We’re serving 10 dishes with whole grains in January.

The great thing about whole grains is that they are a good source of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and fiber. And as much as we try to eat our recommended daily fruits and veggies, sometimes we can’t get to them, whole grains contain antioxidants that are not found in some fruits and vegetables, providing more goodness for us.

Studies have shown that people who consume more whole grains consistently weight less than those who consumed less whole grain products. Whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels & blood pressure and it reduces the risk of many types of cancer. (cited from

Have you tried one of our whole grain dishes? Some dishes to include: Whole Grain Fiesta Couscous, Whole Wheat Biscuits and 100% Whole Wheat Tomato Spinach pasta, 100% Whole Wheat Arugula Citrus prepared salad, Banana Crunch Muffin Top, Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuit. Which is your favorite?

8 thoughts on “WHOLE GRAIN BENEFITS”

  1. I just went to your restuarant in Lady Lake ,fl the salad bar was incredible. I think its wonderful that your trying the whole grains and legumes without having a huge meat base. It would be great if you would consider having dishes w/o oil or fat . our bodies only require 14 grams of fat a day which we can get in in our whole grains food for thought 1 tlbs of olive oil = 14 grams of fat. If your company wants a challenge try making foods w/o ioil and sugar you will be amazed . Diabetes, heart disease, cancer are a few to mention.are all food born illnesses. It would be nice to be able to out to eat and not have such a limited selection of food to choose from

  2. The whole grain fiesta couscous is incredible! I can never get enough of that dish. Is there anyway that you can post the recipe for it? I would love to continue eating it after it’s off the menu 😉

    1. Hi Kylee, if you have an insulated lunch tote, some choecis of protein would be hard boiled eggs, individual size container of greek yogurt, small chicken breast, 1/2 turkery sandwich on whole wheat, add some nuts, fruit that is easy to carry like apples, plums – bananas are great for adding calories, a few whole wheat crackers(Kashi brand), or worse case option, a trail mix bar (again i prefer the Kashi brand, they use better products). Protien Powders are also convenient. Mix 1 scoop with water – i like the Chocolate flavor from Designer Whey (you can get a small can at Harris Teeter)Make sure you are eating a good breakfast also. If you need additional help, let me know!

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