A Fresh Gift for You – Our Creamed Herbed Turkey Soup Recipe

The holiday season is filled with laughter, goodwill, gifts and the aroma of delicious cooking wafting through the house! To make the spirit of the season last until the new year, our Culinary Team wanted to give you this little present – the recipe to our Creamed Herbed Turkey Soup.

We know many of you missed seeing this soup on the bar this month, so just click on the recipe card for easy printing, head to the grocery store or your local farmer’s market, and get ready to enjoy this superfood-filled (think cranberries and carrots) hearty soup, on a cool winter evening!


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3 thoughts on “A Fresh Gift for You – Our Creamed Herbed Turkey Soup Recipe”

  1. I love your food and every time we go to a city that has a Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes, yours is the first restaurant we go to. I look forward to making this soup that you’ve so kindly shared, but I have a couple of questions. On the right side of the ingredients list (for rosemary and thyme) is the amount omitted “1” teaspoon? And where the instructions say to boil 1.5 c of the celery and 2.5 c of the carrots…later it says to add the remaining carrots. Should the initial boiling of those veggies be for 1.5 c of each since there won’t be any carrots left to add if all 2.5 c are added initially? I look forward to your reply…and thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

    1. Hi Karla – You’re right on both accounts. We’ve also updated the recipe card to be more clear. Thank you for reaching out!

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