Heart Friendly Foods That Actually Taste Good

Show your ticker a little love – February is American Heart Month! Aiding in the healthy function of your heart can actually be a delicious process that starts at the salad bar. We hope that knowing which superfoods are heart-friendly will inspire you and your family to load up on your favorites during your next Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes visit, or just the next trip to the grocery store.

The following food list is filled with veggies and fruits that just may help to improve your heart’s function – and no doubt make your plate a little more colorful.

Eat Your Heart Out Checklist:

☑ Spinach

☑ Chickpeas, Black Beans & Kidney Beans

☑ Sweet Potatoes

  • Fiber, vitamin B-6 and potassium all found in sweet potatoes are believed to decrease blood pressure. We loved them baked!

☑ Carrots

☑ Broccoli

☑ Tomatoes

☑ Cauliflower

☑ Raisins

☑ Apples

☑ Oranges

  • Along with potassium which helps lower blood pressure, oranges contain pectin which may help reduce proteins that create scarring on heart tissue.

So, no matter if you’re looking to boost your meal’s nutritional factor a bit, or just want to mix in a few new ingredients in your typical family dinner, this list is the perfect place to start (just think – half of your grocery list is planned for you)! What superfoods do you <3? Tell us below!

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