We are in the 4th Day of 12 Days of Scrumptious! Today will be a blog contest.

Since it is the 4th day we will be rewarding 4 prizes of 4 FREE meals to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes to 4 very lucky winners!

To enter: Reply to this post on December 16 explaining why you think Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious!

Winners: will be announced on our blog on Monday, December 19

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152 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF SCRUMPTIOUS”

  1. sweet tomatoes is scrumptious because i love salad bars! the prepared salads are my favorite though, joan’s broccoli salad and the asian chicken salad are the most scrumptious! i’ve never had a food i didn’t like at sweet tomatoes and that’s a difficult thing to find in a restaurant.

  2. I’m trying to order a gift card for my mom. This web site is impossible!!! I’v spent the last 30 min. trying to get one. Now I’m waiting for a call back. This is rediculous!! Will not do this again.

  3. This may sound weird but Souplantation is scrumptious because of the Tapioca! I eat that for dessert instead of ice cream!

  4. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been able to enjoy Sweet Tomatoes… why have you still not opened anywhere near Seattle?! πŸ™

  5. Mmm, the salad bar is amazing!!!! And I love the pre-made salads (particularly the asian chicken)! I can never decide what soup to have, there are so many delicious options! Oh and the blueberry muffins and cookies are amazing. Top it all off with frozen yogurt, drenched in caramel and chocolate sauce and I am a very happy girl. I would love to win some free meals because I am pregnant and ALWAYS craving Sweet Tomatoes!!

  6. Sweet Tomatoes is my favorite place to go! Everyone from vegans to carnivores leave full of scrumptious, yet healthy food. And, it’s affordable to go when all the family is town for the holidays!

  7. Souplantation is scrumptious because if you look next to the definition of scrumptious in the dictionary, Souplantation is there with people with big smiles on their faces inside.

  8. I love going there, have not been in awhile as I have no transportation. But I miss the scrumptious salads that I can make, and soups are to die for. The pasta I just wish I could go again, I used to visit twice a week.

  9. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because it has things for everyone! Even the kiddos like it. And it’s healthy too! My favorite is the Tuna Taragon Pasta.

  10. I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes as it is fresh and healthy and I can go out to eat and stay on my Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan. I am losing weight and loving going out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes every week! Thanks for being there!!

  11. I think Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they have such FRESH food!! It’s always super tasty and there is sooo much of it! My friend and our kids go about once a week. We can’t get enough! She LOVES the soups and I LOVE the baked potatoes! YUMMY! And the fresh baked cookies….TO DIE FOR! I actually just ate some right now! Hehehe! We went there last night and I brought my cookies home. I LOVE SOUPLANTATION AND SWEET TOMATOES!!!!!!!

  12. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because of the wealth of healthy choices. I love that I have such a yummy variety to choose between and I can feel good about what I eat.

  13. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they have great salad and I love their different soups! And you can’t forget about their delish muffins!

  14. Souplantation is alwways an eating adventure, because of the variety, freshness, and home cooked food items. It’s refreshing to enjoy all of the items they offer, in a sparkling clean environment. And, you can always finish your meal with an everchanging desert menu that is fresh and warmly available. Souplantation offers more than “just food”..

  15. Souplantation is scrumptious because it has something for everyone! I loved going with my friends growing up and now that I am a mom it is the perfect place to take my family who all have different tastes. My husband loves all your meaty soups, I love your fresh salads and pastas and my toddler loves to pick through your veggies and dessert bar πŸ™‚

  16. I think Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they always have such a fresh salad bar with the best ranch dressing! Yummy!

  17. Sweet Tomatoes has the best fresh, tastiest, healthy, fun, delightful, supercalifragilistic food in the whole food universe!!!!!

  18. I think souplatation is scrumptious because it has all you can eat soup and salad as well as pasta and muffins, cheese bread who would not want to go there and eat as much as possible.

  19. sweet tomatoes is the most awsome resteraunt, the food is amazing and so fesh like it was picked that day in their garden! this place is not only a very filling and tastey place it is the one place that is actually good for you. healthy and tasty! 2 things that make feeling good important! all summed up by 1 word! SCRUMPTIOUS

  20. We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes because there’s something there for everyone in our four person family…salads for Dad, carbs & soup for Mom, pizza bread & sundae bar for Sonny, and veggies & mac & cheese for our girl! Plus, we can take ANY guests, company, out of towners to eat there & they end up loving everything too!

  21. I think Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they have the BEST variety of fresh veggies, soups, baked goods & desserts. All are so delicious & healthy πŸ™‚

  22. Souplantation is scrumptious because they are cool and fresh, warm and comforting, nothing like a big bowl of yummy for dinner! πŸ˜€

  23. Soup Plantation is scrumptious anytime of the day! Breaksfast=scrumptios! They have the usual salad bar and soups, but they also have tasty breakfast potatoes, cinnamon biscuits, and eggs, etc. Lunch=scrumptious! On a cold day it is the prefect lunch with a tasty soup or chili, salad and fresh corn bread. And dinner=scrumptious! Soup, salad, bread, fresh muffins, and for dessert, soft serve yogurt in a cone. Soup Plantation is scrumptios because you never have that feeling of, “why did I eat that? I feel blah!” You always feel full and happy you went there. I love Soup Plantation!

  24. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious for their blueberry muffins, focaccia breads, deserts, and sunday morning menu.

  25. Sweet Tomatoes is deliciously seasoned, freshly prepared, and has so many fabulous flavors to tantalize the taste buds! We love it! Just bought a gift card for ST for my son…

  26. The yummy delectables just seem endless, my favorites being the Santa Fe Black Bean soup and focaccias and of course the main course, salad heaven.

  27. When ever some one asks me what I want – I always tell them a Sweet Tomatoes Gift Card!

    Also, I have introduce my family to Sweet Tomatoes when they are down from NH visiting. Now it is a MUST EAT place everytime they come! (sometimes 2 or 3 times when they are here) and they are coming in February!

  28. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is SCRUMPTIOUS as in S-plendid, CR-eative, U-nbeliveably good, M-agnificent, P-henomenal, T-asty, and delic-IOUS food and more !!! πŸ˜€

  29. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because all the food is freshly made with real ingredients. They have enough variety that there is something tasty for everyone.

  30. My family loves going to Souplantation because it offers such a great range of healthy and tasty options. Oh, and my daughter thinks it has the best mac ‘n cheese and blueberry muffins ever. πŸ™‚

  31. Sweet Tomatoes is my favorite place to eat! There are so many options, and they are all healthy! I love that they have a rotating menu, and you can look it up online before you go. Some of my favorite things are the various types of chili, especially in the cold months, the wonton chicken happiness,the baked sweet potatoes, the cranberry orange muffins and the pumpkin muffins, and of course you’ve got to top it all off with some frozen yogurt. It doesn’t get much more scrumptious than that!

  32. scrumpΒ·tious (adj): very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid. Every word captures the atmosphere and food of Sweet Tomatoes, my absolutely FAVORITE restaurant!

  33. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because all of their food is so fresh. Everything from soup to salads is made fresh daily and tastes that way. I love to eat there and usually make it a family meal. Sometimes, I go by myself just to enjoy all of the veges I can eat. It is a very happy place to have a meal.

  34. Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes is absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS because they have the best soups, signature salads, and breads all in one place!! Not to mention how healthy the food is in addition to it being delicious πŸ˜€ I really appreciate the affordable price, plentiful amount of savory food, and the quality staff that Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes has to offer. Happy holidays to my favorite restaurant!!

  35. My husband and I used to eat at Souplantation at least once a week. Recently, we’ve taken custody of our granddaughters, ages 2 and 5. With Kindergarten and nap time, it’s hard to get over there! We did manage to get there this week, and that Herbed Turkey Soup is amazing! I just love that you can create your own salad with all the great things at the salad bar. And the baked goods – yummy! Scrumptious!

  36. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because of all of the fresh menu choices. There is a great variety and something for everybody.

  37. I think Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they have a great variety of fresh, healthy, and delicious food for each course of a meal – including dessert!

  38. Souplantation is one of the only places that can make healthy food look good and taste good too. I always want to eat salads when i go out, and sometimes my boyfrind tries to take me somewhere else and he says they have salads too, and i always reply, well they do not taste as good as souplantation, I only like salads from souplantation.scrumptious.

  39. We’ve loved Sweet Tomatoes for years – according to our kids, the mac-n-cheese is the most scrumptious thing on the menu, but my hubby and I love the soups the best! And ALL of us love the salads – our kids are veggie-lovers, just like us!

  40. Sweet Tomatoes is scruptious because there are so many fresh items to choose from. It is something the entire family can enjoy. The soups offered are so different from one another, so it allows all of us to find something we like; therefore, the pickiest eaters are happy!

  41. With all that Souplantation has to offer – from breakfast on Sundays to lunch & dinner 7 days a week – who couldn’t stop thinking about all those delicious soups served piping HOT, those endless salads combinations and of course you can’t forget the mouthwatering supply of cobblers to end it all, it isn’t just a place to eat, it’s THE ‘SCRUMPTIOUS’ place to eat!

  42. Everything about Sweettomatoes is exceedingly Scrumptious! There is no salad bar with as much variety and as many selections anywhere else, and the freshness of every salad item is always clearly evident. The prepared salads are a salad bar “bonus”, offering more delicious adventures to the 55′ “produce party”. The soups are unparalleled! There are always several outstanding soups to enjoy that are better than homemade. The bakery selections are impossible to resist, from the fantastic sourdough and Indian grain breads, to the great focaccias and the scrumptiously delicious muffins. Indulging in the decadent desserts exemplfiies scrumptious! Great gooey lava cakes and unbelievable apple and fruit cobblers that absolutely surpass almost any homemade apple pie. Top-off with copious portions of soft-serve frozen yogurt (I need one of those machines at home)!

  43. Close your eyes and imagine souplantation. Walking into the entrance, choosing your favorites from the extensive salad bar, buying a cup of sweet tea, and grabbing a bowl to fill it with one of their many soup specials. Mmmm the sweet aroma of your favorite soup and a slice of their yummy-licious pizza… what could be better? Take a bite into the tomato you just picked from the salad bar… Scrumptious, Delicious, Fresh, Extravagant, Juicy… yes I purposely capitalized those words. It’s that good.

    1. After spending two hours at the gym doing turbo kick boxing and your friends want to go out for lunch, this is the most Scrumptious, Fresh, Delicious option there is!!!

  44. I live in Reading, Pennsylvania but I visit the Atlanta area once or twice a year. When I’m down there, I make it a point to visit Sweet Tomatoes. As for why it’s scrumptious, the homemade soups are out-of-this-world. My favorites are the cream of mushroom, new england clam chowder, and shrimp bisque.

  45. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because they offer different limited items but then they bring them back again and leave your mouth watering for their return!

  46. Sweet tomatoes is scrumptious because of their awesome variety at the salad bar and their fresh baked breads and desserts! Everything is so fresh and delicious.

  47. Sweet Tomatoes allows me, a type 2 diabetic, to make healthy choices and keep my blood sugar in check. It is also scrumptious because my grandchildren love to go here with me. Sweet Tomatoes is their first choice when I ask where they would like to go for dinner.

  48. Sweet tomatoes is soooo scrumptious because you don’t feel heavy and weighed down after eating there. It’s a place you can actually indulge without feeling guilty!

  49. My wife and I come here all the time. My most scrumptious things are a toss-up between the bran muffins and the mushroom soup.

  50. Souplantation is scrumptious because because you get to make your own salad! It’s like a different restaurant every time depending on what flavors you’re craving! And not to mention it’s nice to your waistline πŸ™‚

  51. Souplantation is scrumptious because I can take my whole family and make everyone happy, from Grandpa’s dietary considerations to my husband’s favorite savory dishes and my sweets, as much as my teenage son can eat or as little as my picky daughter chooses. The coupons and special deals are the ‘icing on the cake’. Thanks!

  52. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because it has everything your heart desires. It always just fills that spot and makes you feel all warm inside. I love the variety and everything is so fresh and delicious. I wish I could eat there everyday.

  53. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious becasue I can stay legal on my Weight Watchers plan and ENJOY what I am eating! This is very important to me!

  54. Sweet tomatoes is scrumptious because you get to choose what you want to eat how you want to eat it and how much of a cearrtain thing to eat… best salads around.. sooo yummy!!

  55. I absolutely love the blueberry muffins. And my daughter always gets a baked potato loaded with all the toppings. Now I’m hungry!

  56. Souplantation is scrumptious because of the selection of fresh veggies on the salad bar, the cream of mushroom soup on Mondays, and the fruit medley bran muffins! It’s my favorite restaurant!!!!

  57. 12 reasons why Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are Scrumptious..

    12. Delicious Dressings
    11. Piping Hot Potatoes
    10. Long Salad Line
    9. Lovely Dining
    8. Magnificent Muffins
    7. Succulent Soups
    6. Great Lemonade
    5. Cold Ice Cream
    4. Crafted Bread
    3. Foccaias Heated
    2. Toppings to Dollop
    1. Pasta and Mac & Cheese

  58. I think Souplantation is scrumptious because I could seriously have it as a meal everyday of the week and not be sick of it. Seriously! During my first year of college, I went to Souplantation 4 days in a row. I love the muffins and the seasonal flavors they have, I want to try every single one.

    Some of my friends have never tried Souplantation and I definitely want to use some of the meal passes to treat them out. Seriously, if you haven’t tried Souplantation you’re definitely missing out!

  59. souplantation and sweet tomatoes is a SCUMPTIOUSLY good way to eat healthy ! Their specialty salads are always a delicious treat. THANKS !!

  60. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because it is one of the only restaurants where I feel like I have nearly unlimited choices as a vegetarian. There aren’t many restaurants like that! And I don’t just have to make one decision, I can try a little bit of everything! And be healthy too!

  61. Souplantation is scrumptious because everything they make is fresh. You can go healthy or decadent depending on your mood and everything tastes great! As a matter of fact, I’m having a girls’ night out with my 5 year old to Souplantation tonight, per her request! She thinks it’s scrumptious, too!

  62. I am a triathlete and after every race, I ALWAYS go to Souplantation. By the end of the race I am exhausted, starving, and ready to eat. I know that Souplantation always provides enough sustenance to fill me up and re-energize me. I also know that Souplantation offers healthy options and as an athlete this is crucial because I need to keep a careful watch on my intake of food. I know I can eat at Souplantation guilt free because everything is very healthy.

    I love how Souplantation has a wide variety of food with the constant classics and the delicious changing monthly dishes. My personal favorite is the scrumptious chicken noodle soup that I have loved since I was a child. This soup is so delicious and warm that it is my go-to-dish. When I am tired and sick, I know this soup will always make me feel better. The soup is a classic that I know will always be there and never change. Thank you Souplantation for being dependable and scrumptious!

  63. Sweet Tomatoes is the most scrumptious, by far.
    Its offerings are more than just a salad bar.
    Their dishes are numerous and enjoyed by everyone;
    Bring the family for healthy food & a lot of fun!

  64. Who could go wrong with Souplantation?! There is truly something for everyone – and plenty of it! From crisp salads to comforting soups, light dinner choices to comfort food, you could do no wrong! I love the fact that it’s all fresh and healthy – and my husband loves the fact that he does not “taste” the healthy. I’d wish more restaurants followed in your suite, but then again, who else could pull off perfection so gracefully?

  65. Scrumptious is all about personalization. While I am always in the mood for Tuna Tarragon I never know what dressing I’ll want on my salad or what soup(s) will appeal to me any given day. Scrumptious is creativity and hitting the spot when you go out for a tasty, fresh, FILLING meal at Souplantation!

  66. Being from Ottawa, Ontario, we travel to the gulf coast of Florida at this time of year. We ALWAYS go to Sweet Tomatoes at the Largo mall several times during our visit. Very good food, very good value. And thanks for the coupons !!

  67. Choice and healthy – start with salad, joan’s broccoli madness is amazing. blueberry muffins, baked potato, soup (like the turkey and stuffing this month – mmmmmm) and frozen yogurt. Can’t get any better. Our favorite place to eat.

  68. We love Sweet Tomatoes because we can choose many different goodies all in one meal. AND because of the strawberry lemonade.

  69. Soup plantation is scrumptious because of their freshness. Veggies, soups, just baked breads and muffins. Love the freshness!

  70. Well, I like to sit and watch what people create with the endless combinations. I’ve gotten some pretty amazing combos from just a little unconspicuous watching. Baked potatoe with creamy soups poured over with cheese and chives added to the top! Blueberry muffins with icecream and sprinkels peppered along the top. I’ve seen a few that I had to control myself and not let my yuck meter get too loud too! I saw bananas mixed into some kind of gumbo.!!! (Sorry I had to share that one LOl) Anyway, I am not that creative and I enjoy the variety just the way it is offered.!!!

  71. Souplantation is scrumptious because no matter how many times you go eat there, you can recreate your salads, soups, and even dessert to your liking in a million different combos. Always satisfied with the freshest foods.

  72. Souplantation is scrumptious because everything is freshly made and palatable even to the most picky eaters! It’s a great place to eat at for family dinners, dates, or even study sessions. The food and the service are consistent and Souplantation offers options for people to customize their own foods. For example, I add cheese and oyster crackers to my clam chowder soup. Try it out! You’ll like it, I promise!

  73. The freshest salad with the best ingredients, as much as you want, all up for grabs- with soups, muffins, fresh pastas, desserts and more- for one low scrumptious price! I fell in love on the West Coast, and continue to enjoy now on the East Coast- LOVE Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation!

  74. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because I could go there and eat everyday, always find something new & never get tired of it!

  75. The food is fresh, the options are healthy, and there’s so many…plus, there’s lots of ways to mix and match, and no limits! The restaurants are clean, the service is friendly, the family eats for a low price, and there’s variety that will please even a picky eater on a diet…who is starving. The family can eat for $20 and leave stuffed…yeah!

    My favorite items:
    Always start out with a salad drizzled with house ranch–great recipe!
    Strawberry lemonade is a must-have with any meal…the $2 extra is WORTH IT.
    Dipping foccia bread in chili is better than you’d think…meaning scrumptious!
    Blueberry muffins are hot, sweet, and fresh.
    Vegetable Ragu is mild enough that even the picky kids will eat it…if they don’t want that, there’s enough gooey macaroni to feed an army! I love it!
    Unlimited ice cream? For root beer floats? Muffin toppings? Frozen yogurt cones to go…with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and peanuts? Oh yeah. That’s one good meal. πŸ™‚
    Plus, seasonal specials keep us coming back!

    Thanks, Souplantation!

  76. The food is healthy and filling, but not too heavy. I never feel guilty about having seconds- and thirds,lol. Also, the Tuna Tarragon is to live for!!!

  77. s alads
    c ookies
    r ustic soups
    u nlimited trips back to the salad bar
    m uffins (blueberry are the best)
    p asta
    t oppings galore
    i ce cream, need I say more?
    o ur favorite place to eat
    u nending cominations
    s ouplantation is just scrumptious!

  78. Why is it Scrumptious? Maybe because of the array of salads and soups! No wait, thats why! Let me just confess here, i make more than TWO trips for my favorite soup! Love the clam chowder & chilli! Souplantation is my first choice for Breakfast,lunch & Dinner!

  79. I love Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes because I love my family & their health means everything to me. I believe you are only doing harm when you feed the ones you love the disgusting, greasy, processed crud at most fast food & even most sit down restaurants. Sweet Tomatoes provides good nutrition along with good eating habits to my husband & 2 year old daughter. I’m very thankful to have Sweet Tomatoes as an option when we are out & about.

  80. Souplantation is scrumptious because it has so many wonderful vegetarian items and the very best salad bar in town! The soup, fruit and ice cream make it complete!

  81. Sweet Tomatoes is definetely scrumptious!! It is the perfect definition for this restaurant as a matter of fact! It not only has a wide variety of salads and soups but it has pasta and dessert! And best of all it’s fresh, heathy food! It is the perfect combination of a restaurant and in my opinion scrumptious is the best word for it like I said! Thanks Sweet Tomatoes for always having something new πŸ™‚

  82. Souplantation is scrumptious because it has the freshest salad ingredients to create whatever kind of salad you have a taste for and the best “lipsmacking” soups ever. It’s everything you could want in salad, soup, pasta, breads, potatoes and dessert but not heavy foods.

  83. Because going out to eat at Souplantation tastes just as good now as it did when I was 5 years old! 26 now, and it’s become a family tradition I’ll soon pass on to my kids

  84. You have scrumptious everything, from the people that work there to the meals you serve, number 1 in the world and best of all my kids love you too!!

  85. Souplantation is a land of endless possibilities. Whether you want something rich and savory, light and fresh, or sweet and decadent, Souplantation always has something there for you. To make this even better, Souplantation’s ever-fluctuating menu consistently adds new variety to the already expansive assortment of deliciousness, so the experience never gets old.

    I love Souplantation. I could eat there every day.

  86. It’s the restaurant me and my bestie can always agree on. Regardless of if we’re trying to eat healthy, or having a little cheat day, Sweet Tomatoes literally has everything we could possible want……including dessert on those cheat days!

  87. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious for many reasons… one vanilla yogurt cone, two scoops of wanton chicken happiness, three bowls of french onion soup, four quattro formaggio focaccia sticks and FIVE BOWLS of albongigas locas soup!!

  88. I would like to say that I think Soup Plantation is. Awesome! I have been eating there for years, and when I was pregnant with my youngest son, I craved it. I love salads (always have), and my husband loves the soup. I believe in eating healthy, and sitting at a restaurant that serves soup and salad as a “main” meal verses part of a course is awesome in itself. I love my salads and love Soup Plantation.

  89. Souplantation is so scrumptious you can eat there everyday and never get bored. There is always a dazzling new creation or a way to jazz up your meal.

  90. Sweet Tomatoes absolutely has THE best chicken noodle soup! (and that’s not to mention the pastas and sweet potatoes!)

  91. In the middle of morning sickness, and all that sounds good (every day) is a fresh salad, made the way I like. I can’t keep all the ingredients fresh in my fridge, so I find myself wishing I had a Sweet Tomatoes in my back yard! I love the FRESH fruits and veggies that are there, all the time!

  92. Sweet tomatoes is scrumptious in every way. Their salads are made every different way with every culture style seasoning represented at different seasons of the year and if that isn’t enough you can pile on extra toppings from the gazillion of choices. After you finish with the salad, you can wander over to the warm and hearty and savory soups that they make fresh every day! They are to die for! Acompany that with their delicious cornbread and the honey butter…..hhhhhmmmmm…….don’t get me started. I don’t know about you but I am hungry!! Then finish off with a sweet dessert and warm cup of coffee. AAAAHHHHHH……..SCRUMPTIOUS……then just hand the remote and give me a sofa!!!

  93. Sweet Tomatoes is Scrumptious because of the variety of healthy, fresh and yummy foods. I love the varieties of toss salads and the goodies at the salad bar. Then I enjoy choosing which hot, fresh soup I would like, with the yummy fresh breads and muffin selection. I love the pasta selection and the wonderful baked potato bar. I always have to leave room for the dessert which is usually a brownie topped with my choice of ice cream and toppings…sprinkles one day, nuts another day !
    Lynn M.

  94. Sweet Tomatoes is so scrumptious I could eat there every day. Everytime I go its a new experience it gets better with each trip trying something new. Speaking of trips you dont have to go more than a few miles from home to take a trip to Spain, Italy, Mexico our even Greece. You get to experience all the flavors and foods of the world at scrumptious Sweet Tomatoes. It’s also a cozy, home cooked meal experience with their home made soups and cobblers and their friendly staff. Thank you Sweet Tomaotes for being my scrumptious home away home experience!

  95. I live in the metro Atlanta area and have gone to the Perimeter and E. Cobb Sweet Tomatoes more times than I can count! I introduced my parents to your scrumptious restaurant when they came to visit, and once they moved from NY down to Florida, they made a point of finding the closest Sweet Tomatoes because they love it so much too.

    Your salads are plentiful (I have a weak spot for Won Ton Chicken Happiness–it makes me happy!), your soups are divine (while my oldest son is partial to the Vegetarian Harvest, I just love your tomato soups…and onion…and mushroom!).

    The food is always fresh, tasty, and attractive…simply SCRUMPTIOUS!

    BTW, I’m retweeting at @wendybritt πŸ™‚

  96. I think it’s scrumptious because my whole family can finally agree on what restaurant to go to! Everyone, including my 9-year old son, is excited to go, and loves being able to pick and choose whatever he wants to eat.

  97. I think Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes is SCRUMPTIOUS because everything at the salad bar is extremely crisp and fresh, as well as being very healthy for you. There’s also a great variety of items to choose from. Infact, that describes the rest of the “menu”. Great quality at a great price!

  98. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because everything is made fresh from scratch with such a great variety of delicious things to choose from as well as a great monthly rotation to keep it interesting!!!

  99. Souplantation is scrumptious for two reasons: Grilled Cheese Fococcia and Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares! I wait all year for them! And by ‘wait all year’ I mean ‘I come in every week still’.

  100. Healthy food that tastes amazing, and you get to finish it off with Dreyer’s frozen yogurt. I could not ask for more. LOVE THIS PLACE!

  101. Hmmm, what would I love to do for Christmas this year? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to southern California — we could stroll the beaches, go parasailing, shop exciting stores, eat at scrumptious restaurants… Like Souplantation!!! Wait, now I don’t have to go to California — Sweet Tomatoes has just opened in Fort Worth, Texas!!! Does life get any better???

    What a special place to get a scrumptious meal! The salad bar ingredients are so incredibly fresh, they seem to have just been picked & put out when you walk in the door. There’s such an amazing variety of ingredients. The sometimes unusual varieties of soups tempt me to try something new & broaden my horizons. The delicious muffins & breads are perfect companions to the salads & soups. And the desserts? It don’t get no better than this!!! Welcome to Texas!!!

  102. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because you can feel good about your meal! Fresh ingredients, made from scratch, healthful options and affordable. Win, win, win!

  103. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because the large selection of soups are healthy and flavorful. Eating at Sweet Tomatoes is a wonderful way to get a holiday inspired meal that is satisfying and nutritious.

  104. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because there are plenty of choices to choose from all of which are healthy and good for you. The soups are out of this world.

  105. My 10 year old put it simply: “Because it’s Sweet Tomatoes!” She’s been a fan all her life, literally. Sweet Tomatoes was the first stop on the way home from the hospital when she was born!

  106. My 10 year old put it simply, “Because it’s Sweet Tomatoes!” She should know–she’s been going to Sweet Tomatoes all her life. When she was born, Sweet Tomatoes was the first stop on the way home from the hospital at 3 days old!

  107. Sweet Tomatoes is scrumptious because of the wonderful good. But even more they’re scrumptious because of their support of the community! Thank you ST!!!

  108. Souplantation is scrumptious because of their endless fresh soups (of course) and baked goodies. Healthy and yummy and all you can eat!


  109. Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation is fabulous. Their ingredients are always fresh, appealing ~ just darn right mouth watering. I can create my own salad to my liking besides the many variety salads already made. The soups are to die. Hot steaming vegetables plus dessert. What more could a person want!

  110. Souplantation is scrumptious because it has so many wonderful vegetarian items and the very best salad bar in town! The soup, fruit and ice cream make it complete! Please open a location in MD, Washington DC or Northern VA. The food is always fresh and the price is reasonable for a family.

  111. The most scrumptious thing to eat at Sweet Tomatoes is the tomato soup. Any kind of blended tomato soup especially tomato basil. Best tomato soup I’ve had from a restaurant.

    1. Our winners are: Chad, Karen, Jen and Cindy! Sorry for the delay in posting the winners. Please enter our contest on the 8th. We will be having 8 winners that wil win 2 FREE meals each!!

  112. okay so the most scrumptious things i eat @souplantation are the broccoli maddness, the orienal salad, i extremely love your soups especially the creamy bisque’s like the butternut squash or the pumpkin ones, yum! I always get your cheesy pizza-like focaccia(all though i am lactose) I cant hold back.I also love trying all your assorted teas!!!!!! & I love your lava carrot cake! OMG! Lemme seee oh yea my son loves going to get his cornbread and clamchowder fi xwith his strawberry lemonade. Any who I could go on and on, everyone knows that im adddicted to Souplantation, lol. You guys are #1!!!!

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