Sweetie’s Road Trip – Day 1

Hi, I’m Sweetie. Nice to meet you! I am the official mascot for Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants. Usually I hang out at 5K run/ walks, community events, sporting events and at the restaurants, but this month I decided to travel across the country on my very own road trip.

Starting May 1, I will kick off my road trip in Florida and make my way to the San Diego corporate office in my convertible. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are having their own great American Road Trip in the restaurants the whole month of May. On the menu this month is food from all different states like the Key Largo Key Lime Muffins, Texas Longhorn Beef Chili, California Cobb Salad with Bacon and much more!

I’ll be going to different states, site-seeing and doing fun stuff. While I’m on my adventure I will be stopping in certain Souplantaiton and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants to meet friends and family and to help out their communities. For one night in each city I visit, I’ll host a fundraiser that will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of America.  I posted all the dates and areas below so you know when I’ll be in your town. Be sure to print a flyer and come by the restaurant to see me and help out the Boys & Girls Clubs!!

South Florida – May 3 

West Florida – May 4   

Orlando – May 6            

Chicago – May 10          

Houston – May 11         

Dallas – May 12              

Phoenix – May 13        

Pacific Northwest – May 17

Bay Area – May 20              

Los Angeles – May 24        

Orange County – May 25   

San Diego – May 26              

10 thoughts on “Sweetie’s Road Trip – Day 1”

  1. The PDF for Los Angeles isn’t up as of May 1. Please update it. (I hope there’s one in Alhambra.)

    1. I just fixed the link. I hope to see you when I get to LA. I’ll be there in a few weeks, right now I’m in Florida working on my tan.

  2. Wow, No Tampa Bay locations. We will miss seeing Sweetie. I’ll have to explain to the kids.

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