Featured Fungi: Mushrooms


With nicknames like Old Man of the Woods and Poison Pie, our featured superfood sounds more like the start of a Halloween horror flick than a natural food staple. And, with October just around the corner, what better time to learn a little more about these seemingly suspect superfoods? There are 250 edible types of mushrooms out there (surprising, right?) and their earthy, savory flavor and powerful punch of nutrients will help you overcome any fear you have of these fungi.

From nutrition to science, here are some fun, fungi facts that will likely endear you to mushrooms even more.

So, whether you love or loathe them, you can’t deny these little superfoods are quite impressive! Be sure to share these fun, fungi facts using the icons below and don’t forget to top your next Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes salad with a scoop of mushrooms. Which fact surprised you most?

13 thoughts on “Featured Fungi: Mushrooms”

  1. My girlfriend grand kids and husband love the restaurant we always try to come eat there by when we come to DRs. at StVincent hospital in Portland Oregon.
    We live in Warrenton Oregon. Our town is growing very fast they got a new larger costco we are getting a walmart tjmax and on and on . I wrote you the first time about putting one in wSttento as we have no salad bars at all. I think it would benefit warrenton , seaside and Astoria Oregon to have one built there . Please look into how much warrenton had grown and consider this a to be a good fit for you and our beach town .

  2. Used to love, love, love your cream of mushroom soup..for many years my favorite. I find it is now way too salty ( most all I can taste) and too thick- which could happen if it is sitting too long. Although if it were better, it would not sit..and i know there are many fans. I have to add water, and then it is better. Why not cut way down on salt and those who need more, simply add it themselves. Too much salt not healthy, right? Many of your foods could use a salt cut.

  3. I don’t understand why you take a perfectly wonderful soup that could be vegetarian and make it with chicken broth. It would be just as good, if not better made without a meat product. I wouldn’t know what your mushroom soup tastes like because I can’t eat it. You do not offer enough vegetarian soups as it is. I have noticed this practice with other soups that don’t have meat and would also be good without meat broth.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Ayesha. We are continually trying to provide different offerings to our guests with different tastes and dietary restrictions without changing the tastes of fan favorites too much. We will be sure to send your input to our Culinary Team 🙂

  4. I love Souplantation and have been eating at various locations since the first ones opened on MIssion Gorge and in Point Loma in the 80’s. The expansion of offerings since those days has been impressive and add to the value. However, I suggest you increase the offering of gluten free soups, desserts, and breads. The recent maple nut muffins were very good (but where were the nuts?) Even though the gluten free craze may seem like a fad, I know several people who have Celiac disease and just had not been diagnosed properly. When people began feeling better is they eliminated gluten from their diets, many people decided to dine sans gluten. You do not need to use wheat to thicken soups, you do not need wheat in Tapioca pudding (yes, yours has it).

    1. Thank you for your feedback, J. We are continuing to make improvements in our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-friendly offerings and appreciate your input.

  5. I agree with Ayesha 100%. I also cannot have the mushroom soup because of the chicken broth. Your other vegetarian cream of veggie soups are wonderful (atthough not served often enough) so please change the formula for the mushroom soup. Thank you.

  6. Also during Lent you offer a soup (I can’t think of the name) but you add bacon to it and we can’t have meat during Fri. of Lent. Try to think of Lent in the future, but otherwise we love it but have noticed the prices have really gone up. Our Chinese Chicken salad also does not have any chicken in it now. Barbara Ybaben

  7. I am a huge fan of Souplantion, and have been enjoying your food ever since I became a vegetarian 10 years ago! If you had a location closer to me (San Pedro, CA. 90731) I would eat there most every night (as I did when I lived near your Lakewood, CA store) I lived in Mojave, CA for 6 months, and would drive all the way to Lancaster to eat at that store!
    I LOVE mushroom soup more than any other! I wish you would make a vegetarian version…
    I know a lot of vegetarians and vegans call Souplantation home… So maybe you could cater a little more toward their needs. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that you are trying to maintain a good balance of choices for your whole customer base, but some times there is only one vegetarian soup out of 5… That being said; you guys Rock, and I am thankful that you exist! Souplantion is an island, in a sea of unhealthy restaurant options…
    Thank you for providing the public with a healthy alternative when it comes to our food!

  8. Please DO NOT change the mushroom soup.

    Have a “second” choice for those who want something special.

    Also, have the mushroom soup offered more frequently

    We really enjoy almost ALL of the soups you offer!!

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