Tricks & Tips for a Family-Friendly Halloween

The tricks and treats are all part of Halloween fun on October 31st, but it’s always important to keep family safety habits top of mind. When headed out this Halloween, remember the following tips and the scariest thing you’ll encounter will be the neighbors’ spooky decorations.

Go with Someone you Know
Half the fun of getting all dressed up is showing off your carefully planned costume! Plan for a group of friends or family to all go out in the hunt for candy together, your kids will be safer and you’ll get to boast about your get-up (or your little one’s)! Have older children that want to go off on their own? Be sure you know which friends they will be meeting up with.

Stay in the Light
While the treat bag may get heavier and heavier, you want to make sure you and your trick-or-treaters stay well-lit.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Add reflective tape or stickers to your children’s costumes to make them more visible to motorists
  • Plan your Halloween route along streets with lit sidewalks
  • Bring along a few fully-charged flashlights to use in any darker areas

Candy Check
After you get home, sort through and check all of the candy before anyone indulges in a piece or starts trading. Toss anything that looks opened or spoiled. Once the candy has cleared your inspection, avoid the gummy bear and chocolate binges by putting limits on treat intake. suggests that you store candy somewhere outside of kids’ rooms and allow one or two pieces per day.

Rest Up
Before Halloween night talk to your kids about their curfew and/or bedtimes. Although you may be a little more lenient with bedtimes on the holiday, it is still a school night. Make sure everyone understands what time they are expected back home (for the older kids) and what time is “lights-out”.

We’d love to hear your tricks to keeping Halloween safe and what you’re planning on dressing up as in the comments below!

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