These items are (almost) ALWAYS available at our restaurants:

  • Salad bar fresh-cut produce
  • Joan’s Broccoli Madness
  • Deep Kettle House Chili with cheese & sour cream
  • Baked potato with all the toppings
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Frozen Yogurt Toppings: Chocolate Syrup and Caramel Syrup, Candy Sprinkles, Peanuts, Toffee Bits, Strawberry and Pineapple toppings
  • Dressings (Some are not available every day. Subject to change depending on location): Fat Free Honey Mustard, Fat Free Ranch, Fat Free Italian, Ranch Dressing, Cuban French Dressing, French  Catalina, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette , Low calorie Creamy Cucumber and Olive Oil & Vinegar
  • Desserts: All flavored gelatins

In addition to our everyday items listed above, below are more gluten free options during the month of January

January 1-29

Tossed Salad:

Roasted Vegetable and Kalamata Olives

Prepared Salad:

Pineapple Coconut Slaw


Vegetable Medley

**Due to the nature of a self-serve buffet, the sharing of serving utensils may occur from another food item that MAY contain gluten, therefore, our gluten-free list should only be used as a guideline and is not a guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of the allergen in question. Please see store manager for a copy of the Complete Ingredient Statements for any items you are not sure about

106 thoughts on “GLUTEN FREE ITEMS”

  1. I really need to know what items are gf myself……I love your restaurant but need to know! Otherwise I have to go where I know what’s gf! Thanks

    1. The following foods are gluten free items at Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes that are served daily. Our menu rotates bi-weekly so we do have promotional items that change every two weeks that include more gluten free items. We are testing new items daily to provide more gluten free items in the future.

      Salad bar fresh-cut produce with olive oil & vinegar dressing
      Deep Kettle House Chili with cheese & sour cream
      Baked potato with all the toppings
      Joan’s Broccoli Madness
      Frozen Yogurt

      1. A regular customer since you came to Colorado, I had not gone to ST since January 2012, because I had to go gluten free, and I didn’t want to be tortured by being around your Won-Ton Salad, your delicious muffins, and your squaw bread. I decided to give it a try tonight, after being told by staff that the items with gluten were clearly marked. They were not. They only say Vegan or Non-Vegetarian. An employee handed me a pamphlet, but I didn’t have my glasses, so I was holding up the line trying to read through all of those pages to match up what I was looking at, and it was a real pain. Even WITH my glasses, it would have been a pain. PLEASE LABEL YOUR GF ITEMS ON THE FOOD DESCRIPTION TAGS! Thank you.

  2. I have many allergies which include gluten, potatoes, beans and lemons & limes. We are going to be eating there in a couple of weeks from the office and I need to know what I can eat from the salad bar that hasn’t got lemon or lime juice or treated with a product like Fruit Fresh. I can pretty well tell what is wheat, etc, but I noticed there was lime juice on the chicken, and I would be sick within 20 minutes of eating it. Thanks for your help.

  3. I’ve been a regular Souplantation customer for at last the past 10 years. I recently had to switch to a gluten-free diet and I’m disappointed that GF info isn’t included with the rest of the nutrition info on the Souplantation web site. You can do better than haphazard blog postings or “Product Information Binders” stored behind the salad bar.

    When it comes to dining at large restaurant chains, I’m more likely to choose those who do full GF disclosure on their web sites over those who do not.

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      1. Tracy: I am desperate for the recipe of a past salad dressing – Light Creamy Cucumber. It was the absolute best, and the reason I went to Souplantation. Can you assist?

  5. In a similar vein, this is a pretty sad entry for gluten-free foods. Fresh Choice, which is a similar restaurant in my Sunnyvale, California area has a special “gluten-free” designation on their many gluten-free dishes. We were going to come to your restaurant this evening with my in-laws instead of Fresh Choice because it is closer, but after seeing the paltry offerings and the apparent lack of labeling on buffet items, I think we’ll skip it.

    This isn’t April’s fault, I’m sure, but the corporation as a whole should be a little more motivated considering how much competition they have from big chains who are offering full gluten-free menus and full gluten-free disclosure. The initial post was in April- this is now July. And no further information? Sad.


    1. I so agree with this Sea! Actually we’ve been eating at Sweet Tomatoes for years and it was one of my VERY favorite restaurants before I went GF…. I’m really frustrated that it’s so hard to find out the allergen information when we go now, which is very rare for that very reason.

      1. Their gfree options are very small compared to other places. I can get more options for same price at Jason’s Deli – and everything is clearly listed there.

  6. I love the won ton chicken happiness salad. Would that be gluten free without the tortilla strips? And if so could I request that the salad mixer make a batch without the strips and add them after I have gotten my plate?

      1. Be careful to check the dressing on that. Most Chinese chicken salads have a soy sauce base for the dressing and are generally NOT made from GF soy sauce. Definitely something worth checking the label on though.

        1. The Chinese Chicken Salads is one of my favorites at your restaurant and I haven’t had it since going gluten free. I am also wondering if there is soy sauce in the dressing? If so, then it isn’t gluten free just by removing the won tons. I
          The way to make this salad gluten free is to use Tamari (not made from wheat) instead of soy sauce. My gut feeling is that there is regular soy sauce in your dressing. Please confirm.

  7. Thank you for developing a gluten-free menu! I have had celiac disease for three years and I’ve always been able to find things I can have at your restaurant. I just wish you’d open one in Columbia, MO!! I had to move there recently from the Kansas City, MO area so now I’m nowhere near one. 🙁

  8. Yes, the wonton strips make this non GF, if you remove those then the salad would be GF. Enjoy!

    Tracy, I’m not sure how to interpret this comment, but I have to assume you mean if the won ton strips are left out to start with the salad would be gluten free, meaning her question as to whether the kitchen staff could make a won ton free salad on request went unanswered. Picking out won ton strips or croutons out of a salad is non negotiable. That amount of cross contamination would send 3 of my family members at least into a non functional black pit depression state and a devastating amount of pain for at least 2 or more weeks. It would take 6 months for the total damaging reaction to disappear, although overt symptoms would not last that long. Crazy as it sounds today’s altered wheat is so powerfully damaging for folks who are triggered to react, that it’s like holding a very tiny lit match to a lighter fluid treated bonfire. Crumbs matter.

    I am a lay health educator and understand that until someone is trained on gluten issues, this would seem crazy to them. But I recommend that training be obtained for your Sweet Tomatoes administrators and and staff. You can contact the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) for certification or at least contact a local support group leader in your area for recommendations for a local educator. All of America is in this education process and your restaurant in particular is a prime candidate for gluten free folks to want to eat there due to the amount of delicious fresh food you serve. It’s great to have at least a few items on the menu but we need to be reasonably confident that the staff understands cross contamination in the kitchen. I’m sure this is at least partly understood due to the note above about utensils.

    Probably a clearer answer to Sarah’s question would be “Yes we can make you a special salad free of won ton strips” or “Sorry, we can’t accommodate special requests in the kitchen. Please enjoy our Joan’ s Madness Broccoli Salad” instead”. Or some such reply.

    I notice this is moderated so this comment does not need to appear in the list as long as you read it. I do however recommend a change of reply to Sarah’s question. The wording as it stands could be misinterpreted.

    Your food is wonderful and the gluten free community would be very supportive of more gf items on your menu.

  9. These items are ALWAYS available at our restaurants:

    No, Toffee Bits, Strawberry and Pineapple toppings
    No, Cuban French Dressing
    No, Creamy Cucumber Dressing

  10. Sad, sad, sad. I wish ALL restaurant staff was forced to be trained in cross contamination regarding allergens. Trying to go out and NOT get sick is quite the challenge these days even though I do my best to avoid gluten. eating out, especially at restaurants like this one, is not pleasurable but has become extremely stressful…and that’s not why I go out to eat.

  11. Like Mark B, I’d been enjoying Sweet Tomatoes for around a decade before I moved out of California three years ago. Since then, I’ve also had to switch to a GF diet. Being back in Calif. for a few weeks, I turned to Sweet Tomatoes for what I thought would be a good place to eat, especially in California, where people and restaurants are health-conscious.

    I knew I wouldn’t be able to touch the pasta dishes, but I never expected so little help on the menu that I wound up with a meal I could have gotten at Wendy’s – a basic salad and a baked potato (the only prepared food I was confident I could eat). And Wendy’s tells you what’s safe.

    We always preferred Sweet Tomatoes to Fresh Choice, and went out of our way to get to ST. But for now, until Sweet Tomatoes catches up, we’ll be visiting Fresh Choice.

    Hoping for improvement by the time we take our next trip out to Sweet Tomato territory.,

  12. I have always loved eating at sweet tomatoes, so when I found out I had to go gluten free I thought I would never be able to eat here again. I’m so glad you have gluten free offerings! Could you possibly make more gluten free soups? I love your soups!

    1. Kristi,
      we are working on offering more GF soups, we are testing out new recipes in the office. We always have our Chili that is GF and try to offer at least one more for our guests. Keep checking back for more options.

  13. Loved lunch – tried breakfast – BIG MISTAKE – even with a two for one coupon. Cold scrambled eggs – one man waited 15 minutes to get fresh hot eggs. Cold waffles, cold biscuits. NO breakfast meats. Cold cereal choices were fruit loops or sugar frosted flakes (yuk!). Never seen so many unhealthy choices on one buffet. At $15.00 for two people (with a coupon!) – I felt completely ripped off. My husband andI will not make our weekly sald bar trips until I get over a big Sunday morning disappointment. When I complained to the cashier – he said, “I hear that a lot”. Come on – quit ripping your customers off.

  14. we love your food…we ate at Schaumburg, Ill on vacation…but we are sad there is not one located in our state of Iowa…any chance on getting one near Davenport..i know it would go over great..consider it 🙂

  15. I echo the comments about wanting more GF choices and also clear labeling as to which foods are GF. I love your restaurant (I go to Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL locations) but I have to skip the soups and most of the items. Are the sugar free mousses GF? Also, please consider opening locations in Saint Augustine and Gainesville, FL. Thanks.

    1. FOR SURE!!!! I don’t understand why they don’t try to make more of their soups gluten free. Most tomato soups are gluten free, but not here. WHY, WHY, WHY!?

  16. We used to come to Soup (as we call it) twice a month, however, we have now had to go on a gluten free diet. Unfortunately, we can not come to your restaurant anymore because we don’t know what is gluten free or not when we are there. I wish you had more labeling at the restaurant on your cute signs!

    1. We share our gluten free menu each month on this web page. This has all our products that are gluten free for the month. Please refer to this and we do hope that you and your family can join us again.

  17. Did they replace their blue cheese at all locations recently? I’ve been going for over 15 years and have always loved their blue cheese and just recently I went and it appears they went with a new recipe and it is not anywhere near to as good. I’m very disappointed to the fact that I may stop going…. it was my favorite salad to have anywhere. If anyone knows for sure please let me know

    1. Chris- We changed our blue cheese for a short time but did not receive positive feedback from the change. We will be going back to the blue cheese you are used to very soon!

      1. We went to the Soup Plantation in Carmel Valley, Ca. last night and my husband said the blue cheese dressing wasn’t at all as he’s had in the past, and was not good… very bland.

        He also said the broccoli salad tasted different than in the past – and not good. I used to eat the broccoli salad, thinking it was made with mayonnaise. But since I must avoid lactose/dairy, and the description said “creamy” I didn’t taste it.

        I also must eat gluten-free, and find it very difficult to know what to choose to eat. I asked one of the English-speaking staff if certain soups are made with flour, and he didn’t know.

        It’s not convenient to have to check the website before going out to dinner. Some soup and salad restaurants post which times contain dairy and gluten (and other things like soy), and I wish that Soup Plantation would adopt this policy.

  18. I was wanting to have a Christmas party on December 10th and was considering catering with Sweet Tomatoes. Is there a festive menu available outside of the regular soup, salad, bakery offering? I’d love to look at finding some traditional holiday trays! =)

  19. One might assume the Souplantation is a good choice for those restricted to a gluten free diet. They would be wrong to assume this. I have loved Souplantation for many years but every since my wife was diagnosed with a gluten allergy we have had to stay away from Souplantation. On several recent visits at different locations, we have asked for allergy information and the management acts like they have no idea what food allergies are nor do they know what is in their food. The management then digs out a very sloppy notebook binder with poorly written ingredients / recipes and let us try to figure out what is in each item on the buffet. It is virtually impossible to discern which dishes are gluten free.

    Souplantation – you are a better restaurant chain than this! You are far, far behind many restaurants in dealing with customer’s food allergies. Many restaurants (including fast food) have allergy menus readily available. Some dine-in restaurants even print the word ‘ALLERGY’ on their receipts to make certain the servers protect their customer’s health. We have even seen a Sizzler Restaurant that displays a placard at each item on their buffet that lists every food allergy effected by that particular dish. If an outdated, near bankrupt restaurant chain can do this, so can you!

    It is time to move the food allergy issue to the top of the agenda…before someone gets seriously ill, or your restaurants get sued, or before the government steps in and mandates it.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, we are working on this and hope to have updated binders and system in place in the future.

      1. I am pleased that you are taking steps but these are not quite in the proper direction. A binder is not really helpful. There needs to be simple little placards listing allergies affected by the ingredients at each item served. No one will be able to thumb through this huge binder while making their way through the line. Please just present this idea to your bosses. I’m certain these changes will not cause huge ripples. Remember, your company values success through relentless improvement.

        1. We are in the process of revising our Make-It-Fit guides and those will better assist for allergies. We hope to launch that in 2012.

        2. I totally agree with all of Jeff’s comments above.

          I posted similar comments above, before I read Jeff’s.

  20. Hi, It has been two months and still no reply from Sweet Tomatoes to my question. Please tell us, is the sugar free mousse gluten free? Thanks.

  21. how about proposing that the restaurants print out the GF menu for the month and post it or have it at the cashier — and train staff where to look. — not a major change!

  22. Keep adding to your GF menu please—1 in 125 people now have celiac and possibly more undiagnosed. Your GF menu posted at the front entrance of every buffet line would be great, too. Also, a nicely stated request, also posted on the front glass, that diners respect that some people have allergies and to please not move the serving utensils from one item to another, to avoid cross-contamination. Not sure how to say that succinctly but am sure you can do it!
    thank you.

    Service excellent.
    The manager take care of the customers.
    The food was good.
    The floor was clean and the food area was in excellent conditions.
    I give 100% to this location excellent team work.
    The manager on duty Chris Veronise take care of the customers the store was
    Full at capacity but his effort and good skill keep the store runing and
    Provide a excellent service.
    100% to this location.

  24. I too have Celiac and need a GF menu when we go out to eat. We’re winter visitors without direct access to your blog – I do not feel we should have to look at a binder when we come to your restaurant to eat, and I should not have to check my computer everytime we want to eat out. I believe those binders are for “staff reference” more than anything. A simple card above each item would make an incredible difference to the dining experience of those afflicted with gluten intolerance. I am impressed with major restaurant chains that are making their gluten free selections known to the public – “Sweet Tomatoes” should get on board because you are losing customers. We eat out at least twice a week with a group of 10 – we don’t choose Sweet Tomatoes anymore because I can’t really have a safe meal there! Too bad…it was a good place to come to.

  25. Really bummed to not see your tomato soup on this months gf menu. You did such a great job advertising it, I want some!

  26. Thanks for sharing the list of items, love the yogurt. It would be best for snacks this summer. Although, I think there are a lot of branches that serve gluten free frozen yogurt. Anyway I did enjoy reading your list!

  27. How about a post about dairy free options? My family recently discovered that our intolerance for any dairy was the cause of much discomfort. We all love Soup Plantation and before we go out to eat ANYWHERE we look up the restaurant ahead of time to determine if it’s worth bothering. We wont bother to go in again until we have information available online to review. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to go into a crowded restaurant and then have to leave because you can’t eat there? Get with it people!

  28. Hi there

    I have celiac disease, and, therefore, CAN NOT have ANY gluten. Can you please tell me what brand beets you use? That’s the only thing I had different today, and I was terribly sick! I’m trying o figure out if there is a specific item I can stay away from, or if it is a cross contamination issue, so I will know in the future.


  29. Hi I love going to Sweet TOmatoes, but wish the ingredients list next to the salads would say if there was Mayo in it. I just want to know the exact ingredients in the dressings on the pre dressed items. I have asked, but unfortunately here at the Utah location I go to, the salad mixer I asked could not speak English?? Next time I will just try to find the manager and ask.

    1. Dawn,
      We are working on an allergen and ingredient list for all recipes, since we have so many, it is a large project for us. We do hope to have it within the next few months.

      Our menu information binders should have all ingredients to every recipe, please ask a manager next time. We are sorry about the soup bar attendant that was not attentive.

  30. repeated requests for cards at the food locations have met with answers that info will be in a binder. Do you realize how insensitive this reply is?
    I eat at ST about once monthly, have need for gf food and also have fool allergies to tomato, pepper(s) and related veggies. Cross contamination is a problem. Also, couldn’t you just leave out the croutons and put them in a separate bowl for those who can tolerate them?

  31. I went to Souplantaion last night and followed the GF menu you posted here. I did not have any “episodes” but the one thing that would help is letting the staff know what products are GF. I asked a server and she had no idea, which is not her fault. I was just put on a GF diet this week so any restaurant that has clear lables makes it easier.

    1. Thank you Maria. We do email our managers the GF menu each month and they should be printing it out for their staff. We will send another reminder. Thanks for the feedback.

  32. I just saw that there isn’t any gluten free pizza or bread. A rice or quinoa dish would help if we could choose pure goat cheese to put on it ourselves. Then we could make our own relish of green onion, tomato, or something like that. It would be cold, but it would be good and healthy. To that suggestion I might ask that you offer us a warm chopped garlic and olive oil (only) dressing, to pour over it, that would make up for a lot of exclusion of those of us who eat healthy, and make careful choices.

  33. It’d be perfectly wonderful if we could see gluten free pizza or bread on your counter! Thank,

  34. Tracy, Would you please post a PDF version of your current “Make It Fit” guides on your website for us to be able to download?

    Many of us would just rather have the PDF on our phones/laptops/ipads to reference as needed. Your website is great, but it’s nice to be able to get to this information offline and all in one place.

    Many thanks!

  35. Request – that GF be posted on your gluten free items. I am going to a Souplantation today w/friends and notice it’s a transition day, which means the only GF items I can count on are the ones you ‘almost always’ have. Unfortunately, no soup is listed for the transition day , not even the house chili. It will be disappointing if other GF customers and myself can’t have at least one GF soup!. Second Request – It appears you’ve been working on GF free pizza and bread since June of 2011. When can we expect to see such? Several restaurants offer GF free crusts on their pizza, as well as GF pasta. When will Souplantation?

    1. In my mind they have a long ways to go because this Celiac (me) can justify spending money at the restaurants. There is simply way too few foods that I can actually eat. I’m not a chili fan, but it would be nice to be able to have some tomato soup or some gluten free pizza or pasta.

  36. Have been reading through all the comments. Add me to the list of: Why In The World Don’t You Put Allergy Labels On All Your Foods!! With allergies being so prevalent nowadays, it’s sad when you walk into a place with a buffet that cannot label their foods. I’m wondering if it is that perhaps a mistake could be made and if someone eats something and becomes ill, you might be in trouble. Well, at least being forwarned about the many foods that could cause illness would be a huge improvement. I cannot eat dairy. I hope you can understand how hard it is to look at your salads and soups and try to determine what has any form of dairy and what does not. Even Burger King lists all the ingredients of their foods on their website. Please help!

    1. We are currently working on creating a piece regarding allergens. We have so many food items and our menus change out each week that we have a lot of work to do! We hope to have this available in the near future.

  37. I’ve been eating meat free and gluten free long enough to know what to stay away from.
    A nice salad and a baked potato suits me fine. I’m always leery of the salad dressing in any restaurant because I’m allergic to MSG. Sometimes I’ll carry my own raw apple cider vinegar and some garlic salt to put on my salad or some squeezed lemon works. I’ve learned to improvise and that’s just how it goes. And yes, I miss the breads and pastas. If there was a rice pasta in the mix, that would be nice.

  38. PLEASE mark the ITEM DESCRIPTIONS with your GF symbol! They say Vegan and Non-Vegetarian, but nothing about gluten. I can’t hold up the line trying to read the booklet that lists all of your items with GF symbols, matching them to what I’m looking at. It is a nightmare. Thank you.

  39. My husband and I frequent the Alpharetta, GA location at least a couple of times a month. Our favorite is “theme” is the Greek. I was wondering if there were some way you could please post the recipe (so to speak) for your Greek Salad. I know it is pretty straightforward, but I would love to have this recipe. Also adore the Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup…….fantastic!!!

  40. Please buy better quality sprinkles for your desert bar.
    My grandson put some on his jello and quickly complained that they tasted like “yuck!
    I tried some myself just to see what the problem was and quickly got my answer .
    Those sprinkles went from a sweet taste to being like having a spoon full of Crisco shoved in your mouth; Maybe you need to switch to a better brand…”Without all that lard”.

  41. Fresh Choice has all the allergens listed on each item, they are similar to your restaurant. They are listed next to the items in the restaurant. You should do the same.

  42. I was just on the Sweet Tomato website because we will be visiting Raleigh in Nov and I love Sweet Tomatoes. I have also just read through all the messages asking for labels in the restaurants or information about gluten free on the website. Since there is still no information about allergens posted on the website, I may have to rethink trying to go to Sweet Tomatoes. It looks like there will hardly be anything I can eat.

  43. I love Sweet Tomatoes. Unfortunately, the nearest one is in Tigard. We need a Sweet Tomatoes in Corvallis. We have a gluten free bakery. Sweet Tomatoes will do well here.

  44. Thank you SO MUCH for this list! My husband and I truly appreciate it! I’d love to see a link on your website to this info in your nutrition section. For now, I have copied this and will print it out and take with me on my next visit! Thanks again!!!!

  45. My local Souplantation doesn’t have the Creamy Cucumber Dressing as a main dressing. I LOVE it and miss it! Is there any way to get the recipe, buy it bottled or request it as a staple?

      1. Same here. The chili option alone is ridiculous. It’s hardly a problem to add a no gluten veggie or other legume soup….. or even a chicken soup without noodles, but maybe with veggies. Soups can be thickened with cornstarch instead of flour. No reason a creamy/thickish soup can’t be altered to suit a wider group of folks…

  46. I ate at sweet tomatoes tonight and I am having a gluten reaction. I had fresh salad items with fat free ranch, deep kettle house chili with cheese and yogurt with Carmel and chocolate and nuts. Everything is on your gluten free menu and yet I am sick. I am wondering if it was from the shredded cheese. Often shredded cheese has flour added to it to keep it from sticking together. Could you check and let me know? Also it would be nice if there could be a gluten free sticker on all the gluten free items to make it easier for the population the cannot eat gluten.

  47. The roasted vegetable and kalamata olives salad and the vegetable medley soup were amazing!!!! Thank you so much for this blog and being gluten friendly. I’m looking forward to seeing what is available for February 🙂

  48. A sticker with a clearly noticeable color on GF items would be sooo helpful. We used to eat at ST a lot, then stopped when we went GF. We’d like to go back, miss it. Plan to tomorrow, and I hope that one day you’ll offer a GF pasta option (so many GF pastas, that at least one GF option is hardly impossible). Maybe a gluten free cookie option for dessert one day would be cool. Thanks for the info. I notice the Casesar dressing was not included. That has flour???

  49. Always so very excited to check this list to see what items are safe — any updates for February on the way? Thank you for keeping this updated! It is a great resource and compels me to come visit my local Sweet Tomatoes!! 🙂

  50. Can you add the February GF items? This list is enormously helpful. My lunch buddies from work want to go today, and this list makes it possible for me to participate!

  51. what a relief to learn the broccoli slaw and blue cheese is gluten free.
    I chowed down on it today without looking into if i could really have it or not and hoped for the best because it tasted so delicious.
    Thanks so much for this list!

  52. more vegan items would be wonderful, especially a vegan muffin of some sort. and a published allergen menu so it is easier for vegans do decide what is okay to eat BEFORE coming and not have to ask for a pamphlet would be great.

  53. Any chance of getting a list of ingredients for your Pleasanton CA restaurant menu?
    I am to be free of gluten, eggs, coconut and dairy (butter is ok).
    We will be traveling into that area soon, and would like to use Sweet Tomatoes a few
    times during our time there. Is your Fresno menu the same? We will be going
    there soon, as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda – All of our managers have a full list of ingredients available. Next time you’re in our Pleasanton location just ask.

      1. I am desperate for the recipe of a past salad dressing – Light Creamy Cucumber. It was the absolute best, and the reason I went to Souplantation. Can you assist?

        1. Hi Kathleen – We only occasionally give out our recipes and have not shared that one quite yet. Keep checking back to see new releases!

  54. please keep working on vegan/gluten free items. It’s so easy to make soup bases with vegetabe broth instead of chicken broth, black bean soups for example. My daughter and her little boy are vegan and I am gluten free and we would love for Sweet Tomatoes to be the place we can get choices that are beyond the salad bar!!

  55. I had your gluten free coconut muffins yesterday at sweet tomatoes and they were out of this world. Do you have a recipy for it.

    1. Hi Faith – We’re going to keep that secret a little longer, but we hope you’ll join us again before they’re gone!

  56. I had your gluten free coconut muffins yesterday and they were out of this world. Could I have the recipy Thanks Faith

  57. My husband and I got excited when we checked the menu before deciding if we wanted to go to your place or not. And got super happy when we discovered you guys were offering a gluten free dessert, that made our decision easier, we went and love them, they were delicious!! please keep offering things like that, including gluten free pasta and gluten free savory bread, along with dairy free products. Thank you very much for your efforts 🙂

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