The Grand Canyon is as Sweet as Sweet Tomatoes

On Wednesday I made it to some of the Phoenix Sweet Tomatoes and had a great time!! I cant wait to see any pictures people put on my blog. I had a free day so I made my way to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. It was amazing!!

Can you see me?

It was good to have some peace and quiet. I had a chance to sit at the Grand Canyon and really think.

Looking around, I wondered how many tomatoes it would take to fill this canyon. I can’t even imagine how many tomatoes… maybe the amount that we serve in one year at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes? Who knows!! Would we count just tomatoes or anything created with our tomatoes like pasta sauce, creamy tomato soup or the Tomato Parmesan Vegetable soup (just had it last night at Sweet Tomatoes in Arrowhead and it was amazing).

After long hours of pondering tomato sizes and shapes I went down to touch the Colorado River. I pondered white water rafting but there were no life vests that would fit me.

7 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon is as Sweet as Sweet Tomatoes”

  1. I ate at the Arrowhead location last night 05/14/10. It was so yummy. It seemed like everyone had coupons but I didnt. I ate there cause husband is out of town and he is a “meat” man! I love the Grand Canyon it is a wonderful place. Have fun on your trip!

    1. Dear Sweet Tomatoes,
      You all have the best restaurant around! I really love it! The freshness of everything is so delightful! And, I love soup! Well, the Grand Canyon is my place away from home. I go once a year and hike down in January. I take guys that have never had the opportunity to experience it. I took 16 guys from church last year. It was blizzard conditions. For a Phx guy, it was quite exciting!!!!!!! I wish I could send you a few pictures!
      Thank you for having such fresh and great variety of veggies! And, God bless you all for giving us all such a wonderful place to dine! Keep up the great work!
      Bill Linderman

  2. This Blog is Sooo cute!! I love the pictures from the Grand Canyon! I went with my 10 yr old last Christmas, I can’t wait to show her your pictures!! We LOVE Souplantation, and have to go at least once a month to check out the new items. She especially lo=ves all things BERRY! My favorite is the Cherry Balsalmic Blue cheese salad. The sweet and slightly sour taste is great with the Blue cheese. I ‘ve ordered full size orders of your salad to go for Office lunches in the past, Is it possible to do this with the Monthly Specialty Slads?

  3. I go to Souplantation at least once a week with my Daughter, must thank you for the great money saving coupons you sent me via email. I love Strawberries, blueberrie, cherries
    you name it. The Strawberry Fields Salad is to die for. Add that to the Tasty Strawberry muffins, Strawberry lemonade and of course some soup…I’m in berry heaven!!!
    Thanks. Would love to win some passes
    Linda L

  4. My husband and I love going to our Gilbert Sweet Tomatoes at least once a month. It is a treat to have the healthy and delicious choices that you offer. The prices and the coupons are perfect for seniors, too. We especially love the fruit in your muffins, salads and desserts, for instance, this month’s strawberry as well as blueberries and raspberries.

  5. I love strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry muffins, not at the same time though. Marion berry syrup is very nice on waffles at breakfast on Sundays at our Waukegan IL (chicagoland) Sweet Tomatoes location. My wife always has Strawberry lemonade, so good. Are tomatoes berries? You know, cherry tomatoes! I am getting hungry thinking about berries!

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