Featured Speared Superfood: Asparagus


Head to your local grocer or farmers’ market this season – or just browse Pinterest – and you’re sure to see fresh asparagus front and center. Since this vegetable is increasing in popularity around the nation and is spring superfood, our chefs here at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes couldn’t resist adding it to the menu. Look for our new Creamy Lemon & Asparagus Hot Pasta and Cream of Asparagus soup (available April 24th – 28th) at your local restaurant.

Interested in learning a little more about these nutrient-packed spears? Read on! And, don’t forget to share the delicious tid-bits of information by using the orange “SHARE” button below.

Superfood: Asparagus

Grilled, steamed, or pureed – what is your favorite way to serve asparagus? Share below and be sure to visit your closest Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes this April to try our Superfood Menu – featuring asparagus!

11 thoughts on “Featured Speared Superfood: Asparagus”

  1. I received an e-mail but cannot print out the coupon for dinner at $9.59 which expires April 30th. Please send it to me via e-mail to:
    I do not have a smart phone so I cannot scan the code. I want to go tonight so can you please send it this afternoon. Thanks.

    1. Hi Connie – You should be able to print the entire email using the navigation on your email provider’s website.

  2. Does this mean that you will be adding a salad featuring asparagus, or putting it out as a salad ingredient, so that we can enjoy that 4-calories-per-spear goodness without having to eat a high-fat cream soup or a high-carb pasta salad, again with a cream sauce? It would be great to have that healthier choice. Thanks.

  3. I went to Sweet Tomatoes looking forward to having some of the asparagus (particularly the soup)—–only to be disappointed finding out that there was only a very few pieces on asparagus in the creamy, cheesy pasta and the chicken stock based soup. For those of us who do not eat cheese or chicken that means we don[t get to taste a lot of things. I would have preferred that he asparagus be put in a tomato sauce based pasta. The soup could just of easily been made with NO chicken stock. Also, they could have had one of the salads with asparagus in it. Too often, almost all of the soups are either meat or cheese based. You should really offer more vegan based soups.

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