Win a Free Dinner for Dad!


Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day? We have a solution for you – 4 free meal passes for the family to celebrate at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes!

It’s easy to enter, just share your favorite memory of a father figure in the comments below. Life lessons, embarrassing interrogations of your boyfriends, sharing a meal together or just being silly– we want to hear about the moments you treasure most!



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  1. Mine is a silly story. 🙂 Not sure when this tradition started, but for as long as I could remember my dad and I had this game when the family would go shopping. We would wander off to the shoe section of the store and try to find the smallest pair of shoes we could find. With the dorkiest smile ever and with confidence that we had found the smallest pair of shoes, we’d say to each other–“This is for you.” 🙂

  2. The moment I treasure the most was on a Sunday evening in South Africa,
    my Father who looked like the late Actor Robert Taylor
    would make tomato sandwiches for my Mother and us four children.
    He was so proud of his skills as sandwich maker, and it was a treat,
    because to this day I can still taste the seasoning on the tomatoes.
    Mother was happy to sit back and relax and not cook that night.

  3. My dad used to take me fishing every Saturday. I hated to get up early but now treasure those moments together!

  4. I grew up with the most amazing single parent, my mom. Since I have been old enough, I have celebrated both Mother’s and Father’s Day for her because she did the job of both parents. Even as an adult, I spend most of my weekends with her. We love to ride our bikes at the beach, go hiking and find new adventures. Some of my favorite memories are during our road trips to New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah…. One Father’s Day I decided I was going to take her to do something she loves, hiking. We were I’ll prepared and I was in no shape to be climbing mountains but I wanted to do something with her that she would enjoy greatly. On our way back after a wrong turn that took us into a canyon, we were hoofing it up a steep hill when some people stopped to talk to us. They could see we were struggling and shared their trail mix and water. They were off and we were trailing, slowly, behind them. We were about 10 minutes from the trail head, just a few hours later and we see a helicopter flying just above the tree line, and like in a movie, we see rounding the bend a group of rescue hikers. We knew they were there for us. The kind people who stopped to talk to us had thought that we might be in trouble and called for help. They stopped us and took our blood pressure and gave us some water. We insisted we were ok but they insisted on occupanying us the rest of the way out. When we got to the trail head there were ambulances and fire trucks and gobs of people gawking. It was one of the most embarrassing, funny experiences of my life and made for a great Father’s Day story.

  5. As one of Daddys’ little girls, I adored my father and as far as I can remember, I had told my Dad that when he got old I would take care of him.

    At the age of 88 my Dad developed dementia and as the oldest of his second family, I volunteered to take care of him as the oldest was taking care of her mother. It was such a privilege and honor to have my Dad as I am one of five daughters that adored him too.

    Upon leaving my home in the states and picking my Dad up, preparing to bring him home my Dad, who was a farmer, remembered he had something in the back of his property that was ripe enough to eat. Dad surprised me with the most perfectly ripe, golden yellow pineapple I had ever seen and eaten. It was so delicious and even though my Dad was diabetic we savored that pineapple as though it were our last.

    Dad has been gone 10 1/2 years now but he is a part of me as I took care of him for six years until his death at 94. It’s true that no amount of years can erase the memories of your loved ones.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and for bringing up this wonderful memory of the first man in my life, my Dad, Aurelio.

    Edna E. Morales

  6. In my first home I always had a project for my dad. We wallpapered, changed locks, put up molding, stained the deck etc. now for most people each project might have taken an hour or two. But with me and my dad there was always some problem to solve. So it would take the course of the day. And sometimes we would still be wallpapering at 2am. He was always a trooper explains and showing me how to do everything. My new house was built just four years ago. And I miss thoses projects with my dad. But these days when he is over the grand kids keep him busy now.

  7. My faves times with my dad are cooking breakfast together, making delectable waffles and the crispiest French toast!

  8. Two of my favorite memories with my dad involve food. The first one happened almost every year, my dad was an accountant, so at the end of the year when the company was closing the books he would have to work late. So he would always stop at his favorite sandwich shop on the way home. knowing we would stay up and wait he would buy extras and we would all have a late night picnic. The other was on nights that my mom was out we would make popcorn and tents play tagand watch movies and make a mess.

  9. My favorite memory of my father was walking and as a little kid, it meant walking FAST along side my Dad. We didn’t have a car back then. On Friday, my Dad’s Payday, he would say “Time to go Uptown” and off we’d go to pay the weekly bills. It was a small Ohio town, large maple trees hovering over the sidewalks and streets with lots of birds chirping. Because of the big roots, the sidewalks were uneven and I would soometimes stumble as my little feet hurried along. My Dad, to this day, I can hear him say “Pick Up Your Feet”. I walked in with my Dad to the electric co, Ohio Edison, next the shoe repair place, Sbernas, grocery store, Kaisers and meat man, Sissels. The proprietor reached for his bundle of white slips, found the slip with our last name and my Dad handed cash, yes CASH. That’s the way it was done. Simple, truthful and trusting. As a final treat we ended at the local bar, DeLucas, after paying the bills on Friday night, for a platter of french fries. While my Dad had a beer, we whoofed those french fries down. French fries were not being made in home kitchens yet. I account my fast walk, knowing to pay your bills on time and the love of french fries (but now sweet potato fries) to the example my Dad set. Work hard, pay bills and you will reap a reward.

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  10. When I was growing up, my Father, Nick seemed like the world was his oyster! Everywhere we went, everyone seemed to know him and greeted him as if they were great old friends, whether it was walking through our neighborhood, riding the Chicago Transit Authority busses, or when we were at church, my Papa stood high above the crowd and always had a smile and a good story to share with whomever we might meet. I especially remember, one day when we were walking hand in hand together down Chicago Avenue, he said to me, “Let’s go to Goldblatt’s. We could use something sweet for after dinner.” When we went inside the store, he approached the sales lady and asked with a big smile, “Hey, Gladys! Got and day-old pies you want to get rid of?” She replied, “Sure, Nick. Let me see what I can find for you.” And with that proceeded to squat down next to me tossle my hair, and said, “Aren’t you the handsome little man!” When she came back, she had a beautiful pie in her and, and she said, “Does a pineapple pie suit your fancy?” To which Papa Nick replied, “That would be great for $1!” After sweet Gladys marked down the pie and rang it up, we paid for that pineapple pie, now wrapped in a cardboard box and tied with a piece of string, and we walked all the way home, holding hands, talking, smiling, dancing and singing our favorite songs without any cares in the world, except for mine … Can’t wait to get my hands in that pineapple pie 🙂

  11. My dad, Michael Latwis, used to wake me up early in the morning when it was still dark so we could go fishing. I was five years old. He showed me how to shine a flashlight on the ground after an evening rain and look for nightcrawlers (worms for fishing). It was fascinating to grab after the worm as it tried to rush back into it’s hole, and drop it into a container for fish bait. First we stopped at the Silver Dollar Diner in New Jersey on our way to the lake. I always wanted a big donut and hot chocolate. We rented a rowboat just as the sun was starting to lift up over the lake. We caught perch and bluegills and bass. I loved the quiet time, the lake and wild flower smells, the excitement of a fish wriggling on my line, eating lunch he had packed for us while sitting in the boat, an afternoon break with oatmeal cookies. Most of all I remember his caring enough to share a day on the lake and teach me the joys of nature, year after year.

  12. My father and I were not too close while I was growing up. I remember once when I was in the hospital sick he came by and sat with me. He, at the time was working 70+ hours during the week. He fell asleep next to me. Just having him there showing he cared meant a lot. It also helped start building a relationship between he and I.

  13. Every year for my birthday my dad would take me to a Chicago White Sox game. We would eat hot dogs, eat in the stadium club, and meet the famous baseball players. I have even gotten to wear their World Series ring! This is one tradition that will always continue. I have been going since I was a few months old and now I just turned 21. My birthday was of course followed by a baseball game with the best dad ever 🙂 traditions never die

  14. My favorite funny memory of my dad was this: No matter what conversation any potential boyfriend or husband started with my dad, he would inevitably begin a diatribe about the Byzantine Empire and eventually work his way to the Verona Secrets. In addition, upon embarking upon any outing with my girlfriends or cousins we firmly reminded: “Stay away from strange characters!”

  15. My favorite memories are of my dad sitting at the kitchen table in the early morning hours, around 5:30. He would be sitting silently with a cup of coffee, just preparing himself to start his day. This was his time of contemplation and reflection. As the oldest of five siblings, it always gave me great comfort to know that he was there and that the world awaited us each morning with serenity and hopefulness.

  16. When I was a little girl my Daddy would get to come home everyday from work for lunch. So when it was about time for him to arrive I would walk down our dirt road and wait for him. I’d see him coming in my Great Granddaddy’s old Chevy truck. My Daddy would slow down and I’d hop onto the back of the truck and get to ride back down to the house. He’s always been a wonderful hands on dad. And even though I’m in my mid-thirty’s he’s still my Daddy and I’m still his little girl. Some things will never change!

  17. Growing up, my dad and I were never that close and for a while I was hurt by the lack of relationship. But as I’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten to spend so much time together! Recently he took me to a Bucaneers’ football game and we had an amazing meal together (for free) and stayed for a concert after, on the field. And got cookie sundae’s! I felt like a little girl again getting to do something awesome with Daddy. Even though I’m 24, I think I’ve turned into a bit of a Daddy’s girl 🙂 There is always hope for severed relationships!

  18. My Dad, who was not used to having girls around (what with 2 older sons), agreed to let me bring my best friend to our camp in NH. Now Nancy was used to deep sea fishing but had never been fly fishing. So it was decided that Dad would show Nancy how to use a fly rod.
    After showing her how to tie the fly onto the line and a few flicks of the rod on the sandy beach,
    he decided it was time to show her over the open water. Walking to the end of the dock, pulling out some line as he went, Dad did his first cast. After just seconds there was a tug on the line and he proceeded to pull a nice two pound trout out. He handed the rod to Nancy and said, “That’s how you do it, Nancy!” and walked away.

  19. My father drove me from NJ to FL when I relocated after college. It was so great of him to do, to help me move all my stuff and get settled. Plus it was just a daddy/daughter trip so it was nice to have that bonding time as well.

  20. My dad ivan is the best he just turned 81 years old and he is the best, he taught me alot of things growing up in good times and bad… I had cancer 7 years go and my dad and my family got me though this but he was always there for me when i needed him ..he cares about people and hes amazing at his age… he still drives, walks around in stores.. and he lives minutes away from me.. but thats why hes such a good dad!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. As a child, my Grandfather was my favorite person. He called me the “Apple of my Eye” and made me feel more special than any other adult. He would demonstrate this by picking me up every Saturday morning from my parent’s home in Omaha, NE, and take me to the A&W Rootbeer Stand. We would purchase our Baby Burger, Papa Burger, fries and a quart of root beer, and take it to the Riverside Park, which is now known as Henry Doorly Zoo. Our “picnie” in the park was such a unique experience with Grandpa, as he would share stories of his childhood, and impart with me the importance of being true to yourself and selfless with others. We would then proceed to the animal section to pet rabbits, feed goats, sing with the birds, and mimic the monkeys. My Grandfather took the time for me to teach me valuable life lessons while we enjoyed the simple pleasures of life!

  22. I could not even stay in the school assembly because I was so embarrassed of my Dad ! While my Dad was always a fun and crazy person, this one surpassed anything I could have imagined! There he was up on the stage at my school along with 5 other dads, in dresses that had been “stuffed” with toy footballs cut in half to fill out their upper portions, and doing the Can-Can dance. Only later was I able to realize and appreciate how fun that all really was because at the time, my 4th grade self just wanted to crawl out the door. But that was my Dad – the man who taught us all to laugh, and I miss him very much !

  23. As I was growing up in Cuba, my father during the Christmas Holidays would spend days getting the house ready for Xmas. We had a huge manger that he would work on by hand and built by himself. The last year in Cuba, as he knew we would leave for the US, he built the city of Jerusalem, mountains, lakes, trees, everything with his hands. I spent hours with him not knowing that it would be our last Holiday together in our country. After all these years, I still have a few of the pieces we were able to bring to the US and my children now, all grown, take pride in helping me put the manger under the tree. This was in 1959, so it’s still my favorite memory.

  24. My father was a complex man. He was brilliant, and sometimes frighteningly so. He “hid” behind his extraordinary intellect, and although he liked people, and his children in particular, he was inept when in came to shows of affection. He was quick to analyze, and quick to criticize. There was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to grow up to be like him; there was equally no doubt in my mind that I would fail.

    My dad died when he was pretty young – just 58 years old. He came home from work one day, not feeling well, and collapsed on the closet floor. He had an aortic aneurysm, and before they could operate, it ruptured. They repaired it as best they could, but the rupture caused extensive damage, more than his body could stand or recover from. He held on for two weeks, but in a state of slow steady decline. I stayed at his bedside for most of that time, trying desperately to connect, and to share with him the little time we had remaining.

    When he came out of his surgery, he was intubated, so he couldn’t speak. He communicated with pencil and notepad. His words to me were terse, and angry. He was confused, and clearly not happy with my explanations of what was going on. At one point he wrote “Let’s get out of here.” I explained that he couldn’t leave, he was intubated and connected to many machines. He threw the notepad across the room. A short time later, he wanted to write again. I retrieved the pad, and he wrote:


    “A – O – V?” I asked. He jabbed at the paper with the pencil, angrily. “A – O – V?” I repeated, feeling like an idiot. All the years of being criticized, of being wrong, of being ‘less than’, played out before me.

    A.O.V. Once again, I was not smart enough. Once again, I didn’t get it, would come up short, would fail my father. I had never felt smaller, or less adequate in my life. He grabbed the paper back and wrote:

    Aisle Of View. I stared at it, wondering, “Is he seeing the light??? What on earth does he mean? What does he want, that I can’t deliver?!?” I was ready to give up and set it aside. I could feel tears stinging my eyes, as I admitted to him, “Dad, I just don’t get it. I don’t know what you want. Aisle of view! Aisle of view? Aisle of view.”

    And suddenly it struck me. Finally. What my dad had always wanted to say, but never could. And in his own cryptic way, had finally been able to communicate to me. They were the last words he wrote to me.

    Aisle of View.

    (Say it aloud…)

  25. My favorite memory of my Father took place when I was 11 years old. My Father wanted to make sure that I could, in his words, “take care of myself”. So off to karate lessons we went. A few months passed and it was now time for the ultimate test. As I practiced in the front yard he wanted to grab me from behind to see if I could get away. I begged and pleaded with him not to make me to this as I didn’t want to hurt him. He assured me that I would not. I kicked him in the chin and slipped out of his grasp. He ened up being wrong as I did hurt him. I started to cry and as he grasped his leg said that he was happy as he knew I could take care of myself. My Father has since passed. He carried the scar on his leg until his passing. He’s now looking down at me assured that I can take care of myself. Thanks Daddy!

  26. My father is 89 years old now. One of my many favorite memories is of our conversations at the dinner table. My father would come home faithfully every evening and the family would have dinner together. That might not seem like anything extraordinary but it really is. With the brokenness in so many families today, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his dedication to us throughout the years. His consistency and calm presence in our lives has been a tremendous source of comfort. Our conversations over dinner were very rich and touched on subjects like his work, our school day, technology, politics, morality, and current issues. I treasure these memories.
    Anne Marchetti

  27. I remember what my dad loves the most from my was my hair . It was so long and beautifull and one day, he was on a business trip when my mom got my school report and told me that because it was not good enough, they took the decission to take me out of the basketball league . then, i was so upset that i went and shaved my head and donated. I went back home and my mom open te door, she was crying and called my dad on the phone inmediatelly. He was so dessapointed that he took the first plane back home the very next day even though he was 7 hours away in another country. Ups! He open the door and i went in and hug him, when he saw his sunshine, his 16 yr ald sweet little girl with no hair, he cried and cried, he cried every time he looked at me for the next 7 days. with no words…..After the seven days, he decided to talk to me and told me to pack my clothes. without telling me where we were going just me and him, he took me to the best vacation we ever had. It was just me and him finnally having time together as father and daughter. We spent 1 week away from everybody and he appologized for not being there when he needed me and he primised me he was ALWAYS going to be there. And he did, until he died.

  28. My dad and I would eat out when I was a little girl. I was a picky eater and my parents had a difficult time getting me to eat different foods. I remember a time that my dad and I were eating lunch, but I didn’t feel like eating. He would make the meal a type of contest to see who could fit more food in their mouth before chewing and swallowing. My favorite food to do the contest with was French fries! He would bet that I couldn’t fit three fries in my mouth. Of course that was a challenge, and I showed him that I could. Then he said “ok, how bout four”, then he would bet one by one that I couldn’t do it. I would get all the way to ten! The rule was that whatever I stored in my cheeks….I had to eat. That is a favorite memory of time that I spent with my dad.

  29. Growing up my dad was in and out of my life and at the end of his life he had become even more active because I was older then he suddenly passed away when I was 18 years old. But my favorite time with my dad was the weekends when I would go and visit him and he would walk us over to the park and push us around and around and around as fast as he could on the “merri go round” as I called it back then. We would do this for hours on end it seemed like and I would laugh my butt off so hard every time it would start because I could hardly hold on because he did it so fast. I love and miss my dad so much and think about what it would be like now watching him with his grand kids growing up!

  30. My favorite memory is, back in 1997, my dad took me to Shakeys pizza in Glendora, Ca. We watched Kirby Puckett hit a grand slam to win the world series for the Toronto Blue Jays. Great bonding time:)

  31. My father was always the one who helped me with my homework. Whether it was memorizing state capitals or making a science project, he was there. Looking back I think my fondest memory was from junior high when he helped with a fun clue mystery game. Every day my school library would post a small clue about a person or thing etc.. I would take the clue home and my dad and I would pour over the encyclopedia and dictionary trying to figure out the answer.( this was before the Internet). I think about these memories more these days since my father passed away last year and now that I’m a parent myself. I hope to create great memories with my children just like my father did with me.

  32. I am one of 12 children. I am the 2nd oldest and when growing up my favorite memory is my Dad telling the family we are going on a “SUNDAY DRIVE” the whole family would fit into a 3 seater station wagon and we would go on a car ride followed up with a stop at McDonalds where we all had a ice cream cone! Those where the days, 40 yrs ago before car seat belts and children car seats were used.My Dad is still alive and doing good at 92 yrs old.He was a Great Father and Loving Dad.

  33. Hi my name is Eliana I’m 11 years old and I think I have the bestest dad cause everyday is a memory with him he always puts me and my sister first.

  34. My father was a hardworking, gentle man. Remembering him kneeling on the floor at the side of his bed at night to say his prayers is a heartwarming memory for me. He had his faults, like all of us do, but he was always fair. I miss him so much and pray that my children have inherited some of his traits.

  35. One of my favorite memories of my father is when he would take his 4 daughters and our mom to Beaumont to go cherry picking. We would all get a metal bucket and climb up ladders that were out in the field and pick and I might say probably eat as many as we picked of those sweet cherries. After we brought them home and ate all we could for the next few days, my mom would can the rest and use them for various desserts. I always remember that when June comes around and we would receive a post card in the mail telling us of opening day…

  36. My dad was in the military when I was growing up and he wasn’t home very much. Two tours in Korea and 1 in Vietnam. But I can remember when we lived in Louisiana – I was 3-1/2 years old and there were three of us little kids. He would come home with a little bag of M&Ms for each of us in his shirt pocket. My mom would tell him not until after their supper. But he gave it to us anyway. He had grown up very poor in South Alabama with not much food to eat, and no kind of candy or treats. But he made sure when he was home he had a treat for us every day. I really miss him.

  37. My dad was my hero and he proved it many years ago, before AAA when the whole family, 7 of us, was stranded 60 miles away from home. We went out to the lake for a day of fishing, swimming and to picnic. When it was time to leave, his car keys were missing. After scouring every inch of the area we could not find the keys! Dad hot wired the car and got us home safely. Who would have known Dad was so handy? It’s just another small example of Dad saving the day with one of his secret talents that always seemed to pop up!

  38. One of my best memories of my dad is when my little brother was born. He was the youngest and there were 8 sisters including me. My mom went to the hospital to have my brother and my dad had to take care of all 8 of us by himself. I remember him trying to get us all ready for school and being so gentle brushing our hair and trying to figure out what we were all supposed to wear. He did a great job and got through it with our help. We all went to the hospital to see my brother be born and the newspaper was there and took our picture for a human interest story. My dad was all teary eyed to finally be having a boy. It is a great memory and its been almost 30 years and I still have that newspaper picture :).

  39. When I was in Kindergarten, I was a lonely, sad, little boy. One day I saw my opportunity to mingle with other kids playing with a soccer ball. I got the ball and wouldn’t let it go. Before I knew it, I was covered with a pile of kids. They were on top of me for a while when I felt and heard someone coming to my rescue. Some stranger driving by saw the pile of bodies and pulled them off me. The stranger turned out to be the father of one of my classmates that I was fond of. From that day on I had a surrogate father and friend. Our relationship lasted for over 40 years and was the root for many of the decisions in my life.

  40. We were coming home from having dinner at your restaurant where we regualarly went to with my entire family.
    My baby sister who was about 4years old for some strange reason said she dropped her NEW shoe out the window. My dad without hesitation did a complete u-turn to go back to where we had just drove past. There was complete silence because we thought he was really mad that she did that. After the u-turn and the moment of complete silence my little sister says “I was just kidding”. Wow we were really scared now. All of the sudden my dad burst out laughing, and then so did the rest of the family. In a moment we went from complete fear to major histeria in the car.
    We still talk about it and to this day my sister has no idea why she did that ! Da

  41. I am 70 years old and one of my very favorite memories of time shared with my dad was going to the lumber yard on Saturday mornings. He would always have a project going. To this day every time I go to any place where lumber is sold, I still recall this special memory.

  42. One of my favorite memories is with my grandfather on his farm. It used to be a cattle farm, but as he got older and all my cousins moved away, he sold the most of the cattle. Kept a few cows and one bull. When I visited during the summer, we used to pick mangos from this tree in the center of the farm.

    One time, we were picking mangos and the bull decided to come our way, mad about something and started charging us. One of my cousins was already up in the tree. My grandfather hoisted me up for my cousin to grab me and swing me onto a branch. My grandfather quickly followed just in time to avoid getting hit by the bull. It was scary at the moment, but we laughed a ton after it happened and it has become one of my favorite memories.

  43. My best memory with my father was when I was 13 years old. He is an amazing dad and all my memories were great but this one is the ultimate. He took my brother and I ice skating. It was a perfect day because not only did we do that with a private instructor but also went for ice cream afterwards. The reason this is so memorable is because we didn’t have a lot of money and my dad worked all the time. It was a treat to be with him an entire day and I will always hold that memory closest to my heart.

  44. I remember the times in the middle of the summer during the early 1950’s when Dad would gather our family around the dining room table with a BBQ specialty he prepared. It consisted of a thinly sliced barbecued london broil steak placed over toast. After pouring hot melted butter over the steak, we began to eat – oh was it delicious along with dishes full of fresh sliced vegetables placed over fresh salad.

    All in all, it was a simple meal followed by good family conversation which we all remember to this day!

  45. My dad and mom have always collected antiques. On several occasions I went with him to the New England states to search out treasures when my mom was unable to get away from work. He taught me how to recognize real antiques from fakes and along the way taught me so much about cars that I can now identify any car from the 1940’s through the 1970’s by simply looking at the grill or the tail lights. We had many fun adventures over many summers. My dad is a wealth of knowledge and a lot of fun!

  46. Since your opening day, we have been your customer, well 2 or 3 times a month, and I am very happy to say that we keep going because of the food and service have been excellent.
    We went before to the Sweet & Tomato located at 41, here in Sarasota, but we started liking the one in University. Keep it up !!!

  47. As a child we would gather around our fireplace at night with all the lights off in the house. My 3 siblings and I would sit and eat popcorn as our dad would tell his famous “Gnome Stories”. He would make these stories up as he went, all about the garden gnomes that supposedly lived in our backyard. They were elaborate and funny and sometimes scary. The four us would be so still, with our full attention on our dad, and just listen. He was a wonderful man who was taken too soon. His “Gnome Stories” around the fireplace are my number one childhood memory of him.

  48. My favorite memory of my dad is going out and practicing softball together. It may not have always been peaches and cream, but now that my daughter plays softball, it’s just being out there that I appreciate most.

  49. It was 1964 and the Beatles were going to be on Ed Sullivan. My Dad set up his fancy camera and tripod and took pictures for me. The next day he took me in his darkroom and we developed the pictures and printed them. I had never seen such magic as the images appeared in the developer. The whole process was amazing. It started an interest in photography and then art
    which became my career. I was a public school art teacher for 30 years, a published artist, and an avid photographer thanks to Dad sharing his special darkroom and the magic of photography.

  50. One of my favorite memories of my dad (who has passed) was the day I got married. He took my hands and told me how very proud of me he was and how beautiful I looked. He wished me a lifetime of happiness and then whispered, now lets party! I picked a CCR song, one he used to sing to me as our “father-daughter” dance and seeing the pictures of my dad and I dancing to “Cotton Fields Back Home” still makes me laugh hard. Love to my dad, my hero, always

  51. My most treasured memory with my dad was my last Father’s Day with him. We live in Texas and I went back to Iowa to see my parents for a summer visit which happened to land on Father’s Day weekend, 2007. It was a relaxed visit, we even went for a couple jogs together. Well I left Iowa and was on my way back when we got the call that he had passed away (sudden heart attack). All this to say, I’m so thankful for that last weekend I was able to spend with my dad. Still miss him, and can still hear his voice. Life is short- forgive, love, and treasure moments.

  52. My Dad passed away last August and I know this will be a difficult Father’s Day for me this year. I will try to remember all of the great life lessons he taught me through his examples of love, caring, and unselfishness along with all the great times we had planting his garden together, having long and thought-provoking conversations, going to ballgames, and taking trips together.

  53. My father moved to Florida when I was in my 30’s (now in my 60’s) and we only got to see each other a few times a year. So when he and his wife had the opportunity to fly to Atlantic City for a casino trip, my husband and I decided to meet him and his wife at the hotel he was staying at outside of Atlantic City. We were living outside of Philadelphia, PA, at the time. This was long before cell phones so we couldn’t stay in touch on the phone to let him know exactly when we would be arriving.

    My dad was so excited to see us that he was standing out on the highway outside the hotel/motel waiting for us. He looked so funny and cute waving at us and directing us into the driveway of the hotel. To this day, we always joke about that incident when we travel and pull up into the driveway of a hotel.

    My dad passed 13 years ago, but I feel his funny and creative spirit with me all the time. I am one lucky lady to have had so many fond memories of my dad.

  54. There were seven kids in my family so one to one time was almost impossible.However, I do remember a time when I was really sick. I think I was age 6 ot 7. I don’t remember what I had but I do remember a tent made out of a sheet across my bed and a vaporizer. I remember my dad sitting outside the sheet tent humming and praying. When I got up to go to the bathroom about midnight, he took me into the kitchen and encouraged me to eat a bowl of ice cream, a half of pink grapefruit, and an egg. I had not eaten for several days so my dad stayed with me the whole time coaxing me to eat. Even though I don’t remember any one on one special time, he was there when I needed him most.


  55. My favorite memory of my father happened every August. My mother took my sister and I clothes shopping at the local store in our small town of Tennessee. After shopping for new clothes and shoes, we would put a note on the front door that said knock before you enter, and my father would come into the house from work and take a seat in a chair that had been strategically placed in our living room in front of a large mirror. We would begin a fashion show with dimmed lights, cassette tape music, and a dramatic entrance. My father would ooohhhh and awwww over the clothes and clap as we entered the room, and reentered the room over and over again in every piece of new clothes. Those fashion shows still beat out any family vacation memory as one of the things I remember most about my childhood.

  56. The best memory is when I was 12 years old and my father took us to the local park. It seemed to me that I was at Walt Disney when in reality it was a simple park with toy animals that to me they where big. I came back to the same park 20 years later, and I was amazed to see how little in reality is. Having a picnic there with mom,brothers and dad was all I need to feel like a giant in front of all these statues that were in the park.
    Most of the times simple things make the difference!
    That is my best memory!

  57. Trying to come up with a single memory of my dad is close to impossible as this month will mark year three since he lost his battle to cancer.
    My dad, Mike, came into my life when I was thirteen. (My “original” father had left three girls and a devastated wife behind many years prior for “greener pastures”.) I had trust issues and wasn’t happy that this new man was walking into our lives and making my mom happy! I met Mike with total teen girl opposition and made it my goal to make him want to get out fast. He met my opposition with love and wisdom. In time, I came to love him and trust him. He made me his own child and never considered me his step-daughter. In fact, I went to him, instead of my mom, with all my life problems.
    My world turned upside down when the doctor told us he had stage four throat cancer.
    Recently, I walked into my office and saw a picture of my dad on the computer. I remembered when the photo was taken while tears streamed down my cheek. I remembered how he loved banjo music and James Bond. Food buffets and Pepsi. I remember how he giggled at his own jokes. I remembered how he loved me with a genuine Father’s love. I love you Pappy and love all the memories you gave me by choosing to be my daddy.

  58. My favorite moment with my dad was when he walked me down the aisle at my wedding. It was not the normal “formal” walk. Instead, I was so nervous that I interlocked my hand in his and then gave him a big hug when I met my husband at the end. He kept me calm 🙂

  59. When I was in elementary school, my family was stationed overseas in Italy. My dad liked to metal detect on his days off. One beautiful overcast day we took to the hills to see what we could find. On the way up, the radio station played some top 40 and we heard B.J. Thomas’s, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” as it began to sprinkle just enough to get the car wet. We decided it wasn’t too bad and got to our destination just as it stopped. We metal detected for a couple of hours, finding arrowheads, coins, and medallions, and sometimes the nondescript item which we kept if it was interesting. Deciding to call it a day, we gathered up our booty and headed towards the car as it started to pour down rain. We jumped in, slightly damp, and my dad started the car and the radio was again playing, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!” We laughed and called this our song for many years to come. I miss you, Dad, and even though there’s no raindrops where are you now, I think of you when it rains and I hum the song.

  60. I remember any time my father stopped talking with me or ignoring me I would see he was upset at me, at my wrong doing or action – that was the sign, he never yelled or raised his voice at me he would just shot down and did not talk… There I always approach him and tried to talk about my problem and that way learn my listen. He was a great father and I never ever forgets how kind and sweet he was. My father is in heaven and I am sure he is in rest and peace. God Bless his sole! Love you dad forever!

  61. People always talk about how protective fathers are when it comes to their teenage daughters. I’ve got three sons, and I have to say that I’ve always been just as protective of them.

    When my oldest son was in high school, we asked him to invite his very first girlfriend home to our house for dinner. As we began to gather ’round the table, I noticed that he had a couple of bright red welts on his neck – obvious signs of a recent makeout session. After we were comfortably seated, I turned to his girlfriend and said “My son had given us the impression that you were a vegan. That means you don’t eat meat, right?”

    “Right!” she responded.

    “Then you shouldn’t be gnawing on my son’s neck!”

    Although the rest of us got a good laugh out of it, she did not think it was very funny. They broke up the very next day.

  62. My dad and I were very close. I was the youngest and the only girl. My mom wanted a girly girl and instead she got a daddy’s girl. I told my dad everything, and I do mean everything. It just felt right to talk to him. My senior year in high school was wonderful. Choosing a college, getting ready to move away to college and anticipating what my parents were going to get me for graduation.
    In early May, I finally gathered the courage to tell my dad what I wanted for my graduation gift; breast implants. I was tall and very skinny, with little or nothing up top. I found my dad in the garage, his man cave, working on his latest project.
    “Daddy, I know what for graduation.” He looked at me and said, “and what would that be?”
    “Daddy, I want breast implants. I’m too tall, too skinny and flat. I want guys to look at me.”
    He stopped what he was doing and looked at me, exhaled and said, “Well, I can understand that, women do put a lot of emphasis on that area of their body.” (he paused)
    My heart soared, he was going to say yes!
    He slowly started to speak again “Ok. if that’s what you want that’s what you’ll get… but… we can only afford one this year and one next year.”
    My jaw dropped to the ground. He could see I was just about ready to cry, so he took me into his arms and said “I know you think that what’s you want, but if a man only sees your breasts, he’s not a man worth having. You’re pretty, smart and have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t ever change anything to please a man, including your breasts.”
    That was over 40 years ago and my dad died in 1997 at age 78, but those words have stuck with me. I have been married twice, the first marriage ended when my husband died in an accident and I have been married to my second husband for 27 years. I chose my husband’s very carefully always reminding myself of what my dad said. I’m sure that’s why, in the age a 51% divorce rate, that I did not become another divorce statistic.
    I still miss my dad to this dad, but I hear his advice and calming voice in everything I do. He made me a better woman, a better wife, and a better parent.

  63. My favorite memory is when my father took my children fishing for the first time. He was so much more patient with them than he was with us. He would bait the hooks, he gave them so much praise. It was awesome. My kids loved going fishing with him. He passed away last year, my kids still talk about the fishing trips.

  64. my father always told me stories of the time he served as a
    volunteer fire fighter in north west Houston and I admire him so much
    when I was in kindergarden we had to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when
    I grew up and I drew a picture of a fire fighter spraying watter on the fire
    I love and respect my daddy be cause of he told me at the time I was even a baby
    that I could be any thing I wanted and and when I turn 16 if I wanted to sill be a fire fighter or paramedic he would join the depart again with me I think about this a lot and my daddy is my hero I am 7 almost 8 now and my dream will soon be true not that long to wait and I am excited.
    because I want to be a hero like he is mine
    8 now and looking forward to joining the local fire depatment

  65. Entry Date: June 6, 2013

    My Dad is very special. He has always been there for me and my sister. When I was very young he used to get me up early to spend time with him before he had to go to work. He and I would have tea or hot chocolate and hang out at the breakfast table.
    Also, we would go on family picnics sometimes to O’Neil Park. My Dad would drive by a certain underpass that used to have plastic flamingoes, just because I asked him to and liked those fake birds so much. He has always cared about the things that are dearest to mine and my sister’s hearts. When I was facing a crisis in early adulthood and was abandoned by my first husband my Dad and Mom came and lovingly helped me to clear my apartment and come home with them. There was no harsh judging, just lots of love. That is the Father I know and love. I love you Daddy your the best. Happy Father’s Day!

  66. When my daughter was two years old, my Dad took her down to the pier to fish. He taught her how to hold the fishing rod, then baited her hook and showed her how to lower the hook into the water. While she was mesmerized with expectation waiting for a fish to bite, my wonderful father quietly slipped away and under the dock and attached a fish to her line, and was back in time for the excitement when she pulled in her very first fish. What a great Grandpa. What a great Dad.

  67. Just recently I was able to reunite with my Dad after a four year absence. We were able to have dinner, and introduce him to his great grandchildren and to his new son-in-law as he had not been well enough to attend our wedding. We were laughing and enjoying telling stories about how we all used to have big family reunions every year, Hawaiian theme or renaissance, and how good it was to spend time with family again. I do not take for granted the time spent with my family; family is precious and to be cherished.

  68. name: famer

    My dad was given three girls for his children. He has always been over protective. It’s home and school only. Social functions are limited unless somebody died, then we’ll be there. He gives you rewards when you do great in school and he is a great provider but growing up was sad because I can’t go with my friends. Now, that I have a family of my own, I realized my Dad was the BEST. He instill in us the value of Education, Quality time with the family, Sense of humor in life, and Setting up Priorities in life.
    I LOVE YOU DAD wherever you are.

  69. My favorite memory with my dad was just last summer! We made a trip with the family to Huntington Beach, CA and we spent a few hours there soaking in the sun and getting in the water. This moment was so special to me because it’s always tricky getting my family all together, since there is seven of us. It was also great because my dad would to the same thing he did ever since he was taking me to the beach when I was little; he would go to the store to buy me corn nuts to snack on at the beach, and then take me to get some ice cream on the way home.

  70. My favorite memory of my dad is a very recent one. After a serious illness and hospitalization, I came home to very concerned parents. My mom has always been the one to worry about me the most (I thought) but my dad called me into his room the evening I got home and asked me to sit with him. He then proceeded to pour his worry-filled heart out to me, expressing his concern for my well-being and recounting memories of the days he spent with me when I was a baby. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he opened his soul to me and made me realize, for possibly the first time in my life, how very much he loves me and worries about me. How blessed I am to have two wonderful parents to care for me and help me through the difficulties of life. My dad may be a stoic, strong man on the outside but now I know that he’s just a marshmallow full of love for me on the inside. That knowledge just makes me appreciate his strength even more.

  71. My Dad raised three independent, hard-working women. Anything from mowing the lawn to working in the garden was never off-limits for us. I especially remember going on wood-cutting trips with him. At the time I never realized how important those trips were to the welfare of our family during the cold winter months. All four of us would pile into the cab of his pick-up truck and make the long drive to a wooded piece of land owned by a family friend. My Dad would cut trees while we safely played some distance away from him. When he was done chopping the logs into more manageable pieces, we girls would begin an assembly line to move all of the cut wood to the back of our truck. The highlight of the day was stopping for ice cream cones on the way home. I’m so glad that my Dad taught us girls the value of hard work, and that work ethic lives with all three of us today.

  72. My favorite memory was when my dad used to take me fishing (just me and him) and we would go to the bait store and he would get fishing bait and he would let me pick out a hostess pie and a soda for a treat later in the boat and we would go fishing for hours. It was a great bonding moment for us. 🙂

  73. When I was 10 yrs old we were having lunch at my Aunt’s house and I was sitting beside my Dad. He was fairly serious most of the time and strict. We all had filled our plates and I was getting ready to bite into one of my favorites, a dill pickle when my Father said don’t bite that! In one of my few defiant moves I bit down. That pickle squirted Dad right in the face. I held my breath to see what would happen. He started laughing and the laugh turned into a roar! We all ended up laughing so hard we were crying. What are the odds of that happening?

  74. Though there are many great moments that my father and I have shared, one of them has stood out as our best moment together. I was seven years old and we were at a baseball game watching our home team, the Dodgers play. It was the first time that we ever sat in the lower level seats. A player hit a foul ball that came shooting straight at me; it only produced a slight arc. Luckily, my dad brought his baseball mitt with him and almost caught it! The ball circled his glove but after bobbling it a little, he eventually secured it! If he wouldn’t have caught the ball, I might’ve been injured. Feelings of relief and joy burst out of us. My dad stood up with one arm around me and shouted, “We did it Brittany! We caught it!” That was the best day of my life.

  75. Each year when my Mom went Christmas shopping, my Dad would make dinner for us. The minute that she headed out the door, we’d head for the kitchen. His specialty was thick hamburgers made with a ton of garlic. We’d be in the kitchen with him, helping out, and we couldn’t wait for those burgers to be ready. Then we’d sit down to eat and all you could hear was “mmmmmmm”. To this day we talk about those great burger nights with Dad as head chef. It was the best … and such a special memory!

  76. Not the typical warm and fuzzy family moment, but one we all remember! We were visiting a fort in upstate NY on a family vacation one summer. Dad decided to show us how to load a cannon: He made big circling motions with his arms, cupped his hands on the end of the barrel, leaned in, and let out a big belch right down that long tube. That baby echoed inside that cannon! My brothers and I thought it was great; Mom, not so much. Dad was and still is a fun guy!

  77. My favorite memory with my Dad is when he taught me how to drive back when I was just sixteen years old… oh boy, was that an experience! I was an absolutely horrible driver and had to re-take the DMV test several times (three times for the written, four times for the actual driving test), but my Dad was always very patient with me. Of course, there were times that he was a bit frustrated, but looking back now, I can smile, laugh and appreciate the fact that my Dad had the willingness to teach me. Now that’s love! 🙂 It would be great if I could make more memories with my Dad and the rest of my family at Souplantation, especially because my Dad loves eating at buffets!! 🙂

  78. I have always been so close to my parents, especially my dad. I learned at a young age that the only people you can trust are your family members; they’re the ones who will have your back no matter what and who will guard your secrets with their life. My dad and I often have long conversations in which he shared his words of wisdom and he frequently texts me quotations that he finds interesting or profound. However, aside from the loving relationship my father and I share, one memory in particular stands out. It was the evening of one of our signature long conversations on the couch. He told me of his struggle in moving to America alone with little money, leaving his tight-knit family behind in a war-ridden country. He wanted a better life for his kids, having been injured simply driving home and having lost a sibling in the war raging in his country back home. That night he taught me the significance of the American dream and the ability to persevere in order to attain one’s goals. My dad exemplified to me that anything is truly possible if you work hard and truly put forth the effort and it is this hope that I carry with me through life today.

  79. I have so many fond memories of my Dad, hard to pick just one.
    When I turned 15 I wanted to get my driving learners permit,
    and Dad took me for a driving lesson. We were driving under
    a bridge, in my neighborhood, and I decided to drive under
    the bridge, on the left side of the road. I was going the wrong way,
    one a one way street.
    Luckily no trafic was headed our way, however I feel I aged
    my father an addtional 10 years on that day. We always shared
    a good laugh about it later in life. I lost my Dad in September 2012,
    however our wonderful memories will live on forever through me,
    and my family.

  80. My dad was a Wynns Friction Proof salesman (car addatives). He drove a bright yellow car with Wynns decals all over it. I was humiliated to be driven to school in it. I was a shy girl, and I loved NASCAR. Every weekend he “worked” the races at the local track, and I usually went with him and got to be in the infield. One night he found out a lot of the kids were going to the races. He arranged for me to go up in the starter’s box and wave the starting flag. It was one of the minor races, but they announced my name and for a week I was the talk of the school. My moment in the sun.

  81. My father was, and still is, the most important person in my life. We always considered him to be our hero in the family–I’ve called him Hercules on more than one occasion. He always worked so hard for us, to make sure we were happy and united as a family. His family, with the exception of his parents, were never really close, and he didn’t want that with us. Even though he worked more often than he should, he was always there for me and my family. I have too many precious memories of him to really pick one: like when he saved me from drowning when I was six; or how he’d sing me the Sunshine song every time I was sad or hurt, even when he was in the hospital just to calm me down. So the favorite memory I will recount is this one: I visited him a month or so before he died, on a day we thought he was truly getting better from the cancer. I held his hand, and he squeezed mine tight. I asked him if he’d be all right by my ninth birthday in the coming months. Knowing my father, he never once broke any of our promises, but I was too young to realize that when he did promise me he would, he was merely making it for my sake. Yet still, I was so happy, to hear him say he would, and to see the sparkle in his eyes, really believing that he was going to get out of that bed and hold me and smile at me by the time my birthday would arrive. Of course, this was the only promise he broke, but I’m not angry at him for it–he did it to protect me, to soothe my nerves and to let me hope. And for that last feat of compassion he showed me–his last act as my greatest hero–is what I would like to say is my favorite, and last moment, with my father.

  82. Some of my fondest memories of my Dad are the many fishing trips we went on. To me, there was nothing better than being out on a lake, just me and him and nature. We would talk about everything–and nothing. One time in particular, we were fishing at a lake in Southern Oregon when we saw a doe and a fawn, with the doe in the lead, start swimming from the shore to a small island in the lake. As we were watching, the fawn got in trouble and was not able to keep it’s head above water. At that moment, the doe swam back to the fawn and the fawn put it’s front legs on the back of the doe. They both made it safely to the island. That was a special moment!

  83. One of my favorite memories is my dad teaching me how to drive. He took me to the hill, in a manual, witha stop sign at the top, and said “OK – you can do it. Drive.” I was so scared but made it through with my dad’s hand on the brake. Think there were a few tears but my dad was very calm and at the end calmly stated, “Now you don’t have to be afraid of mountains.” Wise advice.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  84. Ted Norkunas

    My mother had a paralyzing stroke at age 46 – she is now 84. My dad has never left her side. He is her constant caregiver. She needs alot of help. My dad is a great example of love and self sacrafice. Last year his home burned down. My parents were forced to move to a temporary place until the home is rebuilt (next month) he continues to provide the care she needs. He is an inspiration to our family and friends. For this reason I recommend him as my Fathers Day hero.
    Thank You

  85. A few of our favorite family/father memories actually involve Soup Plantation. We’ve been going to SP since our twin daughters were babies because it’s so family friendly. When the girls were about two, they ran off from the table and found the light switch panel that controls lights for the whole restaurant. (It’s not easy controlling 2-year old twins in a restaurant and actually eat) The lights in the restaurant started flickering off and on. Everyone was wondering what was happening. The girls father quickly found the girls but it was funny. The girls are adults now and we still go to SP a few times a month. We often laugh about the lightswitch story.

  86. My favorite memory of Dad, a former police officer, was accepting people as they are, not by the label given them by someone else. There was a young man in our neighborhood, described as a juvenile delinquent and all around troublemaker. My Dad took the time to see the young man behind the label and treated him with kindness, respect and courtesy. Everyone told him he was wasting his time. The young man went on to change his ways, which I honestly believe was directly caused by my Dad’s fair treatment. When my Dad passed away, the minister said that he was a fisherman of men. The many people who came to grieve for my father included those from all walks of life, from those in power to those whose great character gave them the power to be among dad’s friends. The young man was there grieving with us for my Dad, the man who taught us all to really see and listen to everyone.

  87. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is, the older I get the smarter my father became. Sorry to
    say he has departed this reality many years ago. R.I.P. Your loving Son

  88. I have lot of memories with my dad. All my memories were sweet, I wish I could go back to those times again. I remember every morning at 7:30, my dad hold my hands and walked me from home to my elementry school. On the way going to school my dad use to buy me a small carton of choclate milk from a small neighberhood store. I remember, few summers that I had to beg my dad to go to his office every day. I enjoyed so much getting up at 7:00 am. getting ready and make sure that he takes me with him to his office. I wanted to be with him so much. The road trips that we use to go was always leaving early in the mornings, At 4:00 Am. we use to be on the road. My dad was wonderfull, and he still is. He loves souplantation.

  89. When I was little ( kindergarten/1st grade age), my dad worked for the railroad. He always left before I was even up in the morning. I anxiously awaited him coming home at night because I knew there would always be a little treat for me. Some days it was a Little Debbie snack cake, some days a piece of fruit but always something. I had no clue until I was older that these little treats were actually items left over from his lunch. To me, they were treasures and little symbols of my daddy’s love.

  90. Know how to pack a wheel bearing? Or, maybe your dad taught you how to gap a spark plug? Did you learn how to shift a standard transmission from 2nd gear to 3rd, without using the clutch? I am a 65-year-old woman whose father believed that girls needed to know such things, so I do. Dad’s respect for my ability to learn new things is what I remember most about him.

  91. My favorite memories are from these past years, seeing my father have soo much fun with my children makes me think of how much fun he had with me when i was a BABY, time flies and we need to Live and love every day as if it was the last. I love my father hope he knows, if not, here it goes TE QUIERO APA!

  92. I remember the summer he taught me how to drive. I absolutely HATED driving and had already failed the driving test twice. To try and encourage me, he helped me look up all the libraries in our city (I was a huge book nerd with a fondness for libraries) and we drove to all of them. It was fun exploring the libraries together and practicing driving at the same.

  93. my favorite memory is of my dad taking me fishing to Governor Dodge state park in Wisconsin. No motor boats allowed, we 4 boys took turns rowing the boat at 5 am in the morning, the lake was still, flat like glass. only sound was an occassional loon off in the distance. beautiful scenery, totally peaceful.

  94. “I was always told by my father that education was the key to success and if I’d misplace that key then maybe there was a special key maker who can help me find another key to a different door.” When I was in high school I thought that failing classes and ditching school was super easy because no one could really tell you anything nor find out. Until I hit 11th grade and I knew that I was really behind and if I didn’t put my education together I’d end up another year in high school. One day my father was called to a meeting and that was the day he found out about my behavior towards school. My father sat across from me and looked at me with a smile, I didn’t think I’d make it home alive. The next few days I was enrolled in night school and started to attend right away. My father said he wouldn’t let me down and he was going to make sure I’d pass and head onto college. Little did I know he enrolled in night school with me!!! I was shocked my father is now 56 years old and at the time he was 52. I looked at him and asked him if this was a joke he looked at me smiled and said Iam the key maker and we will get you into college now do your work.
    Knowing that my father was a perfect father figure and bestfriend I realized that he wouldn’t eer let me down I graduated on time and now I’m in my third year of college and he still stands string even when I seem to fall.
    I love you dad and I’m thankful to have you in my life everyday!
    God bless you for everything

  95. My best memory of my dad, who passed away 13 years ago – He said ” I have talked to every one of the bosses you and your sisters have had. You have no idea how proud I am of all of you – because every one of them said, you girls are the hardest and most honest workers they have (or had) and they didn’t know what they would do without each of you. Do you have any idea how that makes a father feel? It was the best blessing any father could receive.” My dad was my hero and with this statement, I felt like I was his hero.

  96. My favority memory is with my husband and my granddaughter. We have been raising her since she was 9 months old and now she is 9 years old. She came from a bad situation and have cherished every second with her. My memory is of my husband trying to teach my granddaughter how to clean up her messes when she was about 1 1/2 years old. He would take old plastic cd covers and put them in a brown bag. She would take them out and play with them. He would then tell her to pick them up and put them in the bag. This one time she was just standing there looking at them, so my husband got down on his hands and knees and was crawling around picking up the cd covers. She was standing there in her diaper and shoes, with her arm draped around my husband’s neck and walking beside him. It was like she was leading him around while he picked up all of the cd covers. He was trying to teach her a lesson and it looked like she had him trained!!!!

  97. My favorite childhood memory of my father is our Sunday routine throughout elementary and high school. Every Sunday morning, we would wake up, cook eggs, toast, and sausage, have a scrumptious breakfast, and then get to work on Chinese Linguistic School homework. He would help me edit my Chinese essays and practice the vocabulary words to prepare for the weekly quizzes. After our Chinese language morning session, he would drive me to the Chinese Linguistic School in Phoenix, which I attended for two hours every Sunday, and then he would pick me up from school and we would explore a new restaurant for dinner. My father is my favorite teacher, friend, and counselor. He is kind and helpful and has unconditional love for his family, and I cherish every moment I spend with him.

  98. I don’t have a specific story about my dad and how amazing he is because my dad does something amazing on the daily basis. When the recession happened in Los Angeles my father was the one who got hit the hardest. He lost his job while we were planning on buying a new home. As soon as we were financially stable, this tragic loss happened. We had to use all the money we had saved for our food and clothing needs. My dad was unemployed for one horrible year. I remember turning off all the lights except from one lamp in the house just so my dad wouldn’t have to pay a lot for the bill. Even though we were going through this hard time as a family, my father NEVER stopped and said “we can’t go to a restaurant and eat this weekend.” No matter what the situation was, my father never made us feel as if we were financially unstable. We went to the same places, ate at the same restaurants, and always had family time during the weekends, nothing really felt different. ‘Til this day I always thank my dad for everything he does because i know that he kept our family together through those rough times and never cut us off short of anything we wanted. He is truly the best father figure anyone can ask for, and I’m honored and blessed to have him as my own father. He’s just amazing, Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  99. Oh, I still remember every other weekend spending in the beach with my dad and my family. He just to love so much the beach and we had pasta in the beach and our Sunday Morning were so much fun but nothing compare to my dad doing grocery shopping for us. He was our hero, he used to buy all type of ice cream for us and cookies and so many sweets. Now, we are all adults and my dad is getting old too.

    Oh no, I don’t like the fact that I see my dad getting old but we can not fight against time and memories are the most beautiful thing that we have as a family. My father has been a wonderful man for us, always open to talk about life with amazing motivational stories for us.

  100. My dad went to every softball game I ever had, never missed one, no matter how far. One particular game I hurt my knee when I slid into second base as the shortstop was coming down from a jump to reach a high ball. The coach said I was exaggerating how bad it really hurt and expected me to continue playing even though I couldn’t move my knee. My dad ran down from the stands and on to the field, helped me up and walked me off the field. The coach was screaming at him, my dad turned around and said, “My daughter doesn’t cry easily, if she’s crying, she’s hurt and nothing you say is changing my mind”. That day I realized, he didn’t just watch my games, he was there, paying attention, cheering me on, and making sure I was still protected at all times.

  101. I remember going to a restaurant with my mom & dad when I was about 16 years old ….you know, that age when everything your parents do or say embarrasses you, and my father decided to put the bill on my mom’s credit card which by the way, he paid.
    When he gave the card to the waiter, the young waiter read the name on the card, looked at my dad and said “Yolanda”??….and my father, who was a very though and masculine guy, looked at him with a straight face and answered “Yes, what’s wrong with that? Can’t my name be Yolanda?”
    I will never forget the waiter’s face who said “yes..of course..nothing wrong with that!”
    I wanted to get under the table!!!! Funny guy my dad!

  102. My dad was the one who sent me to art lessons every since I was little. Being a graphic designer, he’s the one who influenced me into choosing art as my career and my passion. I remember when I was in elementary school, my dad would take me out to the parks and ponds in our neighborhood during summer and we would carry an easel and art tools, paintbrushes and paint around and just pick spots to sit down and just paint. My dad was the best art teacher I’ve ever had. Even better than 3 different private art teachers, my high school art teacher and even the art professors I’ve had in college and at the moment. When I painted with my dad, I truly felt his passion for art and that’s what spread onto me. I love sharing the same passion with my dad.

  103. I remember as a 6 year old kid going to my dad’s favorite hot dag stand, just him and I doing some bonding time…father and son. He would always order 3 hot dogs, 2 for him and 1 for me…at that time they were SO BIG I’d know I would never finish mine, never did! but I always tried to be like dad and do my best. He would finish his two and the rest of mine! Now that I have a son of my own, we go to the very same hot dog stand and do what my dad and I did way back then. it’s something that i’m passing onto my son and telling him the same stories my dad told me and sharing that bonding time with father & son.

  104. Dad loved to go fishing ,When he was sick with cancer we planned a trip to one of our favorite lakes and made reservations so he could spend the night and get up early. He had his favorite dinner Liver and onions and we rose early to get to the lake before the other fishermen. My Son met us with his son and we all went fishing ,four generations together one last time in our little fishing boat .Four weeks later he passed away with this memory fresh in his mind and we always remember his last fishing trip fondly.

  105. When I was younger, my sister and I would visit my dad every other weekend since we lived with our mom. I remember my dad always taking us out to different places to eat in the morning/afternoon, then we’d always go to Golfland (arcade + miniature golfing) afterwards and hang out there all day. Whenever we went to play miniature golf, we would spend more time taking pictures with the colorful course layouts and making silly poses than actual golfing.
    Looking back at it, I never really enjoyed mini golfing. But one thing I learned from my dad is that it isn’t WHAT you do, but who you do it with that really matters 🙂

  106. As a youngster of about 7 or 8 growing up in a remote section of South Florida, in an Area inhabited with snakes….rattle snakes… My dad was pretty watchful over his six kids. I was the leader of the pack! One day I found a broken radiator belt, coiled it up like a “rattler” and yelled “snake snake”. My dad came running as fast as he could….shovel in hand …and beat the hell out of that “snake” At least 10 whacks…until he saw what the ‘SNAKE” really was..
    and that’s when I started running….My dad never caught me…but I can still see him comming after me…..

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  107. I don’t have any father stories that I can share because my dad left us when I was 1 yr old. A family of 5 kids he left. I don’t think he realized how much hurt he left us all with. Im sadned that I can’t share a story like most of you. How lucky you all have been to have a daddy or had a daddy. Now that I have two wonderfull girls ages 8 and 1 yrs old, Im doing the best I can for them to have good memories of their daddy. God Bless.

    1. Fred, I am sorry to hear that your dad wasn’t there when you grew up. So many children have only one parent. I don’t know if your mom had time to be there for you. All I can say, with 63 years of wisdom behind me, is there is one gift you can give your children that money can’t buy. That is your time, your undivided time with them- reading a book together, just talking, doing a daughter-daddy activity alone with no one else there. Just to buy a sundae or ice cream cone and sit eating it in a park or somewhere that is special for you. Pack a picnic lunch, make a special breakfast just for them. that is what I remember. I remember when my dad gave me a rose- a rose- for no special reason but because he loved me. That is what your girls will remember. My best friend died when her girls were young and during the memorial ceremony the 8 year old told about the special times with her mom. The last time I saw her was at a Souplantation- when both families got together. You will do a great job as a dad and they are lucky to have YOU.

  108. I have been reliving many wonderful memories of my father. He taught many life lessons by the way he lived and with every day experiences. He valued the land and grew the best fruits and veggies as well as farm crops, receiving soil conservation awards. He was a volunteer for church and community. He loved his family but “rules” were to be obeyed. My dad passed away last month at the age of 103. His wonderful advice for retirement was that you “never sit down, stay active, do something for someone else.” I am trying to live up to his example and teaching.

  109. I didn’t always have an easy childhood. I was shy, tall and very sensitive. So sometimes things were said at school by classmates or teachers that upset me. I never said anything but a couple times a month I reached a boiling point by dinner and exploded over what a trivial comment. I screamed at the person who said it, ran from the table and went to my room and finally released the tears that had bottled up. After he finished his dinner my father would come in my room with my uneaten dinner and just sat with me while I ate it. Then we talked about what upset me. I don’t think I ever really told him why I was upset because I didn’t have words for the pain. But it didn’t matter, he sat there and listened. Then sometimes he would tell me about his childhood. I have a lot of wonderful memories of dinners out, even though we didn’t have much money. But the dinners I remember most were the ones in my room, with my dad. I’m 63 now but still cherish those nights together, just me and my dad talking about nothing, yet told me about everything that mattered – how much he loved me.

  110. When I was still just a child I used to love getting those prizes in the cereal boxes. Those were the days~ I wouldn’t know how far in the box the prize was in so I always tried to eat them as fast as I was able to. But my super power DAD to the rescue! He would always ask for a kiss which would give him a special power. BAM he would then some how pull out the prize out of the box just like magic. Or so at least I thought at that time. Little did I know that he turned the box upside down and opened it from the bottom where the prize was. 🙂 Just makes me smile thinking about those times. I will continue to believe that my dad actually had super power ability to find the prize in the cereal boxes!!! YAY! I LOVE YOU DAD! <3

  111. There are so many memories of my dad. One of my favorite summertime memories was going to the beach. My mother packed a wonderful lunch and my father packed up all the towels, a beach umbrella and some sunscreen. Then we headed out to Venice Beach (CA). After we set up my dad would walk with us to the water line. We would play tag with the waves, laughing when the waves caught our toes. Then he held my hand and we walked deeper until the water was almost at my knees. I could feel the sand slide under my feet as the waves flowed in and out but felt safe even when an occasional wave was higher because he was right behind me, protecting me from all danger. My dad is why I love the ocean. He taught me to swim in a pool, and even dive into safety of his arms from the side of the pool. But our time at the beach was special. He never minded having his feet and legs buried in the sand or helping us build the best sandcastle of the summer. For me it isn’t the big memories that cost a lot of money that are the best memories. It is the gift of time that he gave that I cherish and still hold dear today.

  112. My favorite memory of my Papa, is about twice a month I would go to Rosarito with him and my Meme. He would love to take me all over the city, and the beach. One day we went horse back riding, and my horse got too close too the ocean, and freaked out, and threw me off of him. I was only about 5 or 6, so Imwas scared. I got up screaming and crying, and ran to my Papa’s horse. I started yelling At him, for not getting off his horse, and running to me, to rescue me. His version of the story, that he stuck to until,the day he dies, was that he ” was a real cowboy, and rode his horse by me, and swooped me up with one arm.” We’d always fight about that, cause that is not how it happened at all. But, my papa, was more of a father to me, then my real one. Now that I think about it, he was a real cowboy, cause he always swooped in, on his horse and rescued me.

  113. I will never forget the day my daughter was born, I had decided to put my child up for adoption. My father was the only person there for me during my pregnancy, my ob/gun appointments, so when I went into labor my social worker in charge of the adoption started calling so that she could notify the family who would take my child. Well my father made the decision without me knowing to tell the worker that I wouldn’t be giving my child up for adoption and if she continued to harass me he would file charges against her for having a minor sign a contract.
    Needless to say had it not been for my father I would not have been able to keep my beautiful daughter, who is now 13 and doesn’t know about the adoption story. But she loves my dad to death just as if she knew.

  114. I remember waking up every morning and watch my dad shave.
    He would put a dab of shaving cream on my nose.
    My mom was pregnant with my sister so she was still sleeping.
    He SAVED my life because one morning my legs wouldn’t work but I dragged myself into the bathroom to watch him because I didn’t want to disappoint him.
    With only one car, I would have had to go to the hospital in a very expensive ambulance to
    ward off the beginning of polio.

  115. It was roughly 3 years ago. Summer of 2010, my family had decided to go on a camping trip with my cousins. We packed up and headed off for camping. This was the first experience for my whole family, we’ve never camped before. We decided it would be a fun experience, so we decided to throw a family annual camping trip, the first of many.

    My father was a big fan of fishing and when he heard that we were going to a place where fishing was allowed, he had brought his fishing poles. My dad brought four fishing poles, one for each of the kids. That summer he was determined to teach us the art of fishing and hopefully one of the kids would catch a fish.

    I remember the first day we trudged out to the lake. We brought outdoor chairs with us and we sat in a row with our lines casted into the lake. The first day I remember all of us were buzzing with excitement, hopeful that we would catch a fish. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The next day we decided to switch our location.

    My father took me to a ridge where it was only him and I. I remember standing there watching my pole eagerly hoping to catch a fish. We stood out on the ridge, watching jet skis and boats zoom by. I remembered how much I wanted to go on one, suddenly my pole bent at the tip. I thought it was a fluke, so I waited then it bent again! Surely enough, I grabbed the fishing pole and my father stood beside me, coaching me on how to reel in the fish.

    That day I caught my first fish, and I owe it all to my father’s great coaching.

  116. My favorite memories of my dad are when we would go camping together in the summer. He would build a big fire from the twigs my sister and I gathered, then he would whittle us each a long stick to put the end of in the fire. It would start glowing and we would wave it around in the dark like our very own sparkler.

  117. My father was a farmer and relied on his family, including his two young children, to be at his side for any taks that neded to be done on the farm. This included feeding animals, mowing and collecting hay, shoveling out the barn and chicken coops, gardening, repairing vehicles and buidlings …….. and driving our truck! He taught me how to drive our 1 1/2 ton truck when I was 6 years old through the fields on our farm. I remember sitting on the edge of the seat and hanging on to the wheel so I could push the clutch all the way in and reach the gas pedal. By the time I was a young teenager, he allowed me to drive our car on the side roads, which meant pulling over to the side and stopping to allow an oncoming car room to pass. One time I pulled over and kept driving —– right into a muddy dtich along side the road. It took hours to get us out!

    My Dad allowed us to learn by doing things and gave us experiences other children did not have until they were much older. It was very empowering for a little girl to manage that big vehicle.

  118. My Dad was the best, he taught me everything, he always said you will never go hungry or be without anything if you learn a few things. He taught me about working and doing the best you can at whatever life throws at you. He thought me how to fish, I was born and raised in on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and you always get great seafood from there, if you know how to cach it. He also taught how to cook , he was a very good cook. He also taught me how to fix things when they were broken and not to buy a new one, unless it could not be repaired. My Dad has been gone now 34 years and I so do miss him, he loved salads and would have loved Sweet Tomatoes.

  119. Growing up in Canada, there was so much to do in the winter. When I was 10, my parents took us kids to the winter festival which had numerous activities, from tubing, ice sculpting, to an ice maze. Well one of the nights of the festival, they had a parent/child competition which consisted of different challenges that the parent/child would compete against other teams. I can’t quite remember all the other challenges we did but I know there was a lot! The very last one we had to do was the obstacle course, which was made entirely out of snow. The children raced first, then the parents. I remember there was a part where my dad had to climb up a snowhill and run back down, well on his way down he fell right on his hands and knees and his glasses went flying off somewhere in the snow. I can still see the mental image of him feeling around in the snow lol He found them just as another dad was running down the hill. Well, I’m proud to say that my dad and I took first place in all the challenges except for one, and that was the log saw. We had a blast! They even had an award ceremony for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, kind of like they do at the olympics. We got to stand on the podium, which was made of snow, and got awarded gold medals. My dad has passed now, but I will forever remember all the good times I’ve had with him, including this one!

  120. When I was in second grade, I was able to join girl scouts. For the first meeting we had to bring a parent. My mom worked, so my dad attended the meeting with all the other girls and their mothers. There was NOT ONE other dad in the room!!!! Not once did he complain, held his head high and when some of the mom’s tried to talk to him to see if they could help, he would kindly reply, “Nope, I got this!”

  121. I was 15 going on 16. I couldn’t wait to start driving. My dad took me out to practice driving every Sunday morning, for about a month before I turned 16. I passed the written and driving tests on the first try. I was so proud of myself that day! Thank you Dad.

  122. One day…I came home with my results ! I failed my Karate exams. My dad was looking forward to it as he himself a karate player. I was so upset and I was sue I will not be able to face my dad. I went directly to my room and my dad followed me as he was curious about my result. He encouraged me to practice enough and to be fit but still I couldnt make it so I was sure he will get upset and gonna yell at me. I was in my bathroom, crying…! He came to my room and asked “are we gonna celebrate as you cracked ur exams or are we gonna celebrate as you now have one more chance to crack it ?” I came out cried he made me calm and after half an hour dad-son drama we went to restaurant to celebrate. On asking why he is not upset ? he said….This failure is nothing, life is long and gonna be tough on you..! if you this much upset on this failure what you gonna do on your first break up ? well, he was kinda threatening me but I got my lesson and now m a 3rd degree Black Belt 🙂 Thanks dad to be there 🙂 🙂 Happy Father’s Day 🙂

  123. Had my dear father visit here in California from Ohio. I planned an afternoon lunch at Souplantation and an overnight trip to Catalina. He told me he was impressed with the freshness of the food, the variety of healthy choices at the resturant and mentioned further that he wished that Souplantation(s) were in Ohio. We took the boat to Catalina, stayed overnight in a historic hotel, and returned the following day in the late afternoon. I asked if he wanted to stop somewhere for a burger during the drive home from the dock. He asked to go back to Souplantation and he loved it. He told me afterward that “it was one of the best times” that he “ever had”. Wow, that meant a lot! I’ll never forget the fun we had and what he told me, which I’ve recalled to many of my friends afterward. He lived a long and healthy life but has since passed on. If I had the chance to repeat the whole experience with him, I would have done it exactly the same. I was glad to have showed him a good time. Every Father’s Day, I recall the good time that we had, with fond memories and wish we could do it all over again. Happy Father’s Day Dad. Love, Jerry

  124. My dad taught me always be Honest. It will gain you with much respect which is more important that money.

  125. My favorite Birthday memory with my Dad is when I was a young teen. April Birthdays are shared in my family by my Dad, me & one of my (girl) first cousins. So, Dad escorted me & my cousin, Linda to a fancy Italian restaurant to celebrate our April Birthdays. My cousin, Linda was about 16 & I was about 10. I felt so grown-up at that meal & was treated so by my Dad & my cousin. We had excellent service, ambience, food, family, and fun that evening! I am now 58 years old & remember this particular Birthday celebration with great clarity. It made that much of an impression on me. My Dad, Linda & I ate, talked, joked, laughed, & had an all-around great family time & birthday celebration. My Dad died when I was 18; yet, this was still my BEST Birthday ever, & I remember it like it was yesterday! Thanks, Dad!!

  126. My dad has always been a heroic figure to me – he proved his superhero status one day when I was 12.

    We were on vacation in the quaint village where he grew up in Mexico. It’s a place where time stands still and the people are in sync to the animals and the earth. It is like the chicken you saw in the morning all of a sudden is dinner that night kind-of-place. Me, my dad and uncle were walking down the street when a rush of people came running opposite from the hill ahead – yelling and shouting all excitedly. We saw a bull coming straight towards us from up the street. He had escaped from the bull pen and was looking for a good time. I was wearing a red shirt and completely froze when the bull set his eyes on me. He charged straight ahead and all of a sudden an arm came around my body and swept me up. My dad grabbed me and quickly stood us behind a skinny pole with his back to the bull.

    Needless to say the bull thought it was too much work and moved on. He was captured later. But, my dad remains my hero even 20 years later.

  127. My favorite memory is with my boyfriend, Bryan. He stepped up to the plate in helping me raise my son, Kaleb, who is not biologically his. Bryan treats Kaleb like his own and shows us both unconditional love. Being a step-parent can’t be easy which is why my favorite memory with him in the father figure role was when he said, “We’re a family…all 3 of us.” 🙂

  128. I have many memories of my dad however one in particular stands out to me the most. As a child I loved dancing to country music. My dad despised country music, but would come in my room and have me stand on his feet while we danced.

  129. Some of the most fun I can remember with our Dad is when our family would go out to Lake Lahontan and my brother and I would dive into the water off of his shoulders. We were still pretty small then. Also, a funny note, he would dunk us in the water so we would just swim out to where the water was deeper than he was tall and he couldn’t get us then…. he can’t swim! LOL

  130. I remember Dad cooking on Sunday mornings. I always thought it was one of the best things he could do for my mom, but now that I am grown, I realize it was the best things he could do for the kids too. There were 7 siblings, 5 boys and 2 girls. I am the second oldest, so I always had KP everyday, helping my mom. But on Sundays, everyone wanted to be helping Dad. He would make “surprise pancakes” or “surprise muffins,” or even 2 or 3 kinds of scrambled eggs. We loved to help make the surprises because then we could watch our sibs bit into the surprises and be very surprised! One of the greatest values of my Dad cooking Sundays, now that I look back, is that all my brothers like to cook and some are really great cooks. Their wives (and their own kids too) have benefitted greatly from their dads knowing how to cook, enjoying cooking, and contributing to the home/family routines in a very cool way. It was cool for Dad to be in the kitchen and this was the best part for me, then and now. (He is now 90 years old and still likes to cook.)

  131. Every summer when I was a child, my family would pile into a car full of suitcases and coolers and drive cross country for a week. As we drove west from Texas, we would stop at campgrounds and spend a day or two experiencing all nature had to offer in a given area. By the time we arrived in California, the trip was almost over and it was time to go home. Somewhere along our route, my father had promised to take me fishing. For my 12-year-old self, fishing was right up there with catching waves at the beach or climbing trees, so natural and satisfying. On our last day in California, my father suddenly remembered his promise and in the pouring rain we bought bait at a shop near a lake and went fishing. My father held the umbrella as I cast the line; although we caught nothing that day, it remains my favorite memory (and photograph) of my father.

  132. I was seven years old, that’s was seventy years ago now. I lived in London, it was the time of the 2nd.World War. Everything was rationed & fruit was next to impossible to get. My Father was on leave from the Army & he took me out for a walk. Their was a market close by & the first thing I saw was a large peach, it was just put out on display, in fact it was the only one they had. He saw my eyes light up & ask me to wait in the entry way to the market, he left & it seemed an age till he returned. In his hand was the Peach, he must have paid a lot of money to get it. Immediately he gave it to me & said enjoy. I must admit I did enjoy it. Sadness has lingered through the years, I did not offer him a bite. I have been guilty all this time.
    I know in my heart he enjoyed it, just as much as I did, even though he did not have any.
    His love was for my enjoyment.
    Happy Father’s Day Dad.
    Love you always, Bernard

  133. My fondest memories of my Father is when I was a child I would get so excited when my father would head upstairs and pick up his paintbrush and start to paint. He took his talent where no one ever had before. As a grandfather clock maker he would take the German moon dial which holds the hands for the time and the chimes and paint the most beautiful outdoor pictures ever on them. I use to be so amazed at how intricate each paint brush stroke took, how he could paint so small in that area with his oil paints and yet create something so beautiful I was mesmerized ! Each one he did was special and no two alike. The customers who purchased these custom made clocks many years ago from both near and far have something unique, special and one of a kind!
    Those are the most treasured moments with my father.


  134. My Dad taught me a bunch of good “life lessons” and I’d like to share a couple of them with you today.
    By the time I had my own car, my Dad made sure I knew how to change a tire, taught me how to add water to my battery (yeah, we don’t do that now), add water and solution to my window washer well, how to check my oil levels, and how to change the oil and oil filter. After my first filthy, dirty lesson he said, “Now you can add water to your battery and to the window washer well yourself, but I just wanted you to learn how to change the oil and filter. Now that you know how, DON’T EVER DO IT YOURSELF AGAIN! Either pay for someone to do it or have your brother, a boy friend or your future husband do it. You shouldn’t get your hands dirty or break a nail, but at least you know how.”
    I loved that my Dad thought me capable enough to do the “hard and dirty” tasks, but recognized that I was “dainty” enough to not have to. The truth is, I’m not so tough, but neither am I overly “girly”. It was reassuring to know he knew that about me.

  135. My fav memory of my dad was when I was little, the huge snowstorm of 79, the snow was taller then his LeCar. Him trying to un bury the car! Too funny!

  136. I must have been about 13 years old because I was in 6th grade. For the end of the school year my entire class was going to the local roller skating rink. This was in 1982 so roller skating was REALLY BIG. We started out with a lunch picnic at the park. All of us kids started playing with a big, black, stray dog and when it came time to leave, the dog didn’t want to let us go without him so he climbed up onto the roof of my dad’s station wagon. Well, my dad was not one to put up with something like this. He was a very no nonsense LAPD officer in his early 60s. I was the youngest of our family’s 12 children so he had just about seen and done everything with my older siblings. For quite awhile he tried to coax the dog off of the roof but ultimately he had to resort to driving and stopping the car very jerkily to try to knock the dog off. My dad would jam on the break and the dog would slide to the front… bump, thud, thump. Everyone in our car thought my dad was the worst person ever being so mean to a poor little dog.
    Well, we get to the roller rink and I am totally embarrassed as everyone relates the story of the dog to those in the class who missed it. I wanted to climb under a rock and die. Then the day got worse as the DJ announced the couples skate dance. There was no way I was going to skate with a boy with my dad around so I decided to sit out the song. Suddenly my dad approached me and asked if I would like to skate with him. Again I wanted to die. How humiliating, to skate with my OLD father. We took to the floor to Led Zepplin’s All Of My Love and my dad started waltzing me around the floor. I never knew my dad could skate like that. Nice long, smooth strokes of his skates, spinning and turning me on the floor. I felt like I was in a ballroom. All of the other couples were just skating next to each other, or barely holding hands, but my dad had me firmly in a waltz hold, keeping beat to ever note from Led Zep, with a smile on his face. I hated to have the song end. I never knew that my cranky old pop had it in him. Afterwards several kids came up to me as well as our adult chaperones and said how great we looked together out there.
    I felt the exact same way when my dad waltzed me around the floor at my wedding. To this day I still think of that outing when I hear All Of My Love

  137. I have so many funny dad stories, that it’s hard to pick, but this one always makes me laugh out loud. I was sharing an apartment with a good friend and he didn’t drink alcohol. One night I came home from a night out and my roommate was sitting on the couch looking very concerned. He asked me to sit down and chat about a voicemail on our machine that my dad had left earlier that day. My friend went on & on about how he was here for me if I needed to talk and that he understood what it was like dealing with those who “drank excessively”. I was utterly confused, so I listened to the message from my dad. His voicemail was upbeat, lively, energetic and goofy. So, I thought nothing of it but I turned to my friend to ask what the problem was and he said “well, clearly your dad is quite drunk and I’m sorry you have to deal with that.” I just had to smile – my father is 68 yrs old and hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since he was 21! There’s no way my dad was drunk!! As he so candidly puts it – he was just high on life! 🙂 Since that day, anytime a friend meets my dad, they always ask if he’s that lively all the time and I just chuckle at how serious my friend was when he really thought my dad was 3 sheets to the wind! My dad is my hero and an absolute goofball, but loves life more than anyone I know…….

  138. My father somehow managed to make me secure in his love for me even when he was unable to provide for me or when he disappointed me. His struggles affected me, of course, but to the best of his ability he loved me and grounded me in the fact that he was proud of me. My most poignant memory of my father was during the time I graduated from college. He had been in a alcohol and drug rehab at the hospital the weeks leading up to my graduation. I understood this type of disappointment and was prepared to celebrate my accomplishment without him. But he came and loved on me the whole day, my favorite photo of my father and I is from that graduation ceremony. His delight in my accomplishment and my delight in his presence is apparent in the photo. I cherish that photo, as he passed away only a short 3 years later. But I still know without doubt he loved me and affirmed my worth the best he could. That trust in my earthly father’s love allows me now to fully trust in my Heavenly Father’s Love for me. Blessings!

  139. I’ll never forget my dad tapping the surface layer of my rice flake cereal, with a spoon tip, in the wee hours of morning. I liked my cereal a bit soggy so he would dunk my cereal in this spoon-tapping manner, mixing the sliced bananas in, flavoring the milk.

    He would softly braid my hair in the morning, and tie the end with the plastic sphere hair holders I used to love. He always asked me which color I would like.

    When I was potty training, I thought of my end products as animal creations. I would yell for my dad to come into the bathroom and look into the toilet, so he could clearly see that I made a snake, turtle or rabbit. He ALWAYS looked thrilled at my poo and clapped, claiming that I did such a great job!

    My dad always listened to me. When I would ask, “Why?” He would always give me a patient and kind answer. I will always appreciate these little golden memories, I hold them very close to my heart and even in the midst of hard times, financial distress, failing health and arguments, I always try to go back to those loving times and know that, that really is who my dad is to me. Not the product of an overly industrialized society, but rather a caring and loving father.

  140. My dad has always had a difficult time showing his emotions. He’s the quiet, reserved type who doesn’t express anger, sadness or even happiness and love very often. Instead of using words, he used to portray his love for his family through his actions, such as taking my sister and me to school every day instead of making us ride the bus, coming to all of our sporting events, becoming a soccer referee because my sister and I were very active in AYSO, driving us to our piano lessons in the big city an hour away every week, treating us to a snack or dinner out, etc. But even though I understand now that he showed his love through what he did for us rather than what he said, as a child I had a hard time seeing through his stoicism.

    My family has been through some rough times, especially concerning my health and the struggles surrounding that. Around the time I fell sick was when my father was living in another state due to job reasons (not for marital reasons). It was difficult for all of us, although we didn’t realize at the time just how hard the separation would be for our family. I also didn’t know how much I would miss my father until I was only able to see him a few times a year.

    I remember that for my birthday, he flew in to visit just for a couple of days, even though it probably didn’t make sense from a practical or financial standpoint. We went to the beach as a family for the evening, then had simple dinner at a restaurant. The next morning, my father wanted to drive me to school even though I usually rode my bike since it wasn’t too far away. He was leaving that afternoon, so I wouldn’t be able to see him off at the airport.

    I remember feeling a deep ache as we drove in the morning, knowing that this would be the last time I’d have to spend with my father for at least another several months. He didn’t say much, as usual, and I wasn’t sure how to express my feelings either. But after he pulled up at the curbside and I opened the door to step out among my peers, my father squeezed my hand and I paused before getting out, looking back at him.

    “I really love you,” he said.

    And even though those four words may seem insignificant to some, for me it meant the world. I could probably count on one hand the number of times my father had said that to me up to that point in my life. And although I knew his lack of saying “I love you” wasn’t because he really didn’t love me, my sister, and my mother, his effort to actually express his feelings in words at that time touched me deeply.

    I still remember that afterwards, as I walked towards my school and then turned around to watch the car pull away and around the corner, I still felt that gnawing sense of loss in the pit of my stomach. But there was a tinge of warmth as well, the joy from hearing his words and knowing he cared. For me it felt like a ray of sunshine peeking out through the clouds of a stormy cover, a sense of hope and love in an otherwise rather dark time of my life.

  141. Many of my favorite memories with my Dad involve our camping experiences. One highlight was a trip camping and traveling by canoes in the North County of Ontario. We spent many summers at the New York Finger Lakes, often getting up very early to fish on the lake. He loved his family so much. We miss him.

  142. My husband works almost every Saturday so my dad and I go out. We hike, go to movies, out to lunch, the zoo and other attractions. I cherish these memories and I’m so glad that my dad is in good health and can enjoy the time we spend together.

  143. We didn’t have a lot growing up but we did have his special love that we were given in many ways specially the times he would take us to view the firecrackers in the evenings. We would walk there and back since we had no car and the bus would require a ticket for the four of us. I remember when I was 6 years old coming home from the fair when it was in town, my dad would treat us to an ice cream. Walking home and eating my lemon aide ice cream holding to his hand was the most beautiful memory I had of the man that struggle to bring happiness to two little girls who he dearly loved.

  144. My favorite memory with my dad is that “Dinner Time is Family Time”. Our family would go out to eat once a week together. And one of his favorite place is Sweet Tomatoes!

  145. I learned how to work hard. My father taught me a good work ethic by making me wash the car every weekend until it was acceptable to his standard!

  146. In the summer of 2005, I thought my dad was the coolest out of all of the dads in the neighborhood. Most of their dads were anti video games, and thought they were, “the satan’s work!” But I remember my dad and I staying up all night sometimes trying to beet Prince of Persia 2 on the Playstation 2. It was cool to have a common interest that neither of us had to work at but just had naturally.

  147. I remember when my siblings and were kids every single Friday we went to a restaurant for dinner with my dad and my mom. Papa enjoy eat with us and celebrate what we did in school. When the grades came he always asked to us what place we would wanted to celebrate. I love to remember those moments of sharing with my papi and mami and brothers.

  148. When i was about 10 my dad took us kids(6) out to souplantation to tell us some news. He was leaving for a month to El Salvador with an organization of preachers and missionaries to help senior men find homes and healthcare. I remember crying, i had never been away from my father for that long but at the same time was so happy about his mission. By the time we left, i felt so proud to call him my dad,father, DADDY. I will always be his baby girl. And he will always be my daddy.

  149. I learned to treat others as you would like to be treated, and that a little kindness goes a long way.

  150. One of my fondest memories with my dad is the summer I was 5 years old. He had slit his wrist open working out in the garage so he got to stay home from work all summer with me and play Nintendo. We played Mario Bros and Duck Hunt all summer. It was awesome father/daughter time and I never forgot that summer. That same summer he taught me how to ride my bike on my own.

  151. My father is a champ. He has been cancer free for about 2 yrs now. My best memory of him was when we came home from the hospital after getting his prostate surgery. It was the best memory because when you are told that a loved one has cancer, your world just crumbles and you realize that your parents are not going to be with you forever. It snaps you back into reality and reminds you that one day they will unfortunately be gone forever. Him being home was the best feeling and most memorable event woth him because I knew there were was a chance that he might not ever come home after the surgery. But thankfully he came home and is living a normal life!

  152. My dad has always been a good and godly father. I am an only child and have my disagreements with him, but it has not been so serious that love and the passage of time has not healed. For a little over a year, my parents and I have been commuting to church on Sundays. It is a 2 hour drive one way. Every Sunday we are looking for somewhere to eat before we head back home. We found a Sweet Tomatoes just down the street for the church on University Drive in Bradonton. Just a couple of weeks ago we went through the line, got our food, and had gone to our seat and as we were returning to the table, dad sort of lost track of Mom and I. The place was packed and he did not see us for the overflowing crowd. I waved getting his attention and when he got to the table he snickered and said, “We eat here so much we should rate a specified table so I will always know where I’m sitting.” We love the food and the atmosphere is always superb. Thank you for wonderful food and wonderful times with my family.

  153. At an early age, while holding my father’s hand I spelled the street name signs and subway stops to him. We went every where together. When my younger sister was invited along, I bribed her to stay with mom, so I could have dad all to myself. I loved our outings together. It is said that childhood is made up of only 4,380 days and with all of our technological advances I believe there are less. Children grow up too quickly in our parents’ eyes and that is exactly what happened to me. By the age of 12, I no longer wanted to hold his hand in public; I wanted to “hang” with my friends! Pre-adolescence hit him very hard which affected that father-and-daughter bond. You see, he was born blind and depended on my sight to guide him. Today, he suffers from dementia and the rift between father and daughter just got wider.

  154. …My dad has taught me life..i AM 20 years old—IVE LEARNED THE HARD older brother was killed last year ina car accident..i WENT THRU HECK… but my dad stood by me—now I VOLUNTEER at church after a long stint in arehab and therapy..what the best times i can remeber with my mom and my brother ANDREW was eating at sweet tomatoes…till we got so full ONE TIME WE TURNED GREEN…i love fesh vegetables and my DAD loves all raw ones…but he always eats all the chicken out of the noodle soup!…I miss the good times with my whole family eating there but my brother is in heaven and gets all the tomatoes he wants!

  155. Being farmers in nebr we hardly had time to go fishing. Dad would get fish from the irrigation ditch and put them in our small freezer. One day dad took my brother and I fishing in this large ditch by the house. My brother caught his fish and my dad caught his. I was feeling blue because I didn’t even get a bite. My dad whispered something to my brother and left for a few minutes
    When I wasn’t looking my dad told me that I had a bite on my line. I reeled in my fish. We were all excited, I was 6 years old and I never did tell my dad that I knew the fish was frozen,,!!

  156. a few moths ago i went with my father to the Colorado river for Trail mates. (a thing were you go camping and do lots of fun activities with just your dad) Its one of my favorite memories because we were in 6 other bats with other dads and their daughters and we floated down the river together. And if we encountered another boat we would take out our squirt guns and start a water fight. I was so much fum especially when he took us on this water ski and we zipped through the water creating large waves that shook the other boats . it really was a fun experience ♥

  157. Growing up we (my 3 siblings and I) never had a real father. Our parents got divorced when I was 5 years old. My birth father, I really don’t remember. The few memories I have of him are sad and made me a bitter person in my junior and high school years. Seeing everyone with such great dads made me jealous. I wanted that so badly because I didn’t know how it felt to have a REAL dad.
    Seeing my husband with our two sons makes me feel so happy for them. They get to experience what I and many other children didn’t. A father that is tough when he needs to be but kind, thoughtful, empathetic and so full of love. I cherish the time watching them play and laugh. I may not have had that but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because they do. And they are what matter.

  158. My 90 year old father will celebrate his 91st birthday in a couple months. He has many stories to tell. One that tops the list is the hurricane he survived in 1932. As a small boy, age 9 on his tiny Carribean homeland Island (12 miles long), he took refuge in a cave on the side of a bluff with his family. Many drowned in neighboring caves but his own father was wise and chose the one that preserved our family’s lives and none were lost. Had it not been for my wise grandfather I may not exist today! A proud moment for us (and my father as well) was when we travelled to the very same spot and took the very same trail that our ancesors made. He shared this experience with his young grandchildren by allowing them to sit in the same cave while he “retold the story on site!” Amazing Life Lesson was learned by all, Perserverence! Happy Father’s Day.

  159. There are so many great men in my life to write about. There are my grandfathers, who worked hard of the farm and cared for the little children while adults worked in the fields. There is my Uncle A.T. who served in the Army and started the first public bus to serve African-Americans between Lyons and Vidalia, GA. Then there is my dad and brother. Should I choose my dad, who danced the jerk and played basketball with his team of three girls, one boy and an amazing wife? Should I choose my brother, who started work at the tender age of six in those infamous Georgia cotton fields? My brother, Arthur G. McRae was a true hero to his family and country. He served in Vietnam in the U.S. Marines Corps and was awarded several Purple Hearts, the Navy Cross and Bronze Star. Arthur was an amazing single father to his daughter. He supported and raised his daughter and assisted her in caring for her two daughters. He loved his family and country more than any man I know, so I choose him as one the world’s greatest fathers. Rest in peace my beloved brother.

  160. After I graduated from college, I became a high school teacher. I was very busy and seldom to visit my parents. One summer vacation, I stayed at home. My dad cooked delicious food for me every day. One day my dad heard that there was a carat stem to sell but the super market is more than ten miles from my home. During the summer time, the temperature is around 40 C degrees. My father walked there only for buying that vegetable since I mentioned I like it one day. But I totally forget I said this. After one bite, I spit out and said “:it’s too yak”. “Don’t buy this anymore, nobody likes it”. My dad kept silent for a long time and went to sleep for a whole afternoon. But I totally didn’t know I hurt him. Now I am a parent too. When I think this situation, I feel so sorry for my dad. My dad’s love to me are deeper than sea, longer than river…

  161. When I was 13 years old and going through my truly ugly stage of girlhood…my dad took me to the nearest kmart. He and I walked around that store for at least an hour. We ended up in the cosmetic section. He looked at me sincerely and then walked over to the blusher section and picked up a beautiful golden peach color blush..He looked me in the eyes and said..”I came to get this for you. You will look even prettier with this on.” From that day on I knew that I was pretty in the eyes of those who mattered. I never doubted my looks from that day on..God bless all fathers who love their daughters!!!

  162. When I was still very small, something horrible happened on my birthday while I had been climbing and crawling all over things like little kids are bound to do. I had managed to get to the top of the couch arm when I suddenly toppled forward… face first into the corner of a table. It could’ve been worse, but it was still very frightening to have fallen and have my teeth cut through my lip. My birthday party could’ve been ruined right then and there if I had been left to cry and scream about my bleeding mouth. However, my Dad was there in the next second, calmly cleaning my face and helping me hold a towel to my lips to stop the blood. I couldve freaked out, but he told me I had to be very brave and not cry, and I’d be okay. He was my Dad and I believed him so I was brave, I didn’t cry, and I got through the rest of my party. The great thing about that memory is that I don’t remember being in pain. I just remember having fun that day. And I have a neat scar underneath my bottom lip, too. I have my Dad to thank for saving my birthday and giving me good memories instead of bad ones.

  163. I grew up in Canada and my dad was a farmer who raised pigs. I remember getting in trouble for chasing the baby pigs, and one time all the pigs escaped and ate fermented apples off the ground. The pigs were drunk and my dad had to haul them back to the barn in a wheelbarrow. My favorite memory though was of Princess, our dairy cow. My dad told me that she was very special, “the only riding cow in the world” and he would put me on her back and let me ride her around the pen.

  164. Although my father died before I was 16, I do remember how hard he worked at his own small business and how much pride he took in us and whatever we did. And he passed those positive traits on to me in my own small business and the joy I take in my own family.

  165. My dad was a genius level research scientist in atmospheric physics. Toward the end of his life, he was in intensive care, fighting heart failure and pneumonia. The hospital staff thought he was suffering from dementia because he was struggling so hard just to live. Three of my Red Hat Society friends came into the IC unit and at on his bed to cheer him up. He perked up immediately and began laughing and joking with them. After they left, he and I were having a discussion on Einstein’s theory of relativity and debating the validity of some of the aspects of the theory – my dad did a great deal of physics analysis on the topic – when the hospital staff who had previously considered him a doddering old fool walked in. The look on their faces and seeing their jaws drop was priceless! He recovered from that incident, and lived several more years. There’s no fool like a young fool who thinks an old man no longer has anything to contribute.

  166. When I was in kindergarten there were two sixth grade girls that would pick on me and steal my lunch money. I told my Dad about it and one day when the two girls had me backed into a corner in a stairwell I heard my Dad’s voice say “Donna, can I help you with something?” I looked up and there was my Dad at the top of the stairway coming to my rescue! My dad went into the school and talked to the principal and the two older girls never bullied me again.
    When I was in college, my Dad would drive 100 miles to Emporia, KS from Kansas City just to take my car to the shop for an oil change! My Mom told me a story of how she woke up one morning and there was a stranger sitting at the breakfast table with my Dad. She said a wanderer down on his luck had knocked on the front door and my Dad invited him in and fixed him breakfast!

  167. My dad taught me that determination surely pays off. He was always there helping me with my academics all the way through high school. He was determined that I graduate high school and on time. This was a real challenge as I have a learning disability that made it harder for me to complete academic tasks. Even then there was educational staff that did not know how to teach me or just simply gave up. My dad and the rest of my family never gave up on me. They knew I could succeed and I did! Not only did I graduate from high school but I graduated from college with honors. I am very proud of that. Thanks Dad!!!

  168. My name is marian my twins sister name mary -anne , I remember my father when we are young , He always read as a bible like everyday , our family very religious and Christian family . And he always give as very good lesson and advice . I’m so thankfull to my Dad for all the Love and care he give it to us , because I have a family know ,three very kind and Loving children’s and all the advice from my Dad I listen and I follow and I have a very blessed family !! Thank you Dad for everything !! Especially you’re Love ,care and all your wonderfull never ending good advice, We Love you and Happy Fathers Day !! Thank you so much !!

  169. Oh gosh, where do I start? I have always loved my dad, being the only girl, we loved each other so much. But during my teenage years we didn’t see eye to eye. Who was wrong? He was! In my eyes hahaha Of course I was wrong, I was a teen and thought I knew it all. I remember all the stuff he use to tell me, was the greatest advice ever!!! And I didn’t realize that until I had screwed up so many things. My eyes couldn’t be any wider now, I wish I had listened. BUT I only love him more realizing now all that he tried to do and say to get me on the right road to success. He truly is the best dad ever <3

  170. dad- after he worked all day, he made it home for dinner. we shared food, and life at the table with each other. the table was the heart and center of our family. food and dad made our family strong.

  171. My dad taught me about gardening and t he importance of healthy eating, and I feel lucky to pass those lessons on to my own children

  172. Growing ulpl in Chicago both my parents worked. I woke up with an alarm. One morning when I was about eight (That would have made it 1938) my Dad returned home and invited me out to a diner for breakfast. He was in between jobs for the day. We dined on fried egg sandwiches and conversations. I thought the meal was great. Fried egg sanddwiches are not a favorite of mine but whenever I think of them I remember my Dad! He was a gem!.

  173. I experience amazing memories daily through seeing my husband father our children. He takes time to disciple and teach the Word of God with our oldest son, Kameron (5) and will do the same when our younger son, Kaleb(1) is older. He does things with them that only a father and son can experience together, like making up funny quotes that only they get and joking with each other. He reads to them and takes time to get to know each them, as individual sons. The best thing about my husband is that He loves God and goals to live to His standards, daily. He also shows our boys that their mommy is the most important thing is his life, after God. He hugs and kisses me in front of our boys to ensure them that we love each other. I praise God for the man my husband has become and the man God will continue to mold him into. Thank you

  174. Being the only male in the household, my dad did his best to teach us about hard work, like cleaning the backyard, taking care of your car, etc. I love it. He had to deal with so many girls in the house. I don’t know how he did it, but I love him for it.

  175. I got married and moved to US in dec, 2011. I left all my family & friends behind to start a new life with my husband here. I did not know anybody in this country and was a stranger here. It has been a tough time and now my parents are visiting US for the 1st time to celebrate my birthday which falls on June 16th the same as Father’s day. The moment that I saw my dad at the airport was the most moving moment for both of us. He usually doesn’t show his emotions but he hugged me, kissed me & said that he missed me. I will always cherish that. I met him for the 1st time after my marriage and as June 16th is also father’s day I would like to take him for lunch at my favorite place sweet tomatoes.

  176. I always remember when my dad took me on bicycle ride and I was sitting on the handle bars as he was peddling, he lost his balance and I was so scared I was going to get hurt. Somehow my dad caught me before I hit the floor and I was safe, I didn’t hit the floor. I looked up at my dad with so much adoration that I knew he could see it too. Then I got a good look at my dad and I saw his face, arms and legs they where covered in scratches, he took the hit for me.

  177. When I was 9 years old, I witnessed the great Chicken Cook Off between my Pop and Uncle who were Navel cooks. My Pop said, a chicken cooks faster by broiling and my Uncle contested and said, steaming is faster. Both men began the Chicken Cook Off. I saw a lot action coming from the kitchen with arms and utensils waving about accompanied by a lot of boasting. Tension was high and after 45 minutes, my Pop exclaimed its done I Won! We then sat down to enjoy the two chickens. I now can cook a chicken!

  178. One of my favorite memories with my dad was the hot summer day that he joined into a neighborhood water fight!!.. We lived on a dead end street and all the neighbor kids were outside with buckets and water guns… Dad grabbed the hose and joined right in like one of the kids… getting soaked from head to toe!!

  179. my father had gotten a stroke when i was 15 months old. he was confined to the house and i saw him every day but i couldn’t really play with him. when i got to be about 7 years old my mom said we are going to take dad to the park. that was a big deal because he couldn’t really walk very well and he hadn’t been out of the house. it took a while but we made it to the park and we sat on a bench and my mom took a picture of us. that is the only picture i have of my father.. i just remember telling him to watch me play ball and jump rope. he couldn’t really speak but he smiled. soon after he went to a nursing home and died of another stroke. i look just like him. i wish i would have known him better.

  180. My funniest memory of my dad was not so funny at the time but looking back now as a parent I see it differently. It was the summer of my 15th birthday and I was hanging out with friends when my i realized my 10 pm curfew had passed. A boy I liked at the time offered to walk me home, as I approched my house I saw the siloette of a man, my father was standing on the driveway ready to greet us. He looked at me and instructed me to go inside. He then looked at the boy and said i’ll give you 2 seconds to get off my property. The boy ran home and never called me again. At the time I was embarrased and so angry at him but now that I am a parent myself I fully understand. My daughter better look out I know her father will be spending many nights waiting at the door. Happy Fathers Day!

  181. I have so many good memories with my Dad it’s hard to pick one. Well my Dad built houses and on Sundays we would have open house. I can remember sitting on my Dad’s lap and him reading my the funny papers from the Sunday paper. We would just laugh and laugh. Thinking about this old memories brings me much joy. My Dad has passed away but his memory lives on and on. Love and miss you Daddy.

  182. He thought me not to just rely on a man. He was always wanting to teach me how to work on cars and on the yard so i knew how to fend for myself so I won’t be dependent on a man to do that work for me. He also taught me how to fish, gut the fish, and clean them. More importantly, he taught me how to grill AND pump my own gas, which i can never thank him enough for. Its the small things that count the most to me.

  183. We had a tradition for a while when I was young. Every Friday, my Dad, my sister, and I would go out for Pizza and Pepsi. Always the same order, always the same waitress 🙂 Those Fridays were special!

  184. A favorite memory of mine was Daddy always having apples and cheddar cheese in a cooler in his truck. We would share that snack while he told me stories of traveling the west as a young man. The memory makes me smile today!

  185. I have countless fond memories with my dad but one of them would be of him teaching me how to drive. He would take me to my high school’s parking lot at 10 PM and teach me how to drive there. We would stay there for HOURS because my dad is a perfectionist and he wouldn’t end his lesson until I drove perfectly. I can’t tell you how many times he made me cry or frustrated or angry for making me practice driving for hours on end. I would dread or fear the days we had to go drive because I knew he would be so hard on me and probably make me cry. Last day he tells me that he’s sorry for making me cry all those times but it was just for pre-cautionary purposes on his end to make sure his baby girl would be okay on the road when daddy wasn’t there. Looking back, I wish I was more understanding towards my dad. He was just looking out for his most precious gift.

    Note: I passed my behind the wheel with no errors and have never received a parking/traffic/speeding ticket. Thank you daddy for being the best teacher anyone could have.

  186. My most memorable is when the family went to the high sierras where my dad spent most of his childhood to camp and my mom and sister couldn’t take it so they left and my Dad and I stayed and spent the week together fishing, hiking, and he shared stories of his past I never knew. The best part of the trip was coming through a meadow and meeting face to face with a deer. We three just stood there and shared a moment. He was always working and we never had a vacation together or really spent time together. So it was nice getting to know him. It brought us closer together.

  187. My Father and I have been life long fishing buddies, he helped me catch my first catfish, he’s worked himself ragged to give me the things I’ve wanted, we live in a tent for a month in Gulfport, Mississippi during the summer when Hurricane Katrina Hit, He has always been an extremely hard and dedicated worker, he’s got a tender heart and I have never met or heard of another person as dependable as My Dad has been over the years. He Rides a bike too and from work 8 miles one way everyday at 57 years old, Because he gave up his vehicle to help me in a time of financial need, He is an amazing person, and He has taught me that you don’t need fancy things to be happy, and that as long as you work hard and live honestly you will know what true happiness is. He absolutely LOVES the New England Clam Chowder served at Sweet Tomatoes, and it would Truly be a blessing to be able to help give back to my father who gives so much and gets so little in return.

  188. My favorite memory of my dad, is from Christmas. One of the years it was extra special because as I slept waiting for Santa to get there, from my window, I heard him go “Ho, Ho,Ho, Merry Christmas” at the time i really thought I had heard Santa, and I still remember how excited i felt to have heard him 🙂

  189. My father worked hard for three kids. We were never rich, but he almost never denied us anything we asked for. We always took summer vacations together and I do remember the years before he died, he had a great fondness for grilling steaks at least a couple times a week. I’m very sad that he died so young from cancer. When he died, I thought 63 was old, but now that I’m 60 I realize just how young he really was. I only have good memories of Dear Old Dad.

  190. My husband hates camping, but has been a Cub Scout leader for years because it is important to our 4 boys. This will be his last year with cub scouts, since our twins will cross over into Boy Scouts next year. In the meantime, my husband has spent countless weekends on a slowly deflating air mattress, hiked in rain and shine, battled daddy longlegs in latrines, and spent lots of quality time helping turn our little boys into fine young men.

  191. My dad is always right. When didn’t heed his advice, I always wished had. learned from him.

  192. I just love that he still calls me Sis to this day and so very many other things like the huge sacrifice it had to be to take us to Disney World when I was 7.

  193. My dad was oblivious when reading the paper. We built a tower of blocks around him and he didn’t even notice.

  194. Memories of driving from Oceanside to March AFB to pick up my dad from his deployment. The car broke down and my mom with us 6 kids had to call a neighbor to come pick us up. My dad thought we forgot to come get him and we weren’t at home to pick up the phone. It took so long and we didn’t have any money so we shared vending machine snacks for dinner. I still remember my favorite froggy print dress I wore in honor of picking up my pop. We ended up driving home w/ 10 of us shoved into a car made for 6. Thank goodness it was before seat belt tickets. Semper Fi, Pop, I love you.

    1. We are already going to Soup Plantation on Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day. It would be nice for this unemployed daughter to be able to pay for her parent’s dinner.

  195. My dad had to always go to work at the early hours of the morning and i would always wake up while he was getting ready to make sure to give him a kiss before he left. I would also wait on the staircase that faced the front door to be the first to give him a kiss when he got home. My 6 other siblings were so jealous. But I’ve appreciated all the hard work and unselfishness he showed me while growing up. i’m too old now to give him kisses, but I now like giving him hugs. I’m always thrilled too see my young kids showing love to their dad, just like I did mine!! Happy Father’s Day!!

  196. My dad LOVES his vegetable and fruit garden. He’s always out there planting something new then makes it a point that the food we’re eating is from his hard work. Sometimes he wanders into my mom’s flower garden and decides he wants to water her flowers too…but a lot of times they ended up dying from being over watered and my mom always knew it was him who snuck over to her side of the garden and killed her flowers, by accident of course.

  197. At age two, my first memory of Dad is when he sent me into a fit of rage. I had torn and bloodied my toe in the spokes of my tricycle, and was moping about his workshop moaning about it. In an effort to make me get my injury into perspective he held out his own injured thumb for my inspection, saying, “I’m not crying.” The flaws in his logic were: First, the offending splinter of fiberglass was invisible to the naked eye. Second, the lack of fresh blood or even a gruesome scab certainly did not qualify it as a “real” injury. I recognized this gross injustice instantly, and having no words for the concept of “unfair” or even “It’s not the same,” the double frustration of the erroneous comparison and my inability to make him understand swept over me in a peculiarly physical sensation. I could only dance and shriek in my solitary rage. The last image of this memory is his perplexed face; his head tilted to the right as he studied me, then stooped down to my level to look into my face. Though my rage was consuming, it was not blind—Dad was clearly trying to understand me.

  198. My favorite memory of my dad is the day he gave me away at my wedding- the pride in his eyes was amazing and thank goodness my photographer caught the look on his face with a wonderful photo that I will treasure forever.

  199. When I was in second grade a classmate told me I was ugly. I was heartbroken. My Dad told me I was beautiful, but I still felt bad. My Dad took me to the mall and person after person stopped us and told me how pretty I was, how beautiful I was, was I a princess and on and on.
    It gave me confidence and I never looked back. It was over 12 years before I found out my father had called many of his friends and had them waiting at the mall to help make me feel better. He is one in a million, the kind of DAD that is still there for me any time day or night.
    kindest regards – Aimee Winkle

  200. My husband liked to plan meals with our boys when they were growing up, and then take them to the grocery store to get the ingredients. Then they would cook the meal together. Now my younger son loves to cook and improvise with his recipes. He does most of the cooking now that he’s married.

  201. I was a Freshman in High school art class. The assignment was to carve a small figure out of wood. Having no experience at all with wood carving, I asked my Dad if he would do it for me. He created a small deer and it was beautiful. I took it to school the following day in a brown bag. Horribly, by accident, I threw away the brown bag with the deer, thinking it was my lunch bag, after I finished. I was allowed to poke through the school lunch room garbage, but could no find the bag. I went home so sad and my Dad said “Don’t worry, I’ll make another”. He stayed up all night long to carve that deer and it was finished the next day. I still have that (2nd) deer, although it has darkened with age and it never fails to make me teary eyed with the love my Dad had shown. Isn’t it always actions speak louder than words?

  202. My sons dad is awesome. He met me when my son was 5 and married me and has taken care of my son like he is his own, he is now 17. He deserves good things.

  203. My husband fly home from a work trip to clean the house and feed the kids when I had a bad case of the flu and I was to sick and cold to move. He did have to fly out the next day but that prepared meal and love was enough to heal me and get me ready to care for my next sick kid that shared my flu symptoms.

  204. i love everything that my husband does that makes our kids laugh. watching the three of them play together is the best image of fatherhood that i know. he does silly voices for them, plays silly games, makes ridiculous puns and jokes with them – he’s a wonderful daddy!

  205. My favorite memory with my father is when we went on a cruise to the Baltic. It was so much fun and we got to explore so many countries. I have not been able to see him in a while because I have been at college but I will be back the day before father’s day and I am super excited!!

  206. My dad would swim around the pool with one of us on his back pretending he was ”Shamu” the killer whale…lol.

  207. I marvel at the things my husband does for our kids everyday. He always is there to step in and give mommy a break.

  208. One of my favorite memories of my Father, the Reverend, was when he weepily walked me, his only daughter, down the aisle on my wedding day. After parking me at the altar, he stepped into the wings to don his clerical robes, then came back to the altar, clear-eyed and masterful, his booming and polished delivery of the service not showing a shred of the tender emotion he’d displayed earlier.

  209. My husband meeting our daughter for the first time this year. I’ll never forget that moment.

  210. One of my favorite memories is in the evenings after I would come into the house after playing outside, Dad would be sitting in the big arm chair and would motion to me to come sit in his lap. He was always glad to see me. He would ask about my day and spend countless minutes with me. He made time for me and always made me feel special. There were four of us kids and he made time for all of us. Another thing he did was group the neighborhood Dad’s together to build a tree fort in the woods near our house and run a cable from the tree fort down to a bush about 25yrds away. There was a cylinder encircling the cable and all the kids around our area would climb up the tree to the fort and hang onto this cylinder all the way down. It was so much fun! The best thing to realize was Dad always was there whenever we needed him!

  211. all the wonderful stories about movies he saw, what he bought with his first paycheck, that I use to hear while driving on long trips. The best advice Dad me was learn how to stretch a dollar and be self sufficient! Love you Dad!

  212. I was furiously trying to finish writing a short essay when the bell suddenly rang, and my teacher said, “Ok kids, give your table leader your essays and I will look at them while you go to lunch recess.” This was back in the 5th grade. Now I’m in the 12th grade, graduating in about 4 days! However, the topic of “Pick a memory with your dad and write about it” still comes back, even after all this time. Some things never change. The favorite memory I had with my father that I wrote about back in the 5th grade was when he taught me how to ride a bike in 2nd grade.. I thought bikes were the coolest things ever! They looked shiny and every kid on the block had a bike! So one day, my dad came home and surprised me with a brand new red bike, without training wheels. Now, keep in mind, I had not ever rode a bike before this, so I was giddy with excitement that I was going straight to riding a two-wheeler like the big kids. My dad spent most of his evening outside in the heat helping me mount the bike and pushing me forward gently so the wheels would start to roll and I would start to pedal. I fell off countless times because I could not for the life of me, get the bike to balance! It would always lean to one side or the other, but my dad did not give up and even though I cried after I scraped my knee again and again, I did not want to let him see me give up so easily either. Finally at around 5:30 PM, I started to get the hang of it and my dad was happy that I could ride it smoothly all the way till the end of the street. To this day, I love bike riding and I’m really thankful I had a patient and caring dad who stayed with me till the end. I love my dad.

  213. I remember my Dad putting dinner on the table when my Mom was gone, & it was hotdogs, pizza & corn. We loved it, though.

  214. My dad thinks he’s an expert chef. Of all his “creations” i’ll always hold a special place in my heart for his unique grilled cheese sandwiches on Father Daughter evenings.

  215. At almost 70, my dad still works so he can help out his four children and his seven grandchildren. He would do anything and everything for them. That’s the true meaning of a man taking care of his family 🙂

  216. When I was on my first date on a very cold night in Montana, my boyfriend brought me home and we were sitting there talking, he reached over to give me a kiss…I looked up at my parents bedroom window and my entire family was standing there watching us. My Dad said, “You just don’t kiss anybody.” I’ll never forget that moment!

  217. I loved when husband and son talked about all the super heroes movies they missed together When dad was deployed a whole year. priceless….

  218. I have been so fortunate to have my Dad be there for me. Regretfully, my Dad had less fortune. When he was fourteen he lost his Dad due to a sudden heart attack. According to others, it left him devastated. He knew that one day he would be a father and would do anything to be the best. My Dad has been the most selfless person I know. He has done so many things that was in convineant to him just to make me happy. He showed me how to be s real man: respect for others, take care of the family, and always help those in need. He and my Mom ensured I would receive the best education possible. This Father’s Day, I would love to take him, my Mom, and his father-in-law to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes because my earliest memories has been them taking me there. I would love to make it a trip there to be memorable for my Dad.

  219. Every year from the ages of 5 – 13, my dad would attend the annual Girl Scout’s Father/Daughter Dance with me. He would dress up in silly outfits to fit the theme, he would buy us matching corsages (a pin on for him, a wrist one for me), he would dance the night away not caring how ridiculous he looked or who was watching, and he would end every single Father/Daughter Dance with a traditional visit to Baker’s Square for a slice of pie. These are some of the best memories I have with my dad, and I wouldn’t change those for anything.

  220. Just today Dad took me to a parking lot to show me a little bit about driving. I’ve only driven once before with my mom….but today I was a little more nervous in his new car! I was backing out of one parking space and forgot to put the car back into drive, and I flipped out when I put my foot on the gas and kept going backwards! Luckily, he pulled the emergency brake while I slammed my foot on my brake. He was so understanding about it, though, that we just laughed. 🙂 Love my daddy.

  221. I will never forget all the car trips in the summer to visit our cousins in Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec in Canada. My father drove a yellow station wagon with mom in the front and five kids in the back, no seat belt laws back then. We would stop for picnics at parks along along the way and we always stop to take pictures and look at Niagara Falls. My dad is older now and can’t drive anymore due to his health. I am so grateful for those memories and for him. May God bless you abundantly on Father’s Day and for many days to come!

  222. I was born in a country doctor’s office. My mom told me my dad begged Dr. to allow him stay overnight during the delivery, even if he would need to sleep outside. My Dad took me fishing and hunting from a very young age. He had many vendor connections which supplied me with
    free candy, comics, phono records, toys, etc. He worked hard, long hours to provide for our family. He intervened on behalf of each of his 4 children, whenever necessary.

  223. My dad used to make my stuffed mouse, Henry, talk to me. Henry eventually got too loved (skinny with no fluff left) to talk but I still have him to this day. That was probably 20 years ago <3

  224. My dad was NEVER one to walk at a fast pace, & I never saw him run until the night of a downpour on a camping trip in the Smokey Mountains. My sister & I were sleeping in the car, & my parents were asleep in the tent when a black bear decided it too didnt like the rain & went into the tent. My dad shot out of that tent at a high rate of speed & was in the car before my mother had made it out of the tent! We were cramped & the bear spent a dry, comfortable night.

  225. My Dad is so much fun. His favorite restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes because he loves salads. We moved two years ago and now the closest one is 3 hours away. We go on special days. He always lets my brother, sister, and I get our own yogurt from the machine. I always get too much and make a silly mess. He just adds sprinkles and helps me eat it up. We always leave happy.

  226. My dad is the most awesome dad! When I was three he married my Mom and adopted me and has treated me as his own! When I met my real Dad he invited him over to the house and made us all dinner. He also made it easier for us by leaving the room so we could talk!

  227. When I was in 8th grade, I switched to a new school it also happened to be the same school my dad went to when he was growing up. Every Wednesday on his day off he would be there at my locker before the last bell rang waiting. Now to a 8th grader seeing her dad there wasn’t so fun, he talked to the teachers, said hi to all my new classmates that walked by and would say out loud how he wanted to check my locker to make sure there wan’t anything questionable in it. Really! yelled my little mind, now that I’m older I’m grateful that my dad took interest and went out of his way to be there. I think back to those memories and laugh and I also realize how lucky I was to have a dad that loved me enough to “bug” his daughter.

  228. My dad always said: (1) The easiest thing in the world is to feel sorry for yourself, and (2) You can always find someone worse off than you!

  229. My dad only enjoys reading, listening to the gospel, and eating. It would be nice to have a free meal so we could talk, as his wise words are probably the only ones I listen to.

  230. My favorite memory of my dad was at my very first swim meet when I was about five years old. As I dove in the pool for my first race, I could hear him cheering at the other side that encouraged me to finish. My dad taught me to try my best at everything I do and was always my biggest cheerleader at my swim meets.

  231. We would spar on topics in a way that no two others in the family could. Our agreements and disagreements ran deep.

  232. My dad gave me two really good pieces of advice. The first was not to mix play and work, by which he meant that when it was time to do homework, that was all I should be thinking about, and if I were distracted, I should just go play instead of trying to work and play at the same time. The second was not to expect to win money in Las Vegas but to treat casino gambling as the cost of entertainment. . . .

  233. Whenever my dad would call and leave a message it was always..”this is your daddy calling”…even when I was a grown man with children. A father is always a father no matter how old his son is.

  234. My favorite story is when my father broke down in tears because my son told him that his father was his hero , my father was so emotional because he says that my husband has done an amazing job with our son even though they don’t see eye to eye all the time but he is thankful for the way we are raising them. The reason this means a lot to me is because my father is a man that doesn’t really show emotions and has been verbally abusive even at times as I grew up. But I’m thankful for him and my husband.

  235. As a Club Veg member, I enjoy taking advantage of the great deals that Sweet Tomatoes offer. My daughter and I always enjoy sharing a healthy meal there and we have the best father-daughter conversations over food.

  236. My dad just turned 93. I decided it was time to ask him questions about my being a child.My fave memory was running in to the house at 7 years of age yelling the garage is on fire.I lit the fire with my best pal Lesley when we were experimenting with my new chemistry set my dad just gave us.To this day I can see his face as he dialed the dire department…. He never did ask me what I was doing? Last week he told me he never said anything as he felt that boys would be boys. The garage was insured and besides he had done terrible things to his parents when he was the same age.

  237. I was six. My dad took all the family to pick berries! Now that it is time for berry season this is a fitting story! We went to a local berry farm. This was my first time so my dad showed me how to pinch the berry off the vine, and to becareful not to bruise them. The field was about an acre, and we were told to stay in sight!! i found a little gate and went thru it and started to pick. My berries looked beautiful, and almost looked fake, they were just perfect!! When i was done filling my basket i went back thru the gate and met my family!! My dad sad good job Honey!! These berries are perfect! Show your sisters where you got them, so they can get good ones too!!~ I pointed to the gate and on it hung a sign, which i could not read, Do not pick the berries behind this fence, they are our private field, Thank You!! My Dad just laughed, and said well honey, you sure no how to pick them!!! That memory has been shared every berry season for the past 50 years!! Thank God for Fathers!!

  238. One of my fondest memories is when my dad, a devoted Catholic, took me to see the Pope John Paul II who was making a visit to Chicago. I was nine years old and I remember that the day was a momentous event with a special breakfast and special outfit. When me and my mom moved out of state, my dad used to create stories, complete with pictures, and send them to me. The distance did not stop him from being a dedicated father. He was my biggest cheerleader in whatever I chose to pursue, and continues to be so.

  239. IT doesn’t take being a birth father to be a dad!! my husband of 30 yrs. has been a dad and grandpa to our boys since coming into this family and before.such as before we married and my then17 yr.old son managed to practically total my new trans am and who did he call ,his soon to be step dad,who handled the situation.this is only one of 100’s over the yrs.he is definitely DAD

  240. I was always happy as a child when I woke up from a good night’s sleep to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table having his coffee and reading the newspaper. It always made me feel so happy and secure.

  241. I actually have two favorite memories.
    My dad was 41 when I was born which was in 1945. Having been born in 1904 his ideas were much different than the ideas we had as teens even in 1959.
    We were having a program at school. My dad was so proud. He came to the school to see me receive an award. From the minute he walked in the front door and met me, so I could show him where to go to be seated, he held my hand. He held my hand like a little girl. He was smiling a huge smile, walking slightly ahead of me guiding me, even though I was telling him which way to go. We walked through the office, down a long long hall, past everyone else in the hallway , past rooms with people sitting in them, past what seemed like the whole world at fourteen. Of course I was very embarrassed at the time. I tried not to let him see that I was embarrassed because I knew how happy and proud he was. Of course now I would give anything to hold his hand again.
    My other favorite memory was when I was pregnant with my third child. I had gone to visit my parents. What started out as a light snow when I left my house turned into a blizzard. I was having a terrible craving for pecan pie. I didn’t notice for a while that my dad was gone. When I did notice and began to get worried, after what seemed like a long time, he came back in the house with a pecan pie. My dad had gone out in a bad storm to get pecan pie for his, not so little anymore, pregnant little girl.

  242. I remember laying on the hammock in the summer in NH with Daddy watching far off lightning. I felt comforted and excited at the beauty of nature, but mostly so happy to be held by my precious father. Dad’s gone now, but I have so many memories to comfort me.

  243. When I was a teenager, many, many years ago… I asked my dad for money for a new swimsuit and he said sure, handing over $1.50. Not sure even back then that would have bought the bottoms much less a whole suit… but daddy had NO IDEA what girls clothes cost~

  244. My favorite memory is of him coming home from work late…around midnight…..he would wake us up and ask if we wanted a Tommy Burger. We would load into the car and have a midnight treat!

  245. There are many but a few stick out in my mind When I was having my last child my dad came to help while I was pregnant and then came back to greet my other children the day his second grandson was born even though he lived in NY and we were in Texas.
    As a little girl I especially cherished our yearly Father/Daughter Girl Scout Dinners.

  246. I have many favorite memories of my Dad, but the one I miss the most is when he would give my sister and I rides in his tractors from work. My Dad used to own his own company in which he owned his own equipment (tractors and such) and did the work of making the lines on the fields for produce to be grown. When it came time for my Dad to drive one tractor to a different field, my mom would help him by following behind him in his truck with my sister and I inside. But sometimes just for fun and to get the feel of what it is like to be inside a tractor. He would take either me or my sister along for the ride. Even though the rides were sometimes noisy, it gave a great view from where my dad would sit. =)

  247. When I was a teenager I used to love Astronomy so my dad arranged for my best friend and I to take a class at the Hayden Planetarium in NY. It was an extraordinary experience, but the best part of it was that because of the very early hour the class was taught my dad drove us at 6 AM into the city. Being teenagers we fell right asleep as soon as we got in the car. My dad captured a picture of us, mouths wide open fast asleep, our weekly routine! My dad was always afraid he would be pulled over by a policeman who he thought would think he had drugged and kidnapped the sleeping kids!

  248. We couldn’t afford to buy the model airplanes and cars that were so popular in the 1960’s, so my dad taught us how to create our own models of buildings, desk set holders, and cardboard cars. He made an impressive and delicate model of the LA City Hall, with windows and the tiered rooftop, His artistry and encouragement for creativity paid off in instilling resourcefulness and imagination in our little minds. To this day, I enjoy creating things, writing poetry, improvising, and realizing dreams!

  249. Sweet Tomatoes, wow where to begin!? I have been eating here with my dad since I was a little girl! I am now in my twenties and my dad and I still eat a Sweet Tomatoes meal together as our dinner of choice! I have the best memories of my dad having most of his birthday meals at Sweet Tomatoes!

  250. Having fond memories of your father is a great way to keep them dear to your heart. One of my fondest memories of my dad is him helping me practice baseball. He worked a ton and would never miss a game, and it meant the world to me.

  251. my favorite moments were when i was a little girl. every weekend my dad and i would go to the zoo or to disneyland just the 2 of us. i was daddy’s little girl and i still am. now i take him places like to the movies and out to eat i completely LOVE my dad hes my best friend i dont know what kind of woman i would be if i didnt have him and my mom in my life!

  252. There’s a saying (or fact) that says that a girl is likely to marry a man that’s like her father. I remember one day when I was about 14 years old and I went out with my dad somewhere. I reached for the door of a store and he said, “Wait! Don’t open the door!” I turned to him to ask what was wrong, and he said, “I will open the door for you.” I said in return, “Dad, don’t worry, I can open the door.” My dad then said, “You’re a lady now and gentleman should open the door for you. Don’t forget that.” I hope I find a gentleman like my father one day.

  253. When my family are having a reunion, i feel happy because my dad is happy. He starts to make everyone around him happy because he has that special something about him. I love him so much. I cant tell you how much i love him.

  254. My dad worked the third shift, so he always made a big breakfast when he would get home in the morning and made sure to pass along his fave breakfast recipes to me!

  255. My favorite “dad” memory is when I was a teenager and suffered from my first broken heart. My parents were divorced and after my Mom told him about it he showed up at our front door with a dozen roses and took me on a Dad & Daughter date to a really nice restaurant. He finished off the night by taking me over to the playground at the apartments I was living in with my Mom and made me go down the slide with him. He then told me life is too short to be upset about a boy and I just need to have fun; that was the reason behind the slide.

  256. ONE of my favorite moments is watching my husband make our baby girl laugh for the first time. I was in the living room and he was changing her diaper in another. I started hearing a baby laugh ….he kept saying….”We got to make the baby comfortable…so we can make her haaaaapy”. It was so precious, I had to record it on the cell phone camera. They certainly have a special bond.

  257. My family last name is MORA. Do you know that MORA in English means blackberry?
    May be this is one of the reazons we love all kind of berries. My father who pass away 50 years ago used to have in his garden blackberries, strawberries, sweet tomatoes and more.
    Each time I visit “Sweet Tomatoes” my father is in my mine. We are the blackberry family.

  258. I never had a great father figure, but I would love to honor my husband who is doing a wonderful job fathering our 4 children. I’ll never forget how he cried just as much as I did when each were born.

  259. where so i begin about my dad. to me anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a dad. He didnt have to be my dad but he did. my so called “father” signed and gave up all rights to me and my older brother when we were just little. my dad adopted me without thinking twice, gave me his last name and has worked his WHOLE life to get me the things i needed and wanted. he rides a bike to and from work 8 miles one way to work everyday to take care of him and my mom and works 8 hours. doesnt complain about it and works hard. he never treated us different than my little brother who his biological son. he loved us unconditionally no matter what. If you look up the word dad in the dictionary my dads picture should be there. he is the greatest dad ever and i couldnt ask for a better one!!!

  260. During my wedding I was walking down the isle with my dad and my hands were shaking so hard that my flowers started falling all over the floor.

  261. On my wedding day, my dad was walking me in and said to me, ” I’m not saying this because you are my daughter but you are the most beautiful girl in the world. ” It hasn’t been the matter what others say to me for I know I’m loved and very special to my dad. He’s not with us anymore but he’s always in my heart.

  262. When my brothers and I were young, my dad would come home from a long day of work. Even though he was tired, he would toss us around like there was no tomorrow. The best part about it, was when he would pretend to be a horse and let us ride on his back. Then he would let us feed him carrots too.

  263. I remember when my dad would work 2 jobs to support us (5 kids) when we were growing up. He would wake up at 5 am and walk to the bus. He would take the bus to the train. He would take the train to the city and a subway from there. He’d work all day and then go to a different company and work in the evening. By the time he got home at 10pm, we were all in bed. While most of us can’t imagine doing that, my dad did that for 50 years. I am so grateful for all that he did to support us. I sure do miss him. It’s been 15 years since I have given him a hug. Thanks Dad.

  264. Some of my favorite memories of my dad are the nights at bedtime that he would come in and sing with us. We learned all of the ARMY AIRFORCE MARINES and NAVY fight songs! And I love Daisy, pretty little Daisy, I love Daisy, Daisy loves me. Second verse same as the first! On and on and on. We giggled and laughed. He is an awesome Dad to all 8 of us and and Papa to 29. I love you daddy! Thank you for all the fun!

  265. He used to always make lunch for me as a kid. Sounds basic, but I remember always eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich he would make and then we would sit in front of the TV and watch a show like Barney or Sesame Street. Simple childhood stuff but always brings back good memories.

  266. As a kid, my dad happily and willingly drove me to all of my extracurricular activities, whether it was 5am swim practices, late night band practices, football games, or piano lessons. Looking back, I feel so grateful to have had such a supportive dad. It has inspired me to be the same kind of supportive father to my child.

  267. My dad would take our whole family to souplantation. Now it’s become a real comfort food since he has passed. This Father’s Day I can’t help but remember that his presence is what made everything so wonderful.

  268. Every day enjoying food with dad is a great one! Sharing our tasks and memories in the table lets us gather and have a good time also in your restaurant. It would be great to win and celebrate ate souplantation!

  269. Back when I was just hitting my teen years, we asked my dad what he wanted to do for Father’s Day. He thought about it for a minute and said he would like to go fishing. To understand my dad you have to know how much he loves to fish and he’s really good at it. I never knew how good until now as I think about it. He could read the weather, the waves and the bait fish to see what it was we needed to do and where to go. It’s great to think back on it as I sit here smiling and typing.

    This particular Father’s Day, my dad got the 12′ aluminum boat ready, geared up and took us out to do some trout fishing. We were going to be going after lake trout, so we picked up some bait and headed out on the water. My brother and I were happy to be on the water fishing with our dad. As we made our way South of the Rod and Gun Club, my dad found a spot that he thought would be good for fish. He didn’t use a fish finder then either. He just used his gut feelings and anchored.

    We baited the hooks with fresh saw-bellies and lowered them to the bottom. That’s when the fish started their frenzy! For the next two hours we reeled in lake trout after lake trout. We kept throwing fish back because we wanted to keep fishing, but we were also running out of bait. These were no small fish either! We were reeling in 4-7 lb. lakers over and over. We started running out of bait so we began using the old, dead saw-bellies and the trout were even hitting them! It was, by far, the best day of fishing I have ever had and I got to share it with brother and my dad.

    As I think back on that day, it wasn’t the amount of fish we caught, or the tasty eats we had later that night that I remember most. What I remember most was seeing my dad smile and laugh like I have never seen before as he had the time of his life. It was just my dad and his two boys out for an afternoon of fishing that none of us will ever forget.

  270. Last year my Dad and I decided to meet for lunch. I suggested a new Mexican restaurant that just opened. We were on our cell phones ( with bad reception) when I gave him the directions. Excited at the thought of our Mexican meal, I ended the conversation with, “Sweet, burritos in a few minutes!” After about a half hour of waiting in the Mexican restaurant, my Dad called and said, “Where are you?” He said, I’m in the restaurant, and by the way, the salad bar looks amazing. I said, “where are you?”. He said ,I’m at Sweet Tomatoes. I realized that when I said , “Sweet, burritos in a few minutes”, he thought I said Sweet Tomatoes in a few minutes. Anyway, I left my restaurant and met Dad 2 blocks away. That miscommunication was the best mistake we ever made. We now go to Sweet Tomatoes as often as we can to enjoy yummy food and have a good laugh.

  271. My favorite memory with my step dad who is my father figure and has been since I was 9 years old was after a year of him getting engaged to my mom, we all decided to go to Chukie Chese’s with my brother and him. My brother and I had not had a father figure on our lives since we were 2 and 3 because he left us, so when our step dad came into our lives we felt like we coul have a dad. so my brother and I whispered on the side and decided to ask him if we could call him dad, he teared up and said, I would be honored. Ever since he has been our FATHER! and the best one he could be we love him so m uch.

  272. As a young child I always wanted to do hairstyles on other people. My mother had a firm rule that I could not do her hair. As a kid I quickly learned that was a no-go-territory. My father on the other hand never minded if we played with the small amount of hair he had left on his balding head. I would grab all of my pretty flower clips with bright sparkly colors and beads and rubber bands and pull and tug at my poor dad’s few hairs giggling with mischief delight. He would only tell me to be careful not to pull out too many hairs. My Dad still always makes me laugh and he goes along with my silly behaviors. He only has one rule for me now at the age of 28, ” I just want you to always be happy. “

  273. It was a cold, blustery Friday night and at 10 pm my Dad’s sweet tooth had gotten the better of him. He said “Put on your hat and coat, we’re going for a ride!” I had visions of the 24 hr. diner in our town and it’s luscious hot apple pie with a marshmallowy hot cocoa. Instead the car was leaving our town and heading for the big city across the river. He took me to the Farmers Market where farmers were huddled around a huge bonfire to keep warm and tell their favorite Paul Bunyanese tales of oversized, award winning fruits and veggies grown on their fertile soil.

    Dad asked me to pick out the best bushel of apples since we were going to bake our own pie. When we returned home, I carried that basket of apples like they were covered with gold, and they felt that heavy too. Mom had the oven warmed and the crust all rolled out. We all grabbed a handful of apples and started peeling, coring and slicing, then mixed them all in sugar, butter and cinnamon and poured them into the crust until they stopped balancing at the mile-high mark! We covered the pie top with a crust and carved a “J” on top for my Dad’s and my first initial and as a steam vent for the pie.

    One hour later at the strike of midnight my Dad and I enjoyed the best piece of apple pie we had ever shared and it was the last piece that we would ever share. A sweet tooth that resulted in a sweet memory. Happy Father’s Day!

  274. I loved going camping with my family. We started in a tent, moved up to a pop-up & of course when my 2 brothers & I grew up & moved out my parents bought a travel trailer. I never wenr on vacation with them after that but I would spend weekends with them at the campground they ended up staying at during the summers. And, I’m 54 & still call my Dad “Daddy”! Love you Daddy 🙂

  275. the best times with me dad were when we used to go to an a restaurant and eat just ice cream for dinner! (and we would tell my mom we ate a huge meal!)

  276. It has been 5 decades since I had heard from or even seen a photo of my father. I grew up not knowing my father. One day he found me in my home in Florida. He called and left a message. I heard my father’s voice on the phone for the very first time! I was numb. I called back the number. Oh my! There he was on the other end of the phone actually speaking to me. Our very first conversation. Imagine. How sweet of a voice he has. We made plans to actually meet face to face. Neither of us had a photo of each other so it was a bit of a challenge for me finding him at the airport. I recall passing by this man who seemed quite a bit anxious waiting for an arrival of a special someone as he was holding a beautiful bouquet of roses. Then it dawned on me. I had an Ah Ha Oprah moment, I think this man is my father waiting for me. I introduced myself to him. He said I am your father and commented in amazement at how much I resembled him. Guess what, that was my father waiting for my arrival. Finally, after all these years later. It was so so very emotional. It was a moment that cannot be put into words and to be treasured always. We keep in contact on a regular basis now. How special this first Father’s day will be.

  277. My dad is a father to 9 of us kids. We loved to go camping, however it was a chore to get 9 kids, mom, dad, gramma and 2 dogs to the camp ground. It meant multiple cars, lots of coolers, and long drives. So my dad being the thinker that he was, went out and bought a school bus. He pulled out half of the seats and converted the rear of the bus into a what we would now call a motor home, with out the lavatory. This way everyone could ride together we would sing songs and have a great time!

  278. I lost my dad, my best friend 29 years ago this July. He is always with me and I miss him each and everyday.
    Today I’d like to share with you my adopted dad. His name is Bill and he has been my neighbor for 25 years this summer. Bill & his wife Rose are always there for me, giving advise, bringing over home made hot dinners, snacks and just plain old love. Once they went to a cook-out and came home with a plate full of food including desert for me, I couldn’t go since I had to work. Bill always comes over to invite me to family holiday’s and birthday gathering. Bill sometimes will have surprised me by having my front yard mowed. When I forget to take out the trash cans Bill has done it. And one of the best thing he does is he always visits and brings treats for my four legged babies Zeus & Kona. Bills kids are going to be out of town this Fathers Day. And I would love to winner a free dinner for him. See I have already invited him & Rose to your Soup Plantation for lunch this Sunday, and I also lose my job. So when I opened up your web-site to see exactly how much lunch will cost, I came across this chance to maybe win a free dinner for my dad!

  279. I remember when our whole family used to go grocery shopping together. My dad and I would dance down the aisles to the music much to the chagrin of my mother. My daddy has been gone since 1981 and I miss him so much. Love you Daddy!

  280. I am 31 years old and have been married for 5 years now. I work a few blocks away from my parents house and every day at about 4:30 pm my dad brings me home made yogurt. He has gone as far as to bring me hot tea and cough drops when I’m under the weather. I always tell him that he doesn’t have to take care of me, but he always responds with “you are my daughter how can I not take care of you”

  281. My dad would wake up at 5 am every morning to make me breakfast sandwiches that to this day only he can make. Only after moving away from home the last few years have I realized how much I miss those sandwiches, the memory of my dad encouraging me to eat breakfast as I left for school each morning, and the love that went into making them!

  282. I must have been about 5 years old at the time and I was wild with excitement because we were going to the Circus! My mother was annoyed about something, as she usually was. I was excited and annoying her further, the edict came down – “one more time and you will NOT go to the Circus!” I don’t even remember what it was, but she called it as “one more time” and the circus was off…and I was banished to my room.

    A little while later my dad came in and said he had to run an errand and he needed me to come along because my mom had gone out. We got in the car and drove, what seemed like forever until we ended up downtown where we then parked and my dad took me into the Sports Arena. Spread out before me, in all its glory, were all three rings of the Ringling Bros., Barnum and Bailey Circus. Elephants and lions and people flying thought the air in spangled tights and ALL THREE RINGS going at once, so much to see I didn’t know where to look!

    I was scared though, and made him call my mother at intermission and tell her where we were. Boy, did he ever catch it when we got home!

    My dad will be 80 this December and my next birthday will be the big SIX OH; my own kids are grown now. But to this day I remember the time my dad busted me out of jail and took me to the Circus as if it happened yesterday.

    Thanks, Dad.

  283. My dad expresses his love through art. Every single year and for last 15 years I received birthday cards for me and my husband, new year cards, anniversary cards, congratulation cards… and you name it. Almost 150 + cards. The best thing is all these beautiful cards are handmade, done with so much care and love. He plans them long before and makes them and mail them in advance so I can receive them on time. Only one time when my mom died he was not in a situation to do it and he said, “Sorry kid I know it’s your birthday but you and I we both miss your mom so much.” and we both cried on phone.
    I cherish all I have from my old man. I am so grateful to have my dad, Love you so much.

  284. When I was in my first apartment, trying hard to support myself and go to college, the tires on my car were a bit threadbare & needed to be replaced. My parents had 3 other kids at home & were not well off. Even though my Dad would offer groceries or gas money, I always turned him down, knowing he had other responsibilities. This one time, I asked it I could borrow money to get tires for my car & he lent me his credit card to the local tire store. When I brought the money to repay him a short time later, he turned it down & told me ‘it’s all right, I’m glad I could help you.” I never forgot that he came through for me, when I needed help.

  285. The time I drove for my cool dad on the back roads under the storm and not being able to see out the windows, our Bug skittered over sandy curves until we came to pavement, and the rain ceased.. We were on our way to a family get-together.

  286. My dad isn’t the typical dad because she is also my mom. She deserves to celebrated on both mother’s and father’s day. I’ll always remember our trips to the grocery store. My brother and I would yell “drive like cruella”. So she would, and we’d all laugh our heads off.

  287. When I was eight I ran away from home, due to a bad grade in school. My Dad was a stern, no nonsense man, and I believed him when he said not to come home with a bad grade! I crossed inter-state highways and bridges. Several hours later I found myself outside my father’s work place, and after many hugs, he took me to a diner where I had my firest apple pie a-la-mode! Oh, and the police search was called off much to my mother’s and searching neighbor’s reliefs.

  288. My father passed away from lung cancer when I was 7 but my favorite memory of him was when I had told him in the hospital that one day he would take me to fly a kite in the park.

  289. When my dad hid behind a table and a golf cover tiger puppet popped up along the edge and started saying hello and dancing. I was in college.

  290. Our family is a pure hindu vegetarian family. My wife is so much religious that when it comes to eating out, she hesitates. She is doubtful that they might use the same spoon to serve us which they use for non-veg receipes. sO she never dines out. But when it comes to Souplantation, she is relaxed. Any occasion, be it a Diwali, New Year Day, Birthday or Anniverssary-we are sure to be at SOUPLANTATION.

  291. When I was 4 years old my dad was taking night classes at the local junior college. One night I didn’t want him to go, so as he walked down the hallway Iwrapped my whole body around his leg begging him not to go. He walked all the way to the front door with me hanging on, looked down and told me to get in the car. That night we went out for our first Daddy Daughter Date. He always made time for each of his SIX children… Poor guy had 5 girls. He is the best dad ever.

  292. From the age of 4 to 6, I remember whenever my father saw a claw machine, he’d stop by and pop in some quarters until he caught me a new stuffed toy. He’s the best!

  293. my fave memory of my dad is going fishing really early on Saturday mornings, he worked late and would take me the moment he got home in the morning, it is a tradition I carry on today!

  294. I remember growing up, my dad has always been funny and so sweet to not only his family, but everyone around him. My favorite memories of him involve us singing together, father and daughter. We both have singing in our hearts and that has always been something we can share. Some funny times have been when him, my sister and I, are cooking dinner and he would slap us in the face with whatever it is we were eating, whether it be fish or steaks, etc. This would always end in us trying to get him back for it for the rest of the night too! (: We rarely ever did. My dad will always be the most important guy in my life and I love him so much!

  295. I remember when my father use to take me everywhere he went because I was such a daddy’s girl. I remember my daddy was so happy the day he took me to Disney World. I think he acted more like a kid than I did. But most of all I remember what a great example he was to me and the love he showed me and the Love he had for the Lord.

  296. Every night before bed, when i was little, my dad and I would have a bowl of ice cream. We decided then that we were ice cream buddies, and even to this day we wear this title with honor. He’s the best ice cream buddy a girl could ever ask for. Who else could I have a ten minute conversation about ice cream with? Love my pops.

  297. My favorite memory with my dad is that he took the time to be with me as a young child. Whether it was teaching me how to floss properly, going to the movies and learning how to balance the popcorn bucket and the soda, to just sitting around talking. My dad, may not realize that all those times actually meant something to me. Each time, was a different experience, a different laugh that we shared all these moments were equally empowering.
    Thanks Dad!
    Colleen Voronel

  298. I remember the principal of our school calling my dad for permission to swat me for misbehaving, and my dad said no thanks, we’ll deal with my misbehavior at home in a calm and rational manner. I never acted up at school again.

  299. i can recall every saturday going with him to the office he ran and walking through while he sorted the mail and checked to make sure everything would be ready to go for the next monday. it was a lesson in hard work and dedication that has stayed with me my whole life. thanks dad.

  300. One of my favorite memories is when tried to help me learn a baton routine. I was five, and one trick meant passing the baton around your ankles while crouched like a frog. When he tried to help, the baton when flying. It broke a ceramic vase which then scratched the credenza. Mom was not pleased when she returned, but she had him show her the trick!


  301. I have always been so close to my parents, especially my dad. I learned at a young age that the only people you can trust are your family members; they’re the ones who will have your back no matter what and who will guard your secrets with their life. My dad and I often have long conversations in which he shared his words of wisdom and he frequently texts me quotations that he finds interesting or profound. However, aside from the loving relationship my father and I share, one memory in particular stands out. It was the evening of one of our signature long conversations on the couch. He told me of his struggle in moving to America alone with little money, leaving his tight-knit family behind in a war-ridden country. He wanted a better life for his kids, having been injured simply driving home and having lost a sibling in the war raging in his country back home. That night he taught me the significance of the American dream and the ability to persevere in order to attain one’s goals. My dad exemplified to me that anything is truly possible if you work hard and truly put forth the effort and it is this hope that I carry with me through life today.

  302. The best memory of my dad is that he bought me a great gift or treat whenever I achieved something! Being a vegetarian, my dad used to dangle many CARROTS (being a Vegetarian) (sometimes CARROTS literally in my face to get the point across!) in front of me to motivate me to achieve great/difficult things!!! He used to get me the best things and of course take me to my favorite vegetarian restaurants (like “THE SWEET TOMATO”) to get me the great tasting vegetarian dishes! On my asking, my dad allowed me to compete in his Departmental Annual Sports Competitions which enabled me to become a Department Sports Champion in multiple Sports beating many adults in Tennicot, Badminton, and Chess etc. In spite of his short comings (like any dad or human being in this world), MY DAD IS THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! I AM VERY PROUD OF HIM, EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT ALIVE TODAY!

    Being currently unemployed (and struggling to pay rent and utility bills), the 4 free meal passes from Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes will help us during our current financial situation to celebrate my dad’s life in the most appropriate way, on the most appropriate day i.e., the FATHERS DAY at his favorite restaurant “THE SWEET TOMATO”. It will be more appropriate because, I am a father myself of 2 beautiful children, who wants to be a GREAT FATHER/DAD for his kids and pass on all the good things and values that he learned from my dad to his kids like eating healthy at “THE SWEET TOMATO” for life, truthfulness, sincerity, hard work, gratefulness etc.!

  303. My memories of my dad included helping me ride my bike with training wheels, taking me to go-cart tracks, and taking me to the video arcade.

  304. My parents rented a house in Port St. Lucy, Florida for an Easter vacation get together with all four of us kids and grandkids invited. We were all out in the backyard relaxing. My dad had taken his slippers off and they were near his chair on the grass. My daughter Kelly, who was about 20 months old and a tiny blonde sprite, came along and slipped her tiny princess feet into my dad’s slippers and struggled across the grass with them. They were almost as long as she was tall! She looked a bit like she was attempting to ski with two canoes on her feet! My dad just roared with laughter! In fact, he laughed so hard he cried! I bet he laughed a good five minutes at least! His laughter was so contagious, we were all laughing at him, as well as the adorable, funny sight my daughter made. I loved to hear my dad laugh, and when I think about this occasion I can still hear him and see his smiling face. He left us for a better home in heaven January 1st. He always said on the phone, miss you and love you before he hung up. I miss him so much. Love you Dad!

  305. My favorite memory was how my Dad taught me to sail the boat by myself…!He jumped out of the boat as we were moving along through the water. I had to quickly put into practice what he had been telling me. But the great part was knowing that he trusted me. I look forward to seeing Dad in heaven, he died 14 years ago. I Love You Dad!

  306. My dad was a golf fanatic and it was his lifelong dream to be able to go to Augusta National, walk the course, and attend the Masters golf tournament. Nine years ago I was able to secure two one day passes and we drove all the way from South Florida and spent a couple of days in Augusta together and go to the tournament. He was like a little kid in a candy store and was wide eyed with the biggest smile I have ever seen as we walked the course. It is the most treasured memory I have with my dad.

  307. Late one night,after returning home from a birthday party across the street, my father sat down in his recliner to catch his breath. As I came around the corner of the hall I could see him sitting there. I told him that I loved him. Then he had a cerebral hemorrhage and let out a death moan that shook the house. He was dead in an instant. Took the ambulance 40 minutes to get there, as they could not find the house. I was 8 years old.

  308. I have too many favorite memories of my dad because he is the man. One that come to mind is this. He loves to boat. We once got him to tie a towel on his head like a cabana girl and he kept it on while wakeboarding. Yes my dad is 61 and wake boards, water skis, snow skus double black diamonds, runs marathons, road bikes,backpacks, long boards, etc. He is the coolest.

  309. I have many great memories of my father, he was my Dad, my Buddy and my Best Friend. We lived in Chicago not far from the lake front and I would pester my father to ride our bikes along the lake after dinner. My father always worked a 12 hour day and was most likely very tired but always took me riding along the lake front. Now here is the best part, after about 30 minutes of riding I would be tired and not able to peddle back home so dear old Dad would miraculously come up with this piece of rope that he would tie to my handle bars and pull me back home. With me in tow he always made it back home to enjoy a bowl of ice cream together. My Dad was a very caring person and always helped everyone that needed help, no matter if they were old or young. I owe my success in life to my Dad for teaching me how to treat others. LOVE YOU DAD!

  310. Every weekend my Dad would play blackjack with my sister and I. He would tell us to get our huge jar of change out and we would play for pennies. Though at first it seemed he let us win most of the money, as time went on my sister and got the hang of the game. It was fun!

  311. I have lots of amazing memories with my dad. He has the funniest stories about his childhood. He’d make up songs about things we’d drive past and would say eulogies for the roadkill. Laughter was always present in my childhood. He was always outside with us. Taught us about cars, hunting, fishing, kickball, bike rides, and much more. I am blessed to have such a good father, who gave me wonderful memories. The best memories are not over though. Now, my favorite memories are watching my Dad be Papa and giving my children the memories that fill my heart with love.

  312. Sadly my dad passed away April 19 of this year. This will be my first father’s day without him. I visited him in the days before he died. He was not able to see very well and not able to hear much at all. Before I left that day, I laid my head on his chest and said Dad I Love You! He replied, I love you too sweetheart. And I knew that he knew that it was me. I will always treasure that moment. He passed before I was able to see him again.

  313. My dad has always been the best but I have one great story!! When I was a little girl my parents were in the den watching “ON GOLDEN POND” I was on the couch and they thought I was half asleep and not paying attention as I was so little! Well when my dad put me to bed that night he said goodnight I love you and I preceded to repeat what I heard on tv not knowing what it meant. I said “Goodnight you son of a bitch”!! Little kids will repeat anything!! We always laugh now!

  314. I lost my dad when I was 16 years old. He was only 46 when he died in 1998. He had a carefree attitude and spark about him that pegged him to be much younger at heart. His name was David W. Smith and he was a wonderful father. He worked so hard for our family and very often without thanks or recognition. Although he was very stern, he was also, what some would call, a “gentle giant”. One of my most fond memories of my dad is that he loved to cook. My sisters and I would poke fun of him about his dishes that didn’t quite turn out well and praise him for his amazing dishes. His favorite delectable creation? …BBQ Pork. And not just a small slab of meat…the WHOLE PIG! He and a couple of his buddies would slow roast an ENTIRE pig over an open fire a couple times a year. Our entire family looked forward to the day all year. Over the years he developed, what he called, “Dave’s Secret Sauce”. It was basically a mustard-based BBQ sauce, but it was wonderful. It was truly a secret, not even my mother new the true recipe. He took the recipe to his grave and to this day, we still have friends and family members asking for the sauce and recipe. I miss my dad so much. But its memories like these that make me smile. Watching him do what he loved to do is a great memory.

  315. Dad taught me to ride a bike, but I wasn’t a very confident student. I was afraid of crashing! He would hold onto the back of the bike and jog along behind me, assuring me I was doing fine even though I didn’t want him to let go. One day I looked over and he was jogging alongside me … I was riding on my own! And what happened? I was so surprised that I promptly crashed!

  316. When we lived in Chicago my Dad would take my brother and me to Lincoln Park and teach us how to play running bases with a softball. It was good exercise and taught us sportsmanship.

  317. My dad came home from work every day at 6 to 7. Our family dog would get up around 5:30 and wait by the back door. As soon as my dad drove the car in and closed the back yard gate, we would let the dog out and they would walk to the back door together, the dog gnawing gently on his hand the whole time. After he passed away, she still sat by that back door waiting for him for years.

    I love my day and that dog too.

  318. One of my favorite memories with my Dad, is when I was about 5 and he took me fishing at night for the very first time. I had never been fishing period, but wanted to go, because was (and still am) a Daddy’s girl. Well we went out on the dock me with my Mickey Mouse fishing pole, him with his higher end fishing pole. He baited my hook for me and no sooner had a cast my line than I had a bite. This happened several times, the last time being when I caught a squid. I freaked out both when it inked, and then even more when my Dad cut it up to use for bait. When he saw how badly i freaked out he walked me back down the peir bought me an icecream and just let me sit and talk with him. Then this big man, who when people first meet him are generally intimidated, picked up my Mickey Mouse fishing pole and started trying to fish with it! He said that he figured the fish liked Mickey Mouse……..needless to say we did not have fish for dinner that night or the next. If you have ever heard the Trace Adkins song “Fishing” that describes my Dad and I any time I went fishing with him. 🙂

  319. Me and my dad trying to build the most layered and organized salad , and having pumpikin cobbler stash for two months frozen for whenever cravings

  320. My dad taught me great lessons in stewardship. When I was 7 years old we would go to the mall and he would give me a quarter to spend at the local department store. Ten cents was to spend, ten was for savings and 5 was for Sunday School. I learned to be frugal and giving and have never forgotten that lesson. I’m now a pastor and financial planner who works with people struggling with unemployment and budgets. All his lessons and disciplines continue to guide my thoughts. Thanks Dad. You were the best!

  321. the most memorable time with my dad is when i used to help him delivered real-estate books on sunday. we would stop at one of the offices and had our lunch, we would passed by Santa Monica beach, go to Beverly Hills’ garage sale, etc…etc…
    He passed away in 1996 and I miss him. Rest in peace Dad till Jesus come.

  322. Be true to thy self….. and en-JOY life; these were the best life lessons from my father. I live a happy and contented life because of my ‘free spirit’. One of my favorite memories is going to the movies – once a year! We lived in the country and had limited resources, but, every year we went to the movie theater. And every year it was to see the same movie, Gone With The Wind.

  323. Some of my best memories with my dad were actually at Souplantation. We would go as a family, and I remember it being my favorite restaurant because I always got exactly what I wanted. I would grab a tray and a plate and shimmy along the salad bar only stopping at the things I liked to wait for my dad to scoop it onto my plate since I wasnt tall enough. The pizza, chicken noodle soup, and mini ice cream comes were perfectly suited for a 7 year old. Now that I am 27 and working, its hard to make the time but I still make the efffort to meet my dad at Souplantation for a quick and yummy meal. Thanks for the memories!

  324. Christmas Eve in 1956 found mom and dad and I at my aunt Deloris’s house in southern Illinois. It was aunt Deloris’s turn to prepare the holiday meal for her three siblings and their offspring. At of the blue, uncle Bo (current county supervisor) mentioned that six families just added to the welfare rolls in the county were not going to have a good Christmas.
    A plan was quickly hatched to go around to neighboring farmers and solicit canned goods (the kind in mason jars), and other various foods including twelve “live” chickens. Many of the farmers also gave money so we could buy foodstuffs to complete the six Christmas’ meals.
    The Mom & Pop store reopened for uncle Bo, and our plan seemed to be going well. Oh, did I forget that my father drew the short straw and he had to wear the Santa Suit all day.
    Off we go to deliver our bounty. First four families – no problem. Last two revealed a major flaw in our plan. These two had children; small children. Children that were excited to see Santa on Christmas Eve. I want a dolly, I want army men, I want a tricycle! Each of the four children sat on my dad’s lap and grinned from ear to ear. My dad stated “I’ll see what I can do.”. Tears streaming down my dad’s face, he ordered uncle Bo to drive to town because Santa had some shopping to do. “The stores all closed hours ago.” my uncle said. A brick through the store window will solve that little problem. “Not necessary”, my uncle Oliver said. He let it be known that all the needed toys were currently under the tree for his kids at his house. We would go get them and distribute accordingly. It was after midnight before our day’s work was done. The adults in the two houses awoke and come outside to hug my dad – more tears.
    I had never seen this soft side of my ex-pro boxer, macho dad. I was so proud of his humanity and care for others. Love you Dad – see you in heaven.

  325. Maybe 40 years ago…I was sitting and eating chicken with my father. He had to get up and go to the bathroom. So he said to me…” Don’t let the Cat get my chicken!” Well, as soon as he left….Ihid his plate and put a clean plate with chicken BONES and the CAT at his char!! And waited for the Fireworks! He exploded when he returned and saw the cat eating what he thought was his chicken! Those were GREAT times.

  326. When my daughter was 4 years old my husband was staring at her in awe over how big she had gotten. She turns to him and says “daddy why are you staring at me” , he replied “I just love you so much, that’s all”. She She looked at him and said “I love you too daddy but I’m not staring at you”, in her cute little sarcastic 4 year old voice.

  327. When I was little, my father used to carry me on his shoulders up steep, cement steps to our house. One day, he lost his footing, and as I rode on his shoulders, he contorted and twisted every which way to prevent me from being hurt. It was difficult, but he managed to take the fall for me so that I wouldn’t get one scratch! Then there was the time in middle school when a boy was bothering me at the bus stop. One day, unbeknownst to me, my father had quietly followed me to my stop. When the boy began bothering me, my father appeared out of nowhere with my “forgotten” lunch. The boy never bother me again. My father is my hero!

  328. My father has always been my rock growing up. I remember that growing up whenever I had a problem with just feeling down, boyfriend trouble, or anything. He was always there for me. He was always there when I needed him. He is always that shoulder I can cry on.

  329. My husband ‘s birthday -we had a glorious relaxed night and added a candle to the sugar free mousse !

  330. My father was an oldies DJ, with a VERY extensive record collection. He tortured us with obscure songs from the 40s thru the 60s while driving in circles in our court in front of our house while blaring the radio. All of the neighbors would watch thru the windows, the kids would laugh. I never told him but I had to try really hard to pretend it wasn’t funny! After all I was 12 and too cool for that 🙂

  331. My dad is a big, tall man and I remember he used to let me stand on his feet and we’d dance and walk around the house that way. I loved being close to him and feeling like he would protect me.

  332. I’m retired AF and married my British-born sweetheart 36 years ago this past week. When I retired from active duty and we moved to FL, I brought over my mother & father-in-law to stay with us in our rented house for 3 months while our house was built. He was a retired carpenter and spent a lot of time at the building site comparing British work methods to US construction methods. Many times, during lunch breaks and such, my wife’s dad would sit and talk to the young, mostly journeyman carpenters and “joiners” how to do things more efficiently. At first, the building manager wasn’t sure this was a good idea. Then, after 2 weeks or so, realized that the work was going a little quicker and there were less problems that needed to be fixed. Finally, the manager told me…5 more workers like your father in law on my team and I can double my workload and my profits. He actually gave us a coupon for a free dinner when we closed on the house to show his appreciation for the free training my father-in-law had provided his work force.

  333. My sister and I received a huge stuffed animal every Christmas. My treasured memory is the Christmas before my dad passed away and I was 16. I turned to him to thank him for my gift and even then he said, “I didn’t give it to you, Santa did.” I will always treasure that memory and it is one of the reasons that I love giving gifts at Christmas.

  334. My father was dismissed from his job he held for the last 20 years. Our family was in disrepair after this horrible news. I remember my own personal night of worry began the night my father gathered my familyaround the kitchen table and informed us that we would have to to cut back, but that he would find a new job in no time so there was no need to worry. I remember not sleeping that entire night. I can distinctly remember my fathers heavy footsteps pacing the hallway outside of my room. I woke with the sun striking my face, not realizing that i fell asleep. My father was standing in front of me telling me to wake up and grab a bathing suit and sun block. We were headed to laguna beach for the day. I can still remember the rush of that morning everyone running around getting sandwhiches packed and towels being folded into bags. The sun was so warm and bright that day when we finally arrived at the beach. The ennticement of the cool water was strong. I remember racing my dad as we both dived into the sea. At least for that day. There was no sense of worry, only the happiness of the laughter and play. That is my favorite memory of my father because it was the day i realized how much he loved hos family. That despite the problems that lied ahead, he would make sure that we were all happy despite what circumstances we faced.

  335. My most special memory was watching my Dad at 85 yrs old learning to play the guitar. He was being taught by his granddaughter . He was very dying with cancer but he was going to learn. He taught me that you are never to old to do something you truly want to do.

  336. My father would take me to the Saturday afternoon movies weekly. It was a good shared time for both of us.

  337. When I was 17 I played in a Rock and Roll Group. After play all evening at a High School Sock Hop, I loaded up my muscial equipment and my girl friend into my mom’s 1965 Chevy Nova. It had snowed that evening and I hadn’t noticed that I had earlier pulled into the parking lot with my front wheels up against the concrete wheel stop as it was now covered with snow. As I started up the car and put it in gear, the car leaped forward and ‘jumped” the wheel stop. The car was now hopelessly stuck on top of the concrete wheel stop and makeing an awfull high pitched screeming noise. Since it had snowed I had no rear traction to back off and everyone else had already left. I had to call my dad from a pay phone at 12:30am. He drove 25 miles to this remote High School to pull me off the wheel stop. It was then we learned that upon jumping the wheel stop I had bent the fly wheel cover up and against the fly wheel. Dad had to crawl under the car, in the snow at below zero temperatures and remove the cover thus stoping the screaming sound. I was told to drive on home and he, my dad, would drive my girl friend home. We really never discussed the matter any further. I quess he felt that I had endured enough humiliation.

  338. My favorite moments with my dad are just spending time with him anywhere. Now that I am in college I do not get to spend as much time with him as I want so I am at a point in my life where every moment with him is something special and I am grateful for everything he has done for me.

  339. My father has been a life coach and mentor for all my 22 years despite the fact that we have a congenital eye disease (Aniridia) that impairs our vision to worse than legally blind and has been the forerunner of medical operations for possible correction of parts of the vision. All the memories, successes, and pleasures I have today are because of his influence. From the time I can remember anything he instilled in me a deeply rooted relationship with our LORD Jesus Christ, interpersonal skills, hard work, love, meekness, integrity, mathematics, responsibility, organization, and financial literacy. One particular memory that was unique in our family was his humorous moments when out of the blue he would say pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. To this day I know the longest word because of him. However, there are many more examples. Traveling around the United States (40 states, living only in one) and tourism to Israel and Jordan when I was ten. Going to Disney World twice. Now walking in his footsteps by attending Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration just like he did 3 decade ago, except he does not have to pay anything towards my higher education. Finally, as of today we are working together to accomplish the work necessary to keep our property looking good just like we did all my life. HAPPY Father’s Day Dad. Thank you for liking Sweet Tomatoes so I can have my huge salad at least once a week. “Seven days without salad makes one weak.”

  340. My favorite memory of my daddy was when he saved my life. I was only 4 but the memory sticks to me like how two magnets stick to each other. I was very naive at the time and knew that nothing bad was going to happen. Well lets just say I was definitely wrong:(

    It was a cool summer morning and my dadyd and I were going to go bike riding. The wind was slowly cooling off our faces as we were going up the hill. As we got to the hill I looked at my puny old Teletubbies bicycle in remorse due to the fact that it was decrepit and had really no use. Although, I was very very jubilant because I was going to be with my daddy. I was at the top of the hill and my daddy was behind me. I told my daddy to hurry up so we could hold hands while riding down. (He knew that holding hands would not be save but he did quicken his pace.) In fact I tried to reach my hand out to him. BIG MISTAKE. Before I knew it my small, minature feet left the concrete and i started speeding down the steep, sinister hill. Ahead was a big lake that I knew if I went in, life would be over. I closed my eyes and started to cry. Then everything stopped and I saw my daddy on the hard concrete floor bleeding perfusely with a grin on his face and I myself just had a few bruses. He had jumped in front of my bike just to save me.

    That afternoon, he got around twenty to thirty stiches, wihch covered his entire body. I overheard the doctor telling my daddy that he would most likely start to encounter heart problems due to the accident .He also said that if my daddy hadn’t stopped the bike I would have died. At the time I was naive and hopeless. Although, even though I had these characteristics I knew two things for sure: My daddy is and will always be my hero.

  341. I remember one day when my dad checked me out of school early totally out of the blue. I was about 10 years old…. only time he ever did that before or after that day. He took me Christmas shopping. It was extra cool that he didn’t take my brother. He said he wanted a special day with just me!

  342. I will always remember going fishing with my father in the Keys when I was a child. We used to go 2x a month and it was some of the best times I ever had. He is the greatest dad one could ever hope to have. Happy Father’s Day!!!!

  343. My father was very fond of hiking and eating fresh food. We lived in montain region and he would take all of us for hiking many times a year. One of the hiking trip it started raining and every body wanted to stop hiking and rest but my father kept on hiking and ofcorse all of us followed him. When we came to a lake , there was a big rainbow which all of us enjoyed and my father said this is the reward of following on father’s foot step.When we came back to town, he said if you follow me to eat , you would love the food more than you loved rainbow and he took us to sweet tomatoes.

  344. When I was around 7 my dad first took me to tapioca express one evening. That’s where I feel in love with their watermelon juice. After my dad figured out I loved that drink the next day I looked into our fridge seeing 10 cups of them. I knew I couldn’t finish them before they spoiled,but it Ew the thought that counts. LOVE MY DADDY ^_____^

  345. Much to my parents dismay I moved away from home at the age of 17 to live with my soon to be husband in Fort Campbell, Tennessee. Not too long after I got pregnant. We lived in a 1 bdrm, furnished apartment without air conditioning. Temps were in 100’s that summer and I was miserable.
    The summer before I left home my Dad installed “used” air conditioning units in the bedrooms and I was in heaven. I remember telling my Dad that I would never be without air conditioning for the rest of my life.
    When our daughter was born in September I called my Mom to tell her about her new Granddaugher and she said “I will tell your Father but don’t expect to hear from him”. Well, I did hear from him. Very early the next morning there was a knock at the back door and behind that door was my Dad. He drove all night from Chicago to come see his new Granddaughter and he brought me an air conditioner. You see, my Dad worked 10+ hours/day in a factory Monday-Friday and during the summer months he also worked as a landscaper on weekends to support me and my 9 brothers & sisters. He didn’t even change out of his dirty work clothes that Friday when he left to come visit us. I’ll never forget what he told me as he was installing the unit for us “no matter how mad you get me, Daddy will always take care of his big girl and his new baby girl”. I am now 56 years old and lost my dad over 10 years ago and to this day I still think of him as my own Superman.

  346. In the winter my dad would tie up a saucer sled to the back of a 4-wheeler and drive us around the block, ramping over piles of snow. It sounds incredibly dangerous, but it was so much fun! None of us kids ever got hurt.

  347. I took my dad to Sweet Tomatoes for his first Father’s Day as a pop-pop. My son was about six months old and the staff was so accommodating.

  348. My greatest memory was when my dad took my siblings and I camping as a kid. He thought it was important to teach us about the great Colorado outdoors, and to appreciate the creation God had made.

  349. Best time with Dad? Lived in sunny California. Went to the beach. I didn’t know how to swim. Older brother could. Saw the fun they were having. My Dad picked me up, took me out in the water & taught me how to swim that day. Best day of my life shared with my Dad.

  350. My father was a computer programmer-beginning in the 1960’s. Probably one of my favorite memories is when he worked after regular hours.. We only had one car, so we would have to go pick him up sometime during the night. (My brother & I would have to wake up) Sometimes My father would tell me what to type on the keyboard and stuff would print out. I thought I was really working!

  351. My Dad would keep us little ones busy and out of moms hair when camping. He took up hot dog hunting. He would go 10 minutes before our walk in the woods and put hot dogs on limbs of trees for us to find and bring back to camp to eat. Best meal ever.

  352. Pop knew he was going to have a teenage son on his hands, so he started teaching me to drive SAFELY when I was nine (way out in the country on back roads.) He started teaching me many other things when I was even younger: “Son, pick up your feet,or you wear out your shoes too fast”, “Son, wipe your feet well before going into the house; Mom works hard to keep a clean house”, “Son, open the door for the lady”, “Son, if you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it!”, “Here, son, take this flower in to Mom, and you’ll get a big ‘ol kiss and hug!”. He was my best friend/instructor for the first twenty years of my life, and yet, when one of his co-workers said that he had a good son, I heard him say,”Yes, his mother is raising him right.”

  353. My dad always tried hard to make things special when my mom was working on the weekends. He whipped up his specialty – hamburger helper! – and let us get away with murder!

  354. No one, but no one could tell a story from their real life like my Dad could. He made the most common things interesting, and made us children want to do things properly in life, as his stories always had a real life moral to them. We were lucky to have such an interesting way to learn!

  355. Dad and I have played and laughed together for all of my 53 years. He is my favorite man on earth. Many, many years ago, just hangin out in the family room one satruday afternoon, Dad found a small game marble in the cushion of the couch which turned into an impromtu game of “hide the marble”. We took turns hiding the marble between our fingers, behind our ear, in our hair, toes, knees etc., but after many rounds, I was stumped. Couldn’t find that marble on Dad anywhere. As I searched every appropriate and exposed inch of his body – his laughter turned to snorting. Once I “gave up,” Dad pointed to his nose and yep, way up in his right nostril was a bright yellow marble. Problem was, his extreme laughter caused the marble to get too deep and now, he couldn’t get it out – causing even harder laughter, then panic. After an hour the decision was made that we had to take my 40 year old father to the emergency room to have the marble removed. Doctors and nurses laughed hard his conundrum but were experts at removing lodged items from human noses. difference today, they said, was that the average patient receiving such treatment was only 2-3 years old. Then they gave him a lollipop. I don’t know that I have ever been that embarassed in my life, but he’s still my favorite, funny guy. Happy Father’s Day Dad. Kimberly


  357. My dad likes to crack silly jokes that are, unfortunately, not too humorous. This is especially awkward when guests are around.

    I remember one time when my sister’s boyfriend joined us for dinner for the first time. My dad shared a joke and, like always, immediately started bawling with laughter. My sister’s boyfriend facial expression showed almost utter shock. My sister and I could tell he was trying to figure out how the joke was funny and whether or not to join in with fake laughter. Of course, he joined in (he was courteous and it was the first dinner). That’s when my sister and I met each other’s gaze and started laughing…You are so awesome, dad!

  358. After I had my first child, I suffered from “baby blues.” After 3 weeks of feeling sad and trying to figure out how to be a mom, my husband took me and his brand new little girl to Souplantation—our first outing with our little one and the first time I had been to the restaurant. 13 years and 3 kids later, my husband still delights in taking his wife and children to Souplantation! It has a become a staple of our family, and a tradition that I’m sure will continue beyond our generation! I love telling my kids the story of our first trip to Souplantation-their dad is a hero!

  359. During the summer when we were too young to have real responsibilities but old enough to get bored, my father would take one of us with him to work. He was a milk delivery man and went all over town bringing milk and cheese to hundreds of people. They were always very glad to see him. I thought it was amazing that my daddy had so many good friends. Later I figured out that they were just glad to get their milk. However, when my father died many years later, there were an unbelievable number of people who either came to the funeral or sent flowers and cards. Maybe he really did have that many friends after all.

  360. My fondest memories of my dad were birthdays and after-dinner time. I was born on my dad’s birhtday and my mom would always get us a cake shaped like a large book with each of our names on the pages. We would sit down to eat cale and he’d always say (after opening his gifts) that I was the Best present he could ever have. We would then sit in his chair and read books (or he’d read to me) together. I really miss those times but I am so grateful because he gave the best gift ever…….a love of reading which I still enjoy to this day!

  361. I remember sitting at the dining room table with my Dad while he drew pictures for me. I must have been 3 or 4 at the time and thought he was a great artist – probably because he would draw pictures of a little wagon like the one my twin sister and I had at the time. That was another favorite activity – the two of us sitting in that little wagon with our Dad pulling the wagon all over the neighborhood. He got plenty of exercise that way!

  362. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have 4 kids. As many other Dads, he never liked changing diapers, but he had to help with the chore couple times. Good thing is that on those few occasions, the boy got him by surprise peeing in an arch aimed straight to him. I love the memory!!

  363. One of my favorite memories of my father was a couple years ago when I walked into the kitchen and found my Dad with his head down taping a Pringles can lid to his chest. I asked him what he was doing and he guiltily looked up at me like he was caught, then proceeded to stand up and yell “I. AM. IRON MANNNN!” Haha! He might be 52 but he is 10 years old at heart!

  364. One of my favorite memories of my father was attending his high school graduation when he was 45 years old. He joined the military at 17 and went to war. I am so proud of my father to put his education as a priority in his life and as an example to his children and grandchildren.

  365. One of my greatest memories with my Dad was riding in his 64 corvette with my sister in the back laying down since it was a two seater and we would sing to the “I Love You” song of the mid 70’s

  366. Dad used to warm up my arm with winter green before I was to pitch in the midget baseball league, light the fire so I could throw smoke. One no-hitter for a 9 year old….ME

    Try ,mixing chowder and the mushroom soup!

  367. One of my fondest memories with my Dad was every winter, when the snow was at least 2 feet deep, my Dad would have me call all my friends and if permission was given by my friends parents, we would all climb into the family station wagon and go to the park to go tubing in the snow down the steepest hill we could climb. After a couple of hours, we would all climb exhaustedly back into the station wagon, go back to my house and try to watch a comedy on the VCR. Usually after 30 minutes we would all be found asleep with the TV watching us because me and my friends had enjoyed such a wonderful time !!! This became the neighborhood winter sensation and soon us kids would love for the schools to call off for a “Snow Day” because we knew these would turn out to be the best days of winter !!!

  368. Two things come to mind. My dad was a do it yourselfer, including working on the brakes of his van. I got to be his helper, pumping the brake pedal and holding it down as dad blead the brakes. My legs were exhausted from pumping, but those were good father/daughter times. The last time was when he asked me to care for him through hospice care. The night that he passed away, he was laying on sofa, his breaths became a longer interviles, a hazy circle appeared above him, but no one but the two of us were in the dark livingroom. Then he took three short breaths and was gone. I miss you dad, with love, Shirl

  369. I am a just recently a single mother of a 5 and 6 year old who has never been close with my father. I have been caring for them for years alone anyway as a stay-at-home mom because my ex husband was gone in the army. Without the financial support it’s been hard as I really hadn’t had any life experience prior. We Married young and had kids young. It’s been extremely hard and some days I wish someone would take care of me instead of me doing all the caring all the time. Well I recently posted on FB asking if anyone had a washer and dryer so I could do at least one load of laundry. I didn’t even have money for one load at my apartments. A friend’s dad responded with gather all the laundry you have and meet me at the laundromat. We sat and talked about our kids and being parents (it’s weird I’m friends with his daughter but she is a lot younger than me but I am much younger than him lol). He recently lost one of his daughters and I think it helps him to help his daughter’s friend’s out – he does it quite a bit. It meant a lot to have someone not even related care for me like I was.

  370. my daddy is my hero wen I was in kinder garden my dad told me of the time when he was a volunteer fire fighter also told me from the time I was an infant that what ever I wanted to be when I grew up so we had an assignment to draw a picture of what wanted to be and I drew a picture of a firefighter so he told me if when I turned 16 I wanted to be a fire fighter he would join with me so I could be a hero like him

  371. When I was 13 years old, my dad taught me how to drive in our family’s avocado green station wagon. We lived near a dry lake bed, so he took me out there for my first driving lesson. I could barely see over the steering wheel and my toes barely reached the gas and brake pedals! As I buckled myself into the driver’s seat, my father scared the daylights out of me by suddenly yelling “WATCH OUT FOR THAT TELEPHONE POLE!!!” I jumped and gave a little scream, then asked him what the heck he was talking about. He said he was just getting it out of his system before we were actually moving LOL!

  372. My dad taught me a lot for my life in survival. He taught me how to drive at a young age , even let me drive the camper on vacations. Wasn’t even old enough to drive. Brought me up with respect and honor. And always to be courteous to others. I miss him a lot. love ya dad.

  373. Those were the old good days when you are young and part of Dad’s day to day activities. All your learning starts with the little things from Dad speak, act, laugh, run, play you name it , it starts with Dad interaction.He plans every task of mine well before and makes my day perfect.We cherish all we have from my dad.Happy Father’s Day Dad. Infact every day is father day. Enjoy the special occasion.

  374. My favorite memories are when my dad would play monster with his five children. He would roll on the carpet saying “I’m the monster” and we would jump on him as he tried to grab us. Then he would tickle us and make us roll with him. Boy those were the days !!!!!!!

    I also remember when my boyfriend at the time called and said he would be over. Since he was down the street volunteering at the neighborhood school , he decided to walk to the house. Well he did and saw my dad outside working in the yard, so he walked past the house not one by two times afraid to come to the house. When my dad when inside, my boyfriend decided to come up to the house and knocked on the door. Surprise my dad opened up the door and asked him “what do you want” . My boyfriend could not speak and asked if I was home….my dad then slammed the door in his face and said to me “Joy some boy is downstairs for you”. Boy was a cracking up……

  375. I remember going to the market was probably not much fun for my dad trying to keep two hyper children in check. He came up with the brilliant idea and decided to play bury me under the food in the grocery cart. I was thrilled to play along, while my brother and Dad threw in bags of chips, and sodas galore atop my body. What a fun new game I thought, before I knew it, I was up to my eyeballs in canned goods. While they unloaded the food through the checkout line the startled cashier was shocked to reveal a child’s head in the cart.

    Needless to say, it was the best market trip ever!!

  376. When I was younger, my dad always left to work and I always enjoyed hearing the sound of his motorcycle of him coming back home. He would always come home with a small bag in his hand and give me a cup of jello. When I got older I decided to treat him out to lunch, and I always chose souplantation. Everytime I went I always got a small bowl of jello and I smile everytime because of the happy memories it brings me.

  377. My favorite memory with my dad was running our very first marathon together. We couldn’t walk the next day, but it was sure worth the memories

  378. One of my favorite memories with my dad is when we took a trip to Virginia together. We went in the spring, when the mountains and valleys were singing with life; poppies and wildflowers everywhere. It was wonderful; just the two of us. We stopped at a little diner nestled in a valley. We got lost for awhile that day, but it didn’t matter. We were just enjoying being alive. There were no time limits, no worries. It felt wonderful to just feel like a kid again. And to let him be “Dad”. We finished the day by taking a little hiking trail to the highest point of the Skyline Drive. We we were breathless and exhausted, but just watching the sunset as Dad and kid made it every bit worth it. Thanks, Dad.

  379. My dad worked two jobs when we were little and when he came home from his weekend jod in NYC he would always bring us Dairy Queen,we used to wait up for him..he died wat to early 55 ,but wish he was here to see my five grandkids…loved the cherry dipped cones…

  380. i remember getting up at 4am for opening day of trout season to go fishing with my dad til the day he died ( i was 13 )

  381. Seeing my dad as “Pop-Pop” to my girls brings back all sorts of childhood memories. We see him at least once a week, and he is usually ready with a scavenger hunt, often ending with money buried in the sandbox (which I do tease him is a very grandfatherly thing to do).

  382. My favorite dad memory is going to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play. Although they are still the underdog, we’d still go to several games every year, sit in the stands, drink soda, eat hot dogs, and have a wonderful afternoon.

  383. My dad was father to seven children and am his 6th child. He served in WWII and started his family when he returned from the war. Even though he had me a little later in life, he still gave me my all time favorite piggyback rides as a child. What I didn’t know at the time was that he did so even though he was in tremendous pain as he had been shot several times in the back during the war. He had actually received 2 purple hearts for his bravery. He was the strongest man I ever knew and never complained, even through his battle with cancer. I love to share stories of my dad with my son and daughter. I wish we all could have had more with him. He is terribly missed and forever adored.

  384. My Dad wanted to be the photographer at my small wedding in the family living room. But after he walked me down the “aisle” I gave him a big hug and he started crying. So there aren’t many photos of the ceremony!

  385. The best memories I have of my dad are when I was younger about 7 or so. My dad loves the outdoors and he took me and my sis to a fishing camping trip. We rented a big motor home and traveled many miles to get to this camp spot. It was pretty popular for fishing. This was the first time my mom did not come with us so it was only me my sis and my dad. He showed us how to fish and how to rough it in the outdoors. I did not like putting the worm on the fishing hook so I used the stinky cheese.
    It was so much fun I will never forget. Dad I love you !! Happy fathers Day

  386. I have a recent memory of my stepfather that I will remember forever. He is usually a very quiet and unemotional guy. Not that he doesn’t feel them but he doesn’t generally show them. Recently he told me about how some friends honored him at an event and when he described it he started choking up quite a bit. He was honored and humbled by these friends because they were folks who didn’t make a lot of money yet they treated him to a very special retirement party and paid for all of it themselves. My stepfather is a good man and I’ve always been in awe of him and this just really hit my heart.

  387. Just one of so many favorite moments was the day my Dad departed this reality. We never felt as
    close as that day. I miss my Daddy everyday. I LOVE you Dad. Your loving son Shelly

  388. Back when I was a child , my dad worked all the time….but every now and then he would get a Sunday off and he would tell us to go get in the car and he was going to take us someplace special. So off we would go in the family car, for a drive in the country and we would wonder where we would end up! We always found ourselves at this little TASTEE FREEZE restraunt in Burlington, Michigan. He would go in and get our food to go. He would get us burgers, fries and chocolate shakes!!! Mmmmm! Then we would go down to the city park and have our picnic together. Maybe we would even play awhile before we went home. 🙂 Well, that was many years ago and I still remember that so fondly. My daddy has since passed away and I miss those special times we had together!! Thank you for the opportunity to share my little memory!

  389. My dad is a very quiet man, simple, and elegant. Always kind and supportive to the point that I was never sure if he were human or saint. He would attend all of my high school swim meets to cheer quietly and smile his own smile regardless if I came in first or last. My memories and dreams are of him. All of them. There hasn’t been a time that he hasn’t been part of my waking moments. He has been my greatest supporter and ally throughout my girlhood and now, womanhood. I have 3 other sisters I have to share him with, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not his favorite, and that’s alright with me. Because he’s been my favorite. Happy Father’s Day daddy! May you reign supreme today, tomorrow, and always!

  390. Growing up in the Midwest, Brother Harold H. would often take the high school kids at our church on “Saturday Night” camping trips along with his wife…who would sleep in their small camper with their young children. Many of us, were from single family homes with limited incomes. We would sit around the campfire, share our hopes and dreams for the future, eat food, roast marshmallows and laugh. Most of us went on to colleges and universities and are still friends today. Many have children who have become lawyers, doctors, educators, etc. Each time I think about those “unplanned” planning sessions…I thank God for Harold H.

  391. I rememberd when I lost a lot of blood and had to stay hospital for few weeks. My dad had to figured how to donor the bloods in last mins. He was hurting to see me cried so hard and I was so scared thinking that I will died. My dad went to herbs store and trying find a medicine to help iron increase so he did & bring to me at hospital and I had to take the taste awful medicines for day to day. The nursing was about to give me blood donor by someone else before had to take my iron test and all that. They were amazed that my iron went up fast. I was grateful to my dad & family for prayer. Thank Lord for that! I am blessed to have him in my life!

  392. I remember in the 70’s my dad taking me for rides on his Harley Davidson and goind to arcades to play pinball and video games we had soooo much fun.And I remeber him taking me shopping 2 times a week.And he helped me with my homework and made me practice my multiplication.i was sp inspired by my dad I wanted to finish firdt in all my tests and get the best possible grades.Yep i still love my daddy he was and is the coolest.

  393. I love my father, although he past over 40 years.
    He loves us, gave us good education and a good mother.


  395. hahahaha the best moment with my dad was when i went bowling with my family and cousin i remeber that my dad was showing off how to throw the ball and then since you cant step on the alley since its very slippery i remember he fell on his back and we all started laughing we took pictures and we had lots of fun 🙂

  396. When my father-in-Law came over from Egypt we wanted to take him to a place with fresh food where he could see vegetables and pick out what he wanted to eat. He could not believe the amount of food and the freshness of the selections.

  397. my best memory of my dad was when he took me to this radio contest in front of a supermarket. so we were playing this game and we won 2 tickets to the L.A dodgers. The next Sunday me and my dad drove up to the stadium and watched the game cheering, laughing, and messing around. I couldn’t remember the last time me and my dad even hung out it was a memory that would last forever.

  398. I will always remember learning how to ride a bike, without training wheels!, when I was a very young child. My dad held on and ran with me as I pedaled.. he ran..I pedaled and then I was riding all on my own! He was smiling and clapping behind me when I looked back, but I needed to turn around so I would not fall!

  399. My dad on Easter holding me high up on his shoulders as a little girl, as he helped me find easter eggs, and what he called “the golden egg”, he said was full of money!!! which turned out to be a joke when it was opened, because he knew there was only one penny in it… We both laughed like crazy!!!

  400. My dad is known among the family as the awkward one. He loves to be publicly awkward. There was a day a few months ago when my dad, my brother, and I were at Walmart. We’d just finished shopping and were going out to the car when my dad–just out of nowhere–shouted “PENIS” to the world. And he kept going. I don’t think I stopped laughing for the next five minutes. Neither did my older brother. Love my dad!!!

  401. Being at the beach, snorkling and fishing and just being carefree! He was always the best swimmer and most athletic person I knew and to a little girl, the strongest man in the world!

  402. My father was an incredibly brave and powerful man. He was one of the First Rangers in WWII, was gravely wounded just above the heart by a 50 cal. and after receiving a a steel collar bone went back to fight. He served in every theater of battle from Africa to China where he fought with Merrill’s Marauders. He was wounded other times and received two Purple Hearts and other citations but I would never understand what he went through until I was studying the war in school. However, the event that will always stand in the forefront of memories happened when I was four years old.
    I was having a fight with another four year old boy when his father came over, grabbed me and held me so his son could swing away with any retaliation. This man was about six feet, four inches tall, my father six, two.
    My father came out of the building a minute or two later and saw what was happening. He grabbed the man’s arm and caused so much pain the man actually screamed and let go. Then I saw what I thought could only be a movie stunt. He put one hand on the man’s throat and lifted him off the ground. Then he began slamming him into the wall. It took four men to stop my father with a combination of pulling on his arm and talking him down. He is my hero!
    (Like I said, my father was incredibly strong. When I was eighteen I was able to bench press 300lbs. When I was four I saw my father lift the front wheels of a 1953 Pontiac station wagon off the ground. He also hammered “Ten Penny Nails” into wood with the side of his hand when he needed to let off steam.)

    1. My Dad would take me hiking with him a lot, just him and I. One particular morning, (it must have been 4 am or so) it was a full moon and he got me up so we could hike in to some tall mountain somewhere in the White Mountains of N.H. We had spent the night, so we broke camp by the light of the full moon and came to a river that we had to cross. It was so bright we could easily pick our way across in safety. My Dad wasn’t perfect, but he made sure he did some Daddy, daughter things that I will never forget. Thanks Dad. I love you.

  403. I remember how much fun it was to spend time with my father in the garage when he was fixing T.V. sets. He was one of the very first Television repair men in the 1950’s and worked in Hollywood so he got to meet a lot of the stars of the time. He would show me how it worked and how to fix things. I felt so special that he would take time to educate me about his work. He would tell me stories of the stars he meet while he was working on the tube. It was so exciting to be with him. I will never forget him and I loved him very much.

  404. While on a trip to N. Georgia, my father and I climbed up along the right side of Amicalola Falls. Back then, it wasn’t a path, so much as finding your own way between the trees and over large rocks. I was twelve, and my father told me he had climbed up beside the falls when he was twelve. He then told me that his parents had camped in a tent near the top of the falls after they were first married. When my son was young, we climbed up along side the falls on a path made by the park department. Since my son was in a wheelchair, his Daddy pushed the chair up the trail, and when it became too steep, he carried him the rest of the way. It was harder going down, because we had to hold on tight to the wheelchair to keep it from getting away from us. These falls are the highest in Georgia. For me, there is a family connection with three generations of Fathers.

  405. Whenever we take someone new thats visiting or just locals, to our favorite Sweet Tomatoes resturant – my dad always ask them “without looking – what is the carpet” ? At our favorite Sweet Tomatoes , the carpet is tomatoes. As I am getting older and I go there now with my friends, I always think of my Dad and I now share the same question. I love my dads silliness but we always crack up and the tomatoe carpet is the coversation over a delious lunch/dinner .. Thanks Dad and Sweet Tomatoes!!

  406. My favorite memory of my dad is just him always being there for me, my sister and his grandchildren. Nothing was too big or too small for him to handle! I am one lucky daughter!

  407. I still remember my dad reading the Sunday comics to me as a young child as I sat in his lap. Eventually I started reading them to him at a young age of 4-5.

  408. My best memory with my dad is when he “gave” me away at my wedding to marry my husband 16 1/2 years ago. I remember the look of joy on his face. I remember when I was saying my vows, I looked over and he was crying. Such a tender moment…so sweet. Love you dad!!

  409. When I was in third grade, we used fountain pens in handwriting class. Being left handed, my writing was always smeared and horrible. I was given a D in this class. I cried all the way home, having to show my report card to my Dad. He took one look, and said, well, I guess you will need to learn to type. This was such a beautiful moment for me, that life was not over, but just beginning. Each day is like that, a new beginning. Thanks Dad.

  410. The best memory I have is when I met my father, almost twenty years ago. I remember that when we got introduced to each other, we just looked at each other for a minute or so, then we laugh, hugged and cry. It was the best time I had with my father, we talk about anything since we did not know where to start. Four years later he passes away. And now all I have is that day when we first met. Thanks for taking the time to read a piece of me.

  411. I cherish the memories of going fishing with my dad. He had all girls and I was the tomboy of the bunch. I would watch boxing and race car driving with him on TV but fishing was my favorite.

  412. When I was a little girl of about 4 to 5 years I would follow my Dad around as he did his chores. He had the patience to give me a hammer , nails and small coping saw and teach me how to use them. I adored my little projects which were usually no more than crooked nails in a piece of wood. I now 50 years later own a knitting shop and use my hands and patience every day. My Dad passed away just before I bought the shop 6 years ago and I thank him daily !!

  413. Actually, this is a memory about my daughters and my husband.
    I am a professional sign language interpreter, and my husband is Deaf (since birth).
    Because of that, we use American Sign Language in our home.
    When our daughters were little girls (both are hearing children) and growing up, I used to remind them that when the man of their dreams came along, he would NEED to “SIGN” to ask for their hand in marriage… they always said, “oh mom, you hold the bar to high!!!”!
    I replied, not if “he” really loves you!!!

    Good enough, I vividly remember our “son-in-law” nervously coming to ask my husband, using A.S.L. (American Sign Language) very rustily, but nonetheless signing… for the hand of our daughter in marriage!!!!!
    It was amazing to see the beautiful interaction that took place between a “FATHER & future son-in-law”!!
    The bar was definitely NOT TO HIGH for him!!!!
    That is an incredible “Father” memory that will live on in our hearts forever!!

    The fun part too is that we actually come in as a family to our favorite Soup Plantation with them and our 3 grandchildren regularly!!


  414. I have memories of my dad, but the best ones are just within the last 2 years. I am a single mother and when I had my son, my dad could have the hardest day at work or just simply have a bad day. When he comes home and sees his grandson, he lights up and smiles. Picks up my son and plays with him. He has been having some knee problems lately but it does not matter, when it comes to his grandson he will play through the pain. I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful dad. He has become the father figure to my son and I couldn’t ask for a better father 🙂

  415. I have millions of memories with my dad, some are emotional, some are sweet, some are sad and some of them are funny. And I am still making some memories with him to cherish in the future. Here I am sharing one of the funny memories with you on behalf of the fathers day.

    I was 5 years old then and was a member of a typical Indian household where women didn’t raise their voice in front of the men. It was not because they were afraid, but because they considered it as respect. Men did almost all of the shopping for the house.

    There was a ceremony coming up and along with other shopping, my dad brought me a dress which he claimed to be very beautiful. It was of a very bright orange color which wouldn’t suit my Indian skin tone. I was too small to realize it, but my mother totally disliked the dress. She couldn’t directly tell my dad to return it and get a different one. The shop was very far too. But for my mother’s luck, he had missed a few items and had to go back to the same shop the next day and also, fortunately the dress was too big for me. So my mother packed the dress and gave it to him for returning.

    In the evening when he came back with another dress, my mother eagerly opened the packet and she was speechless to see exactly the same dress in a bit smaller size!

    I was happy anyway with the new dress, in my mother’s absence I wore it out of excitement. I was playing in my room with a match stick and unknowingly a little spark fell on my dress and created a small round hole in my new dress. I somehow liked the shape of it and created another round hole next to it with another match stick. This game went on until all the matches got over and by then my dress had many little holes all over.

    My mother did her job of shouting for two continuous hours. Finally my sweet dad couldn’t see my sad face, he came to my rescue and said he would get another dress and not to worry. My mom must have felt happy deep in her mind about this idea. At least now I was eligible to get a decent dress. And the next day my dad came home with the third dress for me. I opened the packet in front of my mom to find exactly the same bright orange dress in the exact size and there were no more excuses left to return the dress!!!

  416. I don’t have many memories of my dad because, you see, we just met last May. I am 53 and he is 75. Through some internet research and divine intervention, I was able to locate him. I had been adopted by two wonderful people when I was two months old because my birthparents had been young, unmarried and unable to raise a child. I travelled 1500 miles to meet him for the first time. My greatest memory thus far? When our two sets of green eyes locked for the very first time and he said “Where have you been all my life”.

  417. My favorite Dad memory was when my Dad would set up a tent in the backyard. And all us kids and our friends would camp out. Or at least try to. We would hear a noise of a little critter, racoon or rat, maybe a mouse. But we never made it through the night. We would all come in and have to sleep in the house ,cause we were too frightened. He just chuckled! Maybe next time.

  418. My step-dad was so accepting and a very gently spirit.
    My mom was adventurous and wanted to try anything new….so when I was married, and had a abundance of green tomatoes, she suggested I make a green tomato pie. Which I did.
    No one else ate it but my Dad had a second piece. Bless him…

  419. When I was growing up, Dad would always take the family on Sunday drives that could lead to drives down new roads we hadn’t traveled, ogling large estates in fancy neighborhoods, visiting the Orlando Int’l Airport to ride the monorails to and from the terminals and watch planes take off, stopping to stroll through different Disney hotels (can’t do the last two anymore these days!) and so on. It was a lot of fun for us kids and taught us there were inexpensive ways to have fun and make the most of what you’ve got. 🙂

  420. tube rather angry father but never forget that my birthday number 9 with very little money I buy a heart shaped watch was my last gift I received from the stranger so much

  421. ONE of the many great memories with my dad, happened just last year about this time! Ten of my family members went to Hawaii and we decided to go Zip Lining….In the back of my mind I thought ehh I’ll just hang towards the back with the grand parents (my mom and dad) cause they probably won’t go on the zip line and then I’ll stay back with them and not have to go (I don’t like heights :/ ) Well…my plan didn’t work!! Both Popo (my dad) and Nana (my mom) just hoppped on the zip line no problem and so it was just me left alone….Guess what I had to do lol :/ ….It’s pretty funny NOW and something we talk about to this day….Great memories with my dad…Thank you

  422. I shall never forget my 13th Birthday lunch with my Dad … just he and I. My Dad passed away recently and I cherish every memory. My Dad was in the military 20 years and when I was 13 we were stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. He took me to this Restaurant that was so high in the sky that you could see for miles and miles the whole city. It was so cool that we had a window table, for the Restaurant turned ever so slowly through out the lunch. We both ordered Red Velvet Cake for desert … I had never seen this kind before. Yummy! One of the last really personal conversations my Dad and I had before he passed away, was that from age 12-18 years old, he road his bicycle to Church every Sunday morning and attended by himself. He was not one to express much in the area of faith normally, but God answered my hearts prayer to let me know that he truly did love Jesus as he elaborated on the subject, I knew then he was heaven bound when the Lord called him. Such respect and love do I have for my Dad and I shall always be grateful and thankful to have been his daughter!!!
    Blessings, Melody

  423. Long-Long-Ago, like 44 years-ago> when I was 16, my Daddy was going to teach me how to drive! So, after I got in, did all the proper mirror adjusting>you know all-the-stuff that you are suppose to do, before you even start the car? Well, as I finally started the car, pulled the gear shift into Drive and started to backout of the driveway> the car would first go sideways to the left, then sideways to the right and eventually ended-up disastrously and completely parallel parked!

    My Daddy simply reached over, put the car in Park, turned off the the car, took the keys from the ignition and told me that we might try again> maybe when I was 18…By the way, I was married by then and my Husband got the privilege of teaching me!

  424. My Dad had EIght children, one Father’s day when I was a teenager, after Dad finished opening his gifts, he present each and everyone one of us with a gift and told us how much he loved us all. We didn’t have a lot of money but he gave each one of us a brand new watch, it was my first.

  425. One of my favorite memories with my Dad are of us going to get ice cream together on the weekend. We would each get a cone; he’d always get coffee ice cream and I’d get whatever flavor looked good, but I’d always want tastes of his! We would sit on the curb outside the ice cream shop, watching the cars driving by and eating our ice cream 🙂

  426. One day, I saw my dad picking up something in the street shoulder at Crocker amazon sf district, so I snick up closely behind him to find out what was he picking up; I had noticed that he had picked up bunch of bent nails. Did not get his attention and kept on walking. Then I asked myself why did he do that. I thought he did to prevent other cars from getting a flat tire until one day one of our existing fence section due to aging, and I saw him us the same bent nails to repai the fence. We not only saved us time but money in doing a house improvements. This had clearly explained that key reason why my dad never bought me new toys when I was a kid; he was trying to save his job earnings so he and my mom can afford to send us to good schools and buy a house. For this, I admired and loved him, andy navarro, dearly. Drew

  427. My dad died 7 years ago and I have TONS of favorite fond memories of him. I wish I could just list them all for each of my memories I have with my daddy are a favorite. I will say one I like to share that is rather a funny one. My dad was big on collecting things from others people. My dad always said that another mans junk is another mans treasure. I have also grown to live by that motto. But anyway he had picked me up from High School one day and we were on our way home when my dad spotted 2 car tires by a trash can. Being my dad, he pulled over and opened the side of the van to hitch the two tires in. I knowing people in my community because I go to HS with them was completely embarrassed so I ducked. My dad climbs in the car and before driving off says to me “sit up” I was like “no thank you dad” he says “sit up or i will yell your name really loud” Im not sure if I said this in my head or out loud, “you wouldn’t” and sure enough he rolled down his window and with all that he had inside him yelled super loud, my entire FULL name. I come up from dunking immediately and said “okay dad!” and he laughed and laughed all the way home, which made me laugh too! Ahhh daddy I miss you. Thanks for being a dad of all kinds: Faithful to God, Good Steward, Wise, Servant, Entertaining, Inspiring, Loving, Nurturing, Accountable, Courageous, Honorable, Sensitive, Positive, Influential, Heroic, and all around a wonderful daddy., Miss you, but know you are always here! Praise God! xox

  428. My Grandfather Peter Dull, who we called TOPS used to make wooden toys for the Shriners Hospitals each year. Every child got a home made and age My Grandfather Peter Dull, who we called TOPS used to make wooden toys for the Shriner Hospitals each year. Every child got a home made and age appropiate toy before they were released from the hospital. Tops worked on the Northern Pacific Railroad and the railroad gave him his own box car free of charge to send to the hospital. My brother had polio and Tops would bring cases of comic books the 115 miles to our house so we could deliver the the other 100 miles to the Polio hospital. He made sure that all the kids had lots to keep them busy. I learned to do woodwork and be sensitive to all people. My Grandpa was so special! Even though I was not blood relative he treated me much better then any man has in my life.Tops passed away in 1965.

  429. Ah yes , fathers. Day, My story is not the loving, cheerful, happy ending story as most of yours. My father was a. Drunk and a bad one at that. He left the family when I was 8 and my sister was 6 . Every year on. Father’s Day my sister and I would hear great loving stories on how wonderful their father was as we were invited to their dinner. What joy I had knowing that at least my father would no more hurt my mother and maybe she would find a good man in her life.
    When I was a teenager my mom did find a good man who loved her and was good to me and my sister. Now wait a min. This is going to turn out to be a happy story after all.
    Just last year my sister and I have been calling him. Dad. Happy. Fathers. Day. To all.

  430. My dad and I had a very special tradition while I was growing up of riding bikes around a nearby lake. He has always had a passion for bike riding, so it was awesome to see the little girl he first put on training wheels riding beside him each summer night. We just had a fun time laughing and riding together. It’s hard being away from him now that I’m in college, but I love my dad so much! Sometimes he’ll jokingly text, bike ride tonight?

  431. With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, it brings to mind one of the time honored traditions of fatherhood – the “pull my finger” routine. Every kid loves it. Every mother hates it. My dad used to tell me that before a father could take his newborn baby home from the hospital, he would have to sign a notarized legal affidavit that he would teach the child the “pull my finger” routine as soon as they thought the kid would laugh at it. He used to embellish it by crying out after I pulled his finger, “You pulled too hard!!!” and then he would run to the bathroom.

    He was known as a silliness slinger
    Who’s always tried to come up with a zinger.
    When he wasn’t clever or smart,
    He’d turn to the fart…
    And the classic “PULL MY FINGER!”

  432. My dad greeted me with a glass of milk every morning before we left for school. I hated drinking it, but now I know that milk truly does make a body good.

  433. A favorite memory with my dad was when we lived in Mt. Home, Idaho and he took me fishing at Strike Dam. We caught so many fish that day we didn’t have enough containers to put them in! When we got home our neighbors were very excited for us and wanted to have us take them to the spot we had caught so much fish. We went the next morning, excited to catch more fish but what happened was the water was totally drained from the reservoir and that was why we happened to catch so many fish the day before (when the draining was taking place). We shared our fish with our neighbors.

  434. growing up my dad was an alcoholic so my best and only good memory would be him and i rode an astroworld ride together when i was 2 or 3.

  435. seeing my father do his special one-arm carry for each of my children as infants – his touch could calm them when nothing else could!

  436. We’ve gone snowmobiling and rode motorcycles, but last year, my stepdad and I went to race Z06 Corvettes in the Arizona desert – the most incredile time. Then, we shared a 6-hour car ride to San Diego and to keep me awake he told me all kinds of crazy true life stories. (Of course we found a Sweet Tomatoes in Arizona, too, and I went back for the second night in a row with my best friend since childhood.)

  437. My dad loves sweets. He enjoys them so much that when I was younger, he took to “hiding” his treasures so that we three kids wouldn’t find them and eat up his treats–they usually ranged from candy to cookies…hidden in all sorts of cupboards in the kitchen.

    One day, I decided to tease my dad. In front of my mom,my brothers, and some friends, I told him that I knew that he had hidden candy in the glove compartment of his car and that he snuck out at night to eat them in solitude. Imagine my surprise when my father looked at me sternly and told me to “keep quiet!”

    It took him a few moments to realize that I truly didn’t know anything about his actual midnight pilferings—we have laughed about this tale for years now…and…he still “hides” his treats in various cupboards knowing full well that everyone knows exactly where to find his snacks!

  438. My favorite fun memory is of the time my Father and I went on one of our “Father / Daughter Dates” (Don’t worry; it was not some weird thing. Mom encouraged and approved 100%). Anyway, we went to Disneyland on New Year’s Eve. That is the only time I have ever gone out to celebrate and welcome in the New Year.
    My most appreciative and loving memory of my Father is he always put his own needs last and made sure we had what we needed before himself. I saw him go to work with worn out pants and shoes that had holes in the soles so he cut cardboard and put it inside his shoes. He would wear them like that until there was enough left for him to buy new work shoes. He was up and gone by 0500 and pulled into the driveway at 1700 m – f. Being in construction, there was no sick pay so he worked no matter how sick he was or how high of a fever he had. I never thought about his ride to work until I was older, but he rode a motorcycle in all weather. I never saw my Father take a single alcoholic drink or smoke a single cigarette. For all his sacrifices and hardships he endured to raise us 3 kids with little wants, my Father is a DAD among DAD’s. With more Love than I could ever express or show, Thank You for being My DAD.

  439. We all go through phases in our life’s, my brother went through a gothic phase. I remember one day when my parents left my niece , my sister and I with my brother he was blasting his music and was in his room. After a while he came out and I noticed he had on black nail polish well being kids we asked him why and he answered” to make my nails look pretty ,”we all laughed ,he then returned to his room to finish getting ready, we we’re still laughing when he came out wearing black lipstick saying “who wants a kiss,” and started chasing us around the house,my sister and I locked ourselves in the restroom so we wouldn’t be covered in black lipstick,when we went back outside my nieces’ cheeks were smeared with black it was comical .My brother now has two children and is a great father, he’s left behind his gothic phase but we still like to tell his daughter the story of him chasing us around the house wearing black lipstick,he’s a fun brother and a great dad.

  440. My dad was usually very reserved. One evening my foster brother asked dad to pass him the potatoes~~dad did, LITERALLY!! The food fight was on. This was 1958, before we were lost in our tech world and quite talking and eating together.

  441. One of my most favorite memories of time spent with my father was a day in grade school when he decided to take the day off of work and spend the whole day with me at a California boardwalk amusement park. My dad was a workaholic and very rarely took time out for breaks, though I know he was working hard to provide for his family. My brother and I went to school that day, but my dad signed me out so that we could have quality father/daughter time together! I was ecstatic! The WHOLE day with dad! We went on a ferris wheel, rented bikes and rode them around the harbor, ate giant ice cream cones and listened to our favorite music on the drive to/from the coast. The best part about that day was the fact that I got to hang out with my dad (with no annoying brother around!) and the fact that he dedicated that day to spending it with me! Great memories!

  442. When I was about 11 or 12 my dad and I got in a huge water fight. He ended up chasing me down the hallway of our house with the hose. My mom was yelling for him to stop which made it even funnier! I love my dad.

  443. My dad taught me more about how to live in the world happily than any other person or experience ever could. When I was a teenaged new driver, I hit another car. It was a minor accident, but tragic to me. I immediately went to a house nearby and called my dad. I cried, “Daddy, I got into an accident!” He asked, “Are you okay?” I screamed, “Daddy, I bent up the car and their car too!” He repeated, “Are YOU okay?” I said, “Yes, but…” He interrupted: “Everything else is replaceable. If you’re okay, nothing else matters. Now where are you. I’m on my way.”
    Another time, when I lost the house I had designed myself and that meant the world to me, I immediately called Daddy. His response? “You didn’t really lose anything important. The house might belong to someone else, but the person who had the innate talent to design it and see it through to its fruition is still right where you are. Never lose sight of that.”

    My dad taught me to roller skate, ride a bike, bowl, swim, horseback ride, parallel park, and even play poker with the nails in his basement as ante! But what he really taught me is to believe in myself, value myself, and not lose sight of what’s really important. I miss him every day, and every Sunday I feel the ache of his death. I used to call him every Sunday just to talk. Daddy would say, “You didn’t really lose me – my being will always be right where you left me – inside your heart.”

  444. My name is Linda, I have total of 8 brothers n sisters, 2 sisters n my self, 1 brother, 2 half sis from dad side, 1 half brother from dad side, n 1 half brother from mom side. I miss my dad, my mom n dad broke up when I was the age of 9. Now I’m 45. So we use to go every summer n holidays with my dad. A Long Island, he use to take us to the horses race
    Dog race. We use to have fun, he always made sure we had fun. I loved when he take is to the candy store. We also had to do his hair. Comb n take out white hair. So we had pillow that had white hair, so we cheated, cause it was $1.00 for every white hair. I made money. Now he lives in Boston, he is really sick, n old. He was a fun dad. He did everything for us, so we could keep coming for the summer n holidays. Miss all that. Luv u dad. Happy Fathers Day. Linda Perez. perez_brunhilda @

  445. This might not sound highly memorable or profound but as a child, I recall the excitement and joy I felt when my father would return from home and we would talk and then enjoy dinner together as a family. I still remember how joyous I was when I heard that door open during later afternoon and I would rush to hug him while he would them proceed to lift me up. The recollection strongly resonates in my mind to this day.

  446. One of my favorite moments I had with my stepdad was when we were just getting to know him. We had to give him a hard time to know that he was the one. This time he was taking us out to eat. He would always say whatever you guys want to eat is ok by me. So we get to this hamburger place and then I change my mind and say I want chinese, then another sister of mine says I want a hamburger but not from here from McDonalds, then another sister of mine says well I want tacos. So my stepdad just looks at us and says ok. He left my mom money to pay at the hamburger place then for each of us that had changed our mind he took us and bough us food where we said we wanted it from. From that moment on I knew he was the one for my mom. A very patient, kind, warm-hearted man that was not afraid to take on 5 other girls that weren’t his. They have been together for over 10 years now and I’m so proud to call him DAD. He is amazing!

  447. My fondest memory of my father was when he took us golfing on weekends at dawn being it gets so warm when the sun rises in the Philippines and have breakfast at the country club and hang out; also he took us to Manila for vacations during the summer.

  448. I have great memories spending time with my dad. One that I like to share with you, when he used to cook for us every Sunday, then he will take us to the music store to buy discs (the round old Vinyl Disc) ….He was a role model for my sisters and me, passed away 20 years ago, I love him so much!!! Lesson learned, spending (bonding) time with the familiy is very important, of course, the values , honest, integrity, caring and extremely hard worker.

  449. Growing up in Miami, my dad loved fishing and came by that love from his father. As my grandfather became too old to take a boat out on his own, my dad would take his vacations in Miami and get his father out fishing one way or another. When my grandfather was in his mid-eighties, we went way out one day. My dad rigged and baited the line then handed it to his father. We all had lines out when my grandfather’s pole bent nearly double. His reflexes were as sharp as ever, and he managed to keep the tip up despite the huge fish on the line. Suddenly, the most spectacular marlin launched itself out of the Atlantic and soared. It seemed to hang there as everyone on board watched in awe. When it slammed back into the ocean, the line went limp and we knew the fish was lost. In that briefest second, I saw my dad’s heart break because he had been the one to tie the hook. But my grandfather was in the same moment, the happiest man on the planet because he had hooked that great fish. I learned from both men what it is to love selflessly and eternally. Now I watch my dad out fishing with his grand kids and know that is our bond and that is how we keep in renewed.

  450. One of my favorite memories is going channel cat fishing with my grandfather. We would set the lines in the early evening and then go out in the rowboat in the middle of the night using a lantern to guide us to see what we had caught. It always seemed so scary and exciting. In the morning I would watch him clean them which was a little gross but cool. Then my grandma would fry the cat fish for dinner.

  451. My incredible moment came when I saw my father, for the first time, after 25 years of being apart. I was ten years of age when my mother, grandmother and I left the former Soviet Union for a better life in North America. My father did not accompany us, because he did the honorable thing, taking care of his bed ridden mother, my grandmother. Several years have passed, and my parents made a decision to go their separate ways, since we began our life here, and my father continued his in back in Russia.

    Being a child, I always wondered if he ever missed us, if he still loved us, if our fates turned out different, if he would continue his life with us…… I finally accepted the fate and realized that he wasn’t a part of our lives any longer.

    Twenty-five years, my marriage and two children later, moving forward, I finally reconnected with my father! I hardly had any contact with him over the years, so when he called and told me that he wanted to come for a visit, a flood of emotions overpowered me. It took me over a month to prepare myself mentally for his visit, while dealing with a flood of insane emotions that my husband and children had to endure. All were very supportive of my dual personality, as I thought I was finally prepared for ‘THE VISIT”.

    My dad finally arrived one summer eve, and stayed with my family and I for three weeks. It was an incredible experience. He was gentle, loving and kind. He got along well with my kids and my husband, but most important, it was as if time stood still between us….I was a grown woman and child, all rolled into one!

    The time I spent with my dad was priceless, with many days and evenings seeing us taking walks in the park, going on day trips, and catching up to the last 25 years over countless cups of tea. It was funny to see some of the quirks and mannerisms that are a part of me, come directly from him! I will never forget that precious time we shared together, and I am forever grateful at the opportunity of seeing my dad after so many years of being apart.

    He went back home, and I do not know when I’ll be able to see him again, but one thing I did realize, is that blood truly IS thicker than water, and no amount of time or distance can keep us apart…… I now know that our bond can never be broken!

  452. My dad worked hard at a paper factory, sometimes working twelve our shifts. Every summer he made sure the family went on a vacation. I looked forward to those vacation, see my dad have a good time, and laugh, and he always knew when I ran out of money , and would ask me if I did, and would slip me a five so I could buy myself something. He passed away in 1987, he was kind, lovely , husband and father, I’m very grateful to have had a dad like him. Miss you dad, and love you.

  453. My son-in-law is a great father to his own children. He is also a great uncle to my grandson who has autism. Making sure to take time off work to attend his nephew’s 8th grade promotion. Taking for rides in dune buggy. Cowboy hats off to Jeremy C.

  454. My dad has a great sense of humor! He is always telling jokes and playing little pranks on me. He never fails to get a smile. One day, my siblings and I decided to repay the favor. We were walking into Wal-Mart, following my dad, when my brother grabbed a Wal-Mart smiley face sticker. This later would be the sticker of revenge! My brother tiptoed behind my dad and discretely placed the sticker on his butt while my sister and I distracted him. He walked around the whole store without noticing. While at the checkout lane, an old lady with white hair (maybe in her 80’s) tapped my dad on the shoulder. She said, “Sir, sir, I think you have a Wal-Mart sticker on your butt!”. My dad thanked her and then turned to us with a big, wide smile. My siblings and I couldn’t contain our laughter so we darted out the store and almost cried because we were laughing so hard. This will be a memory my family and I will never forget!

  455. My dad is the most inspirational person to me. My dad worked night hours at his job in Minnesota. He never really got to see his family. He also never got to go to any of my school activities because of his night shift job. He wasn’t eating healthy and all he wanted to do was sleep. He was in a smoky and unhealthy atmosphere. So he knew he has to take a jump of faith and find a new job. He talked to my mom and the only way he could pick his own hours and own atmosphere was to own a business. He choose Anytime Fitness. My grandma lives in Arizona so he decided to pick a club out here. We were still in school so he had to go by himself until we could sell out house and finish our school year. My dad was bold and courageous. He relied on God to help him with the business and eventually moved his family out here. He now is a full part of my life and a “healthoholic”. My dad is a huge inspiration to me.

  456. This was probably one of the funniest days of my life. My dad was getting dressed for work and I was going to ask him a question. When I finished climbing the stairs I heard him singing this: “Dirty diapers, dirty diapers, dirty diapers, dirty diapers”. “Dad?” I asked. Then he clears his throat and casually said, “Yeah?”. I didn’t answer because I was already bounding downstairs ready to tell my sisters. To this day, he still denies that he created the composition of Dirty Diapers.

  457. My dad married my mom when he was 37 and she was 21, first marriage for both of them. So needless to say he came into fatherhood a little later than most. He was 40 when I was born and by then had already spent many years working hard as a truck driver and running my grandma’s farm. He was quick with a laugh and just as quick to let you know his opinion on everything. He was loud and boisterous and had a booming voice that could always be heard across a room. I was the oldest of 3 kids for them and have some wonderful childhood memories. One of my favorites happened when I was in High School. I was planning to go to the Home Coming dance with a friend of mine but Daddy had never met him. Tommy was what I guess would be called a “punk”…sporting a mohawk at least a foot off his head that he used copious amounts of glue and hairspray to accomplish! I was what most people would call a nerd…straight A’s, honor society, goody-goody. Not a match that most people would imagine or accept…and I especially worried what my blue-collar, older, stern father would think of him. So the night of the dance arrives and I spend hours getting ready. Dress just right? Check. Make-up not too gaudy? Check. Flowers in fridge? Check. Mom helped with everything while Daddy just waited around watching TV and doing odd jobs around the house to pass the time. I was nervous as could be wondering what my father, who was very opinionated and never at a loss for words, would say upon meeting Tommy. When he arrived to get me, Tommy looked fabulous… suit jacket, pressed slacks, tie to match my dress, and of course his signature mohawk (that he told me he took special care to do just right ;). We exchanged our corsage and boutonnière while my mom took like a bazillion pictures and we waited for Daddy to finish whatever he was doing to kill time. My heart was racing with nervous anticipation of his reaction to Tommy’s appearance…and then there he was! Daddy came through the kitchen door, took one look at us, shook Tommy’s hand, kissed my cheek and told me I looked beautiful, and returned to the family room without another word. I was smiling ear to ear as Tommy and I headed off to the dance. Tommy later told me that Daddy had whispered to him as he shook his hand…”take good care of my little girl”. I still tear up when I remember that day. Loud, cantankerous, opinionated, truck driving Daddy with nothing but sweet sentiments for his little girl’s big day…Love you Daddy!

  458. Being one of twelve, we didn’t have a chance to go out to eat as a family. On the few occasions we did, my Dad would usually choose Souplantation. It was a blast going back to the buffet over and over again and stuffing ourselves. We LOVED the muffins. Probably the silliest thing we would do is adding multiple sugar packets to our water cups and then enjoying the sugar water.

  459. I have so many wonderful memories with my Dad but I have one that sticks out in my mind the most because it shows the kind of man that he is. I’m child number 8 out of 9. My Mom was a stay at home Mom and my Dad was a detective for the Phoenix Police Department and he worked overtime as a security officer for a shopping complex in an impoverished area. Despite my Dad’s hard work and my Mom working odd jobs, we still struggled financially. Our patents still spilled us. Especially at Christmas. One Christmas morning when I was about 12 years old, there were considerably less presents under the tree and instead, there were envelopes with each of our names on them. My Dad asked us to open our envelopes first before opening any presents. We all opened or envelopes and inside was a beautifully written poem from my Dad. My Dad isn’t a man of many words but the poem told of the different families my Dad had met and had used his hard earned money to help while working his overtime job at the shopping complex instead of chugging us gifts. Some families he bought groceries for. Some he helped with their cars. And some he just plain gave cash to because he knew they needed it. Our entire family was in tears because we were so moved by our Dad’s generosity. That was the best present he could have given us and still one of my absolute favorite memories.

  460. One of my favorite memories of my Dad is from Saturday mornings…. He worked long hours all week, but on Saturday am he would wake me up, and I guess everybody else in the house too, by doing the Tarzan yell through the house and that was my cue to get up and we would watch Tarzan together…..

  461. I found my father after 15 1/2 years. I went to his home unannounced and when he saw me he opened up his arms to me. I’m thankful I have him back in my life.

  462. When I was six, Daddy took us to the beach. We went with some neighbors, so there were 5 kids and 4 adults. Now that I’m older and have kids of my own, I realize that sometimes the adults need to have a little fun, too, and not always be catering to the children, so I’m sure these 4 adults were more than a little tired of being outnumbered by the kids! On this particular day the adults were water skiing. Oh how I wanted to try it. I begged to be taught to ski. Of course the adults were having so much fun they didn’t really want to stop and take the time to teach me, and they were certain that a six year old could not ski. Daddy listened to the adults and then he turned to me and said, “I’ll give you three chances. You can do this.” I put on the skis and waited in the water like I had seen them do. The boat took off and the ski rope flew right out of my hands! “See,” the adults yelled, “she’s too young!” Daddy circled around in the boat and simply said, “Hold on tight this time.” I held on for dear life that second time and the boat took off, popping me right up like I was born to walk on water. That was just one of the many times my Daddy showed me that he believed in me and was willing to give me the opportunities I’d need to learn and grow.

  463. My dad and me have had a lot of memorable memories, ever since I was a baby. He’s one of the most inspirational people I know; a good rolemodel, and that counts as a really big compliment, because I don’t know many. I’m not suprised that we have had so many great times together.
    I think our most memorable one was when I was delivered at the hospital. He was supposed to feed me a bottle of milk, but I was sleeping! The nurse even told my dad to shake gently to wake me up. That didn’t help so much at first, though, but of course I finally woke up.
    We still laugh about this, and even though it was a little bit embarrasing, I think that everything happens for a reason. And for some random reason, I’m glad that this memory did.

  464. One of my favorite games from when I was little was to basically stay flat while my dad lifted me (or my brother) into the air so we could fly like Peter Pan. Now he helps us to fly by teaching us everything he can about everything he can think of. 🙂

  465. My favorite memories of my Dad are when we would have family night he would play games with us and also when he would go on business trips he would always bring us gifts and peanuts.

  466. When I was 16 years old my family moved from Virginia to California. My mom flew ahead with my youngest brother and sister and the rest of us drove with my dad. Each evening we would stop at a motel early enough for all of us kids, there were 5 of us, to go swimming and have dinner before going to bed. Each morning my dad would go out and get us hot chocolate and donuts, then come back to the room and wake us up so we could get an early start. We would get everything loaded into the car and be on our way. My brothers and sisters would fall back asleep but I would stay awake and spend those early morning hours sitting in the front seat talking with my dad or just listening to the radio. I’m 60 years old now and will never forget the hours I got to have my dad all to myself. My dad has been gone for 13 years and I miss him every day.

  467. My Dad encouraged me to become a teacher, even though the salary doesn’t reflect the importance of the job. He taught me that laughter and patience are major components of what makes life worth living. Appreciation of nature can help to soothe any troubling/unsettling days.
    I carry Dad’s life lessons with me daily, which allows me to always find something good about almost any situation. He made a difference in my life and I miss him more than I ever thought I would. IF you still have your Dad, give him a hug EVERY day that it is possible.

  468. It was just a cool summer day!! dad called an got all my brother together to watch the game, we all just talked about funny past times and eat food play fight a little made some joke and dad had a huge smile the entire time (this was last Sunday!!)

  469. My dad was killed for money, 2 months ago. Dad, Rest in Peace. My Dad used to take us out each week whether he had money or not. Every Saturday night, we went to a Drive Inn theater, we would make sandwiches and home made lemonade because he didn’t have enough money to buy food in the Drive Inn. Every week, I was anxiously waiting for this great evening. He always worked hard to keep his sons and girls in school (4 of us). Left me lots of good memories, raised us good and always teaching us good manners like: “Close your mouth when you are eating” “Eat silently, do not make noise with your food” “Shine your shoes before going to school” “Do your homework before playing” “Tuck your shirt in” (to my brothers, before leaving to school and many more good manners. I miss you Dad and I pray for your eternal rest in heaven.

  470. My dad had to work a lot when I was growing up to support the family. When he would get home from his graveyard shift he would sometimes leave candy on my pillow for me to wake up to. Just a little something to let me know he loved me and was thinking of me.

  471. My most memorable fathers day with a father figure was actually the last year I spent with my dad before he passed away. I flew up north to visit him because he was very sick at the time and we spent some time together. We didn’t get to do much because of his illness but spending that time with him meant more to me and to him than anything. Now all I have is memories.

  472. I saw a Super Bowl contest advertised at Albertson’s Supermarket. The store seemed to know nothing about entry forms to join the contest for Free round trip air fare to Las Vegas, three Free nights at the MGM Grand Hotel and viewing the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party at the MGM Grand Hotel. The entry form finally appeared in an Albertson’s Supermarket two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday. I quickly filled out the entry form, figuring that it was so close to the end of the contest that no one else would take advantage to submit an entry form. I was right. The next week, the week before the Super Bowl, I got a phone call that I had won. I called my Dad and asked him if he could drop everything and join me at a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas. He couldn’t believe our luck to win this $3,000 prize. We flew to Vegas and while waiting for the Super Bowl party we wandered around Vegas pulling free pull slot machines at various casinos. At Bally’s Casino I did a pull on their Free Slot Machine and got nothing. My Dad did a pull on the machine and walked away wanting to go back to the MGM Grand when I saw the machine operator calling him back. Dad had won two FREE Tickets to Bally’s premium show JUBILEE! Later we also won free tickets to a Magician Show at the Tropicana Casino. And Dad and I did go to the Super Bowl party and also watched the Super Bowl. This is one GREAT time that I had with my Dad. I hope my son and I can have a similar great time at the Souplantation.

  473. My Dad was a POW during WW2 – he was a pilot and his plane was shot down over Germany.
    During the years after the war there were several bypass and carotid surgeries. I took flying lessons in my late 20’s, earned a pilot license and surprised my Dad by flying him to Augusta, Ga to attend the Masters golf tournament. What special memories. Dad died 2001 and I still miss him terribly.

  474. My fave memory was my dad, who does not like heights, driving us up pikes peak with white knuckles bc I wanted to see it

  475. My parents separated when I was very young. Every Sunday without fail
    my dad would come and pick me up to spend the day together. He never flaked on
    me or said he couldn’t make it because he had other things to do. To me those Sundays
    with my dad were so special, because it was just the 2 of us & it didn’t matter what we did or where we went, it was simply the spending time together that I loved.

    Now as an adult I have a very special bond with my dad & we still do the occasional father/daughter Sunday, and I still love it ♥

  476. One of my favorite memories of my dad is the day I turned 21 and we went out to dinner. He offered to buy me a beer, and I was horrified at the idea of drinking in front of my parents. Now, having an ice-cold beer together is a wonderful treat.

  477. My Dad and I didn’t have a good relationship when I was growing up. It wasn’t anything that he did…I finally realized that it was because I was abused by someone, and sub-consciously blamed my dad.
    My parents didn’t know this, and my dad kept trying to reach out to me.
    We lived near an amusement park, which we went to every year. I always stuck with the tame rides, and was afraid to ride on the roller coasters.
    One year my dad invited me to go on the smallest roller coaster with him. I was amazed, and excitedly said yes. He sat in the back of the seat, and I sat between his knees. Wow ! I had a great time !
    When we got off, he said, “How about the next size up?” We went on the mid-sized roller coaster, and again I had the time of my life !
    When we got off, I thought we were done. I didn’t realize there was an even bigger roller coaster. He invited me to go on that one, and tore down walls between us, as well as fears I had. It was the beginning of a better life at home, and of learning to conquer fears.
    I thank God that my dear dad is one of my best friends, though he and my mom are aging. I am so glad to have parents like these, who still know how to keep life interesting and fun.

  478. my mom and dad threw me a surprise birthday party when i was younger when he jumped out to say happy birthday surprise he ripped his pants down the middle!!! funniest thing ever!

  479. My dad and I were in my preschool parking lot, and I smelled some odd. I wasn’t sure what it was, and my dad was helping me to try figure it out. After a while, I still couldn’t name what stunk. My dad told me, “Well, Allison, maybe it’s just your imagination.” My response: “Daddy, my imagination doesn’t stink!” 20 years later, and he never gets tired of telling that story.

  480. My dad was the first person I ever heard of talking about the importance of a good breakfast. He would get up and make us some awesome breakfasts. His reasoning, you never know what the day will bring, so you need to have a full stomach to deal with it. Yummy memories!

  481. Ah, the good ole days when Dad would burn the food on the grill and we pretended it was ‘no problem’. At least he is still around to burn those burgers and I am always happy to eat them. HFD!