Souplantation and  Sweet Tomatoes wants to thank our veterans and active military for their service this Veteran’s Day.

Past and present military can receive a FREE meal this Sunday and Monday, November 11 and 12th with the purchase of another regular priced meal.  Just show proof of military service or be in uniform.



No coupon required. Beverages not included and not required. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.


*Available at all Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes locations. Not valid at Field Kitchen.



35 thoughts on “VETERANS AND MILITARY EAT FOR FREE ON 11/11 AND 11/12”

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  7. It is wonderful you wish to salute veterans — I served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War but I have no one to go to dinner with at your restaurant – I am new in Florida. While it is nice to be able to get a free meal at a classy restaurant – I have no one to go there with at all so I cannot take advantage of your wonderful offer. Please rethink what you offer to some of us older citizens as not all of us have friends — thank you

    walter may

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  9. This is an awesome thing that you are doing for men and women fighting for our freedom=But I live in Iowa City,Ia and wish that you would come out here and open a Souplantation and trust me you would do very very well.We are a growing community and I think us Iowans would appreciate you consideration about coming to Iowa City,Ia=Also note The Iowa Hawkeyes reside here.Oh my husband and I used to reside in California and used to eat at Souplantation in Vista California=Loved it=So really take this to heart and come to the Mid west =Thank you and God bless you=

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  14. A lot of military personnel are single men/women, why must they have to pay for a meal in order to get a free one????

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  16. When we were stationed at Luke AFB we used to eat at Sweet Tomatoes a lot, I miss it, wish you guys would open one in Northern VA, preferably Warrenton, VA. What would it take for you to move here, maybe a petition with a few names:)

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    1. Hi Steve – This year we will be extending our offer to be available Saturday the 9th through Monday the 11th. Veterans and active military (in uniform or with a valid military ID) will receive their meal for BOGO free (with the purchase of two drinks) or a single meal 50% off with the purchase of a drink.

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  24. Thanks for the post but I just want to comment that we HAD to purchase two drinks at the La Mesa, CA, Souplantation. We got half off for two meals – my friend and I are both Vietnam vets – but were charged for two drink purchases. She said we HAD to buy a drink to get the half off. I was a little disappointed in that I told her I had read in this blog, no coupon or drink purchase required. 🙁 We did appreciate the half off though, as we eat at least twice a month for the great senior deal.

    1. Hi Linda – We are very sorry. This post did not represent this year’s offering as it was posted for a previous year’s deal. We are sorry for any confusion. Please be sure to become a Club Veg member so you are updated of our most up-to-date promotions and offerings.

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