It’s Better to Give AND Receive this holiday season, the fresh soup and salad restaurants are orchestrating the food drive to give back to the communities they serve. Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes locations have partnered with over 25 food banks across the country to collect food donations for those in need in their communities.


Suggested canned food items include hearty soups, chili, canned meats, canned fish, nuts and seeds, rice and beans, canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned juices, pastas and canned sauce and any non-perishable items.



*Not valid w/other offers or on gift card purchases.


  1. I would like to see more health option soups on a daily basis, like vegetable and tomato soups. I was in today and most soups were cream based or with meat . Many people today are on restricted diets and it would better if you offered to your patrons more soups with vegetables and low in fat.

    1. Susan Hohli, how about navy bean soup. It is a great source of protein. Just Ham and beans. No vegs. It seems like all soup made have some sort of vegs in them.
      They offer vegetables soup now. Lentil soups are good.

  2. I am soooooooooo disappointed in this new format. We walked in and found out about the new format with cards you have to swipe at the stations, there isn’t a buffet anymore. The name of the company is Sweet Tomatoes (SOUP, SALAD and BAKERY) they need to change it since the soup and salad are not the main draw anymore. My wife and I listened to the new concept and we walked out. We will not return to the new ones, luckily the one by my house has not switched over yet, but when it does we will no longer be frequenting it. If people wanted Meat then they should go to Old Country Buffet or Golden Corral. THis is now just another version of Boston Market with salad.
    Such a disappointment.

    1. Jeff is referring to our Field Kitchen concept, it is a test that we are doing in Phoenix. It is still in the test mode and are trying to see the best way to enhance Sweet Tomatoes.

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  4. I just heard about the “new” format here in Phoenix and I can tell you that it’s not for me. Years ago we stopped going to Souper Salad because it was similar to this and we hated it. I don’t know who had this bright idea but as a loyal customer for many years I will go elsewhere. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

  5. This new concept does not sound appealing to me either. Been a loyal customer of Sweet Tomatoes for 15 years and love the current set up. Why change?

    1. Folks’ tastes and passions for delicious, quality foods are evolving and the salad pros at Sweet Tomatoes are growing right along with them. Sweet Tomatoes Field Kitchen is a wider scope of menu choices with a focus on living foods, and high impact flavors.

  6. RE: The Field Kitchen concept – It stinks! We like Sweet Tomatoes – a quick, healthy way to eat with lots of choices and good comfort food. We’re traveling to the Ahwatukee location tonight for one last time before its demise to a Field Kitchen. We should all chain ourselves to the restaurant like the tree huggers do, to prevent it from being converted!

  7. We will never go back the Sweet Tomatoes in Tempe, AZ. First of all the new format is ridiculous. Any place where you have to have a tutorial to figure out how and what to order is not for me. It was totally confusing to all of the people in my party. Then when we complained that our soft drinks all tasted funny the server replaced the drinks with tea and took our cards to remove the drinks. Well, she did not make note of which cards belonged to which individual and we all got wrong cards back, which made a real mess at the checkout. Even though I told the cashier what we actually had, I realized after I got home that she still charged us for the additional meal that was on the card that was incorrectly given back to us. Someone did NOT give this concept much thought before putting into practice. Buh-bye Sweet Tomatoes.

  8. The Tempe Sweet Tomatoes is so horrible. The whole concept of the Field Kitchen is not working. The menu is super expensive, the food options aren’t good, its trying way too hard to be something its not. They don’t even serve normal butter. The butter there has jalapenos in it. I think Sweet Tomatoes is trying to reach a higher income person/family but the truth is, no high income family/person is going to choose to spend alot of money at Sweet Tomatoes, they are going to go somewhere that has always been a higher income restaurant. I do not recommend Sweet Tomatoes to change. I worked at Sweet Tomatoes a few years ago and it offered great food, a great atmosphere and a good price. They are going to throw that all away with this Field Kitchen nonsense.

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