Sweetie makes it to Souplantation locations

I had an awesome weekend making it down the coast from the Bay to Los Angeles. I took so many photos here at all the famous sites.

Look mom, look at me!! I’m in Hollywood!! I’m famous!!

I tried to take a photo myself but my arms are so short… at least you see the Chinese Mann Theater.

Can I get my own star? Or can they give stars to the best restaurants? If so they need two stars, one for Souplantion and one for Sweet Tomatoes… well, I guess we don’t need to be so greedy, the two restaurants can share a star since we are the exact same restaurant.

Don’t forget to visit any Los Angeles Souplanation location on may 24 and bring a flyer from this link and help benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs.

7 thoughts on “Sweetie makes it to Souplantation locations”

  1. Hello, I would like to let you know my family and I were very unhappy with your Breakfast on this past Sunday. The plates were ice cold for the hot food, no sausage, bacon or ham. I have never been to a buffet breakfast with no meat. I think if you can’t serve it right, don’t serve it.

  2. Hot apple starwberry cobbler is my favorite and when mixed with vanilla icecream hard to resist. I noticed at our palm harbor flroida location sometimes the plates and bowels are not that clean and always wet not dried up properly. Also it will be nice if you can add some more chicken n seafood soups.

  3. Sorry your new coupons are not compatible with a senior retirement. The buy one get one free allowed us to visit more often.

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