The Super Salad Builder Cheat Sheet

Make the Perfect SaladWe’ve all felt that way before – you don’t know what greens to start with, not sure which salad toppings to add; do you want red AND green bell peppers (or maybe none at all)? Here at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes we think salad prep should always be a fun and non-stressful experience – more like finger painting than exact brush stroke, so we’ve added all the most delicious salad bar toppings for you to choose from. We have the fresh ingredients covered so you can create a salad masterpiece that is as colorful as it is nutritious.

The next time you hit the salad bar at your local Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes, you can load your plate up how you’d like using this helpful Super Salad Builder Cheat Sheet infographic.

Super Salad Builder Cheat Sheet
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12 thoughts on “The Super Salad Builder Cheat Sheet”

  1. I always brag about your soups to my groups (seniors 70 up, I’m in my 80’s} we have just a couple of things we would like to see and then we could come more often, less sodium, there’s salt shakers on every table, more soups without meat, red meat and dairy. Chicken and turkey seem to be ok with everyone and of course veggie soup is everyone’s favorite. Your salad line is the best!

  2. I have to agree with Frank. We LOVE your salad and soup bar but we would love to see less thick and creamy soups and more brothy/vegetable based soups. The lentil and vegetable is one of our favorites!

  3. I also agree with Frank. Love your menu as is but with tweaks Frank mentioned, it would a fabulous menu and we old folks would frequent your establishments much more often. More low sodium, low fat, vegan salads and soup…appeals to a lot of younger generations too. Still the best place in town!

  4. I agree with Charles. I am one of the smart under 55 crowd that would love to see low sodium soups. By low sodium I mean 140 mg or less per 1 cup serving. Most Americans are advised to consume 1500 mg or less sodium per day. An unwise choice can exceed that daily number with just one bowl of soup and one cup of salad.

  5. I visit Souplantation at Talbert and Euclid on Valentine day . It is terrible service. The person who mix the salad is too slow , we have to wait 1 hour get in line and by the time we are in line, salad is not there. She did not do the good job on that day. All the Salad bowl is empty.
    The Manager should forcast the crowd for that day and increase the service for customers.

    1. Hi Lisa – We are very sorry for your experience. Since our menu items are continually made fresh throughout the day, we sometimes run low. Although we try to meet all of the demand we sometimes cannot keep up. Please never hesitate to bring any issues to the manager’s attention during your visit so they can address immediately and ensure you have a great experience.

  6. The meme at the top of the post made me laugh! I used to have a boss who loved salad but hated to make her own. She loved beets and thousand island dressing, but would get turned off when she made her own salad because the juices beets bled into the dressing and made the whole plate look, “ugly,” before she even took a bite. She would offer to pay for my lunch at a restaurant with a salad bar if I would make her salad for her, “Because yours always look so pretty.” I put the beets near the bottom of the salad or gave her vinaigrette, and she was very happy. 😉

    1. Haha – Very good trick, Margaret! As long as they taste good and have all the ingredients you like to add, we’re all for “ugly” salads 😉

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