. He was so looking forward to having some with breakfast and was just crushed to find it missing when we got there. I suggest you have chocolate lava cake available as an after-breakfast side. It would go well on top of a pancake maybe? Anyway Roberto and I will be back soon, always glad to be able to eat such great food any time of day.

    1. Hi Sven – Our dessert options are usually only available during lunch and dinner since we have to make room for the breakfast favorites (keep in mind some desserts are only available after 4pm).

  20. I applaud Souplantation for the great breakfast variety. So many choices of food to choose from. Anything from french toast, to the zucchini frittata, to the breakfast burrito. Like a kink meme, there is something for everyone. I do agree that the drink prices are a bit much. Maybe bring it down just a bit. Otherwise very satisfied.

  21. I love going to Souplantation here in San Diego. I did want to mention that 2/l meals were very common around here until several years ago, and now rarely is it offered without requiring 2 drinks anywhere. We always just want water – don’t care for the sodas, we just like water.
    It gets to feel like we are forced to find something to drink, or get charged regardless. I am sure all the restaurants jumped on the bandwagon because I have heard that is where restaurants make a big profit. The drinks cost very little to buy in volume, so like I say, that seems where the profit is……
    I have a special friend who is gluten sensitive, and many restaurants and grocery stores have caught on, and do make some gluten free dishes. She makes do with salads, but I think it would be fantastic if you could put a dish or two out that are gluten free (like pasta) She makes wonderful cakes and muffins without wheat, I know you could do the same – thanks. dolores

  22. One more thing. Are your products all non gmo? It has gotten to be a big thing, where people (including me) would like reassurance that I am not eating genetically modified food, via Monsanto. thanks

    1. Hi Dolores – For the most part we strive to provide all non-GMO offerings. However, at this time we do not promise or promote this as we occasionally have to make substitutions from different growers based on availability and seasonality.

  23. Sweet tomatoes should have some vegan breakfast items so I can eat breakfast with my man. I bet if you added more vegan items to the menu you would make more money.

  24. We are sitting at Souplantation in Pasadena California for
    The place is nice and clean, but the food is horrible.
    Everything and I mean everything is either cold
    Or Luke warm. I guess they don’t really get
    A morning crowd and the just sits there forever.
    It’s dry and it tastes like it was made last week.
    All of the employees are very nice so I’m guessing
    It’s bad management.

    1. Hi Patty – we are so sorry for your poor experience. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and please never hesitate to contact a manager so they can fix the situation for you.

  25. Why do you not serve breakfast in Arizona at all anymore? The Ahwatukee location used to and was always very busy. Especially in winter/spring when the snowbirds are in town.

    1. Hi Cheryl – Certain locations have stopped serving breakfast but we are always evaluating the need and desires of our guests and will let our Culinary Team know of your request.

      1. Please add Sunday breakfast back at Arizona locations. We stopped going after it was stopped. It was always crowded at the Desert Ridge location, but not anymore.

        1. Thank you for the suggestion, Rob. We did unfortunately have to remove the breakfast offering from certain locations, but we think you’d also enjoy our lunch and dinner offerings – come and give them a try!

  26. Hi,

    I’m excited to find out that you offer breakfast. I love how when I go to Sweet Tomatoes, there are vegan options for me. Is it like that with the breakfast as well? Can you tell me which breakfast offerings are vegan? I can probably recruit a lot of business for your Sunnyvale location if I can find out what vegan items are served because there is a serious lack of vegan breakfast options in that area.


    1. Hi Robin – A full list of all of our breakfast items can be obtained from the manager at your local location 🙂

  27. I am a club veg member and have not received any coupons in four months. Do you still send them out? What can I do at my end? Thanks

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  29. I agree with above posters, and actually searched out this thread to add my voice – please offer breakfast on Saturday! We’d definitely go! We don’t go out to eat or do any business on Sunday’s for religious reasons, but we’d love to have breakfast with you. I know of many other friends of my same faith who would love to join us for Saturday breakfast!
    Sweet Tomatoes lovers in San Jose, CA

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