We are in the 8th Day of 12 Days of Scrumptious and first night of Hanukkah! Today will be a blog contest.

Since it is the 8th day we will be rewarding 8 prizes of 2 FREE meals to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes to 8 very lucky winners!

To enter: Reply to this post on December 20 telling us your MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes.

Winners: will be announced on our blog on Wednesday, December 21

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256 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF SCRUMPTIOUS: DAY 8”

  1. Won Ton Chicken Happiness makes me VERY happy, so much so, I usually don’t put together my own salad, but just eat YOURS 🙂

    Must also say, whenever tomato, mushroom or onions soups are on the menu, I’m in heaven…

  2. I get pretty excited when i see that you guys have cream of broccoli soup, I literally tell everyone in the group look look they have my favorite today. Best one I have tried so far, I love horw you guys add decent pieces of broccoli…yummo 🙂

  3. My must have scrumptious thing to eat is the Deep Kettle House Beef Chili! So great to eat on a cold winter’s day! Yummy! 🙂

  4. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious food at Sweet Tomatoes is the tomato basil soup. Or any blended tomato soup. Best tomato soup I’ve ever had a restaurant. Wish they had it all time.

  5. I must have this for a gift for my mom for christmas! she loves eating with you and finances haven’t allowed for it

  6. I cannot leave souplantation without having a blueberry muffin. I love them so much! So I am happy they are available year round.

  7. My MUST HAVE is the “back in the day” potato soup you used to have in the late 80’s and your French Onion soup! Incredible!

  8. Have to respond for my three year old daughter who absolutely loves your mac and cheese. She especially likes seeing the guy behind the counter and flirts with him. : ) Oh, and she loves the ice cream too! I love everything, not very specific, but I do!

  9. The Mac ‘n Cheese topped with extra shredded chedder cheese, bacon pieces, and green onions! Also, the mushroom soup (which you should have more than just on Monday!) and the lemon chicken orzo soups!!

  10. Must Have Every Visit: Wonton Chicken Happiness

    Must Have When Available: Antipasto Salad (sooooo good! Wish it was around all the time!)

  11. I get the same exact thing every single time (which is like once a week). Chunky chicken noodle soup with lemon, cucumbers with some ranch and the Wonton Chicken Happiness salad.

  12. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP! That is my must have. That is the first soup that I always pick to drink. Drinking the chicken noodle soup fills my body with warmth and happiness. The noodles are so tender as well as the moist chicken. The broth lingers and comforts me to content. There is no other place that makes their chicken noodle soup as well as Souplantation! 🙂 mm mm good.

  13. I pretty much can’t go to Sweet Tomatoes without getting whatever cobbler or dessert is available. The Apple Cobbler in particular is absolutely delicious.

  14. picking just one must have is hard!! but I would say the very top two must have scrumptious things to eat at Souplantation would be the blueberry muffins & mac & cheese!!! delicious 🙂

  15. Wonton Chicken Happiness! I’m not a salad person but this one is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Sweet Tomatoes! I usually eat two servings or more of this. Yum!

  16. It may sound kinda weird but I LOVE getting big bowls of Jicama and Croutons from the salad bar – two of my most favorite foods in the whole world! 🙂

  17. I must have the Potato Soup whenever I go and Must save room for a sundae. I’m usually stuffed by dessert time, but I make room for it anyway 😉

  18. If its in season my Must have is always the Potato Chowder. It is delicious.

    For regular items I bounce between Joans Broccoli and for desert brownie muffins slathered with honey butter.

    Even if I am entirely full I have to eat at least one 🙂

  19. I must have the caesar salad with creamy mushroom soup and samples of lentil, vegetable soup and clam chowder, topped off warm corn muffins and lava cake. Scrumptious!

  20. My wife is vegetarian and her eye light up whenever I tell her I want to go to Souplantation. She also likes your soups and salads. lol

    1. My wife is vegetarian and her eyes light up whenever I tell her I want to go to Souplantation. She also likes your soups and salads. lol

  21. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!!! On a cold snowy day! What a way to ward off the cold germs!!! Oh and the fetticini alfredo too!!!

  22. my must have scrumptious thing at sweet tomatoes is the amazing cornbread. i love the way it tastes and crumbles in my mouth with the butter. man i have to go get me some right now.

  23. My husband and I just love the chunky Chicken Noodle soup! I love the strawberry lemonade! Everything is just mmmmmmmmmmmmm so yummy!

  24. My absolute must have is Big Chunk Chicken Soup!!!! I must have it sooo much that I start my meal with a big bowlful and for dessert I will have a warm blueberry muffin with honey whipped butter andddddddddd………………..another big bowlful of my fav Big Chunk Chicken Soup!!!! I always feel better going out into the cold with my tummy all warmed up!!

  25. Must have the Won Ton Chicken Happiness Salad,Icrave it all the time.I also must have the Clam Chowder OMG its so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My must have thing at sweet tomatoes would have to be the chicken noodle soup and seeded bread with real butter, YUMMY!

  27. My must have scrumptious thing to eat at Sweet Tomatoes is the Clam Chowder. They just recently got it at my local Sweet Tomatoes and I nearly wept with joy!

  28. My must have is the chicken noodle soup. I love the homemade noodles and the big hunks of chicken. I like to add hot sauce and, if they have it, pico de gallo ♥

  29. My MUST HAVE is the Won Ton Happiness salad. It just makes me my day to go there and have it and makes me HAPPY!!!

  30. I couldn’t live without their Clam Chowder! Throw some shredded cheese, real bacon bits, and green onions from the baked potato bar and that’s my MUST HAVE!

  31. my most favorite thing at Sweet Tomatoes is my salad that I love to make, half 1000 island/ half ranch dressing, lots of crutons, and my favorite: rainbow cold pasta!

  32. broccoli cheese soup is my fave but since not always there would say joan’s broccoli madness
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  33. I luv Sweet Tomatoes; its the best place in town where everyone can eat ecactly what they want with no arguing , and the only place my son will willingly eat his vegetables. It’s our favoeite place to eat.

  34. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious in celebraton of the 8th Day of 12 Days of Scrumptious and first night of Hanukkah at your Uptown Sweet Tomatoes store in the desert (Phoenix, AZ) are:

    –Turkey Chutney Salad
    –Big Chunk Chicken Noodle soup
    –Mac & Cheese,
    –Chocolate Brownie Muffin, and
    –Cranberry Apple Cobbler.

    This indeed is a Comfort and Joy meal for me during the Holidays at my fav restaurant in Phoenix, AZ!!!

  35. Tuna Tarragon!!!! I love love love it!!! its the one salad I always have. I take a taste of different ones each time but the tuna tarragon is the one I MUST have every time.

  36. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious food is the tomato soup, the foccia bread, the chicken soup, the lovely vegetables on the make your own salad, and all the other goodies….:-) yummmmm

  37. My favorite must have food, breakfast lunch or dinner is the won ton chicken happiness salad!

    I also enjoy the other wonderful prepared salads that you have, your soups, your breads, actually almost everything. One of my 5star restaurants!

  38. Joan’s Broccoli Madness is my weakness. I keep going back up for it until I have to let out another loop in my belt.

  39. My must-have things to eat are New England Clam Chowder and cucumber slices with ranch dressing. Nom nom nom nom nom.

  40. LOVE everything you offer but MUST have sweet potatoes with whipped butter and honey…anlong with alfredo pasta and cheese flat bread!

    P.S. Will you ever offer the broccoli salad without bacon in it? It’s really one of my favorites but can’t have the bacon in it!

  41. My MUST HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation is the Tuna Tarragon! Oh and the blueberry muffins! I cant get enough of that stuff!

  42. My Must Have is the Clam Chowder! It is delicious! I wish it was an everyday item because I would be at Sweet Tomatoes everyday!

  43. 12 Sweet Tomatoes,11 spoons of Ranch Dressing, 10 toasty croutons,9 baked potatoes (loaded),8 pieces of foccacia, 7 Cornbread muffins,6 Glasses of Iced Tea***5 BOWLS OF TURKEY SOUP WITH STUFFING!!***,,,4 plates of pasta,3 blueberry muffins,2 ice cream cones,,,,And a big plate of home made chocolate chip cookies!!!!

  44. Must have Albondigas Locas Soup on a cold day. Also the cherry muffins and the walnut spinach salad is a must! Can’t we just make these items on the full time menu? 🙂

  45. Souplantation offers a wide selection of food. When I usually go there; I Must-Have the: Asian salad, ceaser salad and pizza. These food will definitely make your taste buds feel happy. 🙂

  46. I loveeeeeee salad. And I don’t mean some lettuce and a tomato and some dressing. I mean a salad covered with a huge variety of yummy things. That’s why I love eating at Sweet Tomatoes! I can put anything I want on there 🙂 My favorite ingredient, tho, would have to be Bleu Cheese. Mmmmmm I am thinking about that creamy yummy cheese on a nice crisp salad right now! (Why did you guys hafta make me hungry? lol 😉

  47. I MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes! This Count might like blood, but in order to keep a slim physique I NEED to consume healthy food options at Sveet Tomatoes! Green is a ghoul’s favorite color! YUM! V^^^V

  48. Mmmm. Tomato soup and grilled cheese, when they are available. Alongside a nice, big salad full of all the things I don’t keep at home: peas, beets, shredded butternut squash, etc. So yummy! And either some unsweetened fruit tea or strawberry lemonade to wash it down. 🙂

  49. We LOVE any of your tomato soups, and we especially love when you have the lemon chicken orzo! PLUS, no trip is complete without some yummy foaccia and a drink mix of fruit punch and sprite!

  50. Chilequiles, it’s only available during breakfast but I don’t care, it’s amazing!!!!! Souplantation has to be my favorite place ever, so as long as it’s vegetarian I’ll eat it!! ^_^

  51. My MUST-HAVE scrumptious thing to eat at is the Chocolate brownie muffin! Simple and delicious, great with butter 🙂

  52. Love the French Onion Soup when on the menu.. Otherwise it’s always the Caesar Salad!! Chicken Noodle & sourdough Bread.. I can continue on and on with my favorites.

  53. My must haves are the won ton chicken salad and chocolate muffins, and for right now, I also can’t pass up the Apple Mixed Berry Cobbler. Yum!

  54. I went to Souplantation last night because it was MUSHROOM MONDAY!!!! That cream of mushroom soup made me forget about my boyfriend for a while……

  55. My favorite is the mac and cheese, I sprinkle cheese on it then crumble cornbread on top of that………fantastic!!!!

  56. I’m in love with everything Souplantation has to offer…from the seasonal specials to the everyday originals. I must eat EVERYTHING when I’m there!! Soooo yummy.

  57. OK–there are so many! Really! I must have a blueberry muffin each time I go, but my kids MUST have the macaroni and cheese!

  58. A big plate of mixed raw veggies with Tuna Tarragon and whatever is special for the day, covered with Ranch Dressing. My significant other HAS to have the Chicken Noodle Soup and salad. We always have assorted breads, and focacias.
    But the MUST is a sundae made with a Brownie Muffin, ice cream, and assorted toppings.

  59. Two huge salads with all my favorite toppings are the thing I MUST have at every visit…the soup and dessert (usually a fruit dipped in pudding or mousse) are just the cherry on top!!

  60. The Chesapeake Corn Chowder has been a favorite since discovering Sweet Tomatoes over 8 years ago; however, no matter what salad I create there, it has to be covered in your Creamy Garlic dressing . . . yummy, yummy, yummy.

  61. I absolutely love the lemon pasta and the mushroom soup! Being able to get their own desserts is my 3 kids favorite part of coming to Souplantation in LaMesa, CA…this is always their first request of restaurants when it’s time for a night out! Happy holidays to all tha hard working crews out there!

  62. My must haves are definitely any of your warm, delicious muffins, cobblers, lava cakes, and I really liked the tomato soup and grilled cheese!

  63. Salad! I use mixed greens, and add garbanzo beans, corn, sunflower seeds, a little broccoli stem, a little cabbage, carrots, kidney beans, spinach, egg whites, celery, cucumbers… topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I’m picky so I get to make my salad EXACTLY the way I want it! I don’t need to pick anything out, and get the right amount of dressing, and it rocks.

  64. Two words: BLUEBERRY MUFFINS

    My boyfriend of 6 years has NEVER been a fan of BLUEBERRY MUFFINS let alone blueberries, but once I got him to try one, he was HOOKED!
    If there is a way to perfect a muffin, Souplantation has done it! A little CRISP on the outside and soooo SOFT and WARM on the inside. THE PERFECT combo for a SCRUMPTIOUS treat!!! Souplantation has a number of delicious eats, but I always look forward to the BLUEBERRY MUFFINS because it is the perfect way to end a souplantation meal!

  65. My must have from souplantation has to be the georgia peach poppy seed muffins. So good and only come around once a year.

  66. Chicken Pot Pie Stew is the absolute Must Have. Too bad that it is only served once each year. Apple Cobbler is the most scrumptious dessert, and the “must have” sugar fix!

  67. I always enjoyed food at Sweet Tomatoes. I once had lemongrass pasta(vegetarian) .It tasted so good that I really wish to have it again.

  68. I MUST have Mushroom Soup. Mondays is our Souplantation day. Just had it yesterday! Yummo! I do love the blueberry muffins too!

  69. I love that even though there is pre made salads I love the choice of making my own creation every time I go in. I must have my bread pizza every time go and my sourdough bread with my soup. Loving the split pea soup and the pot pie goes so well with my sourdough bread. I must wash my food down with the delicious fresh strawberry drink. I love how I also have options of toppings to put my ice cream makes me feel like a kid. All of this and the great service is scrumptious to me this is why I must keep coming back for more, love atmosphereat at the location I go to its very inviting and helpful.

  70. My family LOVES Sweet Tomatoes!!! Especially the Wonton Chicken salad Chicken Noodle soup and the brownies. My son loves the pizza:)

  71. Must have is definitely the Albondigas Loco soup and the apple/cinnamon muffins with the whipped butter. Delish! Thanks to the cooks who never disappoint.

  72. I’m always happy when I see the sweet brocoli salad! It’s definitely my favorite!
    But everything I’ve had has been so good.

  73. My MUST HAVE EVERY WEEK while visiting Souplantation/SweetTomatoes here in Jacksonville,Fl is the Chicken WonTon Happiness Salad (I always have at least 3 helpings of that) Along with The Chili Soup & Cornbread….Yum!!!!!

  74. My must have item I love to get and that I get every time I go there is the Wonton Chicken Happiness. It even has the word in the name that I get when I eat this wonderfully scrumptious salad.

    1. I must have Sweet Tomatoes gigantic salad bar… all the fresh healthy vegetables one can eat, along with a bowl of black bean chili and followed by a big bowl of frozen yogurt. Nothing better. Best Restaurant!!

  75. Must have vegetables!! Loads and loads of vegetables!! I start out piling every veggie atop a mix of fresh spinach and red leaf lettuce, then cap it with your delicious homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and perhaps a few Parmesan croutons to boot. An ice cold strawberry lemonade, some warm foccacia bread, and maybe a blueberry muffin pair quite nicely, and, WALLAH!!! A meal fit for a queen!!! Thank you Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes for being the healthy alternative to eating out!!

  76. My MUST-HAVE every single time I go to Sweet Tomatoes is the chicken noodle soup. I just want to take a huge container home. Its my favorite thing there besides a salad with cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, mushroom and carrots piled on top! the pizza/cheese sticks is also so delicious.

  77. The most scrumptious item I always look forward to is everything in the bakery section but mostly the blueberry muffins. Those items are practically perfect in every way. The muffins are incredible, corn bread is delicous, sourdough bread melts in your mouth. I can go on and on about everything there. Words can almost not explain how scrumtious the muffins are.

  78. Salads and fixings and bakery items and pasta bar and fresh fruit bar and ice cream bar
    I was telling all my neighbors at the Christmas party that we all have to do together.

  79. I love getting chocolate vanilla swirl with granola and a blueberry muffin, getting a bowl of hot soup or chili with scallions and sour cream, and then taking them back to the table and eating half of the ice cream, switching to the hot food, and then eating the rest of the ice cream because it’s is too cold to handle all the way through.

  80. I have to have a bowl of greens with lots and lots of cucumbers, feta, garbanzo beans and light italian dressing. I love the chicken noodle soup with the wide noodles and then I have to make myself a treat: vanilla yogurt on top of a chocolate muffin with nuts!


  81. Must haves include their veg pizzas, ice cream and green leaf salads with garbanzo beans, italian dressing, radishes, carrots and raisins!

  82. A bowl of cream of mushroom soup, Won Ton Chicken Happiness and my own salad creation with all the fixings! MMMMMMM!

  83. My whole family loves Soup must have is the Chinese chicken yummy and scrumptious…and love love Crazy Meatball soup. My 18month old enjoys eating the mac n cheese and corn…my husband loves everything..I love that we can go out to eat and have a healthy delicious meal at a reasonable price.

  84. I must have my raw and cooked beets with my salad and sunflower seeds with all the vegetarian soups that are offered! Finish with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce! Yum!

  85. MUST HAVES….Wonton Chicken salad AND chocolate muffins topped with nonfat vanilla yogurt and chocolate syrup to make it not so nonfat!

  86. Baked Potatoes. Are you kidding me? Where do you get your potatoes? They are so good, even the peel tastes scrumptious! I add some white onions and olive oil and mmmmm, mmmm!

  87. Nom, Nom, Nom on some Caesar Salad Asiago mixed with my own creation and wash it all down with some palate tingling Strawberry Lemonade….oh yea i’m headed there now for dinner….

  88. my MUST HAVE is, my own creation PASTA SALAD!!!
    believe it or not, i can’t eat lettuce or spinach! so at the salad bar i make PASTA SALAD!!!
    i get a heap of chilled pasta, put shredded cheese and chopped hard boiled eggs on it, smother with yummy ranch dressing, and top with croutons! i CRAVE this masterpiece of mine!! i want some now!!!! 🙂

  89. I can’t eat at Souplantation and leave without getting some scrumptious Garlic Asiago Focaccia. It’s always freshly made and consistent in quality and taste! Love that cheese and garlic!!

  90. I have so many favorites. They have the BEST fat free ranch dressing I have ever tasted. I also go for the cornbread muffins with honey butter (YUMM). Then for desert a brownie with vanilla ice cream and nuts. (very YUMMY). The employees and management are very nice also. It is my favorite place to eat.

  91. A salad with everything, you delicious ranch dressing and pasta salad, too! Ohh….a baked potato all dressed up and ice cream!! Yummy!!!!

  92. My MUST have at Souplantation is 2 plates full of salads. I like to take 1 plate and put the mixed greens with lots of veggies, garbanzo beans and a few other things and the 2nd plate I make a small spinach salad with eggs, onions and a few other things and then on that plate I also put some cauli, broc, cuc to dip in dressing and some of the prepared salads are on that plate as well. Gotta be able to use those little cups for dressing too 🙂

  93. My Sweet Tomatoes Must-Haves start with Wonton Chicken Happiness salad and end with cobbler and froyo – the different holiday cobblers have been soooooo good!

  94. Soupie(the nickname for souplantation between me and my hubby)has the freshest ingredients!
    The Chinese chicken salad and the chicken noodle soup are the soul savers! We also love to go on Mondays because the cream of mushrooms soup is a must have! It is so rich and creamy with full of taste bud- satisfying mushrooms, it always puts a big smile on my face. At Soupie you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health because everything’s so scrumptious and healthy at the same time.

  95. I like it all ever since the the first location,in Orlando ,fla. had opened up on International Drive,at the intersection of Kirkman road,tasty and healthy way of eating!

  96. I love everything at Sweet Tomatoes, and we eat here once or twice a week . My favorites are the Mountain Bread, just covered with all those seeds, the very best baked yams on Earth, and the homemade butterscotch topping !!!! Yummm

  97. I must always have a salad combo: the Ceasar with added mushrooms and my own spinich and egg with honey mustard dressing. I follow it up with the house chili topped with cheddar cheese, green and white onions, hot sauce and a dollop of sour cream.

  98. My must have is Chicken Pot Pie soup…..if the container is empty…..I will just stand there until they make more….as long as it takes. lol

  99. My most favorite thing at Sweet Tomatoes are the blueberry muffins and honey butter!!! I don’t care how full I am of soup and salad and potatos and pasta…etc, I have to have my muffin fix! Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I only get to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes once a year when I visit the Orlando area. But if it’s being offered, I absolutely have to have some Chocolate Lava Cake. And I know have to act fast, because soon after it’s put out it disappears. Word spreads fast! The first scoopfuls are the best, because you get to choose the cake/lava ratio. After it’s been dug at by all the happy customers sometimes only a gooey lava pool remains. Still tasty, but not as delightful as when mixed with that chewy cake/brownie goodness. Arghhhhh….I can’t wait til January!

  101. I love spinach salad and the colorful pasta. I love alot of kidney beans,Garbanzo beans,Beets,and chinese noodles and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds for crunch. I so love your Lemon zest muffins and the blueberry ones too. I use Ranch or Raspberry Vinegrette dressing. Yum.

  102. My most scrumptious must have is the cheese foccacia bread dippers when it’s available. I go at least once a week when the dippers and tomato soup are out. Mmmmm so scrumptious ooey, gooey cheesy foccacia bread dipped in home made tomato goodness. I think you should make them regulars Sweet Tomatoes I’d be forever greatful!

  103. i love the wonton chicken salad, the kettle chili, but want to try the spicy tamale soup, and love a blue berry muffin to end the meal.. my mouth is watering just thinking about enjoying a meal at the Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes.. aka the fetticini restaurant by my son

  104. My families “must haves ” are the cheese pizzas (just the right size for the kiddos little hands), wide selection of spinach salad with toppings, variety of soups, yummy muffins..and let’s not forget the delicious brownies with ice cream & chocolate to top it off!!!

  105. My two grandchildren and their parents arrived from cross-country to celebrateChanukah in California. Their two “can’t get at home” eating out requests are to go to a Mongolian BBQ & to “Sweet Tomatoes.” I can’t wait to see the 3-1/2 & 1-1/2 year-olds tray of Sweet Tomatoes selections. My daughter is anxious to introduce them to some new foods. What a fun way to do it. I can hardly wait.

  106. I always look forward to enjoying the brocoli salad!
    It’s one of my favorites!
    I also enjoy all the fresh salads and toppings!

  107. I LOVE making my own salad with all the goodies on the salad bar. I also love the soft serve ice cream. Oh and the cornbread is awesome with honey. Basically, everything is good!

    1. Congrats to our winners: Michelle, Laura, Eric, Luca, Rebecca, Chabelli, Dan and Greg
      Thank you everyone who entered!!

  108. Muffins are my must have! Pineapple coleslaw when available is my absulute favorite! Every thing is so good at Sweet Tomatoes..

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