Feasting with Fathers – Win Dinner for Dad

Share a memory and enter to win free meals!Does your mouth still start to water when you think of dad’s “signature” dish he whipped up, grilled or ordered for you? Whether your father figure was a culinary whiz, gave you sage cooking advice, or you just have a favorite memory of him in the kitchen, we want to hear the stories you remember in a blog comment below!

To sweeten the deal, and help you complete your Father’s Day shopping by scoring the perfect present, we’re giving one commenter a FREE dinner for four – so you can take dad and the family out for a wholesome celebratory feast to reminisce about all of the meal-time stories you remember!

Give your friends and family the chance to tell their story! Just use the orange “SHARE” button below!

Contest ends Sunday, June 15th at 11:59 pm PT. One winner will be selected at random from valid blog entries and notified via email provided. Only one entry per person. Odds of winning are based on number of participants. No purchase necessary. Prize will be awarded in the form of a $50 egift card sent to email address provided when submitting a comment.

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34 thoughts on “Feasting with Fathers – Win Dinner for Dad”

  1. My fave memory of my dad making me a jam, bologna, butter and potato chip sandwich. As gross as it sounds, its really good. He would butter 1 slice of bread and then put grape jelly on it, followed by a slice of bologna and then a handful of potato chips. Put the other piece of bread on, squish down and eat. Its a favorite of mine as a kid and still love it today!

  2. My dad cant cook for the life of him… I cannot tell u how many tines hes burnt food in the microwave,blackened the inside or almost set it on fire. Now that my mom is disabled from a car accident a few years ago, my dad is living off of McDonald’s dollar menu and hot sad

  3. My dad makes the best breakfasts. Growing up he would make the fluffy pancakes, and the crispiest hash browns. Now my daughter’s love going to grandpa’s house to eat whatever he makes, he rarely makes a bad dish!

  4. My dad loves making Thanksgiving dinner even more so now that everyone is out of the house because it means we will all be together again. He would get up and start the turkey early in the morning and continue checking on it and basting it to make it succulent and delicious.

  5. My dad’s meatloaf with carrots and baked potatoes were always my favorite growing up. And barbecued hamburgers were always great also. Yum! Thank you Dad!!!

  6. I come from a large Irish family of seven and on Saturdays my dad would prepare his signature dish “soup” for lunch. For some reason he liked to mix different types of campbells canned soups together or maybe it was because the labels were gone on the cans. He would mix 3 different cans together and add seasoning to produce some of the best soups I have ever had. We would always have a bowl of special soup along with a 1/2 slice of grilled cheese. Simple but absolutely still makes my mouth water and I remember those days fondly. Yummy!

  7. My Dad tended to make reservations, not meals, as a rule. But he can still whip up some scrambled eggs in a jiffy. Yum!

  8. As far as i can remember my dad never cooked us anything in the kitchen, but thats ok cause when itcame to outside cooking he was the best. Everybody that ate his cooking always loved it and would bring it up in later conversations. Everything from carne asada to roasted corn and fried pig skins. The only thing is you would have to tell him how you wanted your meat or he would cook it extremely well done which is the way he liked it. lol

  9. My Dad passed away when I was only five years old, but my Mother said he loved to grill chicken outside on the grill. He passed his knowledge on to my Mother and we had many great dinners outside in his memory.

  10. My dad’s cooking expertise began and ended with hot dogs cooked over a campfire. Growing up in Alaska we looked forward to summer when we could spend a lot of time outdoors, and the family picnics were a highlight. Fourth of July, birthdays, any chance to go for a drive, build a fire, and cook those wieners!

  11. My dad was a phenomenal griller, he griled pizzas and desserts before it was cool and could always whip up a vegetarian meal for me!

  12. my father passed away in 2006, he told me about a baby and few weeks after he passed i found out i was pregnant. i know he’s still here.

  13. dad cooks like the professional chefs! 🙂 I love his cooking, especially anything with crab or lobster.

  14. I remember when my dad bakes, the whole house fills up with the tasty smell. I couldn’t wait until the food was taken out of the oven.

  15. My dad used to make a mock restaurant for me in the kitchen every sunday morning. He would print out a menu and let me choose from it as to which style of pancakes I would like, and then he would let me help him make them. I liked to drop in the chocolate chips, or do the flipping.

  16. My dad doesn’t cook anything that needs the stove/cooktop. However, he is great at chopping , cutting, slicing fruits. I remember every since i was a little girl, my dad cut Guava into a flower shape sections that everyone (including childrens) would just gobble it up and we used to run out of it so quickly. I tried to learn from him, but no skills like him.
    I wish my family could win this contest since this is one of the best restaurants we have been at since we are vegetarian and we have tons of options at Sweet Tomatoes :))))

  17. My dad is my inspiration and a phenomenal cook, who taught me all I know about baking, grilling, and other cooking techniques! I remember waking up in the early morning to the aroma of French toast and bacon. Yumm. With my mom working long hours, my dad was left with kitchen duty. He wasn’t always the best cook though, and I remember him burning everything he touched when I was younger. Together we went out to buy recipe books, looked up recipes, and worked on cooking. My favorite memory of him in the kitchen was one time when he made the perfect tiramisu, that made everyone go wild. I could not get enough of that delicious dessert!! My dad loves Sweet Tomatoes since it has healthy, tasty food, and a wide variety of choices!! Sweet Tomatoes is by far one of his favorite places to eat!!

  18. Although my dad doesn’t do much of the cooking in the house, if and whenever he does cook, he is a huge hit. He is excellent in making desserts. He makes the yummiest homemade ice creams!!!!!

  19. My favorite memories of my dad are from spending many family trips together at my grandmothers beach condo. Dad would always buy some delicious meat and have a massive cookout.. Always cooked to perfection and so delicious! It not only have me a love for some good food off the grill, like his juicy cheeseburgers, but it gave me a love and appreciation for time with loved ones. Very thankful for my father!!

  20. I loved when my dad would make red eggs with hot dog pieces. I always wondered how he made them red, later I found out he made them with tomato sauce. He was not much of a cook, but would always grill at my birthday parties as well.

  21. My dad loves making anything pasta related, everything else is not so successful. But our family loves his pasta dishes!

  22. Our oven stopped working one year. I’d requested lasagna for my birthday dinner. We’d put two together for dinner and only realised we couldn’t bake them when it was too late. Dad decided to grill the lasagna! I thought he was a bit crazy and Mom took the second lasagna to a neighbor’s house to bake. The grilled lasagna was INCREDIBLE! Dad’s ingenuity mage an already special dinner even better.

  23. My dad always cooked special corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Whenever I think of him I remember that special breakfast he used to make for us.

  24. My Dad was a professional chef and I loved watching him cook. He could create masterpieces with just a few ordinary ingredients. He never ceases to amaze me with his culinary skills!

  25. My favorite memory of my father is when he used to cook us birthday meals and food for camping trips.

  26. The dish dad made best was cereal! He always knew how much milk to add to the bowl! Daddy is a great man – he is generous, funny and kind. But, he is not a cook! He always tried to grill or broil or saute, but mom ended up trying to salvage the meal. I loved sitting down to a bowl of cereal, and milk, with dad – even if it was dinnertime! He does love Sweet Tomatoes though and his salads are masterpieces

  27. My brother and sister and I all love baking because my dad was so good at complimenting us on whatever we made him. My mom stayed home with us kids and was a home economist by trade, so my dad didn’t cook much. He is an avid fisherman and hunter though, so he was certainly involved in putting food on the table. Now that we’re all grown, he’s learned to bake for himself and today’s phone call home found him in the middle of making a rhubarb pie. Thinking of him in the kitchen makes me smile.

  28. My stepdad has some signature dishes that he used to make us a lot before all the surgeries. He was always a pretty good cook. But my favorite dish has always been his turkey flautas and homemade salsa. He would take the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and make up flautas and then make his salsa with it. Makes me hungry thinking about it. We still talk him into the Salsa from time to time just to have with chips…it’s seriously that good. 🙂

  29. My favorite memory is when it was my birthday and my dad would always barbecue my favorite meal of steak and corn. It was something I looked forward to every year. Otherwise my kitchen memories of him are every Sunday him fixing tuna-fish sandwiches for the family. Now our traditions are every time he is in town, we go to Souplantation, we are still making great memories- they just now also include his grandchildren!

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